15 Feet, 8 inches (Pt.1)

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Annalea and Kaitlyn were walking home from college classes on a warm fall Friday. The wind was hardly noticeable, leaving trees and bushes undisturbed, and a pleasant stillness to their afternoon. The two friends were close, having spent years getting to know each other. They were brought even closer by their similar hairstyles; impossibly thick long, floor length tresses. They shared the same problems that came with maintaining such long hair, and in a funny sort of way, that brought the two together.

Annalea took great care in her lustrous mane, all 4′ 11″ of straight, golden-brown hair she brushed and combed at least once a day. Annalea’s hair fell around a pretty face, with the kind of classic, beautiful features you couldn’t quite place, at least outside of 1940s Hollywood. She trimmed her locks to keep them full and healthy, sometimes herself, sometimes with the help of Kaitlyn or other close friends. Annalea had never liked going to a salon, she felt embarrassed with the thought of a stylist judging her for her hair, let alone cutting it. Part of this embarrassment stemmed from anxiousness, another part from her own views on her hair. To Annalea, hair was somewhat of an intimate thing; something almost confidential or private. To some degree, she was even sexually fascinated with hair in general, another reason behind her hair salon aversion. Annalea refused to give the outside world, stylists, salons, access to something she believed to be so personal, so her hair grew, and it grew.

Kaitlyn’s locks were an astonishing 5 feet, 5 inches, at their shortest, that was. Kaitlyn usually kept her hair in long, loose cowlicks that walked the line between blowout curls and a regular straightened style. But they were now bundled up in a ponytail which brushed her lower legs as she walked. Her long, beautiful hair complemented her mesmerizing face. Her prominent, nearly bottomless eyes rested on thin cheekbones; a face that perfectly fit her bouncy, rich mane. Those same locks got her jealous, sometimes adoring looks as she walked by the other girls in her classes. Kaitlyn loved how her wealth of luscious waves was so indescribably thick that she could bury both hands deep into their silky volume and not see either one. Her friends often joked that if she were to put her hair in a ponytail, she couldn’t even wrap one hand around the ponytail fully.

Kaitlyn’s mind began to wander, she thought of the things she thought she’d heard about her behind her back in the halls between class, even though she didn’t know what others were saying, she knew it was about her. As much as she tried to put those thoughts aside, they annoyed her to no end, she truthfully concluded the thoughts weren’t really important at all.

“Hey Kaitlyn.”

“Yes?” Kaitlyn responded to Annalea.

“Take a look.” Annalea said, pulling out her phone. On it was a message from Ray, in a chat with Laila and both Annalea and Kaitlyn, their study group/apartment roommates. It read ‘Lets do something tonight ya? Thanksgiving break is all of next week’.

“Oh my gosh! I totally forgot we had break next week. We can totally do something.” Kaitlyn replied

“Yes! Last night I got dinner out, so I’m going to suggest we eat in the apartment to everyone else, even though it’s Friday.”

“You’re no fun,” Kaitlyn deadpanned. “But seriously, I wouldn’t mind that, as long as we’re not eating microwave food again.”

Annalea laughed, before replying to the chat ‘Yes, me and Kaitlyn are in’.

Hours after everyone ate, Kaitlyn got up from the couch, a lush brown waterfall of hair following her out of her spot on the sofa, returned to its voluminous, blown-out auburn waves. She walked down the spacious hallway, looking at herself in the reflections of the glass in wall-mounted picture frames as she walked. Did others see her as she saw herself? Did they see a pretty girl with a cute face and body, and hair that hung to the floor? She looked away as she entered the bathroom, a peculiarly massive room, about the size of a small bedroom. A modern tile wall surrounding a translucent glass-tiled floor opened up to her. Kaitlyn strode up to the mirror, sure, she was self-conscious, but she didn’t let herself live solely in the mirror. Kaitlyn tried to stay true to herself, inside and out, even when the voices of others sometimes made her think about how she looked.

A slight pain brought her out of her introspection, and she remembered why she went to the bathroom originally. Kaitlyn looked down to the frosted-glass drawers underneath the bathroom sink and counter. She opened up the topmost drawer, looking for the drawer containing her tampons. She instead found clippers, several hair ties and a pair of scissors. Her gaze lingered for a moment before she partially closed the drawer and opened the appropriate one.

Annalea sat back on the couch by her other two roommates, Ray and Laila. She was thinking. Recently she’d been considering giving herself a trim. Since she hadn’t been giving her hair much more attention than usual over the past few months or so, her hair had grown a little over two inches past its normal length. Annalea draped the ends of her locks over her lap, playing with the ends that she suddenly yearned to chop off. Annalea decided that this time, she’d rather cut her hair herself than with Kaitlyn or her other roommates, but if they asked to help, she wouldn’t decline. She got up from the couch, and slowly ran a hand through her thick tresses, shaking them out and enjoying how they bounced against her back and shoulders.

