my forced headshave

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when i was studying in my 10th standard i had the problem of dandruff so often i will keep my hand on the scalp and rub my head my father had been watching this for long time and he asked me about this i said all the things so my father said i have to shave your head and give treatment for this problem on hearing this i refused and went to my room with anger after ten days my results came till that i had no problem i got 92% but i expected  above 95% next day my father came and said that ” i had vowed that if you score good marks i will bring you to tirupathi” on hearing this i said ok  and we went to the temple there we went to the head shaving area i was surprised and asked my father about this, he said you will be tonsuring your hair i refused many times but there is no change in my fathers face he took by holding my hand we got the token  and i went near the barber he told me to wet my hair and he started shaving my head within five minutes he completed my shave i took a bath and my father applied sandal paste on my head and said you look beautiful in this look at first i was not satisfied with my look then i accepted then after i used to do my head shave once in a year

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