The Arena

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Tammy and Raven are best of friends since eighth grade and now they have already known each other for 7 years. Both of them liked to hang out with each other, whether its dinner, clubbing or just sitting down in a patch of grass looking at the stars.

Tammy, 5’4, has long black hair that has streaks of brown highlights at starting form the middle portion of her locks till the end of her long hair.

Raven, 5’5, has a thick brown hair that hanged just above her tailbone.

Both of the girls loved partying at different downtown clubs till 2am plus and they would often return home with smell of beer and smoke.

One Sunday night, the club was bustling was tons of people and both Tammy and Raven was tired from jumping on the dance floor and taking shot after shot of Vodka. With their arms over each others’ shoulders, the girls walked through a back alley. Both of them were swaying hard and tumbling over their high heels as they walked towards the main street to catch a cab back home. All of the suddenly, their mouth was covered with a cloth and a weird smell, paralyzing their bodies and both of them became unconscious.

Tammy opened her eyes and saw Raven sitting at the opposite side from her. They seemed to be trapped in some sort of jail cell with their arms and legs chained to the concrete walls and bars. Tammy yelled and screamed and it woke Raven from her deep sleep. She was shocked to see herself chained up. Suddenly, a figure appeared from behind the bars and struck the cell with a baton. A man, 5’11, appeared with sports bra and tight panties in his hands. He opened up the cell and threw the skimpy looking clothes on Tammy and Raven.

“Why are we here? What are you going to do us? What time is it now?” Tammy yelled continuously at the man.

“Both of you are now part of a reality show, where both of you is about to lose all your precious hair. It’s going to happen later tonight, our customers are betting a lot of money on you 2, so put up a good fight later. Hurry up and change into your clothes, it’s already 5pm, the showdown will start at 8pm sharp, be prepared” replied the man with a sadistic voice.

Both Tammy and Raven had slept the entire day and it was already Monday afternoon.

They did not know what kind of mess that they have gotten into. Getting kidnapped, made to fight their best friend and losing all their hair in one day is too much for their mind to comprehend. The man unlocked the chains of the girls and forced them to strip off their clothes and change into their “battle gear”. The girls were totally embarrassed as the man tried to take behind them to take a look at their assets. Dinner was served at 6pm and by 7pm, they were taken into a washing area where their hair was washed thoroughly for the match. They could hear voices and noises beyond the door of the room and it got louder and louder.

8pm and the door of the dark room opened up promptly. Light blinded their sight as the walked slowly into the abyss. It was a warehouse with plastic walls surrounding a 30 by 30 foot arena. Above the arena was a broadcasting panel and lots of men in the stands yelling and cheering on the fight.

“Welcome to All or Nothing, the reality game show where men bid with their money to see the lovely hair of female competitors completely shaved off from their head. I’m JR and I’ll be the host for tonight’s match between Tammy and Raven, best of friends since fifth grade and has the loveliest hair I’ve seen so far. So let’s get the game started shall we!” yelled the commentator.

“Shit, it’s him, the guy from the pub we met for the past few weeks in the ‘Rock and Roll’ club” Tammy yelled at Raven. Both of them suddenly got a flashback.

Tammy and Raven frequently went to ‘R&R’ as it was their favourite hunt for cute guys and good parties. A few weeks ago, the girls got hitched by JR, a good looking guy, 6’5 and always partied with them throughout the night. As time passed, they got to know each other better and realized that JR kept on looking at their long hair and loved touching it whenever they were on the dance floor. Coming to terms with what had transpired, the girls felt like they got screwed.

“I know the girls well and I know that they like to party, so for the first course, we’ll see them dance, DJ, hit the music” JR spoke through the microphone as the latest clubbing music was played.

Everyone in the warehouse was dancing, but both the girls were not. The crowd became irritated with their lack of participation and started to jeer and throw tomatoes down and the girls. Both of them were shocked and tried to evade any of the tomatoes that were thrown at them, but some tomatoes managed to hit them, on their body and their hair.

“I think everyone is kinda getting bored with them already, so let’s start the real match.” As soon as JR finished speaking, 4 strong man carried 2 barber chairs and placed it in the centre of the arena. They then took both of the girls and restraint them to the chair, only their wrist and head was able to move after being strapped neck down to their legs.

Soon after, 2 girls with the weirdest hairstyle that the girls have seen came in and tied the girls’ hair into parts. The crown, back and sides were sectioned off, and 3 plaits are tied up at each part of the sections. They looked like aliens with hair sticking out from their head in all directions. Tammy was starting to wet herself in the tight panties and Raven’s mind was just not in sync with the current situation.

“Now that the girls are tied up, we can start with the bidding. First up, 1 of the plaits being snip off from one of the girls’ head! Who wants to bid first?”

Soon, men in the stands yelled out money value and their names as the stock for 1 plait grew. The girls were amazed and shocked with what they were seeing. Grown up men watching girls getting their head shaved bald…they must be out of their mind!

“Last call, $200, $200, $200, SOLD. Hurry up and cut off Raven’s hair” yelled JR.

