Infinitus Hair: An Exposed Couple

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Authors Note

This story is a follow on from ‘Infinitus Hair’ and ‘Infinitus Hair: Cape Roulette’. It’s not vital that you have read either of these stories before reading this one but there are occasional references to them in this story. Thanks and enjoy!

Lori rolled over in bed and glanced at the alarm clock, deciding when it would be reasonably late enough to wake Jacob to exchange anniversary gifts. She could hardly believe how fast the year had flown in since their wedding. They had barely gotten back from their honeymoon before they were both thrown into new jobs, meaning that they had barely been able to do anything fun together. One of her gifts was going to make up for some of that lost time though.

Lori had noticed a sign in the high street “Infinitus Hair: Couples Experience Special!”. She had been considering a couples spa day as part of her anniversary gift for Jacob but felt like at least giving this place a fair look. She had been enthralled by the receptionist who had shown her how exclusive the Infinitus group is. The questionnaire, the mystery and commendations had all been enough to push her go ahead. She had already filled out her questionnaire and had written out the check.

She leant over and softly kissed and nuzzled into Jacob’s neck. He slowly stirred awake, lazily rubbing his eyes as he woke himself.

“HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!” Lori screamed in his ear happily. He almost jumped off the bed with fright as Lori giggled at her fun.

“Well that’s almost as bad as waking up next to you at Christmas.” he chuckled as he composed himself. She pulled him into a long kiss, raking her fingers through his long blonde hair. It wasn’t long enough for him to tie it all up but the front fell long enough to frame his face nicely. Sort of like a longed hair Brad Pitt. He was a little taller than her, not too much muscle, well kept and clean shaven.

“Presents! Now!” she commanded as she broke off the kiss, slipping out of bed to go to her hiding place in the cupboard. Jacob sat and watched her for a moment. He always enjoyed watching Lori get out of bed. Even in her sleeping shorts and top her ass and legs still hypnotised him. He let his eyes wander up to admire the chestnut brown locks that gradually melted down into ombre effect bombshell blonde that hung carelessly to the small of her back. He looked away just long enough to reach under his side of the bed and pulled out his box of anniversary gifts. The exchanged gifts, some romantic and charming, some kinky and rude before finally there was one left from Lori for Jacob. He carefully tore off the wrapping paper and looked down at it the paper booklet.

“Infinitus Questionnaire? Who or what is Infinitus?” he asked as he started flicking through it haphazardly.

“It’s sort of a hair salon.” replied Lori, trying to sound encouragingly, “They do a specialized hair experience thing. I filled one of those out too. They tailor it to each person. They had a special on for couples and I thought it be fun for us.”

“Lori, have you read some of these questions?” Jacob asked a little aghast. “‘What was your first sexual experience…’, why on earth would a hair salon need to know something like that?! It was months before we told each other that sort of stuff.”

“I know it’s a bit out there but come on, we did fertility festival in Japan. I’ve filled my questionnaire out and I’ve already sorted all the money for it out. All you need to do is fill this out and send it away and wait for our appointment to come around. Oh and the girl was very insistent….” Lori grabbed a towel and headed toward the bathroom, “You have to be completely honest in the questionnaire, if you aren’t she says it’ll spoil the experience for the both of us. Go on, get started!”

Jacob looked down at the questionnaire and grabbed a pen from the dresser. A heavy knot of fear and excitement started to build up in his gut as he started to write his answer to the first question.


They descended down the stairs slowly. His arm reaching around and caressing her hip. They had both kept their hair as plain as possible, no product. The ends of his tucked behind his ears, hers just brushed to a glossy sheen and straightened. They both wore plain jeans and t-shirts, clothing was to be provided according to an email. They reached the bottom of the stairs and entered the reception area. Lori recognised the girl at the desk and saw the room hadn’t changed either. A desk, a door marked “Staff Only” and a heavy curtain that blocked the view through to the salon. Lori took the lead.

“Hi. Grace right? I’m Lori and this is Jacob. We have a couples experience booked.”

Grace smiled back pleasantly,

“Welcome back Lori. Hello Jacob. Yes, we’ve been expecting you both. Everything is ready for us to start. All we need is your safe word.”

The couple exchanged a slightly fearful look before Jacob replied,


“Wolfie” Grace repeated back with a smirk, getting the reference. She made a note on her papers and flicked her blonde a-line bob back out of her eyes. “Very good. Now I’ll just need to re-iterate the rules with regard to the safe word. For it to be enforced, you both need to say it together, or at least fairly close together. If there is a distinct pause between either of you saying it it will be ignored so we can be absolutely sure you are both in agreement. This is a couples experience so you both should be on the same page.”

She looked at them both and prompted them to nod, making sure that she was understood.

“Excellent. Now if you’ll both proceed through the first curtain you’ll find hangers with matching robes for you both. Please change into them, leaving behind all clothes and shoes, including underwear. There is no need for either of you to be modest. Once you’re ready step through the second pair of curtains. Talking should be kept to a minimal, but we understand if you feel there is a necessity to communicate something. Your stylists are Vicki and Cheryl.” With that she gave a wink and stood up, leaving through the door marked staff only.

“Well…” Lori turned to Jacob, “You only live once. Lets get changed” She took his arm and lead him through the first curtain.

They found a pair of hangers with shimmering silver robes and started to undress. Jacob let Lori start changing first, taking the opportunity to enjoy his wife undressing, glancing over the butterfly tattoo that peeked above her thong line. Lori knew she was putting on a show for him and turned around to watch him just as he got to taking off his boxers, she bit her lip as she admired his manhood before he donned the silver robe. The robes fell to just above their knees and Jacob couldn’t help but notice how snugly the thin material hugged his wife’s body.

