All for Todd – Part One

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“DISCLAIMER This is a totally fictitious story including all the characters names.”



“Missy, Missy, he’s leavin me, he’s leavin me, I just know it, he’s going to leave me” a panicked voice shouts out on the end of the line.

“Who is this, Kathy? Kath is that you?” A concerned Missy replies.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s Kathryn now. Missy, I have no one else to turn too. No one, no one” her voice fads and a whimpering cry begins. “Tell me you’re still my BFF, please Miss, still be my BFF. I need you. “He’s going to leave me. He’s going to leave. I just know it.”

“Slow down, Kath uh Kathryn, just slow down.”

“OK, ok, now tell me what’s going on. Take a deep breath and tell me the whole story”.

As Kathryn begins her story Missy thinks back at how Todd and Kathy were always inseparable in high school. How Kathy was so crazy, spontaneous, fun. And how she was her high school BFF and always came to her with all of her problems. But, that was a long time ago. Kathy now was an attorney after graduating from Yale Law School and Todd owned a small business and she managed the most prestigious spa in the area. And how she hasn’t seen or even heard from her former best friend since she’s got out of law school about a year ago.

” he’s leaving you why? You mean Todd?”

“He say’s I’ve changed. I’m not fun anymore. All I do is think of work. I don’t think of him, I take him for granted, BUT I don’t But, I have too work hard. They expect me I’m an attorney. People count on me I’ve got a future I’ve got responsibilities,” Kathryn continues rambling on and on.

“Wait, Wait. Slow down. Now start at the beginning. Better yet, let’s meet at McKinnon’s for a drink and you can explain everything. Meet me there in a half hour” Missy tells her and with that says good bye.

As Missy walks into McKinnon’s, she feels someone grab her and hugs her while bursting into tears.

“Kathryn?” looking at her old BFF. “Now, now, Kathryn, lets get a drink and explain what’s going on her. Come on have a seat,” Missy says comforting her noticing how plain and very professional her appearance is. Definitely a change from the trend setting Kath of the past.

Missy orders a double shot of bourbon for Kathy and a glass of wine for herself as Kathryn begins her story.

“We’ll it’s been going on for a couple months now,” Kathryn starts. “It’s not the same. He’s says I’ve changed. That I’m a control freak, I’m predictable, no imagination, no fun. We got engaged right after my graduation from Yale law and we moved in together. Then I got offered a job at Brown, Brown, & Black’s. It’s the best law firm in the state and they love me. They say I’ve got potential. I’ve got a future with them and I think Todd’s jealous. He say’s I don’t have time for him anymore. I don’t do anything without being in complete control. Nothing spontaneous. He says I don’t even dress the same anymore. What’s he expect? I’m Kathryn Altman, Attorney at Law. The best junior attorney in the firm. I’m important. I’ve even got a separate office. I can’t act like some kid. I have to look respectable; I can’t be like some dumb blond. I’ve grown up.”

“Kath is any of what he says true?” Missy asks.

“Hell no, I’ve got to be like that. I’m a professional. I’m an attorney”.

“We’ll ” Missy pauses, to me it sound’s like you guys may be at a crossroads. Maybe you should just let him go. Pursue your career. Maybe you should just let him go.”

Kathryn bursts into tears. “BUT I LOVE HIM,” she cries out. “I want it to be like it used to be. I want him to nip at ear, nibble at my neck, lick me all over. I want to be his pussssy cat again. We used to have so much fun. He called me his pussy cat when we made love. We used to have so much fun in bed and anywhere else we could find. We used to ,” her voice fads as the tears continue stream down her face. “I DON’T WANT To loose him”.

“Kathryn, it’s not too late, but you’re going to have to make some changes. What makes you think he’s leaving you now?” Missy asks.

“He says he had to go away on business and to think. Think about us, he said. He’s been going away on business a lot lately. He even left a day early this time, just to get away from me and took some of his personal things. I know when he returns, Friday, he’s taking the rest and moving out. He say’s he can’t live like this anymore. It’s not at all what he’s expected. He doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life like this. He wants it like it used to be. He says he got engaged to the fun loving, spontaneous, hot, crazy person and that I’m not that person anymore. He keeps telling me I’ve changed and not for the better. We don’t even have sex anymore. No more cuddling, no more nibbling, no more pussy cat. He says its cuz all I think about is work my career that I act like some old lady. Then he said, he doesn’t even want to have sex with me anymore, ever.” Kathryn continues barely able to speak through all the tears.

