Sheared and Violated

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“Amber you there?” shouted Rose from below. Not hearing a reply Rose went up the stairs to check up on her best friend. She opened the door to the room and found her friend lying on the bed sadly moping. “ How many days are you going to wallow in self-pity over that dumb idiot.” asked Rose. Her friend was a beauty who any guy would fall over. She had perfect curves, big breasts, and a cute face. Her most defining trait was definitely her hair. Long black straight hair that ran from her head and reached to her knees. It was smooth and shiny.

Looking up at her friend Amber said “ No, it’s the last time. I want to move on. Have some wild sex that might knock some sense back into me. Anyways why are you here?”. “I have a movie ticket, but I cannot go with my boyfriend. I Just got called into work. Do you want to go with him?” Rose and her boyfriend stayed together, and Amber stayed with them after getting dumped. Amber said “ Sure if it’s okay with him.” “ Nonsense. He will be thrilled,” said Rose cutting her friend midway. Amber said “ Okay, let me get ready.” Rose turned around and left the room. Amber looked at her as she left. Rose was a dark brunette who had her hair to her butt. She had a tight ass and big breasts but smaller than Amber. Even then she was very sexy. Her hair was left free and swinging when she turned.

Ethan and Amber went to the movie and decided to visit the mall after the movie was finished. Ethan went into a sporting goods store while Amber waited outside since it was crowded. She was looking around when her sight went to the barbershop opposite the store. A lady in her 20s was sitting down in the barber’s chair. She had platinum blonde hair that was cut into a long bob. She sat down and said something to the barber. The barber caped her and took clippers from the stand. He bent her head down and put a guard on the clippers. He then ran them straight from the nape to the woman’s crown. Silver hair started to fall to the floor, but the barber continued. After the back of her head was almost bald, he did the same to her hair’s left and right sides. He then took some sort of product, applied it to the top of the woman’s hair, and made it stand right up. He then took a comb and clippers to the top of the woman’s hair and cut it close to an inch and a half of the scalp. The barber after completing this shaved her back and sideburns into a v-shape. Her hair was now cut into a flat top with the sides and back buzzed down to a #1 completely.

Amber was mesmerized at this sight. She was unconsciously stroking her long black hair. She pulled her ponytail forward and was lost deep in thought. Ethan interrupted her “ Nice haircut. Don’t you think?” To which Amber replied “How long were you watching me… Yes it looks very sexy.” “ Just after he buzzed her back. I did not want to disturb you. You looked very…into the haircut. Well, the haircut would look even sexier this way” and whispered something into her ear. He then asked “Do you wanna go for that?” jokingly. She replied “Hmm…maybe…no let’s go home first.” They started their walk back. They talked about many things when Amber asked “ Rose said you cut her hair every now and then. She had longer hair before. Same as mine. Did you have anything to do with it?”. To which he replied “ Oh yes, I do trim her hair every couple of months. She was having trouble maintaining the length, so I took matters into my own hands and made it shorter. She was angry at the moment, but when she saw the result and the comfort, she forgave me. By the way, I heard there was a similar story between your ex and you?” Amber looked down and didn’t speak for a moment. He then started to apologize “ Sorry! That was insensitive of me—“ But he was cut off in between by Amber “ No, it’s fine. I had even longer hair before. But I cut it off since I didn’t want to keep the length. He dumped me, saying he didn’t want me to cut my hair without his permission. Looking back he was controlling my body and every action. He was cheating on me and just needed an excuse to dump me. I thought that If I grew back my hair, he would come back to me. The last six months I didn’t even trim my hair and waited for him.” He replied “ He was an ass. You would look splendid even with short hair. Even more so than long hair I believe.” “Thank you! Looks like we arrived” replied Amber. They both went into the house. After dinner, Amber looked around for Rose. When she didn’t find her she went into her bedroom. She wasn’t there either. Just then she heard people moaning down the hallway coming into the bedroom. She quickly hid in the wardrobe. The wardrobe had a small hole through which she peeped. Rose and her boyfriend were kissing each other very passionately. He pushed her down onto the bed. He opened her bra and slid down her panties. He then took a vibrator from the drawer beside and inserted it into her pussy. He turned her around and inserted his dick into her ass hard. He was humping her while violently squeezing her breasts and her pulling her long brunette hair.
“Harder, baby harder”, Rose moaned to her boyfriend during their love session. “Ahh……ahhh…..ahh…I am going to cum” shouted Rose during the height of her pleasure while getting fucked from behind while her boyfriend pulled her thick hair she left free. After she came, her boyfriend parted her long ass hair in the between. He then took a rubber band, tied each partition into a ponytail, and made two pigtails from her hair.

