Kate’s Headshave

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They were both standing in the foyer of the large house, when Kate said “I’m glad you called”.

With out even thinking it, JD said “I became concerned when I didn’t see your car parked in front of the shop”.

Kate’s barbershop was across the river from the cabin that he was living in.
Kate made eye to eye contact with JD, and then said “I’m too depressed and embarrassed to go over there anymore”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “I was going to have Kim shave my head for me, today”.

JD shook his head, and then said “what is that going to solve”.
With out even thinking about it, Kate said “I don’t know”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “do you want to come with me”.
JD grinned, and then said “sure. We can take the truck ”.

Just as they were about to exited the house, JD said “I want us to get past this”.

Once Kate heard that, she hugged JD. Before they separated from the hug, they shared a wonderful kiss.

There happiness was very short lived. Once they got outside, JD saw that his truck was gone.

With out even thinking about it, he said “I try to come over here to work things, and you saw that as opportunity to have your biker buddies steal my truck”.

Kate quickly made eye to eye contact with JD, and then said “no, I didn’t”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “you can use my car to go to the sub station and fill out a report”.

With out even thinking about it, JD said “why”.

 He took a brief pause, and then said “so you can run in there, and tell them I stole your car”.

She grabbed his hands, and then said “it isn’t like that”.

Before JD could respond, Kate said “atleast let me give you a ride there”.

JD knew he probably shouldn’t be trusting Kate, but he said “ok”.

 He wanted to believe Kate still loved him, and that she didn’t choose her motorcycle club over her family.

As they walked back to the garage, JD kept replaying what happened in his mind. He kept coming back to the only reasonable conclusion was that Kate had people waiting on him out there.

At this point, JD assumed she was going to be taking him to the people that took his truck. He didn’t want to get in the car with Kate, but he knew it was the only way he could get his truck back.

When they pulled up in front of the barber shop Kim worked out of, Kate said “take my car, and do the report well I get my Headshave”.

JD laughed, and then said “I rode out her with you to talk to the people that stole my truck”.

 As she handed him the keys, she said “I highly doubt those folks are in the barbershop”.

JD shook his head, and then said “I think the people from your club got you so hooked on heroin, that there was product given to you on credit. They took my truck to pay off the debt ”.

Kate wanted to cry, as she got out of her car. When JD got out of the car, she made eye to eye contact with him.
 When they had eye to eye contact, she said “I’m glad I know how you truly feel about me, now”.

As JD went to hug her, as pulled a way from his hug.

There was a good amount of distance between them, when Kate said “go file your report. When you get done with that, come pick me up. I’ll give you a ride back to the cabin ”.

As JD took in her car, she pushed open the door of her friend’s barber shop. A bell swung back and fourth, as she walked in. It was simple single chair shop. The barber chair was on side wall, and waiting area chairs were on the back wall. In order to get to the waiting area chairs, you had to walk past the barberette.

The barberette working was her Kim. She had a young boy in her chair. His hair was a dark brown hair.

As she walked past them, Kim said “have a seat, Kate. It shouldn’t be to long of a wait ”.

When she walked past Kim’s chair, she noticed a lot of hair on her customer’s cape. The boy must have been getting his summer haircut, thought Kate as walked past them.  Kim continued to work intently, as Kate sat down in one of the waiting area chairs.

 The sound of the clippers filled the barbershop, as the boy’s mother lit a cigarette.

 After he exhaled the first of the cigarette, she said “how much extra would it be straight razor shave him”.

When Kate heard this, she knew it wasn’t going to just a short wait.

As their mother took another hit of the cigarette, Kim said “it would be $ 35”.

 Once the woman exhaled the hit, she said “never mind, I’ll just pick up some razor and shaving cream on the way home”.

This boy was obviously going to smooth bald before they went to bed, though Kate as she watched Kim work. Kim had just had the left side of customer’s head to go.

It looked as if the boy entered the barber shop with an inch or so of hair. He  would be leaving the shop with just stubble.

Kate really enjoyed watching and performing guard less haircuts like these.

Kim spun the chair, so the boy could see himself in the mirror.

As Kim began to inspect her work, the boy’s mother said “you look so much better, Raymond”.

Once she said that she took another hit of her cigarette. At this point, Kim didn’t see any patches of long hair left on the boy’s head, she picked up her hair dryer.

She blew his stray hairs off the cape, and then began lowering the chair.

When the chair stopped suddenly with a thud, she said “I think we are done with this one”.