As they walked through second pair of curtains hand-in-hand they surveyed the room before them. Two huge barbers chair, one pink and one black, angled towards each other as they faced a series of massive mirror panels that curved around in front of the chairs. A box shelf unit stood beside each chair holding an inordinate number of styling tools and accessories, all plugged in and ready to use. At the back they saw a storage cupboard with a rolling hood dryer next to it along with a trolley. As they looked over the pair of wash stations and admired the mirror panelling of the ceiling they heard footsteps emerge from the curtain.

Vicki and Cheryl stepped into the room with an air of confidence. Vicki in a full black PVC catsuit with the front zipper open all the way down to her navel, her hair had been dyed back to a violet purple and sat in a high ponytail. Cheryl in a blood red mermaid fishtail ruffle skirt and black leather corset bustier, her short red hair slicked back smooth with a side part. Both were wearing platform heeled boots that drew them up to an intimidating height. Lori was conscious of what Jacob was probably thinking. He certainly wasn’t the promiscuous or lecherous type, but how could he look anywhere else than that the striking duo.

“Hello you two” Vicki greeted them, “I’m Vicki, and this here is the lovely Cheryl. So glad you’re both here.”

She allowed herself to survey the pair before her a moment, sizing them up one last time.

“Well then, if you’ll both take your seats. Jacob, you’re in my chair on the right”

“And you’re in my chair Lori” Cheryl purred gesturing to the chair on the left.

Slowly Lori and Jacob stepped towards their chairs, their bare feet making the faintest sound as they walked. While Jacob sat himself down with relative ease into his chair, Lori needed an offered hand from Cheryl to step up into the soft leather throne. She let her hands run over the leather armrests, doing anything to ease her nerves. She felt Cheryl’s fingers suddenly go through her hair, running through it until her hands rested on her shoulders. Vicki touched Jacob’s arm softly as she walked by his chair and towards Lori.

“I hope you enjoy the show.” she whispered just loud enough for him to hear.

“Guess I’m first up then” Lori smiled as pleasantly as she could as she Vicki stepped past her to the shelves of instruments and started preparing something.

Lori could only watch Vicki’s back with anticipation as she felt Cheryl standing behind the chair gently caressing her shoulders and arms. She heard a four soft clicks, something being brushed roughly and then something being sprayed. The sounds vividly pronounced against the silence of the room. There was a delicate ‘POP’ and the faintest humming and buzzing sound. Jacob tensed up instantly as her recognised the sound as Vicki turned around to reveal the cordless hair clippers.

These little beauties are called the Oster Juice Lori. Vicki smiled, Bit of an odd name for clippers I agree, but I love the green styling on them. They cut so close to and no chord means no hassle for the the more…..difficult clients. she finished with a sinister tone.

Lori had gone slightly rigid in the chair, her breathing shallow and quick. She felt the nervous reaction need to move or fidget but realised that Cheryl was no longer simply caressing her arms but holding them firmly, pinning her to the chair! Vicki was now stepping slowly towards her, like a lioness stalking her prey.

So Jacob… she said as she walked, keeping her eyes on Lori How would you like me to do it? How would like me to shave your wife’s head?

Lori’s eyes snapped wide as she heard the question. Breathing even faster now she looked to her husband who was sat, mouth agape, watching the events unfold. She made an attempted to stand up out the chair but Cheryl held her firmly, not hurting her, just controlling her.

Wolfie…. Lori murmured, her throat dry from fear. She swallowed and gulped once before calling out, much more clearly this time Wolfie!

Vicki and Cheryl glanced over to Jacob, waiting to see his reaction. He simply sat motionless, numb pulsed. Vicki was now stood just beside Lori, clippers still humming softly in her hand.

Jacob?! Lori called out, pushing herself back into the chair, anything to get away from the Oster Juice. What the hell Jacob! Are you deaf? Wolfie!!

She kicked out at Vicki, trying to get her away, but Vicki skilfully avoided it and in a flash she climbed up and was sat across Lori’s legs. Between Cheryl holding her arms and Vicki sat on her lap she realised she was utterly helpless.

WOLFIE!!! she screamed out as loud as she could, wishing for Jacob to do something, anything.

Vicki reached out and held her chin, pushing her head against the headrest and holding her mouth shut.

Shall we go straight down the middle hun? Or maybe do a little mohawk action with her first? Vicki mockingly asked Cheryl, who was smiling slyly and remaining silent. Her grip on Lori unrelenting.

Lazily, almost teasingly, Vicki brought the clippers up to Lori’s forehead and held them there. Lori squeezed her eyes shut, forcing a tear to run down her cheek.

STOP! Jacob cried out, Not like this, never ever like this… he finished, barely able to stop his voice from breaking.

Vicki stayed motionless, looking over at Jacob. After what felt like an eternity she removed the clippers, switching them off and climbed back off the chair, Cheryl released Lori’s arms at the same time.

As Vicki went back the shelves to replace the Oster Juice clippers Cheryl stepped behind the chairs and instructed Talk to your wife Jacob. And be honest, remember we know what you wrote down.

Lori was still sat in the barbers chair, bathed in cold sweat but her eyes were on fire. Glaring and Jacob she asked very quietly What…the fuck….is she talking about? Why the hell did I nearly, forcefully, have my hair shaved off?

Lori, I’m so so sorry! Jacob pleaded I…I had no idea they would actually try and do that, like the way they were doing it. I’d never ever want you to have something like that against your will. Please understand it’s not like that at all.

Jacob, if you value our marriage and your life as you know it, please for the love of goodness explain yourself. Lori pleaded.

