Ménage à trois Rendezvous

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A Personal Note from Fantasy Girl:

Hi, my name is Helaine (aka Fantasy Girl). Before you read my latest hair cutting story, I would like to introduce myself to the followers of this beautifully designed website for those of us who have erotic hair fetishes … or perhaps more accurately, totally hairless and bald fetishes.

I have been writing hair cutting stories since I was in college, and I am in my late 30’s now. My interest in having a totally hairless and smooth body started with the first sign of pubic hair as a young teenager. At first, I simply shaved my pubic hair to achieve the hairless look and smooth feel that I desired. But after just a few short years of shaving almost every day, I decided to start waxing in an effort to permanently remove all traces of hair from in-between my legs. Then a few years later, during a particularly wild night of partying with some college friends, I impulsively decided to go all the way and let my friends shave my head completely bald. As it turned out, that was just the beginning of a lot of new erotic experiences!

Finally, I would like to say a few words about my other fetishes and interests to offer additional insight into the motivation behind my stories. First, all of my stories are based at least in part on actual hair cutting and sexual experiences I’ve had throughout my life … including an irresistible habit of flashing and often getting completely naked in public. Go figure. And, in an effort to literally and figuratively add some color to my stories … I usually add a few very carefully selected photos to further stimulate your imagination and at the same time add more depth and life to the characters. So … if, like myself, you’re also a fan of daring exhibitionism, girl-girl sex and erotic bondage, perhaps you will enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

Love, Helaine



Ménage à trois Rendezvous 

Lauren’s Story

My story began a few weeks ago when I met a close friend of mine, Staci, for drinks to unwind and relax. During the first few drinks we just talked about the usual stuff … work, men, sex, new clothes. Nothing too out of the ordinary, or terribly exciting. Then all of a sudden, Staci caught me by surprise by what she said next …

“Lauren, I have something … really personal to tell you about,” she said somewhat hesitantly in a slightly softer voice, as I raised an eyebrow in anticipation of what she might say next.

“Finally,” I quipped back with a smile on my face, “Just when I was getting bored to death. Waitress … can we please get two more of these?”

“I promise,” Staci said, “This won’t be boring. (pause) I just hope you don’t think I’m too far out there after I tell you all about it.”

“Oh my God!” I involuntarily responded, as I noticed the serious look on Staci’s face. Whatever was she going to say next, I wondered. However, before I had any time to let my imagination run too wild with possibilities, Staci quickly ended all speculation by continuing.

“Actually … it’s just that I … I like to get naked in public,” she said quietly.

“You mean totally naked?” I asked with I’m sure some degree of disbelief in my voice.

“Actually … most of the time it’s a little more subtle than stripping completely naked,” she teasingly added.

“So, exactly what is it then?” I probed, while I reached over and placed my hand over hers in an effort to lessen her apparent nervousness.

“I’m not sure how to explain it, except to say that it’s a combination of the ultimate adrenaline rush and sexual excitement! (pause) It all started just a few months ago when I went shopping for a few new spring outfits with Audrey (one of our close mutual friends). One of the tops I tried on was pretty revealing, and Audrey kidded me that I might as well be naked. What happened next simply took us both by surprise. Impulsively, I started to do a striptease in the dressing room area while Audrey pulled out her phone and began to take pictures! At that point, I guess it really didn’t take much more encouragement from Audrey for me to simply go all the way. The next thing I knew, my jeans and underwear were on the dressing room floor, and I was completely naked while Audrey just kept taking pictures. Meanwhile, I was having so much fun, I didn’t even care if I got caught! I just loved the thrill of it all! Go figure.”

Wow! Staci not only had me reeling with curiosity about everything she just said to me, but, strangely enough I also noticed that I was feeling a bit of a rush of sexual excitement from just imagining this beautiful woman sitting across from me stripping off her clothes and exposing herself in public! While she continued adding more details about a few more of her amazing adventures, I found myself drifting back and forth between fantasizing about Staci’s naked exploits and my own erotic desires. If Staci and Audrey only knew …

“So …” Staci enthusiastically continued, “Like to see a few of my favorite photos?” she said as she reached for her phone.