He said, “ I wanna cum on your head today baby; give me the best blowjob today”. Rose turned around and started to suck his cock giving him a blowjob. Her boyfriend started playing with her pigtails while admiring the beauty of her locks. He then took her head and pushed his cock deep inside her throat. Rose following his lead made deep, swift movements while playing with his dick in her mouth. He then said to her “Baby, you do know that it has been two months since your last trim. We agreed that I get to trim your hair every two months.” Rose sultrily said “Yes baby, I know. You can cut off my hair tomorrow.” and switched from her blowjob to a handjob. She then slowly wrapped her single ponytail around his cock and started giving him a hair job. Her boyfriend quickly reached climax due to this unexpected development. He took her head and bent it and cummed all over the partition he had made in her hair earlier. Amber was watching this whole scene from inside the hole in the wardrobe. She was getting pretty horny from the coitus that she just witnessed. Rose then got up and kissed her boyfriend intently before they both collapsed on the bed. They both lay there cuddling against each other. Rose then asked her boyfriend, “Baby, will you do me a favour?”. He replied “Yes, my darling anything in my power for you.” “ I want to have a threesome. I want to get Amber also to participate in our sessions. She was feeling low after being dumped.But today she said she wanted to have some sex. Not in a relationship but wild sex. He remained silent for a minute while combing his hand through Rose’s hair. His cum was all over her the middle part and made a white streak over the brunette strands. He then said, “Sure baby, but I do want to play with her hair, like I do yours. I want to be able to do all sorts of things. Maybe even cut her long hair. If she is fine with that I don’t have any issue.” Rose then said ecstatically “Sure, I think I can convince her for that.” They both fell asleep after that. Amber slowly stepped out of her hiding place and tiptoed to her bedroom. She witnessed something that made her very horny. She went to her room and started masturbating. She came in no time. The next morning Rose went shopping for the items she needed for the night. She also invited Amber and told her about the discussion she had yesterday. Amber acting all innocent thought about deeply and said “ Sure Rose. I am fine with it.” Rose who thought she might need to convince her more due to her history was surprised “ You are really fine with it? You don’t have to cut your hair if you don’t want to. He will also understand.” Amber turned around and pulled her hair to the front and said while combing her hand through her hair “No, I have moved on from that. I really want to enjoy the night. A few inches of hair is a refreshing change.” Rose said “ Wow. Look at you now. A few inches she says like it’s nothing.” Both started laughing and resumed their shopping. Night approached and Ethan came home..On the dresser near the mirror were neatly arranged a water spray bottle, scissors and comb. Rose was wearing her hair in a braid and it gave a shine under the light.

