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Lola my dream woman. Slim body, white skin, and her beautiful dark chocolate hip length hair is mine. Lola have being growing it out for her fantasy to come true. I’m the lucky guy who’s going to fulfill her fantasy. She knew about my hair fetish and desired for someone like me to come into her life.

I invited Lola to my house. She came wearing a nice simple dress, and her hair tie into a ponytail. We had a wonderful dinner. I just love her voice, sweet innocent sound. Lola was talking about her Buzzcut when she was 10 years old. She never forgets the feeling of the scissor shearing her hair, and clippers running through her head. Her head feels light after the cut, and air finally touches her scalped. She love it! And wants to same feeling again but with a little sexual arousal.

I smiled at Lola. Remembering the day I met Lola, her long dark ponytail swinging left to right as she walked to the bar. I offered to buy her a drink and I complement her hair. She knew from beginning that I wanted her hair, and I knew she wanted it off. As the result, we clicked instantly.

After we’re done talking, I guided Lola to my secret basement in my house. When we finally reach to my basement. I told Lola to open the door, so she did. Lola was surprised to see a hidden barber shop in my house. She saw the barber chair and got aroused by it. She went over to the chair and touch the black leather. I looked at her happily because of her excitement as she walk around the chair a few times before finally sitting on it.

Lola was getting more aroused, she got up, quickly undress herself and sat on barber chair again. Her skin felt the coolness of the leather and she let a soft moaned. I grab the cape, and walk towards the barber chair behind her. I caped Lola and pull out her band that was holding her hair. I brushed Lola hip length hair. I could heard her moaning louder each time I stoke her hair. I love the view of her hair covering the back of the chair completely and I could feel her long hair is calling me to cut them off.

Lola looked at herself in the mirror with heavy breathing and all her beautiful long hair at the back of the chair ready to be cut. I pick up the scissor and place it near her chin. Lola was making moaning sound because the excitement. *schnick schnick schnick* 2 feet of chocolate hair fell on the floor. *schnick schnick schnick* hair keeps falling.

I cut only half of her long hair. She was left with half chin length bob and hip length hair. When I in take clippers, Lola stopped me. She wanted to buzz half the hair herself. I gladly gave her the clippers and took a step back. Lola was excited, she slowly buzzed the shorter side of her hair until there was no hair to buzz. Now half of her hair is gone.

Lola gave me back the clippers to finished up the another side. I gathered her long, and buzz it from the middle, not letting her hair to fall on the floor. When I finally buzz all her long hair. I showed it her, she couldn’t hold anymore and she pull me towards her for a deep kiss. She grab her hair from me and threw it up in the air and had a wonderful sex on the barber chair.

Lola come out of the barber shop and dance while walking up the stair. She touched her head nonstop feeling happy about the experience. She looked at me, and told me to wait for her again until her hair grows back.



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