I knew I should have run ……

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I know I should have run
By JimB ©opyright May 2018

“Three ahead of you, Nancy”, Terri said to her as she walked into “Nick’s Barber Shop”.

I took a seat just to the right of her barber chair. She was giving a young boy a short flattop. I reached to my left for a magazine.

“NEXT”, was called by Nick as he looked at the lady sitting to my right.

She looked up at him.

“No, I waiting for my son”, she told Nick as she pointed to the young boy in Terri’s barber chair. “I am her next customer”.

Nick looked at me and I point to Terri.

Just as he started for the broom closet the door open.

“Evening, Nick”, said a man in his later forties.

Nick pointed to his chair and the man walked to it and took a seat.

“Short enough Mary”, Terri said to the boy’s mom, who got up and walked to her barber chair.

She looked the flattop over, taking his chin and turning his head to the left then the right.

“I can take it a little short on top”, Terri told her, as she brushed her left hand over the boy’s head.

“Is it a half inch”, she asked Terri as she eyed the top.

“No”, Terri just replied.

Mom took a step back and looked his hair cut.

“Take the top to half an inch”, she told Terri as she stepped back to where she was sitting.

Terri took hold of her big black clippers and a comb, which was half inch thick. She combed the comb back a little and ran the clippers over it.

“Short enough”, Terri ask mom. She shook her head “yes”. Terri began combing and clippering.

Finished she removed the cape and tucked a large towel in his shirt collar and spread it over his shoulders.

His mom sat up in her chair.

As Terri began applying warm shaving lather a long his hair linen, she look at his mom.

“Mary, you’re getting a hair cot, too”, she inquired.

Her eyes watching Terri as she stropped the open straight razor’s blade, on the leather strap hanging on the right arm of her barber chair.
“Yes”, Mary told her. “I want to go shorter for the summer.

“How short are you talking about”, Terri asked as she edge shaved the boy’s flattop.

“I am kind of undecided”. Replied Mary, her eyes stull following Terri’s shaving of her son’s hair line.

“Was hoping you might have a few ideas”!

Stepping around to the back of the barber chair, Terri looked over the boy’s head at his mom.

Terri hesitated with the razor and looked at Mary with a smile.

“How do you like his flattop”, Terri asked Mary as she continued her shaving.

“It good great”, his mom answered. “It will be easy for him to take care of over the summer”.

“Yes”, Terri said looking at Mary. “Just have to come in ever ten to twelve days to keep it looking great”.

Finished, she placed the razor on the shelf and turn back to the boy. She stooped a little long over the top of his head,

She reached behind her and took hold of the clippers.


Mom looked up.

“Just a few stray hairs sticking up”, Terri said as she lightly free hand the clippers, taking care of the few stray hairs sticking up.

Finished she hung the clippers back under the shelf.

Wiping the excess lather from his hair line, she slowly removed the towel.

Then, she pushed on the handle and lowered the barber chair.

Mary, the boy’s mom, stood up and walked to the barber chair.

As the boy stepped for the chair she took hold of his chin and turned to the left then right.

“Well, Terri”, she asked as she sat in the barber chair. “Any ideas for my summer hair cut”!

Tossing the cape across her, Terri looked at her and smiled.

Stepping behind the barber chair Terri took hold of the ends of the cape and pulled it around her neck.

Terri reached back and pulled a strip of neck paper, and wrapped around Mary’s neck.

“How short are you willing to go”, Terri asked as her and Mary eyes caught each other in the mirror behind the waiting chairs.

Terri smiled at her and patted Mary’s shoulders.

Mary sat up and crossed her legs,

Terri stepped to the shelf and fiddled around. After a few minutes she turned with the large took comb in her left hand.

Stepping to the left side of the barber chair she combed the large tooth comb from Mary’s hair line upward.


The big black clippers was raised and slowly Terri ran it over the comb sending ten inches of Mary’s black hair to her caped lap.

“You’ll have to come back every ten to twelve days to keep it looking great”, Terri told her as she combed another section and slowly ran the clippers over it.

Slowly Terri combed a section of Mary’s hair and slowly moved the big black clippers over it, sending another ten inches of hair into the cape or on the floor.

As she stepped behind the barber chair, I closed my eyes as my mine went back to the day I met Terri.

Back then I was nine years old and Terri is nine years older than me.

My little, and only, brother, Ron, was seven. He was kind of a wild boy. He was nosey and could talk you into things you would not believe.

Mom had gotten sick and passed away when I was three, and just about seven months after she gave birth to Ron. Dad became a single parent and has never married again.

He raised us best he could. I ended up going to college and becoming a marketing manager.

Ron, well he was his self. Playing jokes and dad having to go to the principle’s office at least five times a month.

