Cruise ship story

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My wife and recently sailed for 7 days for our anniversary. The day we boarded, we were able to get an early boarding time, complete with all the perks of traveling first class. Drinks, guided ship tour before the other passengers arrived, and unfortunately for my wife, an experience she would like to forget. As part of our tour, we were taken to every nook of the ship, which ended at the ships work out facility. To enter the facility, the ship’s Spa was strategically located at the entrance. It was an extremely nice facility with many folk from all nationalities gathered. Facials, Massage, Botox, Hair services¬† – this place had it all. As we entered, each couple had a personal guide who helped explain the many different Spa packages. The prices were high, but expected on a ship like this. As we passed each station, the stylist approached my wife and stated, “You’re the one” in a strong voice”. Oneshia, the stylist, began to explain to Ann that all the people getting set up in each station were indeed passengers, and would be receiving complimentary services while on the cruise, in exchange for standing in/modeling for the providers in the Spa, as the passengers boarded at noon. The idea was to show the shop at full capacity, as each small group toured the facility.

“So are you up for a free consult and service today, Ann? Caught somewhat by surprise, Ann asked for more information and was led by a staff member to a small lounge area. After a few minutes, Ann returned and asked what I thought. “I can get a free cut/color if I choose, as well as 2 massage vouchers to be used at anytime on the cruise” Ann’s hair was already short, but her Pixie style had grown out somewhat since her last cut. “Go for it, I whispered, a free haircut, massage and who knows what else” I took the survey and consent form over to the desk as Ann stepped to look at the Spa supplies on the rack out front.

Ann agreed and the staff asked if she could be back at the Spa at 11:45 local time, for instructions, set-up and paperwork. We left and returned to the Spa, where she was greeted by Oneshia, a tall, Peruvian lady, mid 50’s with long black hair. Ann commented that she really loved her hair as the stylist replied, “Thank you, that’s very kind of you, but your hair is super trendy. I love the Pixie style, I just don’t have the face for it” she said with a smile. She sat Ann in her chair and explained that the demonstration would last a few hours, as the crew paraded small groups through the salon as part of their onboarding process. “Let’s decide on a final cut, and I’ll work towards that during the sitting. I see your familiar with the clippers on the nape area, and the front with longer layers, does that sound good”? Ann told her that she prefers the over the ear style, somewhat longer in the front, with longer, edgy bangs.¬† “That it shall be, ma’am, now let’s get you in the chair, as I see the first group arriving at the front desk. Ann sat down, as Ann reached for a neck tissue and cape.

As the passengers entered the Spa, each passed by the stations and were given a brief explanation of the service, the provider, and cost of their services. Oneshia explained to Ann that she would be turning her toward each group, as well as away and toward the mirror, as they passed her station. The demonstration was more of a show than an actual haircut, so I thought!

As the first group made their way to the corner chair, the guide paused and introduced the group to Oneshia. She smiled and said she would be honored to offer her services while onboard the Charity Cruise. As the group settled in, O (I’ll refer to her from this point forward) spun Ann around facing the group and pressed firmly down on her head. “I’ll be using the clippers to help create that clean, pixie nape, as we work toward a longer edgy bang. She pumped the chair and within a split second began running the blade up Ann’s neckline, with long strokes. As each group passed by and another came through, O would turn the chair for the guests to see her work. During the first hour or so, Ann’s hair went from a short Pixie, to a super short version of her normal cut, which would have been fine if the demo had ended there! As the last group passed, O stepped away and Ann felt the back of her hair. “That feels really short, does it look ok, she asked” So my preference is that her hair is never too short for me, and I answered with a “that’s pretty short”, but I love it kind of response. It was indeed shorter than I’ve seen Ann ever wear her hair, especially in the back. As O returned, she explained that the last group had passed, and that the CAPTAIN’S choice group (of mostly men) were the only group left to be shown the Spa services. Apparently, the guys on the ship fork out cash for Spa services as well.

As the group entered the Spa, I noticed O reach toward the mirror and flip the small hanging sign from Stylist to the back side, with the words “Barber” on the back. As the group passed, again O was introduced, this time more as the ships barber, and again, she spun Ann around, away from the group, to face the mirror. “O is a master barber and is skilled at all types of men’s cut’s from a basic trim, to a military high-n-tight” the staff member explained. As the group stood momentarily, waiting to move to the next station, O again pressed down on Ann’s head and began to go back over the same area on the nape. “It’s hot outside on the deck guys, make sure you stop in and let me clean you up, just like our client in the chair, she’s certainly going to be much cooler during the trip. As she finished her last pass up the nape area, I could see Ann’s neckline, which now was tapered to bald at the bottom. “I know you’ll be cooler now, Ann, your husband mentioned on your survey form that you could never get your usual stylists to go short enough on the nape, we certainly too care of that today” O said with a grin. As Ann began to get out of the chair, Another small group was headed back towards the station. “I hope this is the last tour for the evening, we need to leave you some hair, don’t we” as she again pressed down on Ann’s head and whispered the words, “chin down dear.”

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