The Bravest Head shaving Girls.

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This is the story of some of The Bravest Head shaving girls I know who might shave their heads for charity after a bet: Emma R , Emma S , Emma G , Isabella and Bryce ( Yes, Bryce is a girl). You wouldn’t think that Girls would ever consider Shaving their heads, But then again you’ve never met these five girls. They are five of the Prettiest and smartest girls I know. They also have a wild side. These girls may have a surprise Head shave in store, Will they do it at a Hair salon, Barbershop or at home? There’s one way to know read this story. I will post links below to show pictures were they are needed., ,, Now to start the story.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Emma was a kind person who was very pretty and had thought maybe one day she might donate her hair to charity. She might even make a bet, Shave her head and get friends to also shave one day. To make a long story short. It was Emma G’s 18th birthday and a lot of her friends were there. She knew she’d get a lot of great gifts, but nothing surprised her more than what she would be getting this year. Emma showed she had a wild streak in her. She would hop on her bike and look for big hills to speed down, pretending she was riding a Motorcycle. She thought as she grew up no one noticed this, but she was wrong her family and friends were well aware of this fantasy. She also loved horses, she also loved getting her hair cut at the hair salon and going the barbershop with her dad and brother and watching some males getting their heads shaved and taking bets. Now back to her birthday party. The first gift she opened came from Emma S. who had gotten her poster of a Harley Davidson, 2011 harley street glide. The next gift was from Bryce who got her poster of a Suzuki, M1500 Motorcycle. The next gift came from Emma R. who got her posters of Horses. The next came from Matt who got her a, pink raider motorcycle helmet, for if and when she either got a Motorcycle or went riding on one with a friend. The next one came from Isabella who got her Motorcycle boots. Her brother Will got her Leather motorcycle pants. Her sister Lydia got a Motorcycle Jacket. Her parents had the biggest surprise of all, They opened the garage door and rolled out a, 2012 Harley-Davidson FLSTN Softail® Deluxe. Her eyes were wide open, Her jaw was on the floor and she was speechless. She couldn’t believe her eyes had her parents just gotten what she had always wanted. She thanked everyone and when the party was over everyone went home. After practicing for so many months and going through drivers ed. she got her Motorcycle License. To make a long story short Matt, Isabella, Emma R. , Emma S. and Bryce’s birthdays came and they all got Motorcycle’s and gear to wear. They also followed suit and got their Motorcycle Licenses. Now comes the part of the story wear they might possible Shave their heads. So they all had busy lives and went to various college’s in the area. The next time they all had time to see each other Matt asked a question: (Who would be willing to take a bet and maybe shave their heads)? Everyone looked a little puzzled, but had an interested look on their faces. All the girls said: (Can we get back to you later with an answer)? Matt replied: ( Of course, No hurry). So a week passed and Matt’s phone rang. So he picked it up and it was Emma R. and she said: (You know when you asked If we’d be willing to take a bet and Shave our heads. Well I’m in as long as everyone else is and will). So after hearing this Matt called everyone and told them to me him at the local Coffee shop.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Matt hopped on his motorcycle and got there just as Emma R. was getting there. A few minutes later came Isabella. Next came Bryce, Followed by Emma G. and Emma S. They all had rode in on their motorcycles to. So they all went inside and sat down. They all looked curious and wondered why he had called them there, but Emma R. had a good idea why. So Matt began by saying: (I received a phone call a little while ago from Emma R. she called to tell me what her answer was to the question I asked last time we were together. Her answer is: She will if everyone else will. So what do you all think)? Emma G. said: (This might be one of the craziest thing I have done, But if Emma R. will take a bet and Shave her head than I will to). They all applauded this statement. Bryce than said: (Hey if you two are crazy enough to do it, I’ll do it to). Isabella went next saying: (I know us girls do love our hair a lot and I love mine most of all, But if we are going to do this, lets do it for a good cause. So with everything I have just said and I can’t believe this is coming out of my mouth, COUNT ME IN!). Emma S. quickly responded: (I completely agree with what Isabella just said. So with saying that and I too can’t believe what I’m going to say, I’ll do it too). After some quick cheering, Matt than quickly said: (Hey, I’m the one who asked the question, and seeing that you all are all willing to Shave your heads. It’s only fitting I can’t let you all do it alone, So I’m one hundred percent on board to do it too). To which they all cheered. They all than had to decide how would they go about doing this. Isabella again said: (If we are going to do this, lets do it for a good cause). To which the whole group agreed. The Plan was they all go back to their colleges and who ever raised the most money in 6 months has to Get their Head Shaved first and Donate the money to charity and so on. So the race was on, Who could raise the most money for Charity. Even though they were all nervous about having to Shave their heads, They knew it was for a good cause and felt a little better about it. They all settled on that they would all try to raise $10,000 and see how much they could get or if they would either fall short or exceed the total. They also decided that who reached their goal or exceeded it first would call or text everyone and tell them. So they went back to their colleges and put up papers and posters through out their campuses explaining