Samantha headshave story

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Samantha headshave story

One day Samantha was attending a function of a showroom. The press had gathered to ask Samantha about her upcoming movies.
One of the journalist asked” Madam will you continue doing glam roles or try something different in your next films?”
She replied,”Sure I would try to experiment with meaty roles in my new movies”. Another person asked,”Madam will you experiment with your hair I mean
like going short or bob or will you maintain your current look?”.She Said,”I will definately think about it” and she went away concluding the function.
Samantha was now free as she had no more new films in hand.After few days she got a call from a director about a new role in film where she has meaty and meaningful role.
“But you have to shave your head for that role,”the director said to Samantha. Samantha was shocked to hear that.
“Can we meet and discuss this?”he said.” All right let me think about it”, she agreed. All night she was thinking about what would happen if she shaves her long and sexy hair.
Next day the director met her and discussed the role at length. She liked the script very much and was convinced how big the movie can be.
He also said he had convinced the producer with the script and that he was ready to pay her 50 crores if she accepts to take the role.
She thought for few minutes and said”,Yes lets do it, I cam ready to shave my hair off”.
The director was very happy and offered her an advance cheque of 15 crores.
She signed the contract that she would do the film and accepted the cheque.
“Meet me tommorow at this address”,he said and gave her a card.
Next day Samantha arrived at the given address. Thee director was already there. They both went in.
They met a person and the director introduced him to Samantha.
“Meet my friend he is an expert hairstylist”,the director said to Samantha.
All of a sudden Samantha was shocked.”Do you want me to shave my head now?”She asked.
“Yes Samantha and I also know that you are not currently doing shooting for any new films.
So better we get started soon. So lets have your headshaved today itself.”
“Okay lets do it as you wish,”said Samantha though her heart was beating faster at the thoght of her headshave.
She went and sat down on a chair little tensed.
The stylist took a fresh cloth and put it around her neck.
“Don’t worry I will do it real smooth and you will enjoy your headshave process”,he said.
Hs words calmed her nerves and now she was ready to lose her lovely long hair.
He gently poured some water on her head started rubbing her front hair and scalp.
Then he took out a brand new razor and put a new 7’0 clock blade in it.
Her heart was beating faster now. He put the razor near her side hair and said,”Are you ready Samantha?”
“Yes just do it,” she said quite nervously.He started shaving her head from her right side.
Soon he shaved off her right side portion of her head.
She looked in the mirror about how her half hair was gone and her hair that was fallen on the ground.
He started shaving her remaining portion of hair. Very quickly Samantha was bald with none of her beautiful hair remaining on her head.
Now to make her head even smoother, he started applying some shaving cream on her head.
Then again he replaced the blade in the razor and started shaving her head smoothly.
Now Samantha knew nothing else can be done as she has been shaved.
She started smiling nervously and began enjoying her smooth shaving.
Soon her shaving was complete. She got up and changed her dress quickly.
Now she began watching herself in the mirror and began to realise how sexy she looks in her bald look.
The director and Samantha both Thanked the stylist and went away to their homes.
After few days the Muhurath function was organised for Samantha’s new film.
To maintain her bald look till everyone sees her in the function, Samantha neatly shaved her head everday herself.
She reached the function in her car. Media was standing to click her photos.
She stepped out of car and everyone was shocked to see her in bald head look.
Everyone started taking her pictures and soon her smoothly shaved pics beacame viral.
She was escorted safely into function and she sat on a Chair in the function.
As director called her name, she went to light the candle and opening scene of the film was filmed.
She announced that she was grateful for the role and thanked the director and producer for allowing her to try new look.
The movie was released very soon with Samantha shooting the entire film with smooth shiny bald look.
She shaved her head everyday to maintain the look.
The movie became biggest hit of her career and she became top most actress of all time.
She also won many award for her role. Everyone praised her bold move to shave off her head.

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