Raven was in shock, as she was about to look her hair to a wacko game that gains pleasure with women getting their hair sheared off their head. The hard work off growing her hair long enough to sexual arouse men in the clubbing was about to vanish. A girl with an asymmetrical bob and a high nape shave walked towards Raven with a big blunt scissors. Within a second, “Snnick”, her brown plaits was cut off and Raven was visibly sad, wetting her panties at the same time. The plait was then thrown into the stands with men vying to grab the precious lock.

“That was fun?” said JR, “Let’s go for something better. Tying a dead knot with 2 plaits? How does that sounds?”

All the men went wild and bids were made instantaneously. “200,300,350,450,500!”

“$500 on Tammy! SOLD!”

This time around, a bald girl with a long fringe, covering half her face, and a long hair tail at the back walked towards Tammy, with her fully focused on Tammy long silky hair.

Instead of doing braids with 3 plaits, the girl took 2 plaits from the left side of Tammy’s head and began to tie dead knot after dead knot using her own hair. The length grew shorter and shorter until a rubber band was put in placed to secure the dead hair knot.

“Looks like that lock of hair is destined to be cut off as it’s beyond restoration! Now for the final bidding game for this round, chewing gum on 1 of their plaits! On both girls!”

“$1200 on Tammy! $1000 on Raven!”

The two girls pulled out the chewing gums in their mouth and stuck it on one of their plaits and the plaits are rolled about the chewing gum until it became a sticky hair ball.

“Now we will start with a quiz for both girls. Answer the question correct, the other girl will have 1 plait snip off, answer the question wrongly; her own plait will be snipped off, simple as that. There is no way you two will smoke through this; I have all the answers to these questions.”

The girls are now positioned towards JR and the quiz began.

“Tammy, did you ever wanted to cut off Raven’s long thick brown hair before?”

“NO!” Tammy replied strongly, “And that’s the wrong answer, you told me you wanted to shave her bald that night she was flirting away with a hunk using her hair, Girl, go cut her plait off!” JR smirked as he spoke the truth.

The girl with the bob grab hold of the plait from her crown and cut it off, throwing it in her face, as Raven stared straight into Tammy’s eyes.

“Now Raven, did you cut off Tammy’s hair in college during biology class?”

“YES!” Raven replied strongly as well, wanting to take revenge on her best friend.

“That’s the truth people, so cut off Tammy’s hair again!”

This time, the plait on the right side of her head is snipped off.

“This is getting interesting by the minute, now Tammy, do you admit saying Raven’s a bitch for making out with your boyfriend during Prom night?” JR spoke softly, trying his best to incite the best friends.

“YEAH, DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE, JR!”, yelled Tammy

“That’s feisty, so now Raven’s going to pay the price with her plait cut off!”

The bald girl walked toward Raven’s back and chopped off the thick plait that was near her nape area.

“Now for the final question for Raven, did you ask the guys in the class to put 4 chewing gums on Tammy’s hair in college? Now that’s hard to admit to”, giggled JR.

“No I didn’t, I didn’t”, Raven defended herself, “Wrong answer” and the bald girl snip off the plait near to her fringe.

Now both girls were furious and mad with each other antics in the past and vowed to get even in the next round.

“Now we will have our second bidding round and there are 2 choices to be made. First choice, to have one of their long hairs completely covered with hair gel, to make it more silky and shiny. The second choice is to cover on of their long hair with eggs and flour! To add volume and colour to it!” JR announced to the crowd

The crowd went nuts, so did the girls. “HAIR GEL? EGGS AND FLOUR? WHAT KIND OF SICK GAME IS THIS! LET US OUT OF HER” both the screamed and yelled, but their voice was nothing compared to the roar from the men.

“$2000, Eggs, Tammy; $2500, Gel, Raven; $3000, Gel, Tammy; $3000 also, Eggs, Raven; any more bidders? NO? THEN IT”S CONFIRMED!”

The hunky men brought Tammy and Raven respectively off from the barber chair and into a glass container with a huge bucket hanging above it. As Raven was escorted to the container, the bald girl threw eggs on her hair, soaking her locks with egg white and yolk.

Both girls and secured in the containers and the crowd began to countdown.

“ FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO,ONE!” and the bucket turned over and Tammy was slimed all over her body and hair with hair gel, while Raven was covered in a batter of egg yolk, egg whites and flour.

The men opened the container and brought Tammy and Raven back onto their chairs while the two girls carried a bucket in their hand and walked towards the two slimed girls.

The bob girl began to massage Tammy’s hair and she got aroused by it, for no apparent reason, but maybe it’s caused by the glue-like characteristics of the gel. She started to wet her panties again as the girl stroke every strand of her brown hair with the gel. She then took out a wide tooth comb and combed all her hair to the back, showing off her shiny forehead.

The bald girl also massaged Raven’s hair and her tits started to tighten up with chills sent down her spine. The batter was spread evenly within the spaces in her locks as her hair looked as though it grew by 200%. She even let out a moan as the bald girl combed hair to the back as well.