“Where you going?” Asked Laila, noticing Annalea standing up.

“Uh, my room.” Annalea said with a smile, noticing how Laila and Ray shared a look moments later. She was certain it wasn’t anything about her, judging by their timing. The look they gave each other didn’t suggest anything putatively romantic either, yet they had been holding each other’s gazes just a little bit longer than any two friends would. Whether they liked each other or not was none of her business, but they definitely could be a cute couple. She paused again, trying to remember where she put her scissors. She walked down the apartment hallway leading to her room. Normally, she cut her hair in the bathroom, but this time she felt more inclined to giving herself her trim in her room.

“Have you noticed how Annalea keeps to herself a bit more than usual?” Ray asked, his eyes darting from her hair to her eyes.

“Yeah, I couldn’t for the life of me tell why, but I noticed too. I mean, most of the time she’d reply with a bit more of a telling response than ‘my room,’ when I’d ask her where she’s off to.” Laila replied.

“Hope she’s okay, I mean I know she is, but I guess I’m still hoping so.”

“Yeah, me too.” Laila answered, with a confused smile on her face.

After searching her room for her scissors, she found nothing but her hair ties and a towel, which would be useful for keeping her trimmings off the floor. She retraced her steps, convinced she had put her scissors somewhere in one of her drawers, but to no avail. Now she was sure she had to trim her locks, and she wanted to keep that to herself, too. She silently undressed in her room, like she always did when she was cutting her hair solo, as to avoid hair clippings in her clothes, and secondarily because it just felt nice. Thankfully the hallway to the bathroom wasn’t visible to the living room, so she wouldn’t be seen nude. Walking down the hallway, she noticed that it didn’t just seem to be her haircuts she wanted to keep private, but more things too. She couldn’t quite explain it, as she surely wasn’t feeling down. It was just that, it was so easy to keep her hair to herself, wouldn’t it be just as easy to keep her life somewhat confidential too?

She mistakenly opened the unlocked bathroom door.

Annalea didn’t notice Kaitlyn until Kaitlyn yelped in surprise, standing up abruptly from the closed toilet she sat on next to the door. Kaitlyn was wearing nothing but her bra and T-shirt she walked into the bathroom with, having taken off everything else to tend to her more intimate matters. Shocked, she said the first thing that came to mind; “AnnaleaI’mnotbleedingdon’t worry!” realizing this would’ve been far more awkward if she was. The surprise knocked Annalea onto her butt, nearly tangling herself up in her own mane as it settled in a pile on top of her. The cold tile floor surprised her, but it was Kaitlyn that sent a tingling chill down her spine. Kaitlyn kneeled down, not initially noticing that Annalea was naked under her opaque blanket of dark-blonde locks.

“Are you okay?” Kaitlyn asked.

“Yes,” Annalea responded, flushed. “I was just grabbing some scissors for my hair.”

Noticing that her roommate wasn’t wearing any underwear or pants either, Annalea pushed herself into a sitting position. Her blond-brown waves cascaded to either side of her breasts, bathing her entire body in wonderful, pleasurable tingles.

“I guess that makes two of us.” She stated, noticing she wasn’t the only one at least partially nude.

“Not quite,” Kaitlyn retorted, a sly grin on her face, as she was still wearing her top. She pulled her shirt over her head and then her bra. “Now that makes two of us.” She added, now completely nude.

“Hang on… You’re not…” Annalea stuttered, unsure how to react to what she was seeing.

“Ew, no. That would be gross. And wait… Since when did you start cutting your hair naked?”

“Since whenever I started trimming my hair by myself.” Annalea replied. “I should probably go do this in my room, instead.” As Annalea moved to get up, Kaitlyn stepped back to give her space to rise. Kaitlyn felt one of her feet slip back on one of Annalea’s long, straight locks, sending her falling right onto Annalea. “Ow.” Annalea muttered.

“Ahfyumokay?” Asked Kaitlyn, her voice muffled between her hair in her mouth and both of Annalea’s boobs, which she’d fallen face-down into. After seeing Annalea’s confused, curious, and slightly mischievous expression, she readjusted herself and asked if Annalea was okay once again.

“Yeah,” Annalea said. “I’m alright, I feel pretty good actually.” She added with a grin. “This almost feels wrong… But the thing is, both of us are straight, so… I don’t even know how to feel right now.”

Kaitlyn paused before responding again, giggling. “Who said you had to be gay to fuck another girl?”