Stop trying to stall and just spit it out already! Cheryl scolded Jacob.

Jacob took a breath, now very aware that he was going to have confess to all to a room of women, one of which was his wife, none of which thought very highly of him at the moment.

I’m a Trichophiliac. he stated, expecting a reaction.

Lori replied with a blank, angry look. Turning her head slightly and raising an eyebrow.

Ugh… Vicki sighed She’s not going to have a clue what that means you idiot. Most people who aren’t one don’t.

Ok ok ok. Jacob continued, I have a hair fetish, I get off on seeing people, women I guess, get haircuts. It can be all sorts of haircuts. But the best ones are… he paused, realising he had never said all of this out aloud to anyone. The best ones are when they get their heads shaved. That’s why I guess they were going to do that to you, because I had put it the questionnaire thing. But babe, you have to believe me, I’d never ever want you to do that unless you were completely comfortable with it.

There was a long drawn out silence. Cheryl and Vicki stood out of the way, watching and waiting.

Babe, please, say something. Anything. Jacob whispered.

Did you know about this place? Did you someone how set all this up? For me to find it? Lori asked, her voice dangerously quite.

“No no not at all. Seriously it was complete chance that you found this place. I mean, this is going to sound weird, this salon is like a dream come true to people who….share my interests. And I’d have heard about this place if it were possible.”

“That part is true.” Vicki cut in, “We’ve never had someone with his particular kink in our salon. And unless you don’t want all your work colleagues getting a detailed email of your interests we would like to remain unknown to any community you might be part of.”

Jacob nodded quickly, understanding this wasn’t just a threat.

“Why the hell didn’t you say the safe word Jacob?” Lori reasserted, “Please tell me I’m worth more to you than some fetish…”

“Of course you are! That’s why I’ve never told you about any of this. I was terrified you’d reject me. You mean the world to me and this thing might be a deal breaker for you.” Jacob replied pleadingly. I don’t know why I didn’t say anything at first, I panicked I guess. I mean….I….I’d love it if you got your head shaved. I just…got caught off guard and wasn’t thinking I guess. Im sorry.

What?! Lori replied seething Am I just supposed to be some sort of barbie doll for you to play out your fantasies. That’s horrid!

No it’s not like…

I think it’s a bit harsh for your to chastise Jacob. Vicki interrupted, No doubt you realise how much you owe to being the ‘fantasy barbie’ Lori.

That’s…that’s different Lori stammered back That was in the past. I’ve moved on. And come on, what I did is no where near as bad as what he’s doing now!

Do you really believe that Lori? Cheryl was now chiming in, Do you honestly think that you don’t wreck at least one relationship back at ‘Allure’? All those lonely guys watching swing around that pole didn’t maybe have a wife or girlfriend they could have been spending time with? How my college guys didn’t sink half a fortune into your private lap dances? How much damage don’t you think ‘Angel’ did?

He…Jacob know’s all about my past. I don’t know anything about his Tricho-whatever-it-is. Lori protested.

Well successful women with a past life of stripping is almost cliche these days so I don’t hold much candle to that. Cheryl replied with an attitude, And Jacob was right, some people just aren’t willing to deal with an unusual fetish. Why risk such a great thing because of something so seemingly random as a fetish. And here’s the main point. You haven’t suffered a thing for Jacob’s little secret, up until now atleast. Whereas I’m sure Jacob had a very difficult time getting his family on board with him marrying an ex-stripper and he likely still has to bear the occasional snide comment from time to time as well. He’s taken a good number of hits for your relationship. I think it’s time you stepped up and took some of the flack for yourself.

So…what? Your actually just going to shave my head? Lori asked suddenly alarmed

Oh please, we’re much more subtle than that. Vicki smiled You’re not going to be taking flack for Jacobs supposed transgressions. You’ll be having to handle a consequence from your own saucy past so to speak.”

“I don’t….” Lori started but Vicki silenced her almost immediately by placing a finger to her lips.

Both chairs were swiveled away from the mirrors to the more open space towards the wash basins. Vicki produced a tablet and placed it on the counter, followed by a small gadget that she placed on the now bemused looking Jacobs ring finger. As soon as the gadget was in place the tablet bleeped to life, the screen flashed with flamboyantly display of what was obviously Jacobs heart rate.

“69 bpm at rest. Let’s just call it 70 to make it simple.” Vicki chimed to the nodding Cheryl, who had taking a spray bottle and comb from the shelves.

Lori felt the cool, misty water spread over her followed by the comb being carefully drawn through long hair. Against the backdrop of her situation the she found the cold water and rhythmic strokes quite relaxing. She decided to forgo trying to use the safe word for now, mainly because she doubted she could take Jacob not reciprocating but also she was mildly curious as to what might be happening next.

The sound of heels clicking across the floor announced Graces arrival in the room. A long black bath robe hid her attire aside from her footwear. Lori recognised the type immediately. Stiletto clear platform heels, typical stage wear for an exotic dancer. She laid down the small boombox and stood with cooked hip, looking directly at Jacob.

Cheryl had started directing Lori’s soaked hair straight back down the back of the pink barbers chair. With each movement of the comb Cheryl ran her fingers softly through the wet hair, gently caressing her neck as she did.

Now then Lori. Vicki stood beside Jacobs chair. Like I said you’re going to be facing the consequences of your past. Namely your days as a dancer. Grace her has been watching some online videos of striptease, and I personally think she’s gotten rather good. But seeing as this is a couples experience it’ll be your husband that decides how severe the repercussions are.

