To be Reborn

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To be Reborn

There was a small pounding in my head as my eyes slowly pried themselves open. I was so confused. Reaching my hand up to my head I struggled to lift myself up. I was tucked in a bed tightly.

“Where am I?” I said dryly as I looked about a clean, dimly lit room with several beds. I wasn’t the only one confused as to what was going on. A few of the woman and men were awake, while others were still passed out.

How did I even get here?

It hurt to think about what had happened previously. My mind was fuzzy. Who had brought me here and why were there other woman.

My eyes made contact with a female in the bed next to mine.

“Do you know what’s going on?” I croaked, realizing just how hard it was to make sound. She shook her head. “The last thing I remember was walking home…”

Confused, I pulled myself from underneath the yellow blankets and shakily stood up. My feet were heavy with each step. I looked for an exit. The only door that seemed to be there was a metal one. There was no door handle, but a key pad next to it.

We’re we in some form of facility?

Stiffly I tried to hang on the door.

“Is Anyone out there?” I yelled out, soon stirring the slumber of the other people in the room.

Nothing happened.

I looked around the room more. There were cameras. We were being watched.

Directly looking at the camera I yelled. “What the hell is going on here? Did you kidnap us?”

I was furious that I even let something like this happen in the first place. I was always so careful to keep myself safe. The realization that this could be some form of sex ring terrified me, however, the room and the beds looked neat and tidy that I didn’t think that was the case.

It felt like the silence was deafening until sound could be heard from the other side of the room where a Video started to play.

“Welcome young ones, by process of selection, you have been chosen to serve as companions for our superior alien race. Every year, men and woman such as yourselves are chosen to embark on a journey where you will be cared for, loved, and treated well on the planet. Zurieth. Soon you will be prepped to meet your companion where you will live out the remainder of your lives. Today is day zero. Welcome to being reborn!”

The voice of the video portrayed a futuristic colony and planet. Throughout the video, tall men and woman were taking care of significantly smaller humans which I thought were regular height. I had to be dreaming, this couldn’t be real. I tried pinching myself, hoping I would wake up, but all I was left with was a sting and a red mark.

“What do they mean by prepped,” someone said.

“It can’t be anything good….” Another followed.

A few moments passed before a beep could be heard at the door and it slid open. It revealed a tall slender woman and two tall men, all wearing white uniforms. Their height was astronomical, almost inhuman. They were at least a human taller than myself and the rest.

“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked. I never consented ti any of this!” The others followed suit in causing an uproar, while a few others were left dumbstruck or scared that the people in front of us could easily over power up.

“Now, now children, all will be well so long as you cooperate. If at the end of the year, you still don’t wish to spend your time on Zurieth, you’ll be returned to earth as if like nothing had happened.

“A year!” I spat. “And who are you calling children?” We were clearly well over the age of 18.

One of the men approached me and pulled me away from the outstretched arm I had planned to hit the woman’s knees with.

“Give this little one a dose, to help calm the nerves,” the woman said, and before I could react, my long brown hair was pulled away from my neck and a sharp stab followed, soon after my body felt light. I was still very aware of what was going on, but I couldn’t bring myself to react.

“Now if the rest of you children continue to act like this, you will also be injected with this. Like the video mentioned, this is day zero. You are all children, mere babies. You will soon be dressed in appropriate attire to meet your new companions, your new mommies and daddies.”

The make that had injected me allowed me to stand and steadied my body that wavered. I couldn’t make a sound, it was like my brain had disconnected with my body.

“Bring a stroller for this one, she’ll it will probably be easier,” the woman said and my body was picked up like it was a feather and placed in a pink stroller. I tried to move but only found myself nearly falling out until the man buckled me in.

“Be a good girl now,” the man’s voice said.

The woman called in more men and woman, one for each of the people that I had woken up with. A few others acted out and were injected with the same drug that I had been given. I watched as they became docile, picked up like it was nothing and set in another stroller.

“First step of starting over is getting you cleaned up. You’ll get to play with toys in a bath, your hair will be done up in the way that your companion has chosen, and then you will meet them, bundled up in strollers.”

I couldn’t believe what the woman was saying. This couldn’t be real. The woman left me with the man , one of the men I woke up with and a female leading their stroller. The rest of the group split off into several different doors. It was a while before the man that pushed me around unlocked a door with a  code and lead me into a clean white bathroom. The bathroom had 2 large white porcelain tubs. A vanity with a large mirror, two hair dressing chairs and to my surprise, changing tables. We’re we really going to be treated like babies?

“I’ll take this one, and you can take the other, the woman said. “They’ll be pretty easy to deal with since they’ve already been given the drug. Now come here darling,” the woman spoke kindly,  bending down to my level and unbuckling me from the stroller. “I’m Amelia, and I’ll be making sure you look just like your new Daddy wants you too.” She said sweetly.

As effortlessly as the male had, I was picked up and sat on the changing table that was just the right height for her, but something I would have had to climb on had she not set me on it.

“Ssssopppp,” I tried to force out if my mouth and couldn’t even speak.