When I turned seven, dad gave me a big birthday party. It was a hot summer’s day, so dad pulled out the sprinklers and set them up in the back yard.

When he send out the party invitations, he include a note saying, “bring your swimsuit, sprinklers with be cooling you down”.

A few days later Ron came home with a short flattop. Dad just looked at him.

Later that night just before I turned the lights in my room off he knocked on the door,

I opened it.

“Can we talk”, he asked me and I gave him one of those “why” looks. “I have something to tell you”.

“You know dad did not like you getting your hair cut so short”, I told him as we sat on my bed.

“I know”, he replied as he reached in his pants pocket. “You know that new barber shop on Hillward Street”?

I shook my head “yes”.

“So, what”, I said to him.

“There’s a lady barber there”, he began.

“And, she gave me and Christ, Mat, and Tray each twenty dollars if we let her give us a flattop”.

He showed me two ten dollars bills.

“Don’t tell dad”, he asked me. I kind of felt sorry for him. If dad found out he got paid to get his hair cut so short, dad would probably finish the hair cut.

“I won’t tell dad”, I told him and put my hand out. He looked at me.

“NO WAY”. he said putting the money back in his pocket. I started to stand up and walk to the door,

“Wait”, he whispered to me.

I turned and looked at him.

“Okay”, I said inquisitively. “What going on”?

“Her name is Terri”, he began. “And, she is looking for people who will let her cut their hair ……

“Who will let her cut their hair like she wants.

“She is looking for a few girls and women”.

“So”, I said to him again.

“You know, that desk you asked dad to get for you”, he began. I shook my head “yes”.

“It cost seventy-five dollars”, I quickly told him.

“Well, if you are willing to let Terri cut your hair like she wants”, he softly said.

“You just sit in her barber chair and let he cut your hair like she wants. No questions.

“And, you can get it and a chair.

“Bet she will order it for you and have it delivered”!

I sat there. I lisened to him. My mine wanted that desk, as well as the chair.

“How will she cut my hair”, I asked him.

“Like she wants”, he told me again. “NO, questions”.

I fingered with my hair, which was just at my shoulders.

“I can talk with her”, he said. “I will see if she can get the desk and chair, too”!

After thinking, I pointed to the door.

He got up and walked to the door and opened it.

“Let me know what she say”, I told him. “I might do it”!

“Just let her know how old I am”.

“Sure”, he said and walked out my room.

I laid back on my bed and began laughing.

A few weeks passed. The school year ended and the summer days were hot.

I figured a shorter hair cut would be better than wet hair sticking to my skin.

There was a knock at my bedroom door. I got up and opened it.

“Sweetheart”, dad began, “I have to go out of town for a few days.

“Do you think you and your brother can get along ……”?

“Sure”, I told him. He gave me a kiss.

“Day after tomorrow”, he said. “I will leave you a card to get things but do not go over one hundred dollars”.

I closed the door and there was another knock.

“O’ it’s you”, I told Ron. “Dad tell you he was going out of town for a few day,

“And, I will be in charged”.

“I know”, he said as he walked to my bed and patted it for me to sit.

“I talked with Terri”, she began. “She said you give her the information on the desk and chair and she will go order it and have it delivered before you get your hair cut.

“Remember, she get’s to cut your hair as she wants.

“No questions”.

“And, the money”, I inquired.

“I did not ask her about money”. He told me. “I thought the desk and chair was all you wanted!

“If you want money, too ……

“Then, you will have to talk with her about that”.

“MOM’, the little boy, Ron, said standing by Terri’s barber chair looking at his mom.

“You getting a short hair cut for dad”?

“You sure it will keep my hair from sticking to my neck”, Mary asked Terri and I was brought back to see Terri had Mary’s hair almost an half an inch all over her head.

Terri combed another section of her hair and ran the clippers over the comb, cutting another half in of hair.

“No for my self”, she replied to her son and motioned him back to the waiting chair.

“But, I know what he will want tonight”, she commented to Terri, who smiled, winked, and patted her on her right shoulder.

“And, you” Terri asked with a snicker. Mary smiled and licked her lips.

“Not a drop will leak out”.

Terri turned off the clippers and turned to the shelf. She put the comb on the shelf and brushed off the clippers.

“I that case”, Terri spoke as she turned and walked to the right side of the barber chair, with the clippers.


She held them up for Mary to see there was no attachment on it.

“He won’t have to brush your hair out of the way”, she smilingly told Mary.

“And, after when you two take a shower, he can finish the cut”!

“Very interesting”, Mary said with a smile.

“I don’t think his hand will be the steady afterwards”.

“CLICK”, the clippers became silent.

She turned and started to walk back to the shelf.

“I think you should take care of that, too”, Mary told Terri. Her eyes light up.

