A Wedding Surprise…

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The day of the wedding usually holds many traditions, and the bridesmaids getting pampered with nails, make up, and hair is usually a fun day for all. However, today would be a little different for my wife as part of the wedding party, Ann was part of the group that had an appointment at Salon 5, the the stylists and friend of the bride. Gail, who was marrying a friend of both Ann and I Gail had called a few days prior and asked me to remind Ann of the 12:00 appointment time for the bridesmaids. I told her I would relay the message and took the opportunity to tell Gail that Ann had really wanted to get her hair cut before the wedding, but her travels that week didn’t allow that to happen. Ann’s super short boy pixie was by far my favorite style, however Ann had always said she looked like a boy and preferred it somewhat longer – however, I was relentless in my efforts to nag her to keep it short and clean!

Saturday rolled around and Ann left for the salon and I told her I would meet her at the church later with a few friends. As I ran some errands shortly after 1pm or so, Ann called and told me that thanks to my conversation with Gail earlier in the week, she had arraigned for Ann to have her hair cut, while the others in the weeding party were at the salon. This was of course said in a sarcastic manner, to say the least. She asked if I could drop by the salon and at least give her some cash to tip the stylist – as she didn’t bring any money to the salon. I told her I would and drove over to the salon.

As I walked in, the salon was packed with the wedding party and other folks as well. Gail spoke as I walked in and said Ann was on the other side of the salon with the rest of the wedding party. As I rounded the corner, I saw Ann in the chair speaking with a few of the girls. The other girls in the wedding party all had long hair of some type and the stylists were busy doing whatever it is they do to make their hair look “big” for the wedding. At that moment, a lady approached the back of the chair and pressed down on Ann’s neck with surprising authority. She began with the clippers up Ann’s neck and over her ears, as piles of hair fell in her lap. Within minutes, Ann’s hair was buzzed super short, especially on the nape and over the ear. As I approached the chair, Ann peered over as in disbelief and thanked me for bringing her the cash. “I didn’t want to not say thanks, Gail told me you drove over specifically for me, which was very kind of you to do” she said.  “No worries, I don’t mind at all, Gail told me you were stressed about not having time for a haircut” – Let me finish up, it looks like the others are starting their manicures, she said with a smile. As she reached for the clippers again, Ann slid a bit further down in the seat. Gail passed by and felt the back of Ann’s hair. Wow, girl, that’s really short, Jan is a mobile barber I booked just for you, thanks to your husband. It’s sweet to see he wants to make sure you’re happy with your hair” – I hope my future husband treats me the same way”!

Jan again turned on the clippers and began to go up and down with long strokes up Ann’s nape and around her ears. She spun her around in the chair to now face the mirror, She handed Ann a mirror and positioned it so that Ann could see back of her head. “I took in down real tight here” as she pointed to her neckline, a triple 000, “and of course nothing is touching the ear.” I could see Ann’s disgust in what had just happened, as she handed the mirror back. “looks great” she said, “thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule to come by.” “Gail’s a good friend, she said, and when we spoke earlier, she said you were in a panic about your hair. If it’s not short enough, let me know, I’ll take it down a bit more” I’ll tell you what, if you decide to go shorter, just give me a shout early next week, and I’ll stop by your house, I believe we live in the same community” Ann said that would be great, thanked her again and gave her a generous tip.

The wedding was very nice, with all the bridesmaids with their up-do’s and “big” hair, and Ann with her super short crew cut. A few days later, Ann and I were finishing dinner when the doorbell rang. Ann answered the door and to her surprise, Jan said hello and said that she had received her email about wanting to go shorter with a super short, high-n-tight flattop, and mentioned she had a few minutes on her way home to take care of it. (Of course I sent the email) Ann, who by nature is non confrontational and shy, told her to come on in and they both walked over to the covered porch area. This will be perfect, just have a seat and I’ll get to work. Over the next hour, Jan cut an amazing bald -fade flattop, as precise as I had ever seen. With a heavy dose of the old “aguanet” hair spray, Jan had her hair as flat as a board and stiff, as she made a few last passes with the clippers to get it perfectly square. I’like to use the spray to really get the hair to stand up, it makes for a better cut. ‘Okay dear, that should do it, your husband has already paid me and actually booked your next 6 cuts, so I’ll be stopping in every week or so to clean you up” Ann said that would be great and walked her to the door.



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