Lori suddenly felt herself falling backwards, gradually moving to be laid flat on her back in the chair. Cheryl made a few adjustments to her hair so it now all hung straight down towards the floor as her head hung slightly over the neck-rest of the chair. With a soft *thunk* the chair locked into position. She felt movement around her neck and realised Cheryl was clipping something to the back of the chair. Lori now lay looking up at Cheryl who she could see was now wielding a pair of red bladed shears.

As you can see, Cheryl started Jacob is hooked up to a little bluetooth heart rate monitor and he’s sitting steadily at 70 bpm. Grace here is going to be putting on a little show for him, the same type of show you did every night at ‘Allure’. Just one song, one routine. Here’s the fun part though hun. Each time his heart rate climbs a beat per minute above what it is now, I’m going to cut a centimeter of hair. Now you might be thinking that a centimeter on its own isn’t much, people get at least that from a trim alone. But you and I both know just how randy guys can get when a drop dead gorgeous women starts dancing around just for them. His heart rate could easily go past a hundred.

Lori looked up at Cheryl totally speechless with trepidation. She squirmed a little as she tried contemplated just how much hair she was about to lose.

Don’t worry I won’t cheat and take off more than I should babe. The tablet will always show Jacobs peak rate rate and I’ve got a measuring tape hanging beside your lovely locks as a guide. Personally, I think you might be losing all that ombre blonde hair and maybe a little more to my scissors.”

With that Cheryl leant down and gave Lori light kiss on the forehead before sitting back on a stool. With scissors ready, she gave Grace a nod to begin. Grace returned the nod and turned on the boombox, setting off the the first screaming guitar riffs for Def Leppards Pour Some Sugar On Me throughout the salon.

Grace strutted towards Jacob and tore off her black robe to unveil her sinful body adorned with a gold spike studded bra with gold silk french knickers. Immediately Jacobs heart rate jumped from 70 to 86.

16cm off in one go, great start! Lori heard Cheryl taunt followed by the unmistakable sound of scissors snipping close. As she lay back in the chair she couldn’t feel the hair being cut but she did here the faintest *plops* after each slice of the shears as her hair dropped to the tiled floor below.

Vicki lent against Jacobs chair admiring Grace’s routine. The slut drops, the leg splits, the hair being wiped back and forth and her hands roving all over her body. As much as she enjoyed watching hair being cut, Grace was mesmerizing. She noticed Jacob was near rigid, stock still with his eyes fixed ahead.

Another 5 centimeters off babe Cheryl spoke into Lori’s ear, Were starting get into your natural brown hair now. And Grace isn’t even halfway finished.

Grace was now getting into her favourite part of the dance. She turned her back and bent right the way over while slowly pulling down her french knickers to reveal a skimpy rhinestone thong. Rocking from side to side with the music as she stood back up she undid the studded bra and dropped it to the floor revealing a matching cupless rhinestone bra. She strode up to the chair and stood in the foot rest. Arching down and pushing her bust slowly up to Jacobs head, her nipples coming within inches of his eyes.. Vicki stole a backwards glance at the the heart monitor to see how much it had jumped at that last set of moves. Oddly, it was sitting at 85 steadily and hadn’t peaked past the previous 91. Confused, she looked back to Jacob and realised why. He was indeed looking straight ahead at Grace, but he was vacantly looking straight through her. He was obviously trying to control his heart rate as best he could to limit the damage done to his wife’s hair.

She looked over to Cheryl who had obviously noticed problem as well as she mouthed back to her Plan B. She gave a knowing wink in return and lent down to whisper in Jacob’s ear.

You know, Cheryl and I gave Grace that haircut. she saw Jacob’s eyes flicker and constrict. She knew she had his attention now. Yeah, it was so long before that too, down to her nipples if I remember right. And Cheryl just hacked it off in one fell swoop, much like she’s just chopping your wife’s hair now. Oh you should have seen how different she looked. I touched her up after that. She wasn’t wearing much more then than she is now when we did that to her too. A good underwear haircut.

Vicki looked back at the heart monitor and saw it was slowly climbing again. Already it had reached 98 and could see Cheryl gleefully snap the scissors across Lori’s hanging hair.

Now Cheryl, Cheryl’s actually been growing her hair out since I cut it. Or should I say, shaaaaaaved it. Jacob’s eyes stole a quick glance to Cheryl before looking back ahead, much less composed than he had been.

That’s right. I shaved Cheryl completely bald. Right in the chair you’re sitting in now. And I’ll tell you how I did it. I bet her Grace could get her to cum in less than five minutes. And she did, so easily too. No hands, no toys, just lips and tongue. It was nearly waist length before she came to Infinitus, and she walked out with her head as smooth as glass. She loved it Jacob, she loved getting her head shaved bald. She had me do it for her every other day for a month before she started growing it out.

The heart monitor was climbing hiring and hire. It was sitting above 100 now, with the peak showing as 109. Cheryl’s scissors snipped ominously again, the blonde pile of trimmings on the floor was now being topped with wet chestnut locks as she moved the cutting action higher and higher up Lori’s ever decreasing hair.

I’ve been bald too. Didn’t like it personally, I don’t have the right head shape or features. But your wife is a natural beauty. I bet you’ve imagined shaving her bald in your dreams more than once. It could happen so easily now. The clippers are right there, I can just see her gasping in ecstasy if we ran them up her nape. Her hair just falling away like a river.

As Pour Some Sugar On Me finished the heart monitor read a peak of 128.

58 centimetres. More than half a meter of your wifes hair just bit the dust. Vicki purred in his ear.