“Of course!” I quickly responded with even more curiosity (if possible) as Staci handed her phone to me. Oh my God, I thought to myself, this is too wild … seeing Staci photographed in various stages of undress, and sometimes completely naked, throughout the city. My mind was literally racing with questions! Occasionally, as I continued to scan through her private folder, I wondered if it was always Audrey who was taking the revealing photos? A few photos later, I got a partial answer to my question. While Staci sat silently next to me, sipping her drink, I found myself scanning through a few photos of Audrey with her digital camera in hand, and then a few more revealing photos of her eventually stripping off all her clothes while inside Staci’s car. I could sense from the look on Audrey’s face in a few of the pictures that she was not quite as comfortable as Staci without clothes in public.  Nevertheless, there she was … totally naked in Staci’s passenger’s seat while casually driving through busy city traffic in the light of day! Wow, who knew!

“Oh,” I heard myself sigh out loud while I briefly imagined myself in Audrey’s place, exposing my naked body in public, “I wonder if …”

“As it turns out, it’s a lot more fun if someone else dares me, or actually helps me strip off my clothes. That way it’s not like I have a choice. I mean, what’s a girl to do if someone else unbuttons their dress and unexpectedly exposes them in public?” Staci said as I placed her cell phone back in her hand.


“Wow!” I said, as I continued to imagine of one of my closest friends getting so deliciously out of control by exposing herself in public.

“Staci, grab your drink , let’s go outside on the deck and get some air and while we continue this conversation,” I said, as I picked up my purse.

As we slowly walked outside onto the beautifully decorated deck, I took a closer look at what Staci was wearing at the moment. The short grey cotton dress she had on was not extremely sexy, or revealing. However, as I took a closer look, I couldn’t detect any signs of a bra or panties under her casual dress. I quickly found myself getting even more curious about the entire situation, and, again to my surprise, more than just a little turned on! My heart was beating so fast as we set our drinks down on the narrow deck railing I thought I might faint from all the excitement.

Then as Staci turned towards a young couple intimately whispering to each other just a few feet away, I impulsively reached out and put my shaking hands around her waist and confirmed my earlier suspicion. She was definitely not wearing any panties! Staci’s immediate reaction to my light touch was to bend over and reach behind with both hands and slowly lift up the bottom of her dress to partially expose her bare ass and already wet pussy! One quick glance down at her spread cheeks and it was quite apparent that we shared at least one other sensual preference … a smooth, hairless ass and pussy lips!

There was no turning back now, I quickly realized. Rather involuntarily, I found myself involved in one of Staci’s wild adventures! While another few customers from the bar inside joined us out on the bar’s sunny deck with drinks in hand, I somewhat hesitantly reached out to touch Staci’s bare ass as she placed both her hand back onto the deck railing for support. Slowly, my nervous hand slid down further in-between her slightly parted legs. The immediate sensation of feeling another woman’s smooth pussy lips for the first time in my life was further heightened by her appreciative reaction to my touch.

“Oh yes,” she softly moaned as she tilted her head back towards mine, “That feels absolutely wonderful!”

Not to disappoint, I continued to softly explore her slippery, wet pussy with my curious fingers as the rest of the world quickly faded away. A few moments later, I vaguely remember hearing a girl’s voice close to us and then Staci’s brief reply as she quickly answered back, “No … not right now, we’re fine.”

I glanced up just in time to see our young waitress smile back in our direction as she turned to walk away. It was obvious by the expression on her cute face that she noticed our risky playfulness. I simply responded to her momentary presence by allowing a finger to finally enter between Staci’s swollen pussy lips and then eventually inside her dripping wet pussy. At that point, I’m pretty sure my heart was beating as fast and furious as Staci’s. As my finger continued to stimulate her faster and faster, her subdued sighs of pleasure became more frequent. And then, a few brief moments later, Staci climaxed as I continued to gently stroke the soft, smooth skin in-between her weakened legs.

“Well,” I just barely managed to say as I finally began to catch my breath from all the excitement, (pause) “That was … ”

“Exciting!” Staci quickly added as she turned around to face me again. Then she leaned forward just enough to give me a light kiss on my cheek.

