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I first met Melissa on line in April of 2006, we talked for a while, her photo was of her in a black dress and golden Blond hair to her knees, she was stunning to say the least. We talked for  months every day, I talked with her husband Joe and they came to see me and Norma in June of 2006. We all went out to dinner and they stayed the weekend. As the weekend passed by Melissa asked how she could raise $3,000 for bills she wanted to pay off. We discussed many options of yard ales and buying stock and refurbishing it and resales, Jewelry slaes and many other venues that just did not seem to reach and immediate money source. I looked at Melissa  said: “Have you ever thought of selling your hair?” Melissa looked at me and said: “NO, I never thought about that WHY? Will my long hair sell?” Joe looked at Melissa and said: “Would you really ever think of cutting your hair baby?” Melissa replied “Well NO, I mean.I, I. I have never thought about ever cutting my hair, it is my crowning glory, I probably would cut it if I could pay the bills with it?” Melissa grabbed her long locks and pulled them forward, the hair laid softly upon her chest falling to her waist and thento her knees. It was so very full and beautiful laying there. Melissa played with the hair, stroking it, twisting it from head to knees, it was exciting watching her play with the hair while she thought about the aspect of cutting it off. Norma chipped in and said if it pays the bills and gets you out of debt and into the black, I would really think about cutting it if it were my hair, I mean hair does grow back ya know. Weall laughted as Melissa was pondering the fate of loosing her long locks, her identity, all for money to pay some bills off.

I said to Melissa: ” Oh there is big money in the longer the hair, the more you can make selling it on line.” We went to some hair buyers and sellers sites, Melissa was in awe of the prices women were getting for selling their hair. Joe said: “Melissa, you could make the bills and maybe, who knows what by selling your hair Melissa.”  Melissa replied ” But I thought you loved my long hair Joe?” Joe stated that was very true but: selling it, cutting it all short Melissa, I could see you in a short Pixie cut, like you have said you wore back in High School in 1985, after the Movie about “Billie Jean.” Melissa sighed, chuckeled inside, then said: “Ok, I will make a web site to sell my hair from and see where it goes from there OK?”

I said “OK, Joe agreed nodding his head and grinning like a possum. Joe then said ” Finally my Melissaactually be cutting all this hair short, as he held it up, and then rubbed his face in it smiling.” Norma looked at Melissa and said: ” Thats a lot of hair to cut off Melissa, I remember when OC cut mine, it was waist length, he cut it all off to a Pixie Cut in 85 after seeing that Movie about Billie Jean. Matter of fact, he did about 55 women that year who opted for a change, so many women came to see him, after seeing that movie, it was a revolution of sorts, everyone had the Billie Jean haircut, my God so many women with hair like yours, so long they wore it long and then boom, got to get it cut off short, what an adventure that was, never saw anything like it since then.”

Joe and Melissa left that Sunday afternoon. Melissa promised she would make a web site, we could talk on line about how to promote the hair site. That evening went by and Norma said: “OC, Do you really think Melissa will cut her knee length hair to a Pixie Cut? I mean her hair seems to be her asset, then there is Joe’s love of it long? So do you really think for a moment, with hair to her knees, she would ever have the ideation of cutting it OC?’ I looked at Norma and said: “If the price is right, she will have a choice to make, plus I think she is ready to cut it as Joe got a little excited about the thought of Melissa cutting it to a Pixie Cut, a style that he had only seen in photos, I really think Joe wants her to cut it and Melissa has not had short hair for 21 years, so I really feel she is ready to let go of the hair, as it would pay bills and Joes curiousity to see her having it cut off to a Pixie Cut, so time will tell?”

Melissa set up the site about 11 pm that night and sent me a site locator for it. I looked at the site then I suggested a couple of changes to the site. Melissa had a picture of the hair hanging over her shoulder, falling down to her knees in a frontal view. I suggested she show a back view of all the length as it was another view. We agreed that we should put a title of ” LONG BLOND HAIR, 571/2″, AS SEEN, FOR SALE, MAKE AN OFFER, ALL OFFERS ACCEPTED, HAIR WILL NOT BE CUT TILL OFFER IS VALIDATED AND MONEY IN THE BANK.