Her boyfriend pulled her closer and planted a deep kiss on her neck while his hands went to the braid and started feeling it. “I want to cut it right away…. Can I?” he asked. Rose said “Amber is also ready. Wait for her.” A few moments later Amber entered the room. She was feeling nervous. Rose sensed this and went straight to her and started squeezing her boobs. Amber let out a short moan and was surprised but she reciprocated alike. She took two of her fingers and slid them down Rose’s pants. Ethan came behind them both and started unbuttoning Amber’s shirt. While he was doing this Rose took her other hand and pulled the bun from Amber’s head. “Much better “ she said and put her mouth inside Amber and started kissing her deeply. Both women started kissing fervently and their tongues reached deep inside the other. Her boyfriend unbuttoned Amber’s shirt while Rose pulled down Amber’s pants. To her surprise she wasn’t wearing anything below these. “Someone sure was pumped up” she whispered in her ear. Ethan started to kiss every part of Amber’s body. He started at the neck and made his way down to her breasts. He bit on one of the nipples that made Amber moan very deeply. He took his hand and slid it down below to Amber’s wet pussy. Meanwhile Rose undressed herself and started to strip her boyfriend. Amber who was passive until now couldn’t hold it any longer. She took matters into her own hands and unbuckled his pants. He was already erect down there. She pulled the dick out of the underwear and started to fondle it. Ethan pulled Rose and Amber on to the floor and made her lick down Amber’s pussy. Meanwhile he sat Amber on all fours and started to squeeze her ass. He then pulled her long hair into his hands. Amber sensed what was coming and said “No, not the ass please. I am still a virgin there.” To which Rose replied “ Oh honey even I was a virgin before he violated it so badly. Don’t worry he will be even meaner to you today. Just enjoy it. Ethan inserted his dick slowly into her ass. It was very tight and needed more force to be penetrated. He didn’t shy away and started inserting his dick more violently into the hole. Amber was moaning in pain very loudly. Never in her sex history had someone so forcefully inserted their dick into her. Ethan signalled Rose to wet Amber’s hair. He put his hands on Amber’s breasts and started squeezing them hard. Her whole body was moaning from the pain but she didn’t want it to stop. She wanted more of this rampage throughout her body. Rose on the other hand took the sprayer off the dresser and started to wet Amber’s long black lustrous locks. She put her hand on her hair and said “You still do have the most amazing hair.” while lifting a section of locks each time and spraying them with water. Amber’s body started to became wet. A few locks hung forward near her red glossy lips.

She closed her eyes and let the sensation of being violated take over. She felt an overwhelming orgasm building up. Rose who had completed wetting Amber’s hair was licking her pussy with vigour. Amber who was being fucked from both ends couldn’t contain any longer and exploded into an orgasm. Rose who was near the pussy licked the whole thing clean. Amber then pulled up to her and started to bite on Rose’s nipples. Ethan was still not done. He started in steering his cock deep into Amber again. Amber pulled on Rose’s braid and started fondling her breasts with it all while biting Rose’s nipples. She took a strap on dildo and started to fuck Rose. Rose and her boyfriend both came at once. Her boyfriend in Amber’s ass and she on Amber’s dildo. Amber then turned around while Ethan started to bite into her nipples. He pulled Rose around by her braid and asked Amber “ I am going to cut her hair today. You can decide the length of your best friends hair I am going to cut off.” Amber was moaning pleasurably and said “ Cut it all off. I wanna see her locks shorn from her head.” He replied “ Let’s do one thing. I am going to insert her hair up your pussy. How much ever goes in I am going to cut.”. They made Rose lie down while Amber spread her legs and he stated inserting the braid. Amber moaned as the thick braid started penetrating her deep. The butt length hair was now inside Amber and Rose was enjoying it. Her prized mane was now penetrating her best friend and was pleasuring her. After no more hair could go in Ethan brought the scissors and said “ Well you got more than a trim today” and started snipping her braid as close to Amber’s pussy as possible. After the hair was cut off Rose sat up undid her braid. Small clippings of her hair fell down her waist and landed near her butt. Amber took the scissors and evened out the ends of Rose’s hair. Her once butt long hair length was reduced till her waist.

Putting her hair back in a braid, she turned around and twisted the braid that was still inside Amber. Ethan then inserted his dick inside Rose’s pussy. Both the women came in no time. He then took Amber’ wet hair and wrapped it around his cock. Amber took this and started giving him a hair job. The wet hair rustling against the cock gave a very pleasurable and soft feeling. The smooth hair tickled his balls while the lady was an expert with hand jobs. Both combined made him climax directly onto her hair. The white cum contrasted the jet black locks on Amber’s head. Exhausted all three of them started cuddling on the floor. Rose asked “Aren’t you going to cut Amber’s hair?” To which he replied “Yes but wash her hair first.” “Sure” , replied Amber and went to wash her hair. She came back in ten minutes, water still dripping from her hair. Ethan asked her what length of hair she would prefer.

Amber lost in thought for a minute said “ The one at the mall. But give me your version of it.” He replied “ Sure.” He then opened another drawer and took out a straight razor and a clipper and plugged it into the cord. Rose didn’t know what was happening but took a new blade and loaded it into the razor and handed it to her boyfriend.

He then made Amber sit down and spread her legs and sit on a chair. He then sat on the chair in reverse. This way he could still fuck Amber and also cut off her hair. He started kissing her and slowly inserted his cock.