“So this is what you do for fun on Saturday afternoons?” I said as I impulsively kissed her back, directly on her glossy red lips, as I stole a quick glance at the few couples, and singles, out on the deck with us. The looks on their faces quickly confirmed to me that they not only noticed our impromptu exhibitionist encounter, but that they also thoroughly enjoyed watching it! Staci was right. What a rush!

Later that night, while taking a long bath, I was still reliving and fantasizing about the events earlier that afternoon with Staci. It was simply intoxicating … and, on a few different levels! First, I found out that one of my best friends favorite form of entertainment was flashing in public! And, that she was obviously not shy about having sexual adventures with another woman.

I hardy slept at all that night while wondering what else I might actually dare to do in a public! I imagined myself in all sorts of compromising situations where I was either partially, or totally naked. Then, at some point that night, the perfect scenario unfolded in my mind for Staci and myself to explore … if only I had enough courage (or, more likely, the help of a couple of drinks) to finally act out one of my own secret desires. I just needed to make a special hotel reservation and get someone (Audrey?) to assist me with my elaborate plan. Shortly after waking up, I stated working out the details of my plan. By the end of the afternoon, I was ready to text a delicious dare to Staci. Once I finished the message, I realized that the moment I touched the send button … I would be officially starting my plan in motion. There would be no turning back, I promised myself. I took one last look at my cryptic text, took a deep breath … and then before I could reconsider and change my mind, I quickly pressed the send button.


 This next Friday night,

you are invited to join me at

the Greystone Hotel at 8pm.

There will be a key, and

explicit instructions, left

for you at the Front Desk.

Please RSVP

I couldn’t stand the anticipation of waiting for Staci’s response, so I decided to keep myself busy and go shopping for a few items I would need for the weekend. All the way home, I kept glancing over at my phone and wondering if Staci had received my message yet, and what she thought of my mysterious dare. At the next red light, I couldn’t wait any longer. There was a new message waiting … from Staci. Her reply was brief and to the point … “Lauren, I accept your invitation! Any suggestions as to what to wear?” Oh yea, I thought, this is going to be fun!


Staci’s Story

When I first received Lauren’s text invitation to a prearranged hotel rendezvous on Friday night, I could not have been more surprised, or excited. Although we had been fairly close friends for about a year or so, we had never discussed intimate details of our sex, or fantasy life. But after our ‘lunch date’ yesterday, I was pretty sure we both shared a mutual desire for taking risks and the adrenaline rush that goes with it. That was before I read her text! In an instant, I was pleasantly enlightened to the fact that Lauren had a few fantasies of her own that she apparently wanted to explore. And, in just a few more days, I was about to find out exactly what those fantasies where once I checked in at the Greystone Hotel. In retrospect, I simply had no idea just how exciting it might be to be involved with another woman’s most intimate and daring fantasies. Audrey taking pictures of me flashing in public was exciting, and risky, to say the least. That being said, I was guessing from the underlying tone of Lauren’s invitation that this weekend might take things to a whole different level, and be full of new surprises.

Friday 7:20pm – I put the final touches on my make-up and grabbed my purse and keys and headed out the door to my ‘date’ with Lauren. Upon my arrival, I parked my car in the lower level parking garage of the Greystone Hotel. It was an older landmark hotel that had been totally refurbished a few years ago and was now a trendy boutique hotel. Under normal circumstances I might have been interested in paying closer attention to the details of the extensive renovation. However, at the moment I had other things on my mind. One last stop at the ladies restroom in the main lobby to check my hair and the evening’s outfit that Lauren requested I wear, and it would be exactly 8pm and time to check-in at the front desk.

The twenty-something male front desk clerk greeted me with a warm, friendly smile as I slowly approached the desk. “Hi, my name is Staci Rowland, and I believe you have an envelope for me to pick up,” I said.

