Melanie humiliated at a party

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It was a thursday evening in mid summer. Tomorrow would be friday and Melanie was looking forward to meet new people at the friday party. Before going to bed she brushed her teeth and brushed her long brown hair. Her hair was long and thick and almost touched her waist and had a very nice shade of brown. A lot of girls were jealous of it but Melanie kind of enjoyed the jealousy.

She woke up very early the next day to wash her hair and do her makeup as good as she could. Her hair was straight and natural but her makeup was very dramatic. She put on a black dyeliner to highlight her blue-gray eyes and dark lipstick on her smaller lips. She filled her eyebrows with her eyebrow pencil to make them a little bit darker. Her eyebrows were thick but not too thick and arched.

When she was done with her makeup she put on her favourite earrings. They were silver hoop earrings she bought a year before in Europe. They weren’t expensive but had a very high quality. She then took a black mini dress. It was simple but worked just perfect. She also took a pair of high heels. Even tho she was already pretty tall at 5’10 she decided to still wear them.

She looked in the mirror and was satisfied. She looked perfect and was very confident. At this moment she got a text message from her friend Maria.

Maria was a very pretty girl as well. She was pale, had the most beautiful turquoise eyes and platin blonde hair. She was also pretty tall and skinny, but not as tall as Melanie. Maria had a heavy German accent when she was drunk but otherwise she could have passed as American. She was popular without trying to be popular. She was very calm.

“I’ll pick you up in 5 minutes. Hope you’re ready :-)”

Melanie grabbed a white jacket immediately. And ran down the stairs. Maria already stood there leaned on her car with a cigarette in her hand. She wore a short red dress and black high heels. It was pretty warm so Melanie threw her jacket in the car and hugged Maria.

“Oh my you look great!” Said Melanie
“Thank you! Your makeup is on point girl!” Maria replied and looked at her friend and both were so excited to go to the most popular party around.

After Maria finished her cigarette they drove to the place were the party was held. It was a huge house and looked like it would belong to a Billionaire. Melanie felt a bit weird but after they went in… she had a bad feeling. Maria greeted a few girls. Melanie still had a bad feeling about the party. Everything looked so luxurious and expensive.

She danced with Maria and everyone couldn’t help but stare at the 2 pretty girls. As they stopped they sat at a table. Maria looked pretty exhausted. Something was not right so Melanie asked. Maria didn’t say anything for a while. She just grabbed her phone and wrote a text message but Melanie couldn’t see who and what she was texting. After a few minutes her brother came and said something in German to Maria. Then he turned to Melanie and said “I’m sorry but she doesn’t feel good. I will drive her home” Melanie was a bit confused but she nooded and Maria said good bye to Melanie with a weak smile.

Now Melanie was alone and she barely knew anybody. Then she met Rachel, an old friend she hadn’t seen in a while. They spent hours together until the party was almost over.

Only a few people were still there. They sat on the couch and told each other jokes.

Rachel was very friendly. She had dyed dark red shoulder length curly hair and green eyes. She wore a white top and black shorts. They got along so well. After some minutes the host of the party came. A man in his late 20s Melanie didn’t know too well. Rachel got up and they kissed.
“You are a couple?” Melanie asked
“Yes haha” Rachel replied
“And we will marry soon” he added
“Oh congratulations Melanie smiled.

Melanie now got the weird feeling back as she had in the beginning. There were only 3 girls and 2 men and of course Rachel and her boyfriend there but something was wrong.

Rachel and her boyfriend sat next to Melanie “My name is Jonas by the way nice to meet you Melanie” he said and she smiled. After they talked about how the party was Jonas got up and went out. He came back soon with a chair where you can lock people. Mel got a more and more bad feeling but shook it off. “Wanna play a game?” Jonas asked and the last people who were still there agreed to play. Melanie had no choice and did the same “What kind of game?” A woman asked. “Well, I can show you. One volunteer?” Everyone was silent and Melanie had a very bad feeling and it got worse. “Okay then I have to pick one… mhhh… Melanie”

Everyone looked at her and something in her head said “run!”

