Checkpoint, Change identity

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“Finally I’m going back to Mexico to meet my relatives” yelled Jennifer, a Hispanic girl, standing at 5’6 tall and has a lovely brunette hair that runs all the way to her lower back.

Jennifer’s maternal family stayed in Tijuana while her paternal family stayed in hot and sunny California. She is a university student in her senior year and has just completed her final examinations. It was finally summer break, where the sweltering heat beats down on everyone and Jennifer finally has the chance to go back.

“It has been 5 years since I went back to see my Grandpa and Granny, I think they can’t recognize me now.“

Jennifer got the permission from her parents to go down to Mexico on her own, since she is already an adult and wants to explore the area without her parents restricting her activities.

Jennifer jumped onto the bus in the early wee hours and waved goodbye to her parents whom tagged along and sent her off at the bus stop. The excitement and adrenaline kept her up throughout the journey as the bus travelled towards the checkpoint at San Diego.

1 hour had passed and Jennifer reached the checkpoint and the officer required all passengers to alight the bus to go through immigration procedures. The queue was extremely long and Jennifer was stuck at the back end of it. Her bladder could not hold on any longer and she immediately darted towards the nearby toilet and left her bag pack at the shelves that was outside the toilet. 5 minutes later, she relieved herself and came out to claim her belongings and proceeded to the counter. But before she could reach the counter, she was intercepted by 2 officers and was directed into a room.

“What are you officers doing?”

“We are just doing our standard checks on travelers, we just need to look through your belongings and if there is nothing suspicious or illegal inside, we will let you off” replied one of the officers.

They entered a small room which has a dimmed light and an old fashion table lamp. Beside it was a jail cell where perpetrators are held. One of the officers left the room while the other placed Jennifer’s bag on the table and started rummaging through all her belongings. Jennifer’s heart was beating quickly as she wants to leave the place immediately and go see her relatives.

“So can I leave now Officer Rodriguez?“

“I don’t think so” replied the officer as he took out a packet of powder from a small compartment from her bag

“That’s not mine, it wasn’t in my bag before I left from home” Jennifer replied while her whole body was trebling.

“5 grams of heroine, that’s enough to send you to jail for at least 6 months. Are you part of a drug cartel?“

“No, I really am not” Jennifer felt frightened and began to wet in her panty.

“We will have to check you hair and urine samples in order to make sure you are not a drug abuser.“ Officer Rodriguez took a pocket knife and walked towards Jennifer, whom already has tears in her eyes and was sitting on the ground. He pulled a small lock of her brown hair and cut it off and placed it inside a small plastic zip-lock bag. He then brought Jennifer to the toilet to retrieve her urine sample and immediately sent both samples to the lab that was also in the facility.

“We will have to keep you in custody until the results from the samples come out, so till then, you will be locked up in the jail cell.”

Jennifer dragged her legs as she was escorted into the cell by Officer Rodriguez and was left with the other people that were held inside the cell.

“So why were you caught young lady”, one of the female, around her 30s, spoke to Jennifer.

“They found drugs in my bag which does not belong to me and I’m really scared right now. I only want to go visit my relatives, but look at the mess I’m in right now” replied Jennifer.

“One word of caution my dear”, another female, in her 40s interrupted “lately there has been a lot of young female caught with drugs in their bags in this checkpoint, but most of them are released after the test sample came out negative. So you need not worry, but I sense something bad is going to happen to you.“

Jennifer was still trebling in the cell as the 2 female kept her company throughout the night.

“Wake up, Jennifer Mendez! Your test results is out, come out now” yelled the other officer that escorted her to the room from the previous day. Jennifer woke up from her sleep even though she was wide awake for most of the night. She stroke and brushed her hair nicely with her fingers as she stood up and exited the cell and followed the officer to another room in the checkpoint.

The officer led her through many long corridors until they reached the end of the building and entered a small room. Jennifer walked into the room half awake due to the lack of sleep and the officer followed her and locked and latched the door of the room.

“Where are we now? Did my test come out negative? Can I be released now, Officer Johnson”, Jennifer bombarded the officer with questions.

“Well we found no traces of drugs in both samples, but possession of the drug is enough to land you in jail. It will really leave a black mark in your portfolio, especially that you have just finished university right? I don’t think any employers will want to employ somebody that has been caught in possession with drugs right?“

“Then what should I do” Jennifer cried and fell onto the floor.