“There, there dear, I know it’s a lot to take in, but you’ll soon be happy you will have nothing to think about.” She cooed and proceeded to strip my body of my clothes. I couldn’t even put up a fight. When I tried to, she only pushed me down on my back on the changing table and buckled my frame in tightly. My pants were whisked away along with my underwear. I blushed at how exposed I was.

“We just need to make sure you don’t have hair down there,” she said. “Babies don’t have hair down there. Here, this should help soothe you,” Amelia spoke and a pacifier was shoved into my mouth. I tried to spit it back out, but the moment I did, she replaced it.

“If you keep acting like this, I might have to discipline you and you wouldn’t want that now would you?” Amelia said. “Having a sore bottom is no fun.”

I couldn’t tell if she was being serious or not but my mind had moved to the sounds of the boy I had been with, some how managing to fight the drug he had been given. The sounds he was making weren’t audible, but he was fighting the main putting him in the styling chair.

“Babies don’t have hair,” the man said strongly and forced the boy into submission after his bottom was exposed to several lashings. My eyes opened in fear as I watched the barber use a pair of clippers to nude the boy of the rest of his long locks.

My arms tried to point at the boy and again at Amelia. She sweetly folded my arms in and cooed. “Don’t worry, your companion hasn’t wished you were bald on your head. He wants something special.”

Her welds felt safe, but given my situation, I couldn’t make heads or tales of it yet.

“Now let’s make you smooth down there.”

Embarrassed I folded my arms over my bare chest as I heard the clippers come to life as she carefully exposed my clitoris. She was delicate when she added a cream to shave me smooth.

“You’re being such a good girl,” Amelia claimed as she finished her work and lifted me up and placed me in a bathtub filled with hot water. My body which was already relaxed, relaxed even more as she carefully washed my hair.

When she finished washing my hair and my body, she lifted me up in a fluffy towel. I hadn’t realized, but we were all alone now. While she had been bathing me, the boy and the man had left.

“It will take a bit of time to finish processing you. Your companion had strict instructions for what kind of baby he wanted,” Amelia spoke while returning me to the changing table. “But first we need to get you in a fluffy diaper to make sure there aren’t any accidents. The drug you have can make it hard to control your bladder. We wouldn’t want you having an accident in the chair while you’re having your perm!”

My eyes widened. While I couldn’t believe I was being out in a diaper, I was much more concerned about the perm. My straight hair which I loved was going to be turned into curls. While I thought of what long curls my hair would have, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that Amelia effortlessly lifted my legs as if I were a real baby to push a diaper underneath my Bottom. She secured the crinkling plastic around my sides before helping me into a onesie with stars and planets on them.

While I imagined myself in curls, Amelia moved me from the table to the styling chair, securing me in place so I wouldn’t fall forward and finally placed a cape around my neck.

Amelia hummed an unfamiliar toon while brushing out the tangles in my hair. With the pacifier in my mouth, I felt like sleeping. However, reality set in when I felt a lock of hair sever from my head merely inches from my scalp.

My eyes shot open and the pacifier fell out of my mouth as I struggled to no avail to my move arms and legs to avoid the next cut of my hair. Tears streamed down from my eyes as I watched Amelia effortlessly lift and snip lock after lock of the hair I had treasured to the ground.

“Oh it’s okay sweetie. I know it will be a shock, but as you grow out of being a baby, you’ll have lots of hair again,” she comforted. My head felt light as she combed several sections of hair and snipped it to be one single length all the way around. “Mmm, I think this is good enough. I’ll see after the perm. I might need to take it shorter though,” she mentioned.

I didn’t think it was possible to go any shorter. While I knew I wasn’t going to be bald, I was going to have short hair, just like when I was a baby.

“Just sit tight and be a good girl while I role all these little locks into these rods.”

Amelia, swiftly rolled my hair into tiny perm rods. The wait if the rods gave me the illusion that that I had my hair again. While I tried not to think of the horrible result this was going to have, I couldn’t help but feel the need to relive myself.

I could feel the drug wearing off as I had a bit more movement. I tried to point at the toilet to say I needed to sit down and pee. I pushed the pacifier out of my mouth and tried to speak “to-et,” unfortunately words couldn’t come out and I felt an unfamiliar feeling of warmth envelope me.

Tears began to fill my eyes again and sounds came out of my mouth as I cried. Amelia was waiting for the perm solution to finish before neutralizing it.

“See, I knew it was a good idea to put one in you,” she said softly, patting the cape. “Don’t worry, I’ll change you after your hairs done, it won’t be long now,” she cooed before placing the pacifier back into my mouth. “Now be good as i neutralize your hair.

I hated the feeling of being in a wert diaper. I now understood why babies cried because of it. After another half hour had passed, Amelia had washed my hair of the neutralizer and pulled out all the rods to reveal a tight curly brown perm.

“Just as I thought, we need to go shorter,” Amelia mentioned and began clipping the hair that was now curled closely to my skin even shorter. Tiny curls accumulated in my lap. What used to be thick hair that covered every inch of my scalp turned into thing little curls in which my white scalp would peak through.

She finished by drying the curls with a diffuser and finally tying a large pink ribbon.

“So cute, you little baby,” she praised. “Now, let’s you get changed into a fresh diaper before you meet your new daddy.


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