The Empty Nest Pt 2 Jean’s Journey

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“You are bald mom, you have shaved your head, what other crazy things have you got up to, I have been gone barely a week and you seem to have gone nuts.” Shouted Jenny over their video connection. “Dad said you had cut your hair, short, but you have shaved it, to the skin, what in hell were you thinking?”

“Jen, cut it out right now, remember that I am still your mother, and even though you may have very recently attained adult status, I am about three times your age and for those reasons alone you have no right to speak to me like that.  On matters like this I only answer to myself, and to some extent, your father.  Now, if you have nothing else to say or ask, we can speak again when you have a more civil tongue in your head.  Good bye for now.” And Jean closed the screen of her laptop.

Bill came up behind her and put his arms around her shoulders, kissing her lightly on her head, his lips lingering on her smooth scalp. “Wow, you sure let her have it.  When you call her Jen I know she is really in trouble, and she must know it too.  I have never heard you so assertive, that took some guts.”

“I know I came down hard on her but she will calm down, I hope.  I suppose I can expect a call from Will in minutes; she will have got straight onto her brother.” Jean answered, opening her laptop again.  Instead her cell phone rang.  She picked it up, it was Will.

“Hi son.” Jean said in greeting.

“Hi mom, just got off the phone with Jenny, she gave me an earful, is it true, you have shaved your head?” he asked.

“Yes, I wanted a changed and was tired of touching up grey roots, so I went all the way.  I have got to like the feel and am coming to the conclusion that I would probably rather be bald than grey. ”

“What does Dad have to say?” asked Will.

“Dad supports me all the way and is quite happy with me staying like this for a while.” Answered Jean, opening the way for her children to get used to having a bald mother for the foreseeable future.

“Look Mom, if you are comfortable with such a drastic change and Dad is too, you have my support.  I need to be in Boston in two weeks  time and have planned our trip so we can spend a night with you.  Juanita is coming with me so you can get to meet her.  I must run now.  They are just about to board the chopper to take us out to the oil rig, but will see you soon, love you and bye. Love to Dad.”

Jean hardly had time to say her goodbyes when the disconnect message came up.  She looked up at Bill who had heard the whole call over the phone speaker while he had been softly massaging Jeans head, something he seemed to do at every opportunity.  In fact he had become more attentive and loving during the past week since Jean had had her head shaved.  He also spent more time at home, returning much sooner from clients than previously.  Jean stood and gave Bill a hug, her head rubbing his cheek, and then turning to give him a full open mouth kiss, her tongue searching for and twisting around his.  He responded enthusiastically as her hips ground against his swelling penis.

There was a lot of closeness, fondling, cuddling and caressing, and eventually the hurt of Jenny’s misplaced outburst diminished.

The next day was a grey day with mushy snow on the ground, light flakes still falling.  Bill had a call to make and Jean took the opportunity to see her hairdresser.  Iris had a few moments and welcomed Jean into the salon, looking up at the beanie. “You said you just needed a few minutes to talk, what seems to be the problem?”

Jean indicated a seat at the rear of the salon, took a chair there and removed her beanie. Iris hid her surprise. “Oh.” She said, ”I take it this is by choice?”

Jean nodded “I needed a change, and no reflection on you, I am tired of touching up and dyeing the grey.”

“So you are going to just grow it out?” said Iris, hopefully.

“Actually I enjoy being like this, so I am thinking of keeping my head shaved for a while.  I know I picked the wrong time of the year but I do keep my head warm.” She answered, waving the beanie.

“I assume Bill does the shaving?” Iris reached up and felt Jeans head. “It feels like it was done this morning, smooth job and nicely moisturised.  If you ever want to be spoiled, I can do a razor shave for you too, straight razor if you like, I have plenty of experience.  My wife wears a crew cut during the summer and I often give her a white wall, which then also shows the tattoos on the back of her head beautifully.”