He took the scissors lying beside and took a wet lock on top of Amber’s head. He ran his fingers down the length and snipped it just above her breasts. Amber felt the cold steel of the scissors rubbing against her body. She could clearly see her hair being cut off. The wet lock still stuck on to her breasts. He took another couple of strands and this time cut them close to her lips. One by one he started taking a few strands and cut them at different lengths. After he did this a couple of times he saw that it still did not make a difference to the volume of hair on her head that was still running till the floor and more. Rose was getting her fill as she took her hair and started caressing Amber’s body and pressing her breasts. Her boyfriend then took the straight razor she had provided and got up from the chair. Rose took his place and started to lick Amber’s pussy. He took a comb and started to comb Amber’s hair. He made a section on the top by partitioning the hair on both sides and back and secured it with some clips. “Ready? There is no going back after this.”

He didn’t wait for a reply and bent down Amber’s head to say she had no choice but to get her haircut now and whatever she said now wouldn’t stop the shearing that was to come. He put the straight razor on the crown of the head and started to make short movements downwards. A white strip started to appear in between black locks. Her knee length hair was now being shaved mercilessly. He continued to shave down the back of her head and made a clean white partition in the middle of the back of her neck. Amber felt the razor taking away her prized long mane.

The cold steel blade ruthlessly shaved the long locks she took effort to maintain. Being helplessly sheared built up more pleasure inside her. Her breasts were being squeezed. She was being fucked as she was being shaved. Ethan started a second pass at the back of her head down the nape of the black maned beauty. He put his dick on the newly shaved portion and rubbed the flowing juices on to it. Slowly but steadily he was shaving all of Amber’s back of the head. Hair plied on her shoulders, down her back and chair. He then proceeded to the right side of the head. Placing his hand on the top of her head he secured it in one place. Placing the razor on the partition he slid it down her temple, her ears and sideburn. The hair gave no resistance as the blade slid like butter on her mane replacing the black locks with white skin. The shaved hair slid down Amber’s body and landed on Rose’s face who was busy tonguing Amber’s pussy. Rose took the freshly shaved mane of her friend and kissed it deeply. She then wrapped it around her fingers and inserted them in one thrust inside Amber. The woman moaned in ecstasy. She was getting fingered down there with her own hair. This was also the first time she saw her black tresses being replaced by the white scalp. Ethan took another pass down her right side . This time he bent the ear and started to shave the hair around her ear. After the right side was finished he said “ Baby, do you wanna take care of the left side?” To which Rose replied “ Sure babe.” Rose took the straight razor out of his hands and whispered into Amber’s ear “ I wanted to do this for a long time. Let’s start shaving this mop of yours.” Ethan was busy biting Amber’s breasts. He would squeeze one breast with his hand and bite into the other at the same time. All the while his dick was fucking Amber’s pussy. Amber was moaning in pleasure. She had already cum twice since the haircut started. She wasn’t sure if she could handle being fucked more. Rose went to Amber right side and bent her head towards herself. Amber’s freshly shaven right side head now lay on her boobs and the left side of her head was completely visible. She took all of the left side hair into her hand and started to run the razor near to her chin length. The razor quickly shortened the length of Amber’s hair to a rough bob. She took the shaved hair and said to her boyfriend “Fuck her.” He took the hair and wrapped it around his cock. He then resumed fucking Amber who was crying out in pleasure. Rose placed her hand on Amber’s head which now lay on her boobs. She then tucked the remaining length of Ambers hair behind her ear ears. She then placed the razor near her cheeks and started shaving upwards. She was shaving against the grain. The razor slid upwards severing the small hair near the sideburns, then up her ear, shaving the hair near the top of her head till the partition. Rose removed the strands that had been shredded by gently whisking the hair. Small tufts of hair fell onto her breasts. She continued this process till the right side of Amber’s head was fully white.