“Now for the final game, people who bid the winner correctly will get the loser’s hair. And girls, there are some rules in this final faceoff. All around the arena, you can see many weapons you can utilize during the game. You will only be given a pair of scissors to cut each other’s hair off. The one who cut off more than ¾ of the hair will be the winner and the loser have to shave their head bald, but if both you did not manage to cut off each other’s hair till that length, both of you will be bald!”

The crowd roared as Tammy and Raven stared at each other mercilessly.

“Ding” and the 5 minutes showdown began.

Tammy ran straight towards Raven with the scissors in her hand. Raven went off in the opposite direction and spotted a rope on the ground. She rolled onto the floor and grabbed the rope and thrown it towards Tammy’s leg. Tammy tripped and Raven rushed towards and her and began to snip of her hair. She got hold of 1 huge chuck of the brown end highlights and cut it off. Tammy quickly got onto her feet and pushed Raven onto the ground hard. She sat on her breast as her scissors flew across her fringe and now the fringe was an inch above her eyebrows. At the same time, while on the ground, Raven held onto Tammy’s fringe as well as it fell directly in front of Raven’s eyes and she snipped of 2 inches of it on the left.

Hair began to scatter all around the arena and time is quickly ticking away. Tammy grabbed hold of the rope that was thrown at her earlier and tied up Raven’s leg. Raven resisted but she was no match for Tammy’s strength as she dragged her towards the barber chair in the centre of the arena, with a clipper on the seat. Tammy reached out for the clipper and immediately plunged it into Raven’s crown and her hair cascaded down with a bald patch appearing in the middle of all Raven’s batter soaked hair. Raven head butted Tammy and the impact sent her falling onto the ground. Raven quickly released the rope and using it to tie Tammy’s legs. Raven pressed Tammy face down into the ground and pinned her hands down with her legs. Now the clipper is in Raven’s hand. She attacked Tammy’s nape and her long silky black hair fell off her head and slid down the contours of her head and the clippers going through the long locks of hair. Tammy turned her body around and slithered away from Raven as her body was also covered in gel. Tammy untied herself and ran towards a table with a belt and shaving razor on it. She took the belt and whipped it on Raven’s back as she whimpered. Then Tammy tied the belt to Raven’s neck and secured to the barber chair that was steps away. With the razor in her hand, she began to hack off Raven’s her with efficiency, not wanting to lose her hair as well.

“Time’s up! From what I’m able to see up here, it looks like both girls is going to be shaved bald!” THE MEN WENT NUTS AGAIN, chanting and shouting for the girls to be shaved bald.

The girls were shocked, their hair, long and beautiful was about to be sheared off their head. The men grabbed them by their and strapped them back on the barber chair. They were facing each other as the men ensured the straps are tight.

The bob girl walked towards Tammy and randomly cut chunks of Tammy’s hair and flung them in the air. The sight of hair falling from the sky got all the men in the arena aroused. The girl continued snipping away her hair, as she grabbed hold of mini ponytails and cuts it off at the base. Soon, Tammy was only left with black stubble of uneven lengths. The bob girl then wrapped her head with a warm towel and rubbed it hard. Once she removed the towel, the razor went straight to her scalp and she started shaving. Tammy was getting high, her panties were totally wet and sticky and she was moaning throughout the entire shaving process.

Now it was Raven’s turn and the bald girl did not even hesitate to use the clipper. She grabbed hold of her hair from the back and began to shave off her nape. After that was done, she walked to the front of Raven and shaved along her hair parting. The sheared hair slid off and cascaded down in front of Raven’s eyes. But her hair was too thick to shave off, due to the batter mixture. So they tied a rope on her leg and hung her up in the air. The batter slowly dripped onto the ground as her shaved nape and crown was visible to the crowd. The men brought out a huge paper shredder and placed it directly below Raven’s lifeless mane. They slowly lowered her down as her hair crept closer and closer to the hair-eating machine.


The hair immediately got shred off inch by inch as the machine started to consume her thick tresses. Short hair was displaced at the bottom of the shredder and the crowd cheered on. Suddenly, the long thick hair got caught in the blades of the machine and the bald girl had no choice but to cut of the hair that is stuck in it. Raven is slowly lowered onto the ground and is left with almost a bowlcut with 2 inch hair stubbles popping out from the crown area. The bald girl had a much easier job to do and pinned her onto the ground and continued shaving her until she is left with little hair stubbles.

Both the girls were totally bald and then torture ended. The crowd left the stands as the girls was left alone in the middle of the arena under the spotlight.

“This is for the hard work that you had provided for us today!”JR walked towards the girls with a stack of money and some of their hair. He threw it at their face and immediately, the 4 men blindfolded them and brought them onto a van waiting outside the arena. They drove Tammy and Raven back to the spot that they were hijacked and left them there. Both the girls looked at each other and immediately hugged each other as they wept in the dark alley. They vowed to take revenge on JR when the time comes.

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