Jean had a cup of coffee with Iris, telling her she might just take her up on her offer some time.  Once in her car again and when the wipers had removed the light film of snow from the windscreen, Jean slowly drove across the parking lot when the sign ‘Tattoos and Piercings’ caught her eye.  She pulled up in front of the shop and sat thinking for a while.  After Jenny’s remark asking what other crazy things she had got up to, she again felt a touch of annoyance.  Why not, if I am accused, why not be guilty? She thought and walked into the palour.

“Morning Ma’am, what can we do for you?” asked a young blonde girl, piercings and tattoos all over her.

“Piercings?” asked Jean.

“Certainly Ma’am, where were you thinking?”

“Belly button?” replied Jean.

“I can do these with my eyes closed,” chuckled the girl, “but I promise I won’t.  Anything in particular?” she asked, laying a tray of assorted rings and bars on the counter.

Jean looked through the assortment and picked out a bowed bar with a blue jewel on one end and a ball on the other. “How about this one?” she asked.

“Vertical bar with a jewel and a screw ball. Good choice, through the top?”

“Sorry…..what?” jean asked.

“Through the top of the navel, the jewel placed in the navel itself.” the girl explained.

“Oh, yes, that is what I had in mind. Thank you.”

The girl led her into a curtained off section at the back of the shop and asked Jean to loosen her slacks and lift her top.  In what seemed like a flash Jean was looking at a blue stone, a bit smaller than a pea adorning her belly.  Even though it had been slightly painful, she smiled, pleased at the result. “What about nipple piercings?” Jean asked.

The girl looked a little surprised and said, “Easy, a bar again?”

“No, I was thinking of rings and both nipples but something thicker and bigger than ordinary sleeper rings.”

The girl came back with another tray with an assortment of only rings this time.  Jean picked out two rings about three quarters of an inch across and about an eighth of an inch thick.

“These have ball connectors, and this size is going to be rather painful for a first time piercing, but we can start smaller and stretch the nipples.” She offered. She lifted her T shirt and showed Jean her own nipples which had rings in them, about twice as thick as the ones Jean had chosen. “These were stretched over a period of three months, but then I do not like pain so I took it slowly.”

Jean looked at all the girl’s piercings, but did not comment on them, instead she said, “I gave birth to two children, so let’s see if I still have a good pain threshold, we’ll go with the ones I chose. I suppose I have to strip?”

“Please, just the top.” Ventured the girl.

Jean pulled off her beanie and the girl’s eyes grew wide. “It’s shaved, by choice, I love it and I plan to keep like that for a long time.” She explained.

“Shit, that is cool, I have an under shave and my boyfriend has been on at me to go all the way, but I don’t know.  Maybe one day I may feel like it?” she said, pulling off her glove and reaching up to rub her hand across the shaved head, before Jean could even answer her.  Perhaps she had to get used to people rubbing her head without permission now that she was bald.

The piercings were painful as warned, and Jean had to grit her teeth as the needle passed through her nipples and the rings were pushed through, also as the balls were screwed onto their threads locking the rings in place, but it was soon over and all she had was a bit of a sting that lessened soon enough.  She was given an instruction sheet on how to treat piercings and prevent infections, plus a small bottle of surgical spirits.

Once back in her car, she could not believe that she had actually had body piercings done, especially at her age.  She gently felt her now swollen nipples through the thick clothing she had on, and sure enough, the rings were there, and, sitting there, she could even feel the belly ring, but then she felt something else – an itch on her pubes.  It was over a week since she had shaved there and had neglected her pussy since thenSomething to take care of when she got home, and then she saw the beauty parlour sign, it advertised waxing – why not?

It was a smart shop with several clients being attended to, one was having her eyebrows threaded and another was having her face shaved, a woman having her face shaved?

“It is called dermal planning.” Said a voice behind her.  “It removes the fine hairs on the face and makes the application of makeup easier.  It also removes dead skin.  It is becoming very popular.  What can we do for you?”

“You do waxing.” Jean said, more a statement than a question.

“What were you thinking of?” asked the attendant, looking at Jeans face and noting that no waxing was needed there.

“Pubic?” asked Jean.