what the situation was. The papers and posters read: I am trying to raise as much money as possible for Charity. If I am the First of the six of us fundraising, to reach or exceed my goal of $10,000, I will be the First of the Six of us doing this fundraiser to be shaving my head and donating the funds to Charity. So about a two weeks passed, Than a month and no one had called yet. A Second month passed and than on the Third month came the text from Isabella saying: (Hi everyone it’s Isabella, I have reached my goal. In fact I have exceed the goal and got $20,994). Which to that everyone replied: (Thanks, and Congratulations that’s fantastic). Three hours later Bryce texted saying: (Hi this is Bryce, I reached the goal and exceeded it by getting $14,850). Which than received the replies: (Thanks, that’s great). Two days later came Emma G’s text saying: (Hi its’ Emma G, well I reached the goal and exceeded it by getting $16,475). Which received the replies: (Thanks, Nice work). An hour later came Emma S’s text that said: (Hey it’s Emma S, I reached the goal and exceeded it getting $15,892). Which brought the replies: (Thanks, Great job). Matt’s text came an hour later saying: (Hi it’s Matt, Well I reached the goal and exceeded it by getting $20,978). Which brought the replies: (Thanks, Looks like if nothing else you may be the winner). Last up was Emma R. who’s text came fifteen minutes later saying: (Hi this is Emma Richardson and I too reached the goal and exceeded it with a total of $21,150. I guess I win and have to get my head shaved). Which got the replies: (Thanks, Congratulations and Yes, Unfortunately, Sorry). So with all the texts in Matt sent a text to the group asking, when they could meet again to discus the next phase of the deal. Emma R. texted and replied: (How about the first Saturday of next month at that coffee shop we met at last. How about we meet at 10:00). Everyone than replied: (Okay that works for us). So the date came Matt arriving first, Followed by Emma G, Then Emma S, Then Isabella, Then Bryce and last was Emma R. seeing that she had the longest distance to go. So with everyone there they had to decide how to get this Head Shaving thing under way. So before Matt or anyone else could ask the question Emma R. knowing she’d be the First Shaving victim asked: (So how will we do this Head Shaving thing)? Isabella replied; (Yes, Do we go to a Hair salon, Barbershop, Do it at our individual colleges or do we do it ourselves say as a group)? Matt then replied: (It’s Emma R’s decision if she wants to decide or Do we decide for her and so on for the rest of us. We can always decide as a group? If we choose to do it ourselves do we go and say buy a Salon Styling chair and other equipment)? Emma R. thought about it and responded: (How about we decide as a group as to what to do). So the group talked it over and decided we will do it ourselves it will be more fun that way. So they set up the date for two weeks later and bought the least expensive Styling chair they could find, and bought the other stuff they’d need. The location for all of the six of their Head Shavings would be at Matt’s house, Which is were they decided to keep the Styling chair. The group also decided all of the Head Shavings would take place on the same day back to back. So the day came and ready or not by the end of the day all six of them would be shaved. So after everyone arrived it was time to get started, Emma R. looking very nervous and excited at the same time took a seat in the Styling chair. There was one question now, Who would do the honors of Shaving her head. So Emma asked: (Who gets to do the honors)? So the group decided who ever got the next highest money total, who would be getting Shaved next should do the honors. Which meant Isabella would be doing it. So Emma was draped in a cape and the Head Shaving began. Isabella turned the clippers on and went right down the middle of Emma’s head, But right before she did she asked Emma: (Are you still sure you still want to do this)? Emma replied: (Absolutely, No turning back on my pledge. I’m going bald). So Isabella proceeded to shave Emma’s head and with Emma’s Head Shaved as close as possible she was asked: (Is this good enough)? Emma replied: (No. I want to go all the way shaved smooth). So Isabella lathered Emma’s head and Shaved her smooth. When Emma was done it was Isabella’s turn with Matt doing the honors and just like Emma, when Isabella was shaved as close as possible she was asked and she was shaved smooth too. Next it was Matt’s turn with Emma G. in charge of the deed and the same thing happened he was asked and he said: (I will most definitely be following by getting shaved smooth). So he was shaved smooth too. Next was Emma G. with Emma S. in control and with the same outcome. Next Emma S. with Bryce at the controls with same outcome. Last it was Bryce’s turn with Emma R. doing the honors and when the time came she to was asked and replied: (I don’t want to be different. If you all can do so can I? Lets do it). To that came the biggest applause. So Bryce was shaved completely bald too. So when everyone was done they then proceeded to send a check with the total amount raised which added up to $110,339 to Charity. So when everything was done Matt asked the question: (Would you ever want to do this again)? To which came the replies: (Yes, I think I would 100%). Said Isabella. (I wouldn’t want to miss another opportunity this. So Yes)! Said Bryce. (Absolutely, It’s for a great cause. So sure, you could count me in). Said Emma R. (I probably would given the opportunity to). Said Emma S. (Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’d do it too). Said Emma G. They then asked Matt who replied: (Are you kidding. I would 100% do it again. I wouldn’t want you all to have all the fun. I’d be willing if you would). So they made a vow that day that they’d do it again and again some day if the chance came again. As I told you this truly are the bravest and wildest girls I know.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I hope you enjoyed this story.

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