“We’ll have you changed.”

” Nooooooooo” Kathryn softly says. “But, it’s not my fault. I work hard. I have too. They like me. I’ve got potential He doesn’t look at me like he used too. He used to and I knew He doesn’t look at me at all” Kathryn randomly explaining her thoughts to Missy. “Missy, I don’t want to loose him, I love him. I don’t want to loose him. I’ll do anything, anything.”

“Well ” Missy says looking at Kathryn. She looked ragged. Her eyes were all puffy and red from crying. She still had a very nice figure although her clothes hid most of it. Her hair tightly pulled back in a bun, virtually no makeup a gray business suit and a white blouse which was buttoned up to the collar. Not, at all the trend setting, wild, fashion forward girl, who acted more on a whim than a fact, she new from high school and college. The girl Todd got engaged too.

“You know Kathryn , I can help you get him to stay. I can definitely get him to look at you. But, you’ve got to trust me. Trust me totally, completely. You must trust me with everything, your look, your actions, everything. You can’t question anything I do or tell you to do,” Missy explains,” and if you do as I say. I guarantee you, Todd will stay with you.”

“Oh I will, I will any ” Kathryn gets cut off by Missy, before she can finish her sentence.

“Here’s what we’ve got to do. We’ve got to get his mind off of Kathryn and any problems with Kathryn. We’ve got to shock him. We’ve have to make him want to fuck you more than anything. Make him never want to leave his pussy cat for a business trip again. We have to virtually make him cum in his pants at his first look at you, before he can think, before he can remember that he was going to leave you. The moment he sees you Friday, he’s got to want you. He’s got to want you more than anything else. We have to have him want pounce on you forgetting all the past. You’ve got to be gorgeous, sexy, wicked , sort of slutty. From the first moment he sees you, he’s got to want nothing more than stick his dick in your cunt. What do you say?”

Kathryn looks at Missy stunned. “Are you sure, that’s what we have to do? Are you sure you can even do that? How can you do that? Are you sure?” Kathryn asks wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Only if you trust me. You have to have complete in trust me.” Missy quickly answers.

“OK, OK, Anything, I trust you. My whole life is in your hands, I trust you. I do. I want Todd more than anything ANYTHING.” Kathryn replies with a smile on her face for the first time all night. “Missy, I trust you!”

“Great. First,” Missy stops to think. “No more of this Kathryn shit, that’s not who he wants. That’s not you. He wants uh his pussy cat back. Not the old pussy cat, but a new improved version. Well call you Kat from now on. Yeah Kat. I love it. He’ll never forget you’re his Pussy Kat then. What’d ya say, Kat? What’d ya say?” Missy finishes excited.

“Whhhhaaaat? Kaaat??? Kat are you sure?”

“Yep, absolutely, you’ve got to be Kat. Are you in or out?” Missy challenges her.

” Innnn, I’m in.” Kathryn finally boldly answers.

“Great,”. Missy replies. “Let’s see, today’s Friday we’ve got a week. I’ll start scheduling you as soon as I can It’ll be close, but we should be able to pull it off.” Missy says thinking out loud. “I’ll be over tomorrow after work and we’ll look at your wardrobe. We may even go out and pick a few things up. Then on Monday, you be at the spa at 8 and we’ll get started.”

“Monday. But I’ve got to ”

Missy cuts her off. “Look, you’re either in or out. Do you want Todd or not? You have to decide what’s important to you.”

“OK, OK, Your right. I’ll be there.” Kathryn replies.

“Now listen, Kat. You question me anymore and I’m done. Get it DONE and Todd out the door. Do you understand me , DO YOU  UNDERSTAND   ME? I’m in charge.” Missy angrily asks.

” Yeah” Kat softly replies.

“WHAT? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” Missy asks again a little louder this time.