“Certainly, no problem. We are a little busy now, if you would like to wait a few minutes, no wait, I see the cubicle has just been vacated, please come this way.”

Jean stepped into the cubicle and took off her beanie, once again a surprised stare but no comment this time.  Stripping off her lower garments and hanging them up, she sat on the chair and placed her feet in the stirrups as instructed.  The attendant looked at Jean’s pubes. “The hair is a bit short but just long enough, also it is soft so I am sure it will be alright, and you want it all off again?” Jean nodded. “Just be warned, it is a painful procedure, especially the first time. Are you Ok with that?”

A bit more pain today, I think I can handle that, Jean thought to herself. “Yes, I expected that, go ahead.”

It was painful and, because the stubble was short, several places required a second waxing, but the results were worth the suffering, and after the application of a topical cream, Jean was amazed at how sensuous it felt.  Bill is in for some surprises tonight.

Unfortunately it was Jean who was in for the surprise. Just about everything hurt, her nipples were very tender and she could hardly touch the rings.  Her pubis ached so that she could not wear panties and the very idea of sex made her shudder.  Only her belly piercing hardly hurt at all. While Bill was thrilled with the modifications Jean had made, he had to be content with her resting her head on his chest in bed and just talking while he caressed her smooth head.

Gently touching Jean’s vagina hood, he asked “what about a piercing here?”

“I have had it with piercings for time the time being, I am even having second thoughts about waxing again, but I believe that after waxing a while pubic hair does not grow back, which would be nice.” Jean said thoughtfully.

“I wonder how that would work on the scalp.” mused Bill.

“Actually Mary and I discussed that, but we both agreed that permanent hair removal on our heads sort of defeated the whole purpose of being shaved.  We both enjoy the feeling of having our heads shaved, it is really erotic, that’s something you didn’t know now, did you? Anyway being a woman with a head that is shaved, knowing that her hair can be grown out if desired and has been removed because she wanted it is almost a naughty feeling, like stolen fruit.  I do feel sorry for women who have lost their hair through no fault of their own, and Mary and I wish we could somehow convince them that our shaved heads are not to mock them, but I suppose we will always run across some people who take offence at the slightest thing.”

Bill did not answer; he just continued stroking Jean’s head.

On Wednesday morning Jean received an SMS, it read ‘skype 2nite @ 2100 est   pls’, it was from Jenny. Jean and Bill looked at the message and each other, a little concerned.  Jean rubbed her head, it was not smooth, at least not smooth enough in case the call ended in another confrontation.

“Bill, I need a good shave.  I want it completely smooth and shiny for tonight just in case we have another upset.” Jean said to Bill.

At nine that night Bill and Jean were at the laptop, Jean’s head showing not the slightest sign of a five o’clock shadow and shining from the oil she had applied to it, exactly on time Jenny rang through.

“Hi mom, hi dad” they could see that she had scanned her screen and see that both her parents were there. “I want to apologise for my outburst on Sunday night.  I was completely out of line and had no right to try dictate to you what you should do with your life. It turns out there are several young women here on campus who are bald for some or other reason and I took the opportunity to speak to some of them. One women suffering from alopecia had some negative remarks when I mentioned you had shaved your head.  I would rather not repeat what she said.  Another who is undergoing chemo said that hair is the least of her problems and would be quite happy to remain bald if it meant getting rid of the cancer.  The others were noncommittal as though it was no big deal at all.  Looking at you now mom, you actually look pretty good and I can accept your reasons for going bald.  Rather bald than grey makes quite a good slogan.”

“Thanks Jenny, that was pretty big of you, apology accepted. Have you spoken to Will again?” Jean said, still a bit surprised from the about-turn.

“Yes, he was partly responsible for my change of mind, he told me to cool it.  I believe he will be seeing you next week.  I wish I could be there but it is too early in the semester and I have volunteered for some interesting research work.”

