Jessica’s Transformation (Part 2)

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Writer’s note: I wrote the first part to this story around November of last year. It was the first and only time I had written something like this, and although I wasn’t too satisfied with it, I felt the need to finish the story. Here it is.

Taking what was left of her hair out of that little ponytail, Jessica couldn’t believe what was happening to her. First she’s kidnapped and locked into a bunker, then got quite the extreme haircut that she never agreed to, which also happened to be permanent. What was even worse, as much as she hated to admit it to herself, was that deep down she was actually happy with her new look. While she liked her natural brown hair, she loved the new blonde color more, so much so that she was secretly glad that it would be like that forever. The cut itself was something more drastic, which she should have been much less pleased with, but she found all the more exciting. There was a clearly defined line right above the tops of her ears all the way around her head in which above, she had short blonde hair that when loose would fall down to around her chin, and below where no hair was present at all, and according to her kidnappers, where no hair would ever grow again. The sharp contrast between gorgeous hair and smooth skin was unique but admittedly stylish, and the fact that this change was permanent, eliminating the possibility of wearing so many different styles in the future is what made this situation so severe, yet at the same time so sickeningly exciting to Jessica. Tearing her mind away from twisted and arousing thoughts, she snapped back to reality, knowing that she somehow had to get out before anything else was done to her. When Doctor Williams reentered the room, Jessica spoke up.

“Hey, I think you’ve done enough to me already. You can’t hold me here forever, and coming back home after a week with my hair looking like this will already be hard enough to explain. If you agree to let me go now, I’ll agree to show off the results of your ‘experiment’, and I promise to kindly leave out the part about you kidnapping me. Deal?”

Doctor Williams gave a sad smile and shook his head.

“Unfortunately for you, the tests are far from over. Not many would ever agree to have done to them what Sam plans to do with you, which is why he resorted to kidnapping and forcefully experimenting on you in the first place. While you are young and very healthy, that’s not exactly the reason you are here for our experiment.”

What the fuck? Jessica couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She didn’t care why they targeted her, there was no way someone would ever get away with kidnapping and forcing shit like on her!

”Are you kidding me? You should already be going to jail for a long time for just grabbing me off he street and throwing me here! You permanently ruined my hair, and I wouldn’t hesitate to make sure you both get what you deserve for that. You definitely can’t get away with using me as a lab rat for your sick experiments!”

Samuel entered the room holding a stack of papers that looked oddly familiar to Jessica.

”Sorry, but you technically agreed to this about six months ago. We sent in the mail what you thought was a scholarship application, but if you had bothered to look a few pages into it, these forms described in detail what we would be doing with you. Turns out anyone excited enough about free college tuition is willing to blindly sign a stack of papers. Of course, given what I want to do to you, we felt it was only fair to cover your tuition anyway. In short, you do as I say down here, and legally you can’t refuse!”

Jessica was defeated. Realizing there was no way out of this for her, she reluctantly followed Samuel into the next room, hoping it wouldn’t be too bad. The two led her onto what looked like an operating table, and gave her a sleeping gas. As she grew tired, Samuel started talking.

”The part of this experiment that interests me most is studying the effect of one’s physical appearance on their own mind and behavior. The two of us have been observing you ever since the start of the semester, and have found that you are athletic, as well as being quite social. You are studious and intelligent, but popular as well. You have the best of both worlds, but if my hypothesis is correct, that may change…”

This was the last thing Jessica remembered hearing before falling asleep. Waking up, the first thing she noticed was that she could barely see a thing. Everything appeared so blurry to her, and nobody seemed to be around. Getting up, she felt strangely heavier, as if somebody had strapped a sand bag to her body. Practically feeling her way into another room, She found what looked like the shape of a person who she made out to be Samuel.

”Look who’s finally awake! I’ll admit that about halfway through our procedure even I was starting to get skeptical about this whole thing, but I think you’ve turned out amazingly! I’m pretty sure you need these.” He said, handing her a pair of glasses.

Putting them on, Jessica at first refused to believe that the person staring back at her through the mirror was really her. The first thing she noticed were the ruby red eyes. She had to blink a few times to confirm that those once green eyes that were now a deep red belonged to her. She was wearing midnight black lipstick, which contrasted with her skin, which was now paler than before. She was wearing a big tube top that covered her newly enlarged breasts, and it probably didn’t matter that her shirt was gone, being that her once flat stomach was now the home of a large potbelly that no shirt she owned would cover up. She had on a pair of yoga pants, and as she suspected, her once small, yet firm butt was now at least four times larger. Taking it all in, she realized that the Jessica she knew was no more

”We really outdid ourselves on this step of your transformation” said Samuel. “Similar to how we altered the pigmentation in your hair follicles, we made your skin lighter and you now have the world’s first red eyes. You might think you’re wearing lipstick, but your lips are actually black as a result of a failed attempt to change the color of your lips. I actually like them, it even caused them to puff up a bit, it gives you a nice sultry look. We injected your breasts, stomach, and butt with a cellular growth acceleration serum that targets fat, which resulted in a drastic change in your body type. You will probably fit EE sized bras and extra large pants to accommodate these changes. Your center of mass is now very different, so moving around will take some getting used to.”

