As eagle eyed visitors may have noticed I’ve added a new forum to the site. It’s become obvious over the past few weeks that members of the site want to interact and there’s no outlet that enables that. To that end the new forum section has been added. If you’ve already got an account with … Continued

Site Update – Likes

Hi everyone, another quick update to announce the intriduction of a like button to all posts and the removal of the old ratings system. At the bottom of each posts there is a thumb’s up symbol which, if clicked will thank the author for their submission. The total number of likes is logged and is … Continued

Quick Update

Hi everyone, just a quick update on my previous post. Thanks for all your great feedback and words of encouragement. Life hasn’t got any less busy but I’m working on improvements to the site which should be along shortly. Another thank you to everyone who’s offered to help with the running of the site. I’ll … Continued

Important Site Notice

Hi everyone, in response to some of the recent posts and comments that have been published I thought I’d clear up a few things and explain how this site works. For starters, there isn’t an ‘administrator team’ or ‘developer team’, it’s just me. I’ve enjoyed creating and maintaining the website but with the amount of … Continued May – July 2016 Contest

Our friends over at are giving away 10 videos for free to people who post stories on their forum. To be in with a chance of winning one of these videos, contestants must post their story to this site first. Once it is posted there, just post a link to it on the TA77 forum in the … Continued


Hello everyone and welcome to an all new site which we hope will house the best archive of haircutting stories on the internet. Please bear with us while the site is in it’s infancy. We’ll be building up the story archive and ironing out any issues our users have.