The Vintage Barber

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Faith was married and both her and her husband were friends of my wife and I. Our kids had played ball together over the years -and we became occasional friends, mostly at the ballpark. The one thing I really liked about Faith was her hair. Always super short and stylish. My wife, due to my constant nagging had shorter hair, but nothing to drastic. Fast forward many years and after my divorce of nearly 10 years, I ran into Faith at the local mall and we spoke about the past. She was also recently divorced (after 25 years) and was adjusting to the single scene again. We agreed to have a few drinks one evening and began to hang out often. Oddly enough, her hair was longer, and after a few drinks one evening, I mentioned that she once wore her hair really short, and was she letting it grow? “reluctantly yes, I suppose” there are not many guys that like the whole short hair deal” she said. “My ex husband freking hated my hair, and always commented that I looked like one of the guys,” I like it really short – but most guys don’t – i guess.” I told her a bit more of my affection for short hair and after a few cocktails, the conversation turned into a full blown hair discussion. “So hypothetically, if we were dating, you would want me to go short”?

Not really knowing what her idea of short was, I answered with a definite yes, and the conversation deepened. “Mike, I’m not sure we’re on the same page. When I think short, I think clippers, barbershop and the whole nine yards – just what is your idea of short”? Now after the 4 or so Vodka and cranberries -it just slipped out. “I can’t think of anything sexier than my partner (???) sitting in a barbers chair getting a clipper cut!” “I’ve always loved super short hair on women.” And with a kind of shit eating grin, Faith said, “so we’ll go tomorrow morning, to a barbershop, and you would like it if I got a super short cut”? As my mind raced, I said, “not only will we go, I’ll make the arrangements, tell the barber what to do, and pay the bill!” “Sounds great, we’ll get up early to beat the crowd at the shop.” That statement was an invitation to stay the night at her place, and I was a perfect gentleman.

The next morning, were off, Starbucks, and drove to a small barbershop, near the square.  where I had gotten a haircut previously, and I knew they welcomed female customers. We walked in and were greeted by a older African American lady, super sweet and polite. looking at me, she asked me to sign in and she would be right back with me. “Its all you Faith, sign in” I said with a grin. We sat down and several folks entered the shop, including a younger women with several kids. The Shop was busy, and the barber walked up from the back and read the sign in sheet. “Faith, your next” and she quickly turned and walked toward her station. Faith followed her over and they began to chat. After a few seconds, Faith motioned for me to walk over and with a quick smile said, “I told her we both love my hair short, so explain what you like.”  Slightly embarrassed, but not really, I said, “I think we agreed an a super short, flattop style – what do you think?” The barber, Ruth, smiled and said, ” I think that would work well, we’ll take her down to the skin on the back and sides, with a little left up top to play with.” With a tight wrap of a tissue on her neck, and a quick spray of lubricant on her clippers, the only words spoken for the next 15 minutes were “head down.” After what seemed like an hour of the loud clippers on Faith’s head, she stepped out of the chair with a perfect, super tight, flattop – whitewalls and a classic horseshoe top. We walked out and Faith exclaimed, “not in my wildest dreams would I think that would happen.” “it feels liberating and as long as you like it, I’m in heaven!”

I told her she looked amazing and we drove home for a quick…..

Faith and I dated seriously and spent as much time as possible together – with our work schedules… She had been staying at my place for a few weeks as she had contractors working on a small renovation at her home, which took about 3 weeks or so. We met for dinner one evening and Faith said she had a surprise for me at her house, and we would check it out after dinner. What, a puppy, new kitchen,??? We finished dinner and drove to her place. We settled in and she walked me down the hallway to the spare bedroom. “Check it out” she said with a smile as she opened the door. I walked in to see the room transformed into an old fashioned barbershop, complete with a barber pole, price list on the wall, and every clipper, comb amd cape known to man. The chair was the old fashioned crank chair, with the hanging belt. The floor was old cracked tile and the place even had a smell of an old barbershop. On the wall in front of the chair was a poster of an old timey selection of haircuts – all for men, and all super short!

“Holy shit, what’s all this for”? I asked. “Well, I just took a leap of “FAITH” I suppose and thought that after our many conversations over the past few months, I thought you really enjoyed my short haircuts, would love to be my barber, and whatever else comes with all that –  It sure makes me melt” So with my fetish for super short hair, this was right up my alley! “I can do this” I said with a grin!

“I bought what the folks at the barber supply store said I needed, cpaes, guards, clippers – everything! I spent almost $1000 on the supplies alone” Even an instructional video collection, if you need it, but based on our past conversations, youtube has taught you well” “You don’t say” I said with a shit eating grin from hell!

So crazy… and fast forward six months or so. Each Saturday, Faith walked in her newly finished shop ( we moved in together) where I waited as if I were the barber. She grabbed a ticket from the vintage ticket clicker she purchased, and had a seat in one of the three chairs she had outfitted the room with. Most times, without a word said, I completely clippered her down with the triple 000 blade- with a squared Flat Top – that youtube shit really paid off. At times, I would ask her what all real barbers seem to ask, “how short are we going” -which I never paid any mind too! It’s been almost 3 years and it never, ever gets old. Faith’s hair is always a topic of conversation at dinners and when we go out. She’s even started to get mid week clean ups, and the sex afterwards is incredible. Who would have known that (2) -50+ singles would enjoy a “haircut fetish” as much. Every now an then, we’ll stop by a local shop to get her clippered by a so called “professional”. She likes the thought of me watching her get shorn, and there is really nothing she can do but sit silently. Crazy, how a simple hair fetish can bring you together like nothing else!

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