“Yes, Ms. Rowland, let me check … I’ll be back in just one moment,” he commented as he walked just a few feet away to another section of the circular desk area. A few seconds later he was politely placing a letter sized envelope in my hand and wishing me a pleasant evening as I turned to walk away. Curious to see what my ‘instructions’ were, I walked over to a chair near the outside windows to sit down. Then I quickly opened the sealed envelope, and, after removing the room key, unfolded the brief note …

“Staci, this is the first of a few notes to eventually lead you to me, and hopefully an evening full of discovery and excitement. So … let’s get started. First, make a brief stop in the ladies room in the main lobby, and turn this note over for another request.”

Oh yea, I said to myself, Lauren is definitely special. My heart was literally pounding from excitement as I walked back into the same restroom I visited just a few moments ago. I quickly flipped the note over to read the rest of its message.

“As beautiful as your stylish white blouse is … I want you to remove it now, to show off your transparent camisole on your way up to my room. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your blouse. Just walk over to the the last stall and open the door. You will find a small black tote bag with a luggage tag marked with my name and room number on it. Just place your blouse in the bag, and return it back into the stall and proceed to the ladies room on the second floor and the same stall location.”

Oh my, this is going to be exciting, I thought as I headed out of the ladies room and towards the stairs leading to the second floor … minus my blouse. The few guests I encountered on the stairs didn’t give me a second look as we passed each other. I figured they probably didn’t even notice anyone else on the stairs while talking, or checking their messages on their phones. Something told me that may change after my visit to the next ladies room on the second floor. The note in the black tote bag said exactly what I expected, nevertheless, it still took my breath away as I read the instructions to remove my short black skirt and place it in the bag. As I walked towards the door, a woman around my age entered and obviously noticed the fact that I was now wearing only the small see-thru camisole and a matching transparent thong to compliment my black high heel shoes and thin black satin choker. And, I was acutely aware that from the back, it would appear at a glance as if I was totally naked. What a rush. On to the third floor and another visit to the ladies room.

Once there, I was surprised to read Lauren’s instructions to remove my thong, instead of the anticipated request to take off my camisole. And it was a little more crowded in this ladies room. There were two sophisticated looking women in business attire talking to each other as I casually walked by them as if I was still dressed in my skirt and blouse. Besides the obvious stares as I walked by them on my way out the door, they made no comment … except for having a look of shock and total disbelief on their faces! If this was Lauren’s idea of foreplay … I was all in! Realizing that in just a few more minutes I would be told to take off the last piece of clothing that barely concealed my breasts and erect nipples, I couldn’t wait to get to the next floor and discard my flimsy camisole.

smallpillows: “Small Pillows ”

Actually, I was so excited about walking through the Greystone Hotel completely naked (and totally by myself for a change) … I momentarily paused at the landing at the top of the stairs, in front of a large set of floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city below, and slowly pulled my shear camisole over my head as I stared out at the sun setting over the city landscape. It all seemed so surreal, so dreamlike …

And then a loud series of chimes, announcing the arrival of an elevator on the fourth floor, quickly brought me back to reality as I casually walked over to the nearby ladies room. A moment later, I placed the last piece of my clothing in the familiar looking tote bag and quickly opened up the next note.


“Staci, now that you are totally and deliciously naked, it’s time for you to join me in my room on the top floor. This time, however, why don’t you take the elevator instead of the stairs. See you in a few minutes!”

Without any hesitation, I turned and quickly walked out of the ladies room and towards the elevator as requested. As I reached out and pressed the up button on the control panel in front of me, I thought of a few other times when I was totally naked in public situations. The first time, I was so nervous (and yes, scared) of all the possible consequences of getting caught! However, when I was eventually noticed by several onlookers, I was surprised to discover just how disinterested they appeared to be at the sight of a totally naked girl in their presence. In fact, most people don’t even turn to look twice, as if to pretend that nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. The next time I wasn’t so nervous, just excited!

