I took her advice…

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One of my favorite true experiences that happened by chance began on business trip.  I found myself in a big city away from home with some downtime and decided to get a haircut.  I had been busy and was about 4 weeks out from my last buzz.  I was 28 and visibly thinning on top and had kept my hair short for many years, usually a 2-3 all over based on what my barbers have recommended.  I found several nearby barbershops on yelp with good ratings.  I came down to two.  One looked a bit on the hipster side with all men barbers and one was more traditional with two middle aged attractive ladies and an older gentleman.  I chose this one as the ratings were more consistent and honestly I preferred the way females tend to cut my hair better.

I arrived at the location in a strip mall.  There was a simple sign that said, “Barber” with a traditional pole outside.  I was noon in August and terribly hot.  By the time I hit the door I had broken a sweat.  I entered a bit nervously not knowing what to expect.  All tree barbers were at work.  They each had a station with their name and hours on a sign above the mirror on the wall, the two women on the left were identified as Trina and Apryl and next to the right was Fred.  Both females had very short and attractive undercut styles with long tops.  Apryl’s was far more extreme with her back and sides appearing almost completely shaved.  April made eye contact and welcomed me.  “Have a seat and we will be right with you.”  I smiled thanking her which she returned.  Trina glanced up and continued working.  As I sat down I noticed Apryl observe Trina and Fred who were also finishing their clients. Fred looked nearly done and It seamed as if Apryl started working faster on the young boy in her chair.  In a couple minutes Fred was uncaping his client who appeared to be the father of the boy in Apryl’s chair who was getting a very short haircut that didn’t seem to please him.  You could see skin about an inch above his ears and she had buzzed the top with a longer guard.  The man paid Fred and sat waiting on his son.  Fred blew off his chair and looked up at me, “Can I help you young man.” As I started to rise and reply, Apryl blurted out, “I got this one Fred.  Time for your lunch and there is nobody waiting.”  Fred smile and thanked her, walking out he looked at me, “Apryl will take good care of you young man.”  Ok, I thought this seemed like she was interested in me but she never again glanced my way.  Probably was time for Fred’s lunch anyway.  She finished the boy’s buzz cut and he exited with his father rubbing the little hair he had left.

She cleaned her chair and motioned me over with her cape in hand.  As I sat down she caped me and commented “Is it hot enough out there?”  “You bet” I replied as we made eye contact with her moving two my left.  It was then that I noticed her green eyes and edgy style really caught me off guard as being quite attractive.  I must have been staring too long as she asked a bit loudly, “Ok, how short are we going today?”  I told her my barber usually did a 2 or 3 all over every 4 weeks.  She looked a little disappointed and said, “We can do that, but I honestly think you would look better the way I cut my boyfriends hair.”  “How is that” I asked.  Trina chimed in as she was finishing he client up, “He would look great with a buzz like Todd gets.”  “I don’t know” I said, “How short is his hair?”  “Trust me” Apryl  whispered softly:  Trina moved our way after taking payment and saying goodbye to her client, “She is right, you will look great and with this damn weather you will love it.”

”This gives me a chance to use the new clippers!” Apryl quipped.  “Oh, yeah the clippers that Fred zero gapped for you. I may watch if it is ok since I have never used a pair.” Trina spoke with genuine excitement.  At this point I remained silent and almost paralyzed and unable to protest. Apryl moved to my right side, I heard a pop and intimidating hum as she asked “Ready.”  Feeling a bit helpless but honestly enjoying the attention I stammered “Ok, but I am trusting you guys on this.”  Before I could gather my thoughts I felt the steel blade move up my temple rather quickly.  As she continued making passes she manipulated my crown with a firm but gentle grasp.  I could feel the hair being removed and the contrast between the blades as they warmed and the cool air sent chills up my spine.  She must have noticed the goose bumps on my neck as she commented “I knew you would enjoy this.”  She continued expertly with the clippers through my back and left side.  Without hesitation she placed the clippers on my forehead moving straight back as I realized she had not changed guards as my other barbers usually do.  I knew by the cool breeze on my scalp that it was shorter than I had ever gone.  The clippers silenced with a pop. She cleaned up my neck and around my ears with a trimmer but way higher than what I was used to.  At that moment I realized that she must have completely shave my head.  This realization both frightened and arroused me.  Turning off the trimmers she ran her nails up the back of my head and began dusting me off with a brush.  “You look great” said Trina as she walked across the shop.  Apryl gave one last firm pass of her hand on my crown as I could feel what was left of my hair grab at her finger tips.  She spun me around to the mirrored wall.  “So, there’s your noggin!  Like it?” Seeing myself exposed in the mirror I was buzzed to the skin all over.  Reaching up to my neck I could feel only the faintest hint of stumble left.  Not knowing what else to say I stammered, “yeah, feels great.”  I don’t remember much else other than paying and the twinkle in her eye as we exchange parting glances and Apryl said, “That cut needs regular maintenance to stay looking sharp, hope to see you next week.  We will be here.”  In a complete daze, I acknowledged and thanked  her.  As I walked back out into the blistering heat I felt the sun intensely on my scalp realizing I would need to get some sunscreen.


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