Ray and Laila sat on the couch, kissing each other passionately. ‘Making out’ was probably the better term, the way their lips connected, and their hands wrapped around each other. The two had kept their love for each other a secret for the last month, as neither knew what kind of a relationship they had fallen into. For the time being, neither Kaitlyn nor Annalea knew how Ray and Laila felt about each other, at least beyond mild suspicions.

“Oh my gosh.” Laila breathed, lying atop her lover. She pulled her face up enough to speak, her forehead still brushing his. Laila vainly attempted to push an exceptionally thick lock of her light brown 6′ 10″ hair back from Ray’s face, but without any luck. Just like the rest of her crowning glory, it fell tightly around her and Ray’s faces in a curtain so thick it blocked almost all the dim living-room light, simultaneously leaving the enclosed space between their faces hot with both of their breath. Ray didn’t mind this, Laila was pretty pretty, with cute, soft features, and perfect eyes that calmly, politely drew your attention to them. She swallowed and let one of Ray’s hands rove through the mass of thick blowout curls that pooled on her back, while his other hand traced her soft, pretty curves. Laila gently pulled her head back more, allowing her shock of bouncy, light-brown hair to slide past his own shoulder-length chocolate hair, and down his bare chest. She didn’t want Ray to know just yet how much she was turned on by having so much hair to play with, even though all the annoyances of such long tresses left her yearning to go shorter, deciding to let that wait until they’d fucked for the first time. She let her mind wander away from this contradiction and back to Ray.

“I think we should take this somewhere more… private.” Ray concluded quietly. Both of them had already taken their shirts off, but that wasn’t enough.

“I agree.” Laila whispered. Together, they got up to find somewhere secluded enough where they could take things a little further.

“Oh! Fuck!” Kaitlyn yelped from where she was standing in the bathroom, her knees buckling under the waves of her orgasm.

She slid back against the tiled wall, unable to keep her balance, and landed in a sitting position on the edge of the alcove bathtub with one leg hanging on the edge. Kaitlyn’s other leg lay outside the tub, covered in her soft auburn tresses which hung from the top of her head past her feet, even in her bolt upright position where she sat with her back arched outwards and her eyes closed. Kaitlyn’s mane still covered most of her face and hands too, as she pulled them over the bottom half of her face. Kaitlyn pressed two thick handfuls of her 5′ long locks up to her face, loving how they tightly framed and obscured her delicate, beautiful features. Her bouncy, nearly endless auburn waves, if nothing else, granted her privacy from the world around her in how they covered her cheeks and her gorgeous eyes. Those eyes locked on Annalea, with a mischievous smile etched into her face after what they’d just shared.

Annalea pulled her fingers from Kaitlyn’s clit, gently brushing Kaitlyn’s hair away from her sopping wet pussy, sharing the same mischievous grin. “Wouldn’t want your beautiful hair getting as wet as you or me.” She leaned in closer, allowing Kaitlyn’s mane to fall from her hands over Annalea’s face. A rich curtain of dark brown tresses was the only thing keeping Annalea’s lips off of Kaitlyn’s inner thigh.

“I… I… Just had to make sure I was still straight.” Kaitlyn exhaled after a long and slightly awkward moment.

“Yep. Me t-”

Just then, Laila opened the bathroom door. Her expression changed from shock, to embarrassment, to a furtive kind of glee. Ray stood right behind her, not at all sure what to say.

Kaitlyn and Annalea jumped back in unison, startled. Kaitlyn stayed sitting on the rim of the bathtub, her head leaned back against the wall and her eyes closed. All 5-and-a-half feet of her beautiful tumble of locks framed her bare shoulders, tits and perfect curves. Annalea rested sitting up against the adjacent wall, hiding her immense arousal at this moment behind a weak smile. Perhaps it was just coincidence that the thought of her trimming her hair crossed her mind as she looked on at Kaitlyn, Ray and Laila. Perhaps, she thought, the intimacy and/or privacy of evening up her own locks gave way to some of the same intimacy she was sharing with her roommates.

“Hey.” Was all Annalea could manage as her mind drifted back to the present.

“…Sorry?” Ray responded, turning to leave for his room. Laila gently grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom instead.

“Mind if we join you?” Laila offered with a grin on her face.

“Not at all.” Annalea replied. “Please do!” Annalea and Kaitlyn got up as Laila met the two with a hug and a laugh. Laila felt Annalea’s hand underneath the back of her shirt, quietly undoing her bra strap while they embraced. With one hand, Laila entwined her hand in Kaitlyn’s luscious mane as she hugged her too. Kaitlyn hugged Laila tighter, an astute, playfully curious look crossing her features. With her other hand, she moved to remove the T-shirt from an utterly dumbfounded Ray.


(End of Pt.1, Pt.2 will include all of the sex in some lovely detail 😉

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