Jessica wanted to scream at him, to make them understand how horribly fucked in the head they were for doing this to her, but couldn’t find it in herself. She was hideous now, nobody she knew would even recognize her at this point. She waddled over to a chair, her new potbelly flopping up and down, and sat, already tired of just standing.

”So?” Jessica quietly, yet angrily inquired. “Are you done completely ruining me yet?”

”While our experimentation is finished, I must say that your new look is incomplete. I’m willing to let you go now, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to make some final cosmetic changes to your body, if you don’t mind.”

The last thing Jessica wanted was to let this psychopath do anything more to her, yet as much as she wanted to ask why he even considered that she’d go along with any more changes, something deep inside of her just couldn’t let her say no.

”To Hell with it, knock yourself out. Not like you can’t fuck me up any more than you already have,” she growled.

”I knew you’d come around,” said Samuel with a devilish grin.

Taking her back into the operation room, he brought out a piercing kit. Jessica had no piercings and had never wanted any, but before she knew it, there were two rings through the right side of her bottom lip, a small metal bead sticking out of her chin, a ring through her septum, about 12 rings in each ear, and two rings around her left eyebrow. There was so much metal on her face that she’d probably be struck by lightning if she were to go outside in a thunderstorm. Samuel then proceeded to pierce her belly button twice, inserting two more rings into her body.

”I should’ve told you this beforehand, but I designed these rings with special mechanisms so that once they are placed, they clasp shut and will never open again. Oops!”

Jessica knew that Samuel made no mistake in not warning her about the permanent piercings beforehand, but at this point was too tired to be angry about it. Samuel was finished with his piercings.

Samuel then brought out the razor and the shaving kit. As soon as the razor was flipped on, the buzzing sound told Jessica what was coming next, and despite the anticipation, was met with surprising arousal when the clippers met her head. Not wanting to give Samuel any kind of satisfaction, she gave it her all not to moan with pleasure when her head was covered in shaving cream and everything left on her head was stripped away by the razor.

Samuel then brandished a tattoo gun and told Jessica to close her eyes. After some time, he had finished tattooing her, and Jessica was presented with a large mirror to assess the damage. Not a single hair was left on her head, and despite fearing the worst, her bald head was perfectly shaped no matter how she looked at it, and really brought out her intense new eyes. Speaking of her eyes, there was a large red heart matching the color of them tattooed around her newly pierced belly button, which brought attention to her large potbelly, yet admittedly accentuated it quite well. Two very detailed black roses were tattooed going up both of her arms. Her jet black lips formed the perfect pout and the apparently permanent piercings shined on Jessica’s pale face, which definitely brought out her best features, but left no sign at all of the Jessica she once was.

Jessica was in disbelief. Logically speaking, she would describe herself as looking like a pregnant goth girl going through chemotherapy. She didn’t know anybody that would talk to, let alone be friends with someone that looked like her, yet somehow every fucked up thing that Samuel did to her came together in a surprisingly pleasant way. She never would’ve even dreamed of doing anything like this to herself, yet somehow knew that this was meant to be. This, bald, potbellied, overly pierced, tattooed girl was her, and she loved herself for it.

Lots happened in the next week. Jessica thanked Samuel for helping her find her true self with intense sex that he never had and never would have again. She still hated him with a burning passion for the trauma that he put her through, and made him swear to never speak to her again. Deciding that Jessica was no more, she, with the help of Dr. Williams’ large influence, decided that the missing “Jessica White” was to be found dead, yet mysteriously a “Jocelyn Rosethorne” who happened to be an 18 year old U.S. citizen, was enrolled at Jessica’s college with a basketball scholarship. Finally, exactly two weeks since Jessica White went missing, Jocelyn Rosethorne walked out of the bunker, ready to take on the world as a new person, her large potbelly jiggling with every step and her beautiful bald head and pierced face shining in the sunlight.


Even 6 months later, Tim still missed Jessica dearly. He couldn’t go a minute without thinking about her, and cried when the news came in that her mangled body, too disfigured to be shown at a funeral, was found in a ditch on the side of the road. Barely able to concentrate in classes, he didn’t care about the weird new girl that transferred soon after Jessica passed, showing up in his economics class. Everyone seemed to avoid her, but she didn’t seem to mind it. Her name was Jocelyn. She had messy black hair on top of her head and was completely bald on the back and sides of her head. For some reason, she wore glasses as well as contact lenses that made her eyes look red, black lipstick, and had a ton of piercings all over her face. She never wore any clothes that would cover her huge potbelly, which showed off a pierced belly button surrounded by a heart tattoo. She had the biggest boobs and ass that he had ever seen, but would probably never even think about dating her. Tim had spoken to her once, and while he tried to be friendly, learned she had quite the antisocial disposition. She seemed like she wanted to say more to him, but had decided against it. Despite how strange she was, there was something oddly familiar about her, yet he couldn’t quite place his finger on it…











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