“I can give you a proposal and I think you will accept it no matter what, in order to save your future.“ As soon as Officer Johnson finished speaking, he switched on the light of the room and Jennifer saw a big red barber chair and a full body length mirror in front of it. “I can make sure you will get out of here without the dirty stain in your record, but I will have something back in return as a compromise.”

Officer Johnson took out 2 handcuffs and cuffed it to both her hands. He dragged her towards the chair and pushed her on it. He then cuffed it onto the 2 arm rests and Jennifer resisted by kicking and shaking the entire chair, but the barber chair was an immovable object that will become her sacrificial altar. Officer Johnson walked towards the drawers and took out 3 leather straps. He tied it on both of her legs and her neck. Jennifer began to yell and scream, but no one could hear them, since they were so far away from the jail cell. Officer Johnson turned the chair 90 degrees to the left and pulled the lever on the chair. The chair became parallel to the ground as Jennifer’s long brown hair sank into the washing basin. He began to stroke his own fingers into her long thick hair as Jennifer continued to resist him. He walked towards the same drawer and took a bottle of chocolate and honey and began to squirt the concoction onto her hair, from her forehead to the ends of her locks. Her eyes were wide opened as she stared at him in shock. Officer Johnson stroke his own fingers and spread the mixture into every thread of her hair strands as Jennifer shivered in her seat, figuring out that the officer is a sick bastard. After a few minutes of brushing the sweet mixture in her hair, Officer Johnson took the shower head and washed away all the crap that was on it. After the washing was done, he shifted Jennifer back to the original position, with water dripping all over the floor and her clothes.

Officer Johnson then used the time to walk towards the drawers again, this time holding onto a scissors, a wide tooth comb and a rubber band. He started to comb Jennifer’s wet hair, starting from the forehead to the back and repeated the same procedure for the hair on the sides. He collected all the hair on his left hand and tied it into a high ponytail with the rubber band from his right hand. Jennifer knew what was going to happen to her hair in the next few minutes. He placed the sharp scissors at the base of the ponytail and “snip”, the long lock of hair was detached from her head in 1 single cut. 2 foot of her long brown hair is gone. Jennifer began to tear as she sees the reflection of Officer Johnson in the mirror, walking to the back of the room and stuffing her lifeless ponytail into a zip-lock bag. Now Jennifer was left with a shaggy bob cut that hugs along her jaw line. Officer Johnson went back towards the drawer and this time took out a cordless clipper with #1 guard attached on it. But he placed it on Jennifer’s lap as he held the scissors and cut off the remaining length of her hair until it was 2 and a half inch on the top and less then an inch at the sides and the nape. This time, he dropped the scissors on Jennifer’s lap and took the clipper and placed it beside her right ear. “POP” and the clippers moved up her side burns until it reached her temple. He walked towards the left side of Jennifer and made the same exact shave until the temple. After making sure the shave was exactly along the temple line, Officer Johnson walked to the back and looked at Jennifer through the mirror with a grin. Jennifer could not bear to watch as the officer moved the clippers up the back of her head and she was left with a crew cut. But Officer Johnson was not done yet, as he pulled the lever again and took a bottle of bleach and poured it over her new hairstyle. The solution was stinging and hot as Jennifer’s scalp was screaming for help as the deep chestnut brown colour was slowly fading and turning blonde. When the entire head was blonde, Officer Johnson kindly washed off the solution and smeared a cooling solution on her head to round up his makeover for her. He popped her back up into an upright position and for the first time, Jennifer saw her new look, platinum blonde crew cut with a spiky head, just like Agyness Deyn. Even though she hated losing almost all her hair, the new hairstyle fitted her face and complemented her bone structure.

“You can go now, but remember, it you dare to speak a word about what had happened, I will tell the court about your possession of drugs” Officer Johnson spoke to her with a serious tone as he untied Jennifer. Jennifer just kept mum. The officer escorted her back out to the counter and while passing the jail cell, the two female whom talked to her could not even recognize her at all. But she could not afford to expose her new identity and what had happened to her, if not she will end up in jail. Even Officer Rodriguez could not recognize her as they walked passed him at the corridor. Officer Johnson gave back her belongings to Jennifer and allowed her to pass the checkpoint. Jennifer immediately ran to the bus stop and took the direct bus to her relative’s house.

Jennifer only thought about going back to see her relatives in Mexico after 5 years, but got an identity change instead. But the plot is about to take a twist itself.

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