The Post-It Note – Part 1

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(Author’s note: At points in this story, there will be ellipses instead of words. This indicates that this part of the story has been hidden for suspense and will be revealed later.)

It was a busy day at my hair salon. In a span of about 3 hours, my team and I had gone through about 18 customers. As one customer was leaving, I received a phone call from my most frequent customer, Charlotte. She wanted to schedule an appointment in 2 days. I was open that day, so I gave her the appointment.

Charlotte is a very interesting person. She is in her second year of college and is incredibly hot because of her incredible blond hair, but definitely doesn’t have the maturity to show for it. Charlotte was born into Christianity, but hated every bit of it, and her parents knew that. She would come up with plenty of excuses to not go to church. Charlotte was also very spoiled, getting lots of expensive items for her birthday and other big holidays, to the point where she got used to it. Her parents began to struggle, as she would throw a huge fit if she didn’t get what she wanted, which were expensive items.

The next day day, as I was closing up the shop, I noticed a blue Post-It note on my desk. The note read,

“Meet me out back my the dumpster after you close the shop. I don’t mean to harm you, and money may be involved. -D”

“This is a bit strange…” I thought, but he didn’t seem harmless, so I decided might as well do it.

I went out back, with a swiss army knife in my pocket just in case, surprised to see a middle-aged man waiting.

“Hello. Are you D?” I asked.

“Yes. Let me explain myself.” he replied, “I heard my daughter, Charlotte, has a hair appointment with you tomorrow, correct?”

“You would be correct, sir.” I said, interested with what he had to say.

“See this stack of money? This is two hundred dollars. It will be yours if you can do something for me.”

“And what would that be?” I curiously asked.

“You see, my wife and I have put up with our daughter’s shit for many years now, but we’re fed up. I want you to…for the money. I will give you half of it when you agree, and the other half after the job is complete. You are not to reveal to her that we were behind this.” he said in a serious tone.

“Alright, sure..I’ll do it I guess.” I replied, feeling a bit guilty about what was going to happen to Charlotte.

I took the money.

I made up a lie to Charlotte on the phone, saying that I misread my appointment book, and I was completely booked on the day of her appointment, but I could take her after hours, since I had plenty of time. She agreed, and the plan was set.

The next day, the day that the plan would be executed, I told my team to leave as quickly as possible after the shop closes as I had to leave quick. For the rest of the day, I had a sly look on my face, knowing what was going to happen.

The shop closed down, Charlotte walked in.

“Hey Charlotte! You ready for your makeover?” I asked, smiling on the inside and outside, but for different reasons on the outside.

“Oh yeah! I’ve been ready my whole life!” She enthusiastically said.

“Alright then, sit in the chair and we can get started.”

She did as I asked, sitting in the chair.

I rolled my hair styling supply cart next to the chair. Little did she know, I had kept handcuffs and duct tape in the drawer.

I told her a joke to distract her.

It gave me just enough time to pounce, handcuffing her arms to the chair armrest, as she began to scream. I then duct taped her legs to the chair and put some on her arms for extra protection.

“MADISON! What are you doing?!” She angrily asked

I remained quiet.

After a bit, she began to think this was some sort of prank, especially when I pulled out the scissors. While she wasn’t looking, I gagged her so she couldn’t talk. What she didn’t know is the real reason I had the scissors out.

I figured this job would be easier on bare skin, so this was the easiest solution.

While she was still trying to scream through her gag, I began to cut.

I started with her T-shirt, cutting right down the middle, exposing her pink bra. At first, I thought I’d be able to spare her bra and just unhook it, but she had a sports bra, so in came the scissors, cutting right through the middle.

I chose to save the boob reveal for later. At this point she was making very loud noises, but trying not to move to avoid knocking off her cut bra.

“Oh Charlotte, you know you inflicted this on yourself” I said to anger her further

I now cut through her athletic shorts, right in the crotch area, and slid them off as much as I could.

She was now down to her bra and panties, her bra already being split in half.

The pussy reveal was first, as I cut through her panties and slid them off, exposing her very, VERY bushy vagina.

I knocked off her cut bra, revealing her almost flat chest, with some slight boobs.

She was now fully naked, at the mercy of me.

I needed to uncuff and untape her arms anyway to finish, so I made her an offer.

“I will uncuff and untape your arms and legs if you don’t fight. Promise?”

She nodded, so I did as I promised.

I raised her arms up above her head. Time for the first step.

As I walked to the cart, she was silent at this point, as she was helpless.

I pulled out one of the most useful hair tools of all time..electric hair clippers!

She didn’t notice, so I decided to startle her. POP! The sudden sound in an otherwise silent room made her jump. I could see the fear in her eyes as she was wondering what would happen to her treasured locks.

I brought the clippers to her armpits. She seemed relieved a little bit knowing her hair wasn’t going to be least not yet.

The clippers made a different sound as they rammed through her armpit hair, leaving very little behind. BZZZZzzzZZZ they went as I mowed down the other side.

Her pits were now down to stubble, which for some people isn’t a terrible thing, I guess.

Now it was time for one of the most satisfying parts….

[To Be Continued]


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