A moment later, the familiar sound of the elevator chimes alerted me that the elevator had arrived, and that the elevator doors in front of me were about to open. I calmly stepped inside the unoccupied elevator and pressed the button for the top floor as my thoughts focused on my final destination only a few floors away. My all too brief fantasy was suddenly interrupted when I heard the chime sound again, as the elevator came to an unannounced stop and the doors opened. As quickly as the doors parted, a young hotel room attendant with quest towels in her arms entered the elevator. I caught a brief glimpse of her Greystone Hotel name tag before she briskly turned around to face the elevator doors and press one of the unlit buttons on the control panel. Her immediate reaction to the presence of a naked woman in the elevator was totally predictable, as usual. She simply pretended as if I wasn’t there at all, let alone that for whatever reason, I wasn’t wearing any clothes. A quick glance at the illuminated elevator buttons confirmed that we were almost at Lauren’s floor just as she began to speak.

In easily understandable (yet somewhat broken) English, she politely asked “Miss, would you like towel … to cover up?” as she continued to stare at the elevator doors.

“No thank you,” I casually responded. “Thanks for the offer, but I’m trying to surprise someone in just another moment.”

Then, the chimes sounded one last time as the doors slowly opened, and both of us slowly stepped out of the elevator. As the petite Greystone employee turned one direction, and I the other, I couldn’t resist the last second temptation to turn around and wink at her, as I stepped further out into the hallway. She simply smiled back at me and said very politely, “Have a nice evening Miss,” as the doors silently closed behind me.

As I neared the door to Lauren’s room, I reached in my small black purse and grabbed her room key. Once there, I noticed a note on the door addressed to me. The note simply read …

“Staci, once you enter the bedroom, please do not say a word. Simply look at the items placed in front of the vanity mirror, and allow your delicious imagination and insatiable sexual desires to dictate what happens next, Lauren.”

A moment later, I stepped through the doorway towards whatever I might find next. As I tentatively walked further into the luxuriously decorated two room suite, I immediately noticed an open door to my left. I walked over to the doorway, just a few steps away, and quickly stopped as I glanced into the bedroom. Lauren was tied up on the bed … totally naked! Now, I thought to myself, who was seducing who? After the initial shock of my unexpected discovery began to wear off, I proceeded as instructed and walked past the bed, over to the vanity mirror. There before me were the items that Lauren had made mention of in her last note … a shiny new pair of professional hair scissors, a cordless hair trimmer (with no attachments), a can of self-warming shaving cream, a blade razor and a large bottle of baby oil. And, an expensive looking open bottle of whiskey … and an empty glass with ice cubes still in it.


I slowly turned, and looked at Lauren, naked, bound with purple pieces of designer rope, with her hair pulled back and tied in a ponytail … waiting.

“How interesting,” I thought as I picked up the scissors and slowly walked over to the bed and positioned myself above Lauren. “It seems as though sweet, innocent Lauren has quite a shaving fetish.”

Realizing that the first cut may be the hardest for both of us to go through with, I acted as quickly as possible and placed the open blades of the scissors around her hair on the other side of her tie. I could sense Lauren’s body tense up as I began to carefully close the sharp blades with one hand, while holding onto her ponytail with the other. Then, I heard a faint sigh from Lauren as the scissors effortlessly made the first cut through her bundled up hair. It only took a few attempts to completely cut through her long blonde hair, as I noticed her breathing quicken with anticipation before the final cut. As I walked back over to the vanity with her severed ponytail in my hand, I noticed that my own level of excitement was also quickly elevating! It was precisely at that moment that I decided to test the limits our our arrangement for the evening. After replacing the scissors on the vanity, I walked back over to Lauren and quietly untied the long piece of designer rope from above her head and then lowered her feet to the bed. Then, after separating the ropes that initially bound her ankles together, I slowly spread her legs far apart before gently re-tying them to the posts at the far end of the bed. Then, as Lauren continued to lay perfectly still in absolute silence, I very slowly untied her delicate wrists and then stretched her arms out as far as possible to accommodate securing them to each side of the bed frame, leaving her in an extremely vulnerable position.