Ethan then took a hair dryer from the table and started to dry the top of Amber’s head. He took out the clips and after the hair was dry he put it into a ponytail two inches above her scalp. He then took a clipper and started to sever the ponytail. The hair was no match and gave way very easily. He then took some hair gel and applied it to Amber’s hair. Combing the hair upward using a comb and hair dryer he made sure that each and every strand was erect. He then whispered in her ear “Don’t move or I might need to shave the whole thing off.” He took a comb and clippers and started cutting the hair to almost half an inch of the scalp. He repeated this process all around her head. He made sure that the strands in front were notlonger than the back. Once he finished this he applied shaving cream ran the razor against the grain twice making sure the sides and back were completely hairless. He then dusted the hair from the top of her head. Amber looked into the reflection in the mirror. Her once cute face now looked hot and sexy. Ethan then said “ Now. Where is my baby? It’s your turn.” Amber asked “Why Rose ?” He replied “ She made a bet with me. She lost.” They looked around and saw Rose sitting down with her mane bent forward. She had opened up her braid and was quietly sitting. Beside her were a spray bottle, scissors and a straight razor loaded with a new blade. She said “ I lost. Time for me to pay up. As per the conditions you can do whatever you want with my hair baby.”

Amber asked “ What exactly did you two bet on?” Rose replied “ I bet him that he couldn’t get you to cut your hair off. He said he could. So we bet that if he could get you to cut your hair till the butt level he would cut my hair off till above my waist. If he cut yours somewhat higher than the butt he would cut mine off till my boobs. If he cut yours till the waist level he could cut mine till below the shoulders. Anything higher he would cut mine into a shaved nape bob. But if he got you to cut your hair off above the shoulders, my hair would be in his hands for the next year. He could decide the length and the cut. I thought you would only let him cut some inches off. But you went and got a shaved flattop.”
“What would have happened if I didn’t cut my hair till even the butt length?” Amber inquired. Rose replied “ He would not get to cut my hair till a year and no ass fucking. You know how violent he is back there.” Amber laughed. She then went to Rose and pulled all the hair and twisted it in her hand saying “Well, that’s that. So what haircut are you giving her?” “The one I wanted to give for a long time.” he replied. “What! Are you really going to shave it all!?” asked Rose. He didn’t reply but came near them. Amber still held Rose’s hair twisted in her hand said “ Hmm! That’s a very nice idea. Let’s get rid of this mess she calls hair. I have experienced the thrill firsthand. Now so shall you.”

Amber then bent down and started to wet Rose’s hair. Meanwhile Ethan bought even more water In a bottle and poured it over her. Rose was now wet all over the body. Amber then took the strap on dildo and the scissors. She then inserted the dildo into Rose’s ass and started the fuck her. She randomly started to snip Rose’s hair. Meanwhile Ethan took another pair of scissors and did the same while fucking her from the front. Strands of hair started to fall everywhere. The locks were wet and clinged to Rose’s body. There was nothing she could do but enjoy being fucked and see her hair fall down all around her and stick to her body. After a few snips Amber took the straight razor with the loaded blade. She then pulled Rose’s head backwards onto her boobs. She put the razor directly on Rose’s forehead and asked her boyfriend to shave backwards. Ethan started to shave the brunette’s locks backwards. The hair that was shaved was falling onto Amber’s massive boobs. She was pinching Rose’s nipples while Rose was being shaved. After a few passes she took the razor and bent Rose’s head forward onto his dick. She immediately took the dick into her mouth. Amber then started shaving the back of Rose’s head onto his dick. Strands of various lengths were accumulating around them. They continued to fuck her and shave her hair till she was totally bald.

Both of them also applied shaving cream and each shaved Rose’s head once again to make it smooth. After this was completed Amber and Ethan both came on Rose’s bald head while Rose came on top of Amber’s flat top. All three of them lay exhausted on the floor. Both ladies bodies were tired and paining from the rough sex they had. Rose then asked Amber “ Why did you go with this haircut. If not I would still have had hair on my head. Not like I am complaining about my current look.” To which Amber replied “ I was thinking of it more as a punishment to myself. For allowing myself to be controlled even after he dumped me. I wanted to have my hair cut off for being naive, as a lesson that I should do what I want to do. After the haircut I would grow my hair only for myself and not for others. Didn’t think this would become this enjoyable. It seemed more like a reward than a punishment. Well I look forward to more threesomes like this if it’s okay with you both.” Rose replied “ Oh honey! Who’s idea did you think this all was. We both planned to include you in this from the beginning. Hence the bet. More like a motivation for him to seduce you into this. You ain’t hoing anywhere now. Grow your hair out now. Next year it’s your head that is going to be shaved.” Amber winked and said “ I will personally hand you both each a razor.”


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