“Oh um… no I don’t want to it’s getting late I think I should-”
Rachel interrupted her
“Ugh that’s sad I had so much fun with you today. You’re sure you want to go already?”
Melanie didn’t want to disappoint Rachel so she said
“Okay maybe one more hour”

She got up and sat on the chair. Her arms and legs got locked so she couldn’t move them. And suddenly, as if some lights have switched everyone got up.

“Finally!” Rachel said with an evil grin.
“What?”Melanie was very confused
“Now ewe can play and you’ll be our toy” Rachel said.

Without realizing what was actually happening Melanie was dragged to the middle of the room. They were all sitting around her while she couldn’t move her arms and legs.

Jonas went out of the room and came back with a bag. He took a pair of scissors out of it. Her eyes got wide “What are you going to do?!” She screamed and before she could even say anything else he cut her dress open. Her black simple bra was exposed. everybody was staring at her. Rachel got up and garabbed the bag and took tape and put it on Melanies lips. Everybody laughed. “She’s very pretty” a woman said. Rachel looked at the woman who said that and said “oh she won’t be after all we’ll do to her”

Melanies heart started to beat faster.
Rachel took the pair of scissors from her boyfriend and started to cut open her bra. Her boobs were now exposed. They were average sized but had a nice shape. After that she cut her string and her pussy was exposed as well. She tried to hide it but realized she couldn’t. “Don’t be so shy” Rachel said. Melanie tried to speak but couldn’t thanks to the tape. Her expensive dress was now no longer wearable. How would she get even home like this?

After a while new people came in. Mostly men. Most took pictures and then went away but some stayed. She was emberassed.

At this point Melanie started to get a blurry vision. She wanted to run away.

After more than 20 people joined Rachel took the scissors again and pulled at her hair and wildly cut at it. The people were shocked but a lot of people laughed. She threw the scissors on the floor and took a razor and some shaving cream and put it right on her eyebrows. “What if they never grow back?” A woman asked. Rachel just smiled at Melanies face and gently shaved her right eyebrow off. Melanie just closed her eyes. The first eyebrow was gone and she shaved off the next one just like she shaved the first. A Rachel stepped aside and Melanie opened her eyes. Everybody stared at her. some laughed. “She looks silly now” a man shouted. Rachel raised her voice “She’ll look even worse” and again people laughed.

Rachel grabbed smaller scissors and cut off her lashes. At this moment Melanie started to cry. “Don’t worry it will grow back.. if you’re lucky” Rachel whispered.

Rachel grabbed some clippers and held them up so everyone could see them. “Should I do it or not?” She shouted. The people around her said “yes” and “do it” and laughed and whistled. Without waiting she started in the middle. Melanie looked down and saw her long hair falling on the floor. Melanie cried and felt so emberrased. She never felt as ugly before. She didn’t have a mirror but knew she isn’t pretty anymore. After almost everything was gone Rachel started to shave her head with a razor. It became a shiny bald head. Everyone laughed at her. Melanie felt so bad again. Jonas let her free but befor she could get up from the chair she fell down and landed in her hair laying on the floor. The tape was removed from her mouth. It hurt but she didn’t mind. She started to cry while holding her hair in her hands. “And now get out of here.” Rachel said. “Why did you do that?” Melanie asked in tears. But she got grabbed by a tall man and was thrown out. some teens sat outside on a bench and smoked. They started to laugh and Melanie ran. She didn’ know where to go. She was completely naked and had not a single hair on her body. She ran to a house and saw her reflection in the window. she was so shocked and didn’t want to see herself. She was seen by a man who looked at her in disgust. She walked for one hour to her apartment. It was almost daytime. She went in the elevator and a young woman joined and was a bit shocked to see a naked woman with no hair but tried hard to not stare. She went inside her house and to her surprise she saw Maria sitting on her sofa. But as she went to her he realized Rachel sat next to her. Both girls laughing at her.

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