Cheryl knocked the lever on the pink barbers chair and slowly rose Lori up to a normal seated position. She could feel just how short her hair now was now without needing the mirror when she rocked forward and felt the damp ends gentle dancing around her the top of her collar bone. She barely managed to hold back the tears when Cheryl suddenly and violently spun the chair back to the mirror.

Sassy! Grace quipped as she stood admiring.

Be nice you. Vicki said and stepped in to her, kissing her slowly and lustfully while letting a her hand softly squeeze her breast, You’re doing that routine again for me on my birthday night hun. Stay if you want, but no talking.

Mmmm I know how much you’d like me to stay in this getup Vic babe, but I don’t want to be anymore of a distraction. I’ll watch it back later. they kissed again before Grace took her robe, her golden bra and knickers and took her leave through the curtains.

Vicki watched her leave and waited for a few moments, lost in her own thoughts before turning back to Jacob and Lori. As she turned Jacob back to face the mirror and Lori she noticed a bulge in his lap.

Get a bit excited did we? Vicki commented with a little grin.

Uh yeah. Jacob said embarrassed as he looked down, Wouldn’t like to help me out here honey would you? he asked Lori hopefully.

Lori glared at, biting her lip to hold back a stream of obscenities. She couldn’t even remember her hair being this short, and she hadn’t even have a choice in the matter.

Help yourself out. she replied in a dismissive tone before looking back to the mirror.

Cheryl and Vicki sniggered and stifled back laughter at that comment.

Care to give an opinion on your wife’s new length Jacob, seeing as it is completely down to you.

Jacob took a breath, working his mind over to pick the right words.

I think she looks fantastic. Short and sassy is a great look for her. Plus it means she’ll save a bit of money on shampoo and conditioner.

Both girls winced and closed their eyes, ready for the explosion.


Shaken, Jacob whispered a pleading reply of,

Babe please, it’s just hair it’ll grow back.

Lori’s intake of breath hissed it was so fierce, but Vicki cut in.

I think you’d both benefit from a nice relaxing hair wash. Come on, both of you over to the wash bowls.

Jacob meekly stood up and made his way over to one of the wash stations, being carefully not to loose all modesty from his arousal. After a pause Lori followed, deliberate not to even look at Jacob. As the pair settled back into the wash seats Jacob noticed Vicki putting on long black gloves to match her catsuit.

I get a little allergic reaction from the shampoo if I don’t wear these. she casually told him as she walked behind the bowls to join Cheryl.

The sounds of gushing waters filled the room and the perfume of the shampoo’s did seem to relieve some the tension. Cheryl looked between Lori and Jacob. Jacob had his eyes closed and was almost limp as Vicki spread the shampoo suds around. Lori on the other hand was stiff, the tendons on her neck strained as she fought back waves of sadness and anger. She felt a nudge from Vicki who then gave a nod towards Lori.

Cheryl leant down, pretending she was wanting to see what she was doing a little better.

Calm down hun. she breathed just loudly enough for Lori alone to hear over the sound of the water, The worst part for you is over. The only surprises for you now are good ones, I promise. He’s had his fun and got his kicks. Now we switch it around. He’ll pay for his hesitation and his lechery.”

Lori looked up at Cheryl with wide begging eyes.

“Trust me. I promise I’m not going to be cutting or clipping or doing anything else like to your hair again tonight.” she said with a persuading smile.

Lori sized her up for a moment, then relaxed. Allowing herself to be lost to the shampoo and Cheryls gently massaging fingers. Cheryl found her temples and gradually circled her fingers down and around to her neck then running her fingernails lightly around her hairline back to her forehead. She repeated this at least a dozen times until she was sure Lori was almost transcendently calm.

Back to your chair hun. Cheryl whispered to her.

Lori slowly rose from the chair, as if in a daze from the massage. She glanced back to see her husband in a similar near sleep trance in the hands of Vicki along with something else that seemed out of place to her. She thought a moment about asking but stopped when Vicki caught her eye and placed a finger to her lips, signaling to keep quiet. Grinning to herself she got back into her pink barber’s chair.

Cheryl pinned her hair up before wrapping a neck tissue around her and then produced a heavy white pvc with a stiff collar and draped it over Lori, buttoning up the back and folding the tissue over.

Umm… Lori started to protest, Why are you caping me up? You promised you that was all the cutting done for me!

Calm down hun. I wasn’t lying, that was all the cutting done. That doesn’t mean we don’t still have something in mind for you.

Lori unconsciously fiddled with the cape, not sure to do under the heavy, noisey material.

We couldn’t help notice an odd little fact when we were looking over your questionnaire. Your favourite female sexual role models in particular. They all shared a certain prominent characteristic.

Lori tried to think back to who she had put down, she couldn’t think of anything so specific that tied them all together.

Keri Russell, Andie Macdowell and Annalynne Mccord. Cheryl listed off sensing Lori hadn’t made the connection yet, That last one in particular, her image sticks in your head when she has her hair a certain way.

Lori thought again, and then shrugged her shoulders, still not connecting the dots.

It’s the curls babe. The Big. Loud. In your face. Curls.

A little smile creeped across Lori’s face. Cheryl was right she realised, she did always admire curly hair when it’s done right. Maybe she from that she had subconsciously picked out those women.

Do curl my hair sometimes. she told her, Although not as often as I think about doing it. The amount time it takes for rollers or curling iron…it’s just pointless for me. Unless you’ve some got a time machine for me up that skirt of yours.

Sorry hun, fresh out of time machines. Cheryl smirked in reply, But I do have a little something called ammonium thioglycolate. Better known as perm solution.

Lori eye’s flashed wide, Perm? Oh wow, I’ve….I mean it’s not something I’d ever look into myself. Can’t you only do it on certain hair or something?

