Loss of precious hair

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Let’s just say I am a little obsessed with my hair it doesn’t help that most people can’t stop saying how amazing it is.

They run theirs fingers through it say “wow it’s so soft, I’m so jealous.”

My hair is basically my pride in joy it reaches all the way down to my butt (32 inches) is super thick (12 inches),my hair is the perfect shade of auburn brown and it falls down my back in natural loose waves and is super soft.

I guess you could say I have model quality hair every day before school I spend 3 hours doing it, while most kids wake up late I’m up early doing my hair. I first brush, that usually takes 25 minutes because of how thick and long it is I then add coconut oil. Then I go to the shower and let the condition sit there for 12 minutes before I put in the moisturizer then rinse again and hop out of the shower. To brush for another 25 minutes and blow dry to then brush while adding detangling spray.

When I’m tired I sometimes put it in a high ponytail and curl my hair to at least have some style. But most of the time I’m doing all sorts of styles like yesterday I did a fish tail braid. But today I really just wasn’t feeling it so I got a hair tie and put it into a high ponytail and curled.

“Good morning mom” I said walking down stairs “hi honey what hair style is it today” “just a high ponytail ,also Jessica, Olivia and I are going to the mall after school so I’ll be home later” “ok have fun be good”

My mom is amazing she supports me having the hair that I do and she stays so strong while my dad is off in Afghanistan while having a job as a waiter.

Before I knew it I was at the school. “Hey Jess and Oliv” “Hey Meg, we where talking about what we were going to do at the mall this afternoon and we decided on going to the hair salon for a trim and then pedicures and massages” “ooo I love it can’t wait, my hairs been needing a trim actually, see you after class”


”All ready Jess and Oliv” “yep””alright let’s go in, hello mam me and my friends are here for a trim and wash” alright what’s your name” “I’m Megan this is Olivia and this is Jessica” “ok perfect we have three spots open right next to each other” “go take a seat and we’ll be right with you”

”Hello my name id Glenn what’s yours” “I’m Megan nice to meet you” “ok Megan what haircut would we like today” just a trim please it’s getting a little crazy” “how long have you had this style?” “Since I was 8 and I love it” “Would you be open to suggestions because I’m dying to try out this style and you have the perfect hair and head shape” “what are we talking about because I am not looking for anything super drastic” “you know what how about I go ask that lady over there what she thinks and if she thinks it looks good will you do it” I thought about it I looked over to the girl he was talking about and I could tell she was a girly girly with long platinum blonde hair so she must have a good since of style so I said “yea sure” Glenn went off and talked to the hair dresser and she looked and me and smiled and nodded her head and walked over and said “you’ll look sexy nothing to worry about” “alright then cut my hair just remember nothing to drastic” he pulled out the pair of metal scissors and I looked into the mirror then I felt the cold scissors touch the bottom of my neck and my heart dropped *shinck* *schink* *schink* and just like that 8 years of growth and hard work and perfection on the floor I let out a strangled scream “what did you do, my hair, my perfect hair gone, I said not drastic that’s 18 inches you retard” “yea but you said if I asked the lady and she said yes you would let me do it” I looked into the mirror and tears started streaming down my eyes “finish up” I  was able to squeak out, I  could see Jess and Oliv in the corner of my eyes giving me a look of shock. I could also see everyone looking at me but she didn’t care her pride and joy, her crowning glory was gone on the floor.

Little did Megan know though that behind her Glenn was cutting it shorter. This girl hadn’t changed her hair in 8 years come on. Who cares if she’s cry’s she’ll get over it. In truth she had told Mary the other stylist that his costumer wanted to get a ear length bob and was scared and to go encourage her. Also this girl has perfect hair I could make an amazing wig out of it but back to the plan at task I have to cut her hair with out her noticing. So with ninja like hands I cut off 3 inches leaving 10 inches only 4 more to go but that would be tricky I think she noticed a little when it went from the bottom of her neck to the middle but he didn’t want to risk it.

Alright so I’ll cut her blunt bangs now then cut the last 4 off easily in the wash basin with out her noticing. “Megan sweety I’m going to cut you some bangs ok” All she did was whimper but I saw a nod so I started cutting blunt bangs in the middle of her forehead. Once I was done I brought her to the wash basin and laid her down. I did my best to cut the four inches off with out her noticing and ended up cutting off like 6 inches I would have to see how it looked when she got out.

Finally I was done washing her very short hair and said “yea there’s some hairs I missed is it ok if I do some final trimmings” she nodded and sobbed harder. My plan was for a chin length bob with blunt bangs but after my bad wash basin cut it was above the middle of her ear.

He brought me back to the mirror and some how it was even shorter, it was horrid I looked like my grandma when she was my age i could feel the air on back and my head was much lighter and I liked that until and looked in the mirror and saw how bad it was and realized that I wouldn’t be able to curl it braid it or even put it into a ponytail. My perfect hair was now ruined and i would be about 20 when it would be the same length 4 years without my beautiful hair. I was not looking forward to taking a shower. Jess and Oliv had already finished and were looking at me with pity.

“I know this will make you feel worse but it looks terrible” Jess said. All I could manage was “I have a sudden urge to go grab the shears and attack your blonde hair” Jess yelped and ran to the car holding her belly length hair tight to her.


My hair had finally grown back to full length and I couldn’t get a boyfriend in the first 2 years but now I did and I was happy but I could never go into hair salons again without getting jumpy. I never went back to that salon but I heard it was closed a year after the incident. I had a good job as a clothes designer at Gucci and now I was heading home.

I opened my house and went to take a shower I pulled off my hair tie and clothes and hoped into the shower and started stroking my hair and *plop*………


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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    One note: When you have lines of dialogue from different characters, you should start a new paragraph when the speakers change. For instance, the one paragraph should have been formatted like this:

    Before I knew it I was at the school. “Hey Jess and Oliv”

    “Hey Meg, we where talking about what we were going to do at the mall this afternoon and we decided on going to the hair salon for a trim and then pedicures and massages”

    “ooo I love it can’t wait, my hairs been needing a trim actually, see you after class”

    This lets the reader know the speaker has changed, and makes the exchanges a bit easier to read.

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