 She began running her well manicured nails up his neck, as she said “are you sure I can interst you in proper head shave for the boy”.

 After she exhaled the hit she had in lungs, she said “not at that price”.

She began to remove the cape, she said “ok”.

As he got out of the chair, he began to wonder what it would be like to get a proper barber shop shave. He knew it had to be better than his mother’s kitchen shaves.

His mother could see his dissapointment, as he walked to the waiting area chairs. As she stubbed out her cigarette, she said “just be glad I don’t send you over to Fred’s house once a month”.

She made eye to eye contact with Kim, and then said “our neighbor puts newspaper down his garage, and has his boys sit in a fold chair. One by one by one they take down to stubble with a Marlboro red dangling from lip ”.

As the boy took a seat in one of the waiting area chairs, she said “next time Fred is doing a cutting, your going. Your hair will never me more than 1/4 of inch long until your 18 years old ”.


She handed a ten dollar bill to Raymond, and he quickly ran it over to Kim.

His mother began to get up, as Kim said “thank you”.

He began to walk towards the door, as Kim said “look me up, when you turn 18”.

 When the heard that, he turned around. When they had eye to eye contact, she said “your first straight razor head shave will be on me”.

His mother laughed, and then said “I highly doubt this place will still be open in 6 years, based on what you charge for haircuts”.

Once the very cheap lady was gone, Kim looked over at Kate. When they had eye to eye contact, she said “do you me to smoke a Marlboro red, as I shave you down”.

After Kim said that she began to laugh. As Kate got up from the waiting area chairs, she said “I came here to have an experience”.

She took a brief pause, and then said “I’m more then capable of shaving my own head”.

As Kate got closer to the chair, she said “I got a pack of reds  ”.

Kate was taking a seat in a seat in Kim’s chair, when she said “your smoking reds, now ”.

As Kim reached for a piece of tissue paper, she said “my boyfriend smokes reds, so I decided to try them”.

As a piece of tissue paper was stretched underneath her neck, Kate said “your switching for a guy”.

Once the piece of tissue part was tightly secured to her neck, Kim said “no”.

Kate heard the cape rustle, as he said “I actually wanted to try reds for a while”.

The cape was being shaken, when Kate said “ok”.

As Kim walked over to her station to grap a cigarette, she said “what is going on with you and Jonathan”.

She was picking up the pack of Marlboro red 100’s, as Kate said “he called this morning”.

 Kate pulled one out of the pack, as she said “normally, the morning after all is a good thing”.

She began to raise it to lips, when Kate said “he said” I’ll be over in 5 minutes “.

When the cigarette in touching her lips, Kate said “we had a great conversation. He was even going to give me a ride here ”.

She lit the cigarette, as Kate said “when we got outside his truck was gone”.

 After she exhaled the first hit of her cigarette, she said “someone stole his truck”.

Kate laughted, and then said “the motorcycle club I’m in took, due to be behind in heroin payments”.

Once Kim heard that, she quickly walked in front of the chair Kate was sitting in. When they had eye to eye contact, Kim said “why don’t I know about you being in a motorcycle club, Kate. I thought we were best friends “.

Right after she did that, she took a hit of cigarette.

As Kim exhaled the hit, Kate said “I’m not in a motorcycle club or on heroin. That is what Jonathan claimed when he saw his truck was missing ”.

 Right after she said that, she walked behind her chair. Kim had been present when JD flew off the handle, and said negative things that no basis in reality.

 She hoped Kate was not in a motorcycle or hooked on heroin, as she began to run her fingers up Kate’s neck.

Kim put the cigarette between her lips, and picked up her clippers.

She began to clean them up, as Kate said “he going to the sub station to report the truck stolen”.

 When Kim finished cleaning the clippers, she put her cigarette out in wash basin.
As the clippers came alive, Kate said “I wish I would have never got that bike”.

The clippers got positioned right in front of Kate’s face, when she said “it caused nothing, but trouble”.

Kim put her hand under her chin, and then she said “if you didn’t hid the bike from him, it would have been fine”.

Right after she said that, she ran the clippers right down the center of her head.

Kim was making her second pass, as Kate said “maybe”.

When she started his third pass a cross the top of her head, kim said “he would have concerns, but he wouldn’t have made you get rid of it”.

 There were a few moments of silence, the clippers were making the only sound in the room. Mid way though his final pass on the top of her head, when Kate said “your probably right”.

The top of her head was reduced to just stubble, when Kim said “I know I’m right”.

