A Beautiful Bald Baby

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Both my dom and my daddy looked at me with crossed arms as they decided how I would be punished.

I had been really bad as of late to our polyamorous relationship. I was evading punishments by lying, and when I was finally figured out, I received several spankings. But I knew it was over. They even said that they needed to think about how we would proceed.

Awkwardly, in the Dungeons like kink salon in the basement of my Dominants practice, I stood naked in a corner looking at the wall. I could hear my dom Hayden and my Daddy Luka converse softly. I tried to listen to them, to catch any slippers of words but I couldn’t make it out. Finally I heard a clap of hands and Daddy speak up, “Alright, Erika, turn around and approach.”

“Yes Daddy,” I let out and slowly moved towards the men that I loved.

“Good girl,” he praised.

Hoping that my Punishment wouldn’t be drastic, Hayden explained that to correct my behaviour, I would be treated like a baby to be retaught My manners. I would have all privileges to do anything revoked.

Everything from bathroom privileges to intimacy, I would be required to act the age set out for me.

“First you’ll be thoroughly cleaned,” Hayden said. “Inside and out. You’ll receive and enema to hold for 30 minutes. Then, you’ll be cleaned ok the outside, we’ll remove that bush you’ve been growing and finally, you’ll be put in a diaper. Babies don’t use toilets.”

Embarrassingly I tried to argue but I received stern looks and was guided towards what Hayden liked to call, the enema horse. An uncomfortable contraption where I folded belly down on padding, my legs on either side of my with adjustable knee placers. When I had assumed the position, Luka, moved around me and felt my behind, rubbing up and down while Hayden began to prepare the enema. Daddy began to crank a lever to expand my but cheeks, leaving me in an uncomfortable position for Hayden to swipe my folds with cold lube.

I moaned in a little bit of pain as large tube followed, pressing deep inside my rectum.

“Please, I promise I’ll be better,” I pleaded, only to have a ball gag inserted inside my mouth.

I lout another large moan as I felt warm liquid fill the tube, and very soon my stomach began to cramp as the insides filled with it too.

While I succumbed to the torture, Daddy rubbed my back, telling me I was doing alright while Hayden retreated to prepare the other materials needed for my punishment that night. I didn’t know it, but I was going to be in for a very large change.

Tears flowed from my eyes and I tapped my hands on the side of the horse as nearly half an hour had passed by and I was ready to pop. Finally, Hayden and Luka helped me off the horse and set me down on the toilet where I let everything inside out. Daddy removed the gag as I panted, the entire ordeal tiring me out. I hated that the next step was a second enema to flush. I was thankful I didn’t have to hold it this time.

When this particular torture was done, Hayden helped me to the large bathtub where Daddy had drawn a bath for me. “It’s time to make your outside clean,” Hayden said softly. The bath was a warm embrace. Both Hayden and Daddy carefully washed me, allowed me to play with the bubbles and toys that were present. Both my caretakers washed my

Hair thoroughly, giving me a wonderful head massage in the process. I whined when the bath was over.

“Five more minutes please?” I asked. I didn’t want to get out. However, I was only

Met with a shake of heads as the plug was pulled and I was lifted out and covered with a towel. “We need to clearly that little mound of yours with hair. Each morning you’ll sit on your changing table so I can wipe it clean. Babies don’t have hair down there, so neither will you,” Daddy explained as he picked me up and brought me over to the changing table.

“And once your clean of hair, you’ll be put in a diaper. You’ll be required to use it unless your a good girl later on.

Hayden was the one that spread my legs and prepared the area to cut. He delighted in torturing me further by taking a come to detangle the mound of curls. Each stroke of the comb made my pussy sting as knots were removed. Finally, relief came as a pop and a low buzzing noise could be heard. While Hayden spread my legs wide to get into every little crevice with the clippers, Daddy played with my nipples, making them ripe. I couldn’t deny that this experience was turning me on.

“Please stop,” I moaned, only To have a pacifier stuck in my mouth. “Now now little girl, remember this is supposed to be a punishment. While Luka continued to play, Hayden remarked that I was getting wet, my little kitten unable to hide behind the Punic hair curls.

Hayden finished denuding the area of hair with a warm lathered shaving cream and straight razor.

“It’s time for the diaper I think, Luka,” Hayden said. Diapering was his department.Hayden replaced Lukas position and began sucking on my right nipple, letting the tongue do it’s work. I moaned through the pacifier, wanting to take it out.

“It looks like someone needs to orgasm,” Daddy mentioned as my hips began to move. He firmly pushed them down and Hayden back d off from sucking my nipple. “No orgasms for you hun. Not yet. You only get to relieve yourself when I say so. If you do it without permission, the punishment might get worse.