They spoke for a while longer and then shut off with the usual mutual cordial good byes.  Relieved that things had turned out so well and Bill completed taken with the lights reflecting off Jeans shining head, they were soon in their bedroom.  Lying together completely naked, Bill wondered what Jenny would have to say about Jean’s piercings while he gently played with one of her nipple rings.  They agreed that some things were best kept on a need to know basis.

Jean decided that she needed to pursue her journey as a hairless woman, so she did her shopping the next week ‘uncovered’.  She went to malls and shops she did not usually frequent and watched the responses she got.  It was much as Mary had told her when they first spoke, and she could see why Mary could so easily laugh about what others did and how they reacted to seeing a bald woman.  Surreptitious, curious or admiring looks were the usual responses and she would find people, both men and women seeming to stalk her around the shops, like them just being there whenever she rounded an aisle.  The funniest thing was a man who could not take his eyes off her and ended up walking into a huge pyramid of toilet rolls, scattering them all over the supermarket floor.

Will arrived at around midday as expected; with him was a stunning girl.  She had dark hazel eyes and perfectly arched brows, thick and black, her complexion was flawless with beautifully formed lips coloured in a satin texture bright red lipstick. Her thick pitch black hair hung almost to her slender waist.  They shook hands as Will introduced Juanita to his parents.  Beautiful as she was, Jean sensed a feeling of animosity; perhaps it was in response to her bald head which Will must have told Juanita about.  Bill seemed unaware of any uneasiness but Jean spent an uncomfortable afternoon and supper was no less strained. Later Will and Juanita went outside to smoke; Jean happened to go into the kitchen and overheard them in a heated discussion on the back porch outside the kitchen window.  Juanita was venting her disgust at Jean’s shaved head.  “Your mother must be ‘loco’ to shave her head bald.  Only crazy people do things like that.  If I was your father I would beat her like a dog.”

“Cut it out Nita, you are a guest in their house and what my mother does…..”

Jean did not wait to hear the remainder of Will’s retort, she was too furious to think of a fitting response.  The rest of the evening turned even more unpleasant; soon Bill too sensed that something was wrong.  Eventually Will said they needed to make an early start the next morning because he had to find accommodation in Boston etc., and the all went to upstairs to the bedrooms.

After breakfast Will and Juanita said their goodbyes, Will saying that he may drop in on their return journey the next weekend.  As they pulled off they waved from the car, Jean was sure that Juanita’s wave turned into zap sign.

Mary took the afternoon off on the next Saturday and was there when Will drove up to the house. He was alone.  After the necessary formalities, Will seemed to take an immediate liking to Mary, after refreshments were served Jean asked where Juanita was.

“Yes, Nita!” Will replied, “We booked into a motel near the university but Juanita found fault with everything, the room, the food, the weather, Boston, you name it.  It ended up in a huge argument on the second night and she made some rather rude remarks about you being bald mom. I got so furious that I told her that if it was not for the fact that she went to her cousin’s beauty salon every six weeks for her depilation treatments, she would probably look like a monkey.  That did it.  She started screaming and throwing things at me, anything she could lay her hands on.  Somebody must have dialled 911 and the cops arrived with the manager.  She was still screaming and when the cops tried to calm her down, but she took a swing at one of them.  They cuffed her and took her away – of course.”

“I suspected that there was a vicious streak behind all that beauty.” remarked Jean.

“I went to the cop shop the next morning to try sort out what had happened to Nita, but she was not there.  It turns out that she was an illegal immigrant; she had been taken away by the INS and was looking at deportation.  I went back to the motel, packed her things and took them back to the precinct to see if they could get them to her.  The sergeant was rather surprised that I was so unconcerned and almost hinted that I could prevent her deportation if I married her, but this was not the first serious set to we had had, and hard as it may seem, I am actually relieved it is over.” Said Will resolutely.

They all sat silently for a while, Mary pressing Will’s arm comfortingly. Will placed his hand on Mary’s and smiled a thank you at her.

Jean said, to ease the tension, “We have never heard how it is that you came to be bald Mary?”

“That is a long sad story, perhaps better for another time.” answered Mary.



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