” Yes”.


” Yes, I understand,” Kathryn softly replies.


“Yes, I understand Missy.” Kat answers in a very meekish voice looking down at the ground.

“OK then. I’ll see you around 4:30 tomorrow.” Missy says as she holds up her glass in a toast. “To Kat, may your future life with Todd be one ball’ after another.” She says laughing as she they both finish what’s left of their drinks.

As 4:30 approached, Kathryn looked in the mirror wondering how Missy could make her into someone that Todd would forget all they’re troubles over. She lifts up a clump of her chocolate brown hair that was gently resting about three inches past her shoulders and examines it.

Boy is this long,’ she thinks to herself. I always have it pulled back, of course I wouldn’t know how long it’s grown,’ continuing her thought. Maybe she’ll give me a nice trim. I haven’t had a trim in like forever. A good cut wouldn’t really hurt. Yeah, maybe cut it to the shoulders and add some highlights. That would give it a little pizzazz. Yeah, I think I’ll suggest that to Missy. And Todd would like that. I always used to have different colors in my hair before. And wow, they could help me with make-up. I haven’t really put much on since I’ve gotten the job. Yeah, a nice new make-up job. That would be nice. Todd would like it and its still professional looking for the office. This should be fun and I get to keep Todd to boot.” Her thoughts were interrupted by the ping of the doorbell.

When she opens the door, Missy barges in bringing another girl with her and explains. “Kat, this is Wendy. She’s more or less the fashion guru at the spa. When I explained your situation and how we were going to help, she insisted in helping. Actually, everyone did, even Ian. He’s the spa’s cosmetic surgeon. He even suggested that you come in tomorrow so he can start.”

“Cosmetic surgeon, what???” Kathryn inquisitively asks.

“Oh, no surgery for you. He’s just going to enhance some of your features. You know with botox and stuff. No cutting or anything. You’ll be fine. Now, let’s get to your closet. Is it down here?” Missy continues walking down the hall. “And Kat bring some trash bags.”

“You know Missy.” Kathryn says as she points them to her bedroom. “I was thinking maybe you cut my hair a little and maybe even some highlights. I remember Todd used move my hair out of the way and nibble my neck when it was little shorter. What do you think?”

“That’s an idea, but we’ll have to see what the team comes up with,” Missy answers busily going through her dresser drawers.

By the time Kathryn gets to the back with the trash bags, Missy had piled up all of her under garments, bras, underwear, hose, pajamas. “No wonder he’s leaving you. These look like old lady clothes.” Missy says.

Wendy was in her closet and had a pile just as big as Missy’s. Blouses, pants, even shoes were being tossed. Kathryn just stood there. It only took about a half an hour to go through the clothes. The only thing left were some socks, a couple sweatshirts and sweatpants, a few suit jackets, a skirt to two and a couple pairs of tennis shoes.

“OK, let’s go shopping,” Missy exclaimed as she finished putting the last of the clothes in the trash bag. “We’ll drop this off at the Goodwill on the way to the mall. Someone should get some use out of them. But, it won’t be my new Kat.”

After dropping off the clothes the girls went into the mall. “You know we won’t be able to get everything tonight, but we should get be able to get a good start,” Missy said while literally dragging Kathryn into Fredrick’s of Hollywood’. “We should be able to get a good start here.” Missy says to Wendy.

The two girls went up and down each row grapping leopard bras, zebra panties, red g-strings, crotch less panties, short skirts, low cut blouses, see through body suits, tube tops, satin teddies, 4 inch heel shoes, and everything else sexy you could imagine. And when they were done there, they went to the Everything a man wants’ store and did it all over again. Never once did they even ask Kathryn if she like anything or even wanted something. The mall was closing before the girls stopped to go back to Kathryn’s.

“OK, Kat put your clothes away and be at the spa at 10 o’clock sharp tomorrow” Missy told Kathryn as she left her place with Wendy.

Kathryn just stared at all the clothes. Nothing would cover much of anything. She wondered what she had gotten her self into, but those thoughts stopped when she thought that she would keep Todd from leaving.

Missy was waiting at the door of the spa to let Kathryn in on Sunday.