You’re right hun. Ideally it should be virgin hair, hair that’s never been dyed or had any other treatments. That’s why I was so insistent on you losing that ombre look. she gave Lori a wink.

Cheryl started preparing a cart of supplies. First came thee perm rods. Long screw like rods of slightly varying diameter and a different colours followed by two mixable perm solution bottles,neutralizer solution and a length of cotton wrap. Lastly Cheryl her styling pouch and hung it around her waist with a belt.

Those don’t look like the perm rods I’ve seen the old ladies getting in the salon. Lori questioned as Cheryl wheeled the cart around the back of the chair.

These are spiral perm rods. They give just the right curl I want for you. It’s true you can use confectional rods and just wrap them in a different way but for what we’ve put you through we’re giving nothing but the best. she gave Lori’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze before easing her foreword.

Using her comb she sectioned out a narrow horizontal section of hair at her nape and pinned the rest up. Taking a small square section of hair she clipped the top of the rod as close to the scalp as she could and carefully coiled the hair around the thread of the rod, using the colour matching clip to hold the ends in place. Moving along slightly she took another small square section and started the process again.

This reminds me of when me and my sister used to play hair salon when we were younger. We used to always put our hair into dozens of little pigtails and braided them. Lori said, enjoying the occasional caressing touch as Cheryl gradually added rod after rod, working higher and higher up her head.

Just to warn you I think we’re going to be using about 50 or 60 rods on your hair hun. So your head’s going to be getting a little heavy. It won’t hurt or anything, just might be a little stiff and uncomfortable after a while. Cheryl stated as she continued worked, her fingers a blur as she wound the hair. Lori nodded in response, causing the rods to loudly clatter off one and other.

They heard movement from behind them. Jacob returned to his chair, his hair covered by a towel and Vicki with a mischievous smile.

He glanced over at his wife and spoke in an effort to break the ice again,

Wow, that looks as if something bigs about to happen hun. I’m sure you’ll look amazing.

Lori looked back, replying only with a Mhmm. Vicki, spotting the window, undid the towel and tossed it aside while Jacob wasn’t looking in the mirror. All three of the girls burst out laughing at what they saw, much to Jacobs bewilderment.

What? he asked to Lori, and turned his head to the mirror. His next words were lost to shock, the colour gradually drained from his face which made his new hair colour that much more startling. Lime green! As if he wasn’t believing what he saw he ran his fingers his hair, someone expecting the garish to just fade away.

What on earth have you done to me? he asked Vicki in dismay.

Oh please Jacob. she teased Why do immediately assume this is the look I want for you? she asked as gave his long green mob a little tousle.

Oh… he paused, still breathing raggedly So this was an accident? he asked hopefully

Not at all she smile devilishly in the mirror I’m still to style it.

She reached for the set of Oster Juice’s on the shelf and adjusted it to cut to an eighth of an inch. Standing behind Jacob she switched the clippers one and firmly pulled his head back, placing the clippers in the middle of his forehead and slowly drawing them straight back. She kept the clippers on his scalp as she guided them over his head, moving him to look down into his lap and pushing the clippers out at his nape. A mass of green hair fell to the ground, leaving behind a tightly buzzed but still vivid green path down the middle of his head.

Turning the clippers off, she placed them back in their dock. She went along the shelf of products, finally deciding on the tub of strongest hold gel. She scooped her fingers into the clear gel and dumped a large amount onto the terrified looking head of Jacob. Picking up her comb she started to draw the gel all over his hair. This is going to take a while. she murmured to herself.

Cheryl had now finished putting all of Lori’s hair into the spiral rods and had put her her own lown latex gloves. Taking a length of cotton wool, she delicately ran the length all around Lori’s hairline, pushing it up underneath the hanging rods. She draped her shoulders in a towel and handed another to Lori. Finally she wheeled a perm drip tray over to the chair and positioned it over her shoulders and under the rods.

Solution time hun. The towel and and the cotton wool should stop it from going anywhere it shouldn’t but if you feel a drip coming down into your face you can catch with the towel I gave you. The smell is quite pungent to but it isn’t sickly at all.

With that Cheryl took the two solution bottle’s and mixed the thermalizer and weaving solution together. Shaking vigorously for a moment until she felt the heat coming through the bottle. She took the first rod and carefully squirted the perm solution onto Lori’s hair. Pausing a moment as the smell hit her for the first time, giving herself a moment to acclimatize to it before she moved onto the next rod. The rods clacked against each other as she moved them about, making sure she completely saturated the hair from root to tip. She smiled to herself as she remembered the half a dozen hair mannequins she had gone through trying to learn to get the perm just right. The excess perm solution dropped off ends of the rods, the drip bowl doing its work and Lori occasionally dabbing. After the full bottle of solution was exhausted she took an oversized shower cap and placed it over all over Lori’s hair. Setting the timer on the shelf to 20 minutes before she rested herself against the shelf, adjusting the chair slightly so Lori could easily see what was happening with Jacob.

Vicki had carefully sculpted the long hair either side of the buzzed path up and to flip out to the side using gel and hairspray. It then curled back in again, creating a crude heart shape out of the green locks. She stood back for a moment, poked a hair or two into place and walked around one last time.

All done. she mockingly exclaimed, Whatcha think? she asked Jacob nudging him on the shoulder.

I….I…look horrendous. he barely whispered, visibly shaking.

I think you look very unique. Lori quibbed, with a smile Sort of a Christmas Grinch and Cupid cross over.

I think it’s missing something… Cheryl pondered for a moment, Got any glitter hair spray?

Ohhh the perfect finish. Vicki smiled as she looked through the spray bottles.