I told Melissa what I liked about the site, revisions were made, then I said: “I think it looks great Melissa. I bet you will have people asking about how much your willing to cut, how much money will be needed. plus it will be very fast, as there are not many women today, with the length of hair you have to offer to them.” Two days went by, an offer came in for $1,000. Melissa asked how much and the person said 2 feet. Melissa replied with a thank you, I have too consider your offer. Melissa sent me the information and said “Wow only $1,000 for 2 feet of hair, what should I do OC?” I said: ” Tell them thanks but I am holding out for a more lucrative offer, there will be more offers.” The day went by and Melissa changed the ad to read: THE MORE HAIR CUT OFF, THE MORE MONEY NEEDED, WANTING TO SELL TO PAY BILLS, BE DEBT FREE, LOOKING FOR $3500 OR MORE TO CUT TO A PIXIE CUT STYLE. We agreed that was a new twist on the ad and waited for a response.

The ad brought more and more people wanting to buy her hair now, one responded: “How much for you to cut it all off to a 1/2″ crew cut?” Melissa asked me: “OC what do you think Oh My God OC.” I said: “WOW thats a lot of hair to be cut Melissa, rather drastic, BUT a very good proposition?” Melissa said: OC, I think he is really very serious about my cutting it to a 1/2″ crew cut, so what do I say? I am really feeling excited about getting a crew cut. I use to wath my brother on a Saturday, when I took them to the barbershop toget a crewcut, I wanted to jump into the chair when the barber said next and say a crew cut plaese just like my brothers, but; I never did.” I told Melissa: “Tell him $7,500,then see what he says.” Melissa gulped, then said what if he says YES?” I said: “Then the decision is up to you Melissa, cut or not to cut that much,  a 1/2″ crew cut or wait to get a lower offer and have a pixie cut. I know that a crew cut is drastic and your choice Melissa, so make a decision.” Melissa was breathing deep almost panting, then she said: “OK, Ok, oh my God. OK, I have to do this, Oh My, Oh My MY MY, to cut all my hair off to a 1/2″ crew cut, I have always wanted toi sit in the barbers chair and say crew cut, thats exciting me now OC. YES LETS DO IT, LETS DO IT FAST BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND OC, OH MY OH My GOD help me.” Melissa told the person her price would be $7,500. The person replied with “OK, but for that price I want a CD of the event, you walking into the barbershop with you long hair down, being caped up. then the actual clipper cutting of it all being cut off, no cutting spires of hair, it must be all clippered off in a long ponytail, then when cut off put into a plastic bag so I can touch it when I want and watch the video as it was being cut off.”

Melissa agreed to the request that the person was asking for then said agreed that it would be paid via Pay pal. Melissa said: ” Done deal then, when I get the money in my account, I will have the hair cut all off with clippers as you suggested, have a CD made of the mane event being clippered from 571/2″ to a 1/2″ crew cut as you like, the hair being put into a ponytail and all cut off then put into a plastic bag for you to have and fondel as you like while watching the CD.” The person responded: “Thank You Melissa, I cannot wait to see the CD, to hold your ponytail, to have the hair to touch, Tank You Melissa you will never know what this means to me.”

Melissa got back to me immediately. “OC what have I done? I agreed to cut off all my hair. I am to walk into a barber shop, be seated in the barber chair, capped up, hair put into a ponytail, then clippered to 1/2″. God OC I feel like, like a sheep being shorn. Oh my I am looking forward to this and I am not ya know.” I said: “How much did you settle for?” Melissa said $7.500, all that money for a haircut OC, WOW, No I cannot back out now, so how do we do this?” I said well come down here, we will go to the shop, we will do it, Joe can run the camera for the CD, Norma can hold the hair up in the ponytail, I will do the clipper cutting as the person requested and you can watch in the mirror as we buzz all the long hair off to a 1/2″ crew cut. OK Melissa.”  Melissa said “Ok OC, we gonna have fun doing this, something we will all remember. When I get he money deposited, I will get back to you OC OK? Ok with me, Norma looked at me and said: “WOW, THAT DID NOT TAKE LONG TO GET A DEAL. I STILL CANNOTBELIEVE THAT MELISSA IS  REALLY GOING THROUGH WITH THIS. 571/2″ OF HAIR TO BE CLIPPERED OFF TO A 1/2″ CREWCUT, WOW THIS WILL BE THE BEST HAIR CUT WE HAVE EVER DONE OC.”