“CLICK” hummmmmm ……

“My pleasure”, Terri told her as she pushed Mary’s head down. Placing the big black clippers at her hair line.

Terri wasted no tome. She pushed the clippers up the back of Mary’s head like there was no time to waste.

As if she had been planning, trying, to do this for some time.

I watched as she pushed the clippers upward, working toward the right side of Mary’s head.

Stepping around the back of the barber chair, she brushed her left hand over the clippered hair.

As Terri began buzzing Mary’s left side and top, Mary told her ……

“And, he will not be cutting the lawn down below ……

“That has been being taken care of since we met. And, he does a great job”.

Terri began laughing. Mary looked at her and smiled.

“Well, I thought you might want to know”, Mary told her with a snicker and smile.

“Too, much information”!

Terri pushed her head to the right and began buzzing.

Finished, Terri hung the clippers under the shelf, taking a small towel and tossing it in the sink.

Turning the hot water on, letting it run over the towel, she turned and removed the cape, tucking it over the rod behind the barber chair.

She took hold of a larger towel and tucking into Mary’s blouse.

Ron stood up and walked to the barber chair and looked up at his mom.

“WOW”, he said. “Your hair is shorter than mine.

“Dad’s going to get mad …..”.

Mary smile and motioned him back to the chair, as Terri wrapped the warm towel around her head.

Terri walked to the shaving dispenser and piled some warm shaving lather in her left hand.

Removing the warm towel, tossing it under the shelf behind her. She began lather, slowing spreading, Mary’s head.

Mary’s head rocked a little.

Wiping her fingers, she picked up her straight razor. Flipping it open as she walked to the leather strip on the right arm of the barber chair.

Taking hold of the leather strap and pulling to tight, she began stropping the open blade of the straight razor.

Raising it to the center of Mary’s head, she commented …..

“When you see how well I can clean the grass from your head …..

“You might want to see how well I can do the grass down there …..”!

The looked at each other and laughed.

Seeing this little Ron got up and almost ran to the barber chair.

“MOM ….. MOM’. He began saying. But, Mary cut him short and motioned him back to the waiting chair.

“Go sit”, she said to him with a glaring look.

“One day Eric and I will have to set him down for a nice long ….. long talk”.

Terri shaved slowly, checking after ever few strokes of the blade. Check for smoothness.

Each time she did it, Mary would uncross and re-cross her legs.

With the right side and back shaved smooth, Terri walked to the left side of Mary’s head.

Ron started to get up …..

“Young man”, his mom said. “Sit and stay seated until Aunt Terri is finished shaving my head.

“If you get up again …..

“You little butt will be next. Do you understand”!

Ron sat down and just watched.

A few more strokes of the razor and she was finished. She cloed the blade and put in on the shelf.

With a warm wash cloth she wiped the excess lather from Mary’s head, then padded it dry.

Mary looked at her self in the mirror behind the waiting chars. She smiled as she brushed her fingertips over her head.

As she stepped from the chair she commented ……

“If you weren’t my sister …..

“I might have taken you up on the grass cutting down there”.

They laughed and hugged.

Mary looked at Ron, who had a childish look of “WHAT’ on his face. One of questioning.

“Lets go son”, she told him. “Tell Aunt Terri bye so we can go get dinner fixed for dad.

“He has my dessert”.

Ron gave Terri, Aunt Terri, a hug and asked quickly, “Why did you cut mom’s hair so short”!

“Too, many questions”, his mom said to him and motioned him out the barber shop.

“Okay Nancy”, Terri said to her as she shook the barber cape. “I am five years older”.

Nancy stepped in the barber chair.

“What will it be”, Terri asked as she caped Nancy.

“Surprise me”, she told Terri.

“Surprise me like you did when I was nine …..”.

“You still have the desk and chair”, Terri inquired as she pulled the cape in place.

“Desk, yes”, Nancy told her. “Had to replace the chair. Still have it as a memoir”.

Terri stepped to the shelf and took hold of the big black clippers.


Nancy smiled.

“Not going to waste any time”, Nancy asked. Terri patted on her right shoulder.

“Why waste time”, Terri commented. “You said “surprise me like when I was nine.

“I didn’t waste time then.

“Did I”?

Nancy smiled.

“And, this time dad won’t becoming after you” she told Terri.

“I almost ran that day, you know”.

“Yes, you did”, Terri replied as she began buzzing Nancy’s head. “You just sat, smiled, until I finished shaving your head.

“And, you came back a week later for another shaving”.

“And, dad did not come after you”, Nancy replied.

Working some what fast Terri was buzzing her head. Her ten inches slid on to the cape, the floor.

“Like then, Nancy’s eyes followed the clippers moving over her head.

It felt good then. But, now it felt sexual.