“Come on Kat, Ian’s all set up already” and leads her to a room in the back.

“Kat this is Dr. Ian Breeman. Dr. Breeman this is Kat.”

“My, my, we really don’t have to do too much. She’s quite beautiful to start with. Here go change into this and we’ll get started,” Dr Breeman said to her as he handed her a white robe pointing her to changing room. “Be sure to take off all your clothes. Even your undergarments,” he added.

When she came out, Dr Breeman handed her a pill and a glass of water. “It’s just a Valium, something to take the edge off. Come on lay down here and relax and then we’ll get started”.

Kathryn suspiciously pops it in her mouth and takes it with the water as she is helped onto the table.

As she lays down, Dr Breeman begins to explain what he’s going to do. “First my young beauty,” he said, “we’re going to give your lips that sultry look with a little botox. Then once Suzi’s done, give your breasts an injection of EU Saline. That’s really all for today then. And tomorrow a couple more injections from me and whatever Missy has planned.”

“Whaaat?” Kathryn asks concerned.

“It’s OK Kat. Dr. Breeman’s the best. We stole him from one of the best spas in Europe. That’s were he learned all of his techniques. And actually, everything Ian is going to do to you he has done to me.” She walks to the side where Kathryn can see her and waves her hands from her head to her shapely breasts. “Actually when your all done, it’s a very sensual feeling.”

This was the first time Kathryn really looked at Missy. Her breasts were larger than she remembers and her mouth was very sexy looking. Her hair was an asymmetrical cut. Extremely short on one side and chin length on the other, colored a black with bright red streaks across the bangs. Her dress though sexy was still professional, but it was the ears, or what she could see ear, that stood out. It had about a 2 inch solid white disk in the lobe.

“Well, I guess if you trust him I do too,” thinking to herself Missy really doesn’t look all that bad, a nice look for the job at a spa.’

“Good, now lets get started,” Ian responded.

Kathryn felt a pricking on her left breast and Ian was obviously poking her lips with something. None of it was very painful and it really was over in no time. He then pricked her ears which numbed them. It wasn’t long after that that she saw Ian with a large syringe.

“That’s not for me?” Kathryn questions.

“It’s really not bad Kat,” Missy chimes in.

“This my dear is to enhance your breasts. It’s saline, similar to the saline given to people in the hospital everyday. It’s injected into the fatty tissue of the breast and mixes in between the cells. Then we’ll inject you with the coagulator and it turns the saline to a gel. Forming your enhanced breasts,” Dr Breeman explains.

“Is it safe?’ Kathryn asks while looking down at her 33 inch B maybe C size breasts.

“Safe? Absolutely. It’s only saline.” Dr. Breeman assures her. With that he begins the injections. It took a full half an hour to inject each breast. Missy, I think we’ll need to give her at least three, maybe four more injections to get the look you looking for. Is that OK?

“Absolutely Ian, you’re the doctor. Missy replies touching Kat’s breast. “Now, you’ll need to wear this elastic top for a few days. It will help position the saline and also help with the sensitivity. Your breasts are going to be very sensitive until we inject the coagulant.”

As Kathryn slipped on the top, Missy told her to come in early and after the injections, she’ll help get her ready for work. “Bring in the new grey skirt and blazer we bought Saturday and don’t forget those new red high heels.” Missy ordered.

Missy showed up bright and early as instructed on Tuesday. Immediately Ian started the injections and a new girl, Heidi, began plucking her eyebrows with something and then an tingling ointment was applied. Suzi was back pricking her in the back of her ear and on her neck. Just before noon they finished.

Your going to want to where it down today to cover your ears and neck. As Kathryn sat in the styling chair, she noticed her ear lobes were covered with gauze and tape and the back of her neck was also covered. Her lips looked puffy, not really sexy, and her breasts were actually looking a little bigger, not to mention being very sensitive. Missy played around with her hair al little. She called Heidi over. Moved and pulled Kathryn’s hair around. Kathryn overheard her explaining something about a permanent V’ shape. Then she just trimmed the ends, teased the top for height and curled the rest which flowed to about 4 inches below her shoulders. She then put on makeup, more makeup that Kathryn had on since she left college.

