Kat’s Obsession

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Kat and I have been married for over 10 years – a great relationship. Kathy (Kat) a real woman inside and out. To say she carries herself well would be an understatement, always dressed well and really “put together” A fond affection for super high heels, flawless makeup, and great hair! A longer, angled bob, with a super short, clippered nape is her signature look, and has been for years. Over the past years, Kat has repeatedly suggested super short cuts – military style on many, many occasions. Not hers mind you – but for me!

Several weeks ago, she accompanied me to the barber, and asked if she could take charge, and instruct the barber on the proper cut. I agreed, as I had noticed the sex right before, and right after my routine haircuts always seemed to end in wild, sometimes, alcohol induced drunken’ freakish sessions. It seemed as if she really got into all the hair fetish role playing, especially over the last few years. As she gained a few pounds over the last year or so, it seemed as if a “large and in charge attitude” – in all walks of her life, seemed to really come to life.

“How short are we going” Ruth asked as she pumped my chair and spun me toward the front. Without hesitation, Kathy walks over and takes control of the conversation. This day, Kat was dressed in a tight, short skirt, white button down, collar flipped up and the highest of heels in red. “We’re going super short” Kat said, as she stood beside the chair. “A crew cut, with the back and sides balded” as she reached over to run her hand up the back of my nape.

“Definitely need this gone, I really like the bald fade, really high… a triple 000 – blended at the top, ” we’ll start there, and if we need to take more off, we can always cut more, right?” As I sat in the chair, Kathy seemed to “get off” on the whole experience. A dead stare at the whole process, walking over periodically to “examine” the progress and always rubbing her own, clippered nape throughout the entire cut. Walking over to pay, Kat presented her card and asked if there was any need to make an appointment – for the next Friday, if we wanted to come by for a clean up, before we left for vacation. The other barber, looking confused, politely commented – “It’s first come first serve ma’am, but if you get him in before 9, we’re generally slow early on.” With a quick smile and acknowledgement, Kat walked over, a final inspection, and we walked out for the journey home.

“Man, that haircut shit has really gotten into your head, maybe you need to see a therapist” I said laughing, as we drove away – Kat smiling and quickly posting to her FB about her experience using the “Check in” at the local barber shop feature….

Friday morning rolled around and we packed for our 2 week beach trip – dropping off the dogs and making our way to the airport. “Let’s stop in for a quick trim Hun” he said it shouldn’t be a wait if we get in before 9.” As I drove, I could only imagine how the “fetish” had taken over this part of her life, and I was more than a willing participant! Not to mention, the sex the previous night was CRAZY, a good indication that the addiction had reared its head in full force. By now, it was a game. Her game. And I took great joy in seeing her win.

Sure enough, the shop was empty, and both barbers were dusting off their chairs. With a quick flip of the cape, the older barber motioned – and with the iconic words, NEXT! I walked over, sat in the chair, waiting for the “Kat performance.” With no hesitation, no fumbling, Kat approached the chair with the now, rehearsed line. “5 zero on the back and sides, leave just a dusting on the top – he likes to try to gel what’s left” as Kat strolled back towards a chair to take a seat and watch the action. Approaching the waiting area chair, Kat quietly placed her purse down and turned toward the shop and walked back. With a confident stroll, and commanding the room, Kat sat in the chair beside me. The older barber, without pause, caped, tissued and spun her chair to the mirror – a typical barber move. “How short are we going young lady”

“The same as my husband” Kat said in a rather quiet voice. And with no words spoken, and with a slow turn to the front of the shop, the older barber began his routine. I looked over at Kat with a smile, I walked over for a quick inspection. and a with a soft rub of her nape, stated,  “I really like the bald fade, really high… a triple 000 – blended at the top” and with that – her head went down! The shearing started and Kat seemed to be fully engulfed, eyes closed. After a few minutes on the nape and sides, the clippers stopped and Kat rose to see the beginnings of a skin tight fade, from an old fashioned barber. And after a few pleasantries, and again with a firm hand to the head the older gentleman began the assault again with with 2 words Kat later admitted made her wet between her legs. “Chin down”

Over the next 30 minutes, I witnessed a women fully engaged in her ultimate fantasy. Being sheared, at a barber shop, with her husband watching, from the chair right next to her. The sound of the clippers and the vibration of the machine left her in a fucking barbershop coma!

Finishing first, I walked over and began to pay. “I know you guys don’t take appointments, but you did say early mornings are usually slow, right,” We walked out, no words, and drove to the airport. Checking my own FB as we waited to board, I noticed a “check in” post from Kat.

Kathy B. -checked into City Barbershop -with the post . “Feeling anxious… a much needed trim, but a new experience @ my husband’s barbershop. The obsession continues…


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