Jacob caught Lori’s a hopefully asked Wolfie?

You must be joking right? I’m midway through a lovely perm, and I think I like this look on you. Lori mocked in reply

Jacob started to reply but was cut short by the sudden blast of the glitter hair spray. Vicki didn’t hold back at all, covering Jacobs hair with the silver reflective flakes, shaking the can until it ran dry.

There we go. Now that has to be the most eye catching hair I’ve ever seen. And this is coming from someone with purple hair.

Vicki then took a polaroid camera from on the shelves and snapped a picture of the speechless Jacob.

I’ll save this for you Lori. A little trump card in case he ever asks you to get an unwanted haircut again.

Thanks Vicki. Lori smiled, throwing a threatening look at Jacob.

Please… Jacob pleaded Please don’t do this. I’d be finished if this… he gestured to his hair If this ever gets out my career is finished. My friends will make me a laughing stock. My life will be miserable…

But Jacob… Vicki taunted, It’s like you said, it’s just hair. It’ll grow out. Just give it a little time. And the money Lori is supposed to be saving according to you on shampoo and conditioner can go into the styling products for your new look.

All Jacob could was sit still, open mouthed, looking between Vicki, Cheryl and Lori.

This…this isn’t…

This isn’t what you wanted? Vicki cut across him. When Lori was sat screaming out your safe word as we were about to shave her head, did you think about what she wanted? No you were thinking about what you wanted. You were thinking back to all those videos of women being shaved bald and how it had been your dream to see your wife in that same position. My guess is Lori wanted this to be a romantic night to remember, side by side getting your hair done, massages, expensive champagne, the full works.

Lori nodded along with the list.

Granted, it was never going to be exactly that, but I don’t think having clippers ran down the middle of her head was anywhere near the top of her list of wants. Just like your sitting here now with a heart-shaped green mount of hair, gel and glitter wasn’t something you were hoping for.

Jacob gulped hard, shaking his head slowly as he realised what was being said to him.

Are you starting to understand now? Vicki asked a little more calmly, Your wife’s hair is her hair. If you want to give some input on it then great, it would be a nice change from the typically disinterested, unobservant partner most women have to deal with. You have a fetish though, the fact you have a fetish isn’t taboo at all, or rather it shouldn’t be. But that fetish means you have bias, a bias that Lori should have known about by now. Don’t give me rubbish about you being scared of it causing a rift because if you had any sense you’d know one of the first rules of marriage is compromise. Just occasionally that compromise can be a happy one and if it isn’t then so what?! You should be comfortable in telling your wife you’d like to see her in a shorter style, but you should be equally as comfortable if she’d prefer not to go for it.

Vicki sighed as she finished. She had expected this experience to be a testing one, it was a loving relationship she was playing with and she didn’t want to create an unmendable rift between the pair.

Talk to your wife. Cheryl said again, in the exact tone she had earlier.

Jacob looked at his wife, her cute face unmistakable even against the cape, the perm rods and the shower cap covering them.

Lori, honey, I am so sorry. I thought about telling you so many times, I even ‘accidentally’ left one of the videos open on my laptop once hoping you’d come across it and we could have gone from there. I don’t know where I got this thing for haircutting from, I just know… he paused, taking a breath, I just know it’s not something I can ignore. And, if you’re ok with the idea, maybe we could explore it together? I don’t mean you get a haircut for me. I mean we could watch some of my videos together, or you could pick out some of your favourite short styles and we could compare. I really don’t want this to be a deal breaker for us. Can you forgive me? Please?

Lori pondered her husband, her gaze passive but unwavering.

“I don’t care about the fetish Jacob, really I don’t. Before I was just so angry that somehow I was the last one here to know about it. I’d see it as another fascinating thing about you, like all the other things we’ve learned about each other. I do care about you being happy with me though. Happy with however I present myself. I like working out, I like eating kale and all the other diet foods fads and I love wearing those high hem, low cut dresses that your matriarch of a mother disapproves of. I don’t know if I could do all that if you weren’t backing me up all the way. Can you…are you capable of backing me up when it comes down to my hair?”

Jacob got out of his chair and went to Lori’s side, taking her hand.

“I might prefer your hair a certain way babe. But you can be sure that I’ll always think you’re the most jaw dropping gorgeous women in the world, whatever you do with your hair.”

Lori looked as if she was going to burst into tears she was so happy. She deliberated on it for a moment and then started moving her hand down and gently rustling the cape in her lap.

“I want to believe you babe” she replied playfully, “But I think I might need one last bit of oral convincing.”

His smirked and nodded,

“You don’t mind do you?” he asked Vicki and Cheryl.

“Of course not, just not here.” Cheryl said pleasantly “Over to the wash station. Lori is due her first rinse.” She drew back the perm drip bowl and gave Lori a helping hand standing out the chair. Cheryl and Vicki took position behind the wash station, Vicki pulling the wash hose over from the other wash bowl. Lori cautiously leaned back into the bowl, letting Cheryl’s hands guide her so all the rods sat in the bowl. Without needing an invitation Jacob nealt down at the foot of the chair.

Lori reached adjusted herself under cape before mouthing to him Slowly just as he lifted the cape and disappeared under. She gasped loudly almost immediately as she felt him starting to run his tongue around her pussy.

This looks a little familiar Vicki commented with a nudge to Cheryl. They quickly disposed of the shower cap and cotton wool and began rinsing the perm solution off the rods, holding the nozzle against the root and drawing down slowly to the top. The plastic rods banged loudly against one another, both from Cheryl and Vicki rinsing them but from Lori’s sexual writhing to.