As I momentarily returned to the vanity, I impulsively picked up the razor and the can of shaving cream, instead of the clippers, before slowly walking over to the chair next to the bed. Being the exhibitionist that I am, it suddenly occurred to me … why not extend the foreplay of the evening and finish shaving my own pussy totally smooth as a prelude to shaving Lauren! While Lauren curiously watched my every move, I seductively lifted my bare legs over the sides of the padded armrests in order to give her an unobstructed view of my nearly hairless pussy. Next, I neatly sprayed just enough shaving cream out of the can to properly cover the small, remaining strip of dark public hair on my pubic mound. After slowly massaging the warm cream over my exposed public mound, I picked up the razor and placed it near the top of my small triangle of hair. Then, v e r y  s l o w l y, I started to shave my pussy completely smooth and hairless as Lauren continued to watch. I could only imagine what was going through Lauren’s anxious mind as she watched me seductively finish shaving my pussy … perhaps she was imagining how it would feel in just another few moments when I squirted warm shaving cream all over her buzzed head and started to shave her head as perfectly smooth as my pussy. Or, perhaps, she might be thinking, “Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into!”

A moment later, just as I finished shaving, I heard a knock at the our hotel room door. After pausing just long enough to return the razor and shaving cream to the vanity, I hesitantly walked out into the main room and over to the door. What’s wrong with this picture, I said to myself … I’m totally naked (with absolutely no clothes in the room with me) and, the woman to whom the room is registered is tied up naked, spread eagle on the bed in the next room! With all that in mind, I still worked up enough courage to look through the peep hole in the door to discover who was on the other side.

One brief look, and my apprehension was gone … it was Audrey!

As I opened the door, Audrey quickly stepped inside and dropped four small, black tote bags on the floor. Before I could say a word, she wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear, “Surprise!” as she reached into her purse to grab her digital camera. “Oh my, I love your new look,” she added as she reached out and lightly caressed my freshly shaved pubic mound.

“Come with me,” I softly whispered back as I grabbed her hand and pulled her through the open doorway and into the dimly lit bedroom.


Audrey’s Story

Earlier this week, I got a very interesting call from Lauren. Up until that moment, Staci and I had never said a word about our exhibitionist adventures with any of our friends. We didn’t want to risk freaking anyone out. All that changed this last weekend when Staci decided to tell Lauren about our thrill seeking addiction to flashing in public and show her some of the pictures we took together. And then she told me all about the fun that she and Lauren had on Saturday afternoon at a popular bar near the university. Now that we’re all caught up … back to the phone conversation. All things considered, I wasn’t surprised when Lauren told me about an idea she had to surprise Staci with an erotic fantasy of her own.

“This is so cool,” I responded, “What is it?”

After Lauren shared the details of her creative and daring plan with me, she hesitantly asked if I would interested in helping with her fantasy .

“Count me in,” I quickly responded, “I would love to help!” Staci is going to love every second of it, especially when she sees you tied to the bed naked!”

So … that’s how it all started. But, that’s not exactly how it all ended …

The first thing I noticed, as Staci pulled me into the bedroom, was that Lauren was now tied spread eagle to the four corners of the bed, instead of with her wrists and ankles tightly bound together as I had left her earlier. After a brief hesitation, I regained my composure, pulled out my camera and began taking pictures of Lauren (now in a much more provocative position). Then, out the corner of my eye, I saw Staci, walking back from the vanity, carrying the cordless hair clippers in her hand. As I continued to watch through the lens of my camera, Staci climbed onto the bed with Lauren and quickly positioned the blades of the clippers at the base of her exposed neck. I heard a faint sigh from Lauren just as the the clippers came to life and broke the silence in the room. Oh my God, I thought to myself, is this really happening! Talking with Lauren about her elaborate bondage fantasy and her desire to have her pussy shaved totally smooth by her friends was one thing, but Staci had obviously taken the excitement of the moment to an entirely different level! Just when I started to panic, I saw Lauren mischievously smile and wink in my direction, as Staci began to gently push the vibrating clippers forward. The next few moments went by in a blur, with Lauren’s blonde hair flying all over the purple designer sheets. When Staci finally switched the clippers off, all that was left of Lauren’s once beautiful hair was an almost invisible covering of short blonde fuzz! For all practical purposes, Lauren was bald! However, I knew that her fantasy was far from over.