Now put these clothes on and come on out for us to finish you for today.

“Wow, is that me? I look sort of sexy” Kathryn said looking at herself in a mirror. Missy adjusted her elastic top to show about half of her breasts. Her blazer was buttoned just enough to accentuate the breasts. Her short above the knee skirt and red high heels made her legs seem longer.

“Kat start getting used to it, because this is just the beginning of sexy. In a couple days you won’t recognize yourself,” Missy responds.

“Kat one more thing, Dr. Breeman wants you to drink this in preparation for Wednesday. It will make your voice horse today and your throat a little sore, but in a few days your will be fine.”

Kathryn takes the glass. Holds it up and downs its entire contents. “Not toooooooo baaaaaaaaad” she says with her voice getting horse as she speaks.

“OK, tomorrow again around 8,” Missy reminds her as she leaves.

When Kathryn finally got to work around noon. She tries to explain her tardiness on her sore throat and goes about her business. Although no one says anything about her spruced up look she notices people staring and sneaking peeks at her all day.

Kathryn’s treatment on Tuesday was a little more intensive at other parts of her body. This time she begins feeling pricks and pokes as well as hands touching almost all parts of her body. From her feet to her ears, something was happening. A lot of activity around her lips and ears, not to mention her privates’. And of course another drink. She couldn’t imagine what they were doing to her, but her body loved all the attention and this is what was going to help her keep Todd. Again, when Missy got her ready for work she could see nothing. Her ear lobes were still bandaged and she could tell other places, like her neck and foot had band aids or something on them. But it was the bodysuit the really kept her from seeing anything and she knew better than to take it off without Missy’s permission.

Wednesday’s started out the same. More pricking of her ears, back, even a little on one of her feet. More lengthy injections in her breasts and even and short injection on each cheek of the same. Again, the drink and the body suit.

She was handed a similar outfit as Monday and Tuesday. Nothing terrible, but definitely not was she would have picked out. Kathryn was more comfortable with her look as she walked into work late again. The real only difference Kathryn noticed was the sensitivity of her breasts. They look the same, but any movement sent a jolt through Kathryn’s entire body. She found herself moving very carefully trying to cut down on any breast movement. And again comments, but even more stares they yesterday.

Wednesday started out the exact same until Dr. Breeman gave her the drink. This time it numbed her entire throat. Then he proceeded to stick something down her throat. Kathryn had no idea what he was doing and couldn’t feel anything. After only about 30 seconds of him with his hands in mouth, he was done.

“Got it,” he exclaimed, satisfied with whatever he did. “Now Kat, no talking at all today.”

Her eyes got big, with a questioning look from them.

“That’s right Kat, no talking. Then tomorrow you can whisper, but by Friday you’ll be just fine. And don’t forget you won’t be able to go to work on Friday.” Missy explained.

Kathryn just nodded, out of control of everything that’s started this week.   Her breasts even more tender than before. Really quite painful with every step. She pointed to her breasts, signaling to Missy how they hurt. Missy assured her the sensation she will have starting tomorrow will make all the pain worth it. Then she ordered her to bee in by 6:30 tomorrow and to bring the cream color cashmere sweater and black leather skirt for work tomorrow.

Kathryn just looked at her.

“Yes Kat the leather skirt. It’s you, it’s the new Kat. Kathryn doesn’t exist. Get used to it. The people at work will just have to get used to it too,” Missy very firmly stated holding Kathryn’s chin in her hand and looking straight into her eyes. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

Kathryn slowly nodded and lowered her head as she walked to her car. She wondered what was happening to her. She never let anyone talk like that to her before. Is this really what Todd is going to want? Is this really what I want’ are just some of the thoughts racing through her head”.

As she drove to work she had to be very careful every little bump caused her breasts to feel like they are exploding inside. At work there was nothing new, she wrote a note explaining her lateness for the week and how she won’t be there on Friday. Her case partner, Brad, raised some concern asking her if everything was OK. All the time looking her over like he never did before.

At home after work she went right to bed, exhausted. Her mind wondering, what could possibly be in store for her tomorrow?

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