We’ll keep rinsing until he’s finished. Cheryl whispered to Vicki,

I could ask Grace to come back in, she’d be cumming in seconds. Vicki purred,

Let them enjoy each other, we’ve been hard on them tonight.

A couple of minutes later Lori almost arched herself out of her chair she came so hard. Jacob re-emerged from under the cape looking both sheepish and pleased with himself.

Back over to the chair’s you two, I need to put Lori under the hood dryer for a bit before I put the neutralizer in.

The couple took their seats again. Cheryl wheeled a hood dryer over to Lori and dropped the dome down around her head. It droned to life before settling into a gentle whirring noise.

So have I earned my forgiveness? Jacob asked, his green heart shaped hair now a lopsided mess.

You have. Lori answered, contented. Please tell me you can do something with that? You can’t expect me to be looking at that for weeks?! she asked Vicki.

No of course not, there’s cruel and then there’s cruel. Vicki chuckled, as she placed her hands on Jacobs shoulders, catching his eye in the mirror.

I’m going to let you experience what you admire so much. she told him. He cocked an eyebrow as he grasped her meaning. Not a word of protest now, just sit back and enjoy. she soothed him as she caressed the buzzed path down the middle of his head.

She picked her cordless oster’s again and twisted the dial round to ‘000’ and pressed them on. Dipping his head back she passed the clippers down the middle of his head again, sending green bristles falling like confetti, This time she didn’t stop at one pass though, she replaced the clippers at his temple a tenderly dragged them up the side of his head. Cheryl checked a rod in Lori’s hair, satisfied that the hair was dry enough she instructed Lori back over to the wash station and grabbing the neutralizer solution as she went past. Lori glanced back at her husband and Vicki and smiled, green hair raining down all over the floor.

Wish I could see all the action on him she jokingly moaned as she took her seat in at the wash station again.

Don’t worry hun, you will. Cheryl replied with a wink.

She started applying the neutralizer, repeating the same process as when she applied the weaving solution. Taking each rod individually and saturating it from root to tip. The faint squirting from the bottle drowned out by the hum of the clippers as sheared Jacobs hair down to a stubble with the faintest hint of green.

As Cheryl left the neutralizer to work on Lori, Vicki shook up a can of shaving foam and started coating Jacob’s head with it, giving him a white helmet of cream. Taking a Mach 3 razor she softly dragged the blade over his head with the grain. Washing the razor in a bowl of water before making another pass.

Cheryl checked the timer and decided it was long enough for the neutralizer to have been in. She started to out each rod, pulling the hair out a letting go, smiling widely as sprung back into a coil-like curl. Getting the hose again she gave the rods a quick rinse before dumping them out onto a towel and then started a long warm rinse of Lori’s hair.

As they both returned to the chair’s they could see that Vicki had now re-applied the shaving cream and was carefully drawing the razor again of Jacob’s head against the grain. Cheryl took some curling mousse and started gently ruffle and scrunch it through Lori’s hair before getting the hair dryer with the diffuser attachment and methodically working her clients hair dry. The both watched as Vicki toweled off the excess foam around Jacob’s head revealing a shining skin head.

You’ve actually got the perfect skull structure for a shaved head. Vicki complimented him as she stepped over the glitter covered green trimmings that lay around the chair. She grabbed a bottle of soothing balm oil and started to massage it into Jacob’s head. He glanced over to his wife who Cheryl was beginning to uncape.

Holy shit! he exclaimed You look like a goddess!

Oh I know babe she smiled as she started flicking one of the ringlet curls around in the mirror, And you can do any hair play you want, products, washing, drying, styling, but no cutting.

Deal! he replied as Vicki let him out of the chair

They embraced each other, there hands going over each other’s and their own new hairstyles. Her fingertips, halting at first, running over his bare scalp. His hands rising up into the curls, enjoying the fullness and volume.

Looking good you two. commented Grace as she emerged from the curtains, now wearing a much more modest pair of capri shorts and crop top. Jacob come with me for a moment, I’ve got some choice videos of some of our experiences I think you’ll enjoy. I think one of them is actually Cheryl getting her experience. she discreetly handed Vicki an envelope before taking Jacob back through your curtain.

You’re a great women to put up what we’ve subjected you to tonight. Cheryl said with a friendly tone.

I’m tougher than I look, Lori retorted with a smile, Remember I used to work in a strip club, sometimes the bouncers didn’t arrive quick enough and we had to handle things ourselves.

Vicki handed Lori the envelope, For you.

Lori turned the envelope over in her hand, What’s in this?

A voucher. For if and when, and I mean IF and when, you decide to go all the way and shave it all off..

Lori looked up, a little surprised.

I doesn’t have an expiry date, and even if you decide to redeem it after we’ve moved on from here well figure out a way to come to you to do it, getting something like this done in your own house might be the most comfortable place. We’d have a custom wig made up just like your normal hair incase you don’t want to show it off to his family. We could do it for, show you how to do it yourself or even instruct Jacob in doing it. However you want it done, we’ll do it that way. You’d be in complete control.

I…I don’t know what to say. Lori said, tearing up.

Just remember. Cheryl put in, It might be your hair, but your a couple, a team. I bet he spends at least an hour a week trying to talk you up to that mother you mentioned. Chat to him about his fetish, look up the pictures, watch the videos. Although please don’t talk ever to me about mine if you watch it.

Vicki snorted back a laugh.

He’ll love you even more if you’re complicit with him, he won’t need to stress over hiding his kink away and you and him can have another very personal secret between you both. And judging by how easily Vicki got him going earlier, if you go even an inch shorter he’d shower you with so much praise. Imagine what it be like if you actually went bald?


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