While Staci set the clippers aside and began to untie the pieces of rope that were still firmly securing Lauren to the hotel bed, I walked over to the vanity and fixed myself a much needed drink of the whiskey that Lauren had placed in her room earlier. After taking a few long drinks out of my glass, I refilled my drink before walking back across the room and holding the camera back up to my eye. Once Staci had untied the last piece of rope, she prompted Lauren to obediently roll over onto her back and spread her arms and legs wide open. As expected, Lauren offered no resistance to Staci’s request. Once on her back, Lauren willingly allowed Staci to secure her ropes again before watching her reach for the clippers to finish what she had started just a few moments ago. Once again I heard the familiar buzzing sound of the clippers as Staci carefully maneuvered the sharp blades lightly over Lauren’s public mound in an effort to remove most of her neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair before exchanging the clippers for the razor and shaving cream!

As Staci erotically spread warm shaving cream all over Lauren’s exposed pubic mound in preparation for shaving it totally bare and smooth, I continued to silently watch as I quickly finished my drink. As I set my empty glass down and reached for my camera, I noticed that the front of my dress was completely unbuttoned and that I was almost as naked as Lauren and Staci. I guess that somewhere between watching Staci shaving Lauren on the bed in front of me, and the dizzying effect of the strong drink, I unconsciously gave in to my inner desire to be an active participant instead of simply a voyeur. Impulsively, I stood up and let my loose black dress fall silently to the bedroom floor before walking over to the bed and picking up the razor. Sensing my intent, Staci quickly changed positions with me, allowing me to kneel directly in-between Lauren’s spread legs. Then, I slowly began to shave Lauren’s pussy as smooth and hairless as my own while Staci picked up the camera and continued to click off photo after photo of Lauren’s shaving fantasy!

After I finished, I’m sure I surprised all of us when I quickly squirted more shaving cream over Lauren’s exposed pussy and picked up the razor for a second time. To be honest, I was having so much fun, I didn’t to stop! Meanwhile, Staci had climbed up on the bed behind me, lifted the hair off my neck and started to gently kiss my exposed neck as I felt her bare breasts pressing into my naked back. While I started to re-shave Lauren’s pubic mound, I found myself getting totally lost in the erotic sensations of the moment. There I was, deliciously naked in-between two of my best friends and totally out of control! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more intense, I heard Staci whisper something softly in my ear … and then felt the coolness of the clipper blades replace Staci’s warm lips against the back of my neck. Next, I heard a faint buzzing just as I started to gently explore Lauren’s freshly shaved pussy with one hand, and pinch one of her erect nipples with the other. A moment later, I felt Staci begin to push the vibrating clippers slowly forward.

I thought I heard myself cry out loud “No!” several times before it was too late. But, the strangely hypnotic sensation of the vibrating blades being slowly pushed further up the back of my neck persisted, in spite of any objection I may have voiced! I opened my eyes just in time to see the first stands of my dark brown, shoulder length hair fall silently onto Lauren’s naked body beneath me. It was already too late. As more brown hair floated down in front of me, I reluctantly accepted the fact that in a few minutes I would be as bald and hairless as Lauren! So … I simply re-focused my attention on Lauren’s naked body securely tied to the bed. In no time at all, I found myself enthusiastically rolling Lauren’s stiff nipples between my fingers on one hand, while slowly inserting a finger from the other in-between her swollen, wet pussy lips. It didn’t take very long before Lauren started to sigh out loud, as I felt her body respond to my touch. While more of my hair cascaded down over my bare shoulders onto Lauren, I quickened the pace of my fingers sliding in and out of her responsive pussy, as my own breathing got faster, and faster. As the last of my hair fell to the side, Lauren’s orgasmic screams of pleasure shattered the silence in the room as her body shook from her involuntary convulsions. A moment later, I collapsed out of shear exhaustion directly on top of Lauren’s naked body!

Before either of could catch our breath, Staci quickly untied Lauren’s wrists and ankles and then helped us both off the bed and into a large Jacuzzi style bath that was filling up with warm, soapy water. Once we lowered our exhausted bodies down into the bubbling water, Staci quickly joined us with the can of shaving cream in one hand, and the razor in the other. It seemed that the evening’s shaving fantasies had just begun.



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