When he completed the fifth pass, Kim said “he would have kept it as an investment”.

Kim relocated herself, as she tilted Kate’s head to the left. As she began working on the right side of her head, Kate said “he does have a lot engine powered investments”.

The short hairs on the side of her head, did not offer much resistance, as Kim laughed.

At this point, the chair was positioned in away that Kate could see Susan.

 Kim pulled her ear forward, as she said “it would have been just one more toy in the barn”.

 Kim peeled the area behind her ear, as Kate said “i wish he would sell some of his investments”.

As Kim continued to work on that side of her head, she said “what is the minimum you think he would take for that 1966 GMC truck” .

Kim made another pass on that side, as Kate said “he turned down $ 1,200”.

 Kim was making his final pass on the right side of her head, when she said “we would probably do $ 1,800”.

As he began making a pass up her nape, Kate said “he is probably going to want $ 2,500”.

Kim started second pass up her nape, as she said  “that is too much”.

Her peeling continued, as Kate said “were you going to find a running and driving 1966 GMC that run and drives for $ 1,800 .

Right after she said that, Kim started running the clippers up the left side of her head. Her head was forcefully pushed, when he started on final side.

 As she continued to work, Kate said “the body is good. It just has surface rust ”.

 When she started working on the final side of her head, Kim said “I would need to see it, again”.

There were a few moments of silence, and Kim then he pushed her ear forward.

 She worked around that area, as Kate said “ok”.

As he released her ear, she said “could we do it, tonight”.

With out even thinking about it, Kate said  “I don’t think tonight would be good  ”.

 For more than a few moments, the clippers were the only noise in the room.

 Kim turned off the clippers, he said “we have cash”.

 Just before she got them hung up, Kate said “are you thinking of buying a collector vehicle with this guy”.

Kim turned the chair, so Kate could see herself in the mirror. As Kate looked at herself, Kim said “we are looking for stuff we can fix and flip”.

 Right after she said that, she began filling a cup with water in the wash basin. Topically, Kim would use her box shaved on cut like this. However, she just wanted to get Kate done.

Once the cup was full, she added some soap. Once the soap was added, she began to mix it. When she was satisfied with mixture, she began applying it Kate’s head with a brush.

As Kim painted it on, Kate said “you you think that is a good idea”.

As Kim continued to lather her head, Kim said “I guess”.

Kim made quick and gentle strokes with the brush, as Kate wondered why Kim was not willing to use the box shaver on her.

A thick coat of shaving soap was getting applied, as Kate looked her eyes.

This was going to be the first time she got her head “shaved” by anyone other than JD.

Most of the shop in their area want to induction cuts and call them Headshaves.

 Kate was trying to enjoy the experience, when Kate said “these relationships always end so poorly for you”.

At this point, kate’s head was covered in a thick layer of white shaving lather. Kim was making her way to the hot towel dispenser, when Kate said this.

As kim pulled one out of the dispenser, she said “it will be different this time”.

She held it in her hand, as Kate said “how long have you been dating”.

When she thought Kate could tolerate the hotness, she wrapped it around her head.

Kate applied pressure to Kate’s head, as Kim said “we have been on 3 dates ”.

 As Kim began to give Kate a little massage, Kim said “we deleted the dating apps on our phones together”.

Kate laughed, and then said “that is a huge step ”.

 Kim removed the towel from Kate’s head, as she said “it is the modern dating world”.

She tossed it in the bin, as Kim said “what is his name”.

As Kim got another towel for Kate’s head, Kate said “Russell”.

Kim was wrapping the towel around her head, when she said “what does he do for a living”.

 Kate didn’t get a little massage with the second towel. Was it was secured, Kim walked to the counter.

She began preparing her razor, as Kate said “we are a mechanic at the Ford dealership”.

Kim was putting a new blade in the razor, as Kate said “Ford”.

 She took a brief pause, and then she said “I thought you were a die hard Chevy girl”.

Right after Kate said that, she removed the towel. Kate’s head got wiped clean with a different towel, and then she began applying another layer of lather.

With out really thinking about it, Kate said “things change”.

 Kim placed it right at the middle of Kate’s forehead, and the gently began shaving her.

Kim was feeling very little resistance, so she left like she did right by Kate.

Just before she moved onto the crown, she said “we don’t have to be friends, if you can’t expect me”.

 As she moved on to the crown of her head, Kate said “It seems like your changing alot for this guy”.

Kim was a woman razored her whole head once.

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