As Terri began buzzing the back of her head ……

“You know”, she began telling Terri. “Every time I came for a hair cut ……

“I hoped, wished, you would “surprise me”, again”.

Terri finished buzzing. She tossed a large towel in the warm running water of the sink.

Turning and removing the cape, shaking the hair to the floor.

She then tucked the large towel in her collar.

She patted Nancy on both shoulders and leaned to her right ear.

“Each time you came back …..

“I was hoping you would ask me to “surprise you” ……

“I even thought about just “surprising you, like I did back then”.

“Maybe you should have”, Nancy told her as she sat up, as if asking, pleading.

Terri smiled. She wanted to say something.

Then, without thinking …..

“Maybe you will let me cut your grass on day”?

Nancy did not say a word.

Terri spread the warm shaving lather over her head. Slowly spreading a thick lathers.

The blade sharpened, Terri began slowly shaving Nancy.

Standing behind the barber chair, her left hand reached to Nancy’s chic and slowly titled it backwards so she was looking at the ceiling.

“Going to be like back then”, Nancy asked. Terri said nothing.

She placed the blade at the center of her head and began slowly shaving the first strip down the center of Nancy’s head. Just like back then.

She placed the blade to the right of the first stip.

Then, whispered, “WHY NOT”!

She watched Nancy uncross her legs and re-cross them. Just like Mary. Just like Nancy did back then.

After a few more storks of the blade the top of Nancy’s head was shaved smooth.

Terri gently titled her head downward so she was looking, watching, in the mirror behind the waiting chairs.

Nancy looked her head over. Her fingertips raised to her smooth head. A smile, like back then, came to her.

Terri was standing on the right side of the barber chair, raising the blade to the exposed skin she began shaving the right side of Nancy’s head.

Slowly with each stroke of the blade Nancy smiled, Terri stepped toward the back of her head.

Tilted downward Terri slowly shaved, check, shaved the back of Nancy’s head to a smoothness, like the top and right side of her head.

Tilting her head to the right Terri took the last few strokes of the blade, Nancy’s head was shaved smooth.

Shaved smooth “just like back then”.

Wiping her shaven smooth head with a warm wash cloth, to remove the excess shaving lather.

As the barber chair came to a rest, Nancy stepped from it. Looking at her smooth shaven head.

Touching it with her finger tips, just like she “back then”.

Picking up her purse she opened it and turned.

“NO”, Terri said to her. ‘This hair cut is on me.

“Maybe more, too”.

Nancy smiled and thanked her. Terri even refused the tip.

When she reached the door, Nancy turned to Terri.

“Friday nights”, she began. “I have a few drinks at “The Lucky Rose” around nine.

“You can you’re my lawnmower.

“And, Maybe I can use it to cut your LAWNS, too”!

They looked at each other. Terri reached for her head.

“Nancy”, she said as she removed her wig.

“Maybe we can cut each others lawns”?

Nancy winked and walked out, just as Terri’s next customer walked in.

After a few steps Nancy turned and looked ……

“Mrs. Marks”, she heard Terri say as the lady put her purse on one of the waiting chairs.

The END !!!!! JimB ©opyright May 2018

Okay ……

Mrs. Parks walks in ……

So, you are wondering ……

Scroll down some ……

I know I should have run
By JimB ©opyright May 2018

“Mrs. Marks”, Nancy heard Terri say as the lady put her purse on one of the waiting chairs.

Nancy noticed Terri had not put the wig back on. She noticed Mrs. Parks was not surprised, as she thought she, or anyone, would be.

And, her hair was cut extremely short for a woman who looked to be in her late sixties.

But, she had one hell of a body, Nancy thought.

“I did not expect you back for another week or two”, Terri said, as she sat in the barber chair.

“Well, let me see if I can tell you what happened when I got home”, Mrs. Parks said as she crossed her legs.

Terri noticed the hem on her skirt was kind of high. She also noticed for a lady of her age she still had some nice legs.

Legs, which would get the attention of men and boys, these days!

“So, tell me”, Terri replied as she caped Mrs. Parks.

“Well”, Mrs. Parks began. “Like I told you a few weeks back, I had never cut my hair really short.

“Mostly just trims.

“My husband, Ricky” of thirty-five years ……”

“WOW”. Terri let out. “You’ve been married that long. Lucky man”!

“Thank you …..”, Mrs. Parks told Terri.

“I am in many ways, too.

“Anyway, he asked me many times if I had ever thought of cutting my hair short. Mainly when the warm summer months came around.

“I always told him “no”. Which was a little white lie. I had thought of cutting my hair short before we met.

“And, he always told me I looked good with long hair.

“Well, when I came to you, my hair stylist was no ware to be found. He did not show up for work, not even called them.

“I had seen the other stylist cut hair but they were