Melissa called me on the phone and said: “I am not believing this guy sent me a Pay pal posted $7,500 today, Oh My God, now I have to do this, my mind is running wild, sitting in a babrbers chair, being caped up, then havng all my hair cut off from 571/2″ to 1/2″ OC, OH MY GOD, I am really saying do this and again all my hair gone and then sayin for $7,500, it will pay the bills and hair does grow back?” I stated: “We can do this and have a lot of fun doing it Melissa just when do you want to do it?” Melissa said:  “It is now Thursday, so say this weekend, we do it before I have reservations about having a crew cut, OK OC? I said: “OK Melissa, Norma said I am not believing this is going to happen OC, I mean when you did my hair it was waist length and I was about to say NO, but. I thought Hair grows back and it does but; I never grew it back always have had that same beautiful Pixie Cut that you do every month for me, so we see, a crew cut wow I still cannot envision that?”

Friday night came, Joe and Melissa arrived about 8pm. Melissa had the locks down as usual. I said: “Well, lets have a drink and celebrate this event.” We all has a glass of wine and went over the scenario that would take place Saturday when Melissa felt she was ready to surrender the mane of hair and see how she looked with a 1/2″ crew cut. Saturday Morning we got up, I made pancakes and strawberry chips, Melissa love the strawberry chips in her pancakes. We sat and discussed how we would do the role playing before the actual cutting. We went over the scenario 5 times, then we went downtown to the barber shop. It was 6pm when we started the actual CD. We did Melissa walking down the street, looking at her hair, holding it, as she looked up, she saw a Barbershop pole, she looked at her hair again and walked into the shop. I seated her, caped her up, Norma made a ponytail that was very loose and done up on the top of the crown. Norma held the braid up as I got the clippers out, I took off the clipper guide and went with a 1/2″ guide, I then took the clippers and turned them on, Melissas eyes were as wide as saucers as she looked into the mirror. Oh My God OC I am about to pee on myself, I am so excited, do it right down the middle OC, no turning back then HUH? I brought the clipperto the center of Melissa’ scalp and then started cutting into the loose hair. The hair was cut and slipped to the sides, as I plowed through it to the crown, a nice 3″ path of a white stubbled hair showed through. Melissa cryed out, OH MY GOD OC, WOW THIS IS MORE SEXY THEN I EVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE, I AM FINALLY FREE OF LONG HAIR. Again and again, for 4 times I took wide cuts as the hair separated from the scalp, then left a white path of stubble behind. Melissa was estatic and Joe was in awe as he kept recording the whole event. Norma was holding the ponytail up and kept saying Wow I cannot believe this hair, all this long beautiful hair being severed, leaving a 1/2″ stubble showing. Melissa commented that it was so cool to see all the hair cut off leaving a path of white showing, she said it is what I have always wanted to do and never did, now I am doing it and getting paid for it, how strange huh. I made passes up the side on the right over the ear. down the back side of the ear, then the nape, then the left side. With each cut came more white stubble showing. Norma was now holding the severed hair higher in a ponytail till we did the left side. All the hair was finally severed and Norma held the ponytail up higher. We all looked at the ponytail. Norma gave it to Melissa as Melissa looked at the new lady in the mirror. Melissa rubbed her 1/2″ crew cut, Joe rubbed it and said WOW Babe you are sexier with short hair I love it. Melissa said it is cool, rubbing her head some more and laughing.Melissa said I might never grow it back again, every woman needs to do this cut what freeom no long hair to wash, comb etc wow I am liking this OC Thank you so much.

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