Moaning in defeat loudly, Luka placed a thick link fluffy diaper underneath my bottom and fastened it firmly around my hips. Both men helped me to sit up. I was a little breathless and annoyed that my urge of pleasure was unfulfilled.

Now let’s get you sitting in the chair,” Hayden guided me to the salon chair where I was sat. To my surprise, The two strong men locked my arms and legs in place. I was expecting this to be like normal, where Hayden would fry and curl my hair, but now I knew that I was receiving a punishment haircut. I had received one a few years earlier from Hayden before Luka had entered the dynamic. Hayden had cut my hair into a short A line Bob with a shaved neck.

I remembered that time vividly as he toon his time making each cut. The hair that used to reach my but bunches all into my lap.

I pushed the pacifier out of my mouth and I tried to plead again. “Please don’t cut my hair masters. I promise to be real good from now on. I like my long hair now. I don’t want it cut short. I’ll miss Daddy’s braiding and pig tails!”

Daddy waved his finger back and forth with disappointment. “Oh, Erika, I’m sorry little one, but only good girls get to have pretty princess hair. We have to teach you to be a good girl and that mean starting with something shorter,” He commented.

Tears began to well up in my eyes. More to the humiliation and pain was added as fuzzy nipple clamps clenched my swollen tits.

“Please don’t cut it short,” I tried to say. “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry,”

Unfortunately, my apologies didn’t go very far and instead of a pacifier this time. And ungodly metal contraption was placed in my mouth instead. With the turn of a dial, the contraption spread my mouth apart wide and uncomfortable. I tried to make a sound but only produced drool.

I hated that I was about to lose my hair again. I had grown my hair out finally to the middle of my back again. The brown hair that was played with each morning and night was going to be cut again. I hoped they weren’t going to go short.

Hayden moved the salon chair in front of the mirror and put his hands on my shoulders. He shared a devilish smile as he began to carefully brush out my hair. He then took the time to dry it. “Oh how I’m going to miss this hair,” he said nonchalantly, reaching for a comb and scissors.

I tried to bargain but words were nothing than a garbled mess. Hayden took a section of hair and brushed it in front of my eyes so I couldn’t see. I was horrified that he was going to be given me bangs.

Snip, snip, snip!

Several inches fell before my eyes as a set of thick bangs sat just above my eyes. I saw in the mirror how dorky they made me look.

“Oops, I didn’t cut them short enough, just a little higher,” he said, raising the scissors a couple inches higher. This time the snips sent a smaller amount of hair onto my bare lap. Clearly they wanted me to watch my body get filled with hair. The bangs didn’t look bad, but what followed made my heart sink.

I was expecting another Bob in the chair, instead. Hayden began to follow the  line the scissors had cut, just above my eyebrows to make their way slowly around my entire head.

Snip, after snip, crunch after every slow crunch was my hair reduced to a one length bowl cut.

“I think there’s still far too much hair, don’t you think Luka,” Hayden asked, pinning sections of the remaining hair on top of my head.

“I agree,” Luka answered. “I think it needs to be shorter.”

“I think I’ll start by shaving these sides first.” Hayden mentioned and tears started to form in my eyes again as Hayden turned on the electric clippers. “Head down my dear,” he said strongly and pushed my chin towards my chest. Using one hand to hold my head down, Hayden pushed the tip of the clippers up to the edge of the parting.

“Hmm, I don’t think that’s short enough,” he said annoyed and removed the guard from the clippers. “This should be much better,” he said happier and made another swipe with the clippers. What was now a couple inches of fuzzy hair was now just a little bit of stubble.

I cried as Hayden took his time to reduce my nape to stubble all the way around. He folded my ears down carefully to make sure each and every crevice was devoid of hair. When he was done with this he released the clips on top of my head.

“You know, this looks a lot worse than I thought it would be,” Hayden remarked to Luka. I had to agree.

“I think your right,” Luka nodded, walking up beside me to play with the short hair that was eye brow length all the way around. “If it was just a little bit longer it could be a little bit longer it could be a cute little mushroom cut.”

Hayden played with my hair back and forth and agreed.

“But you know,” Luka said. Since she’s a baby now. Baby’s aren’t normally birth with a lot of hair. I watched in horror as Luka reached

For the comb and scissors, sectioning out a chunk and cutting it close to my scalp.

“I like the way you think Hayden,” said happily and reached

For a second set of shears to do the same. I cried as both men worked on either side of me to cut what little hair I had left right down to the scalp.

“Shoot, had we left it a little longer I could have permed these bits. We could have had short tight little curls,” Hayden mused.

By skin itched as tiny little hairs touched my shoulders and gathered at my nipples and my lap.

“I know babies are born with little hair, but I still don’t think this looks right.” Hayden admitted. I think she’s just going to have to start from scratch. I shave it with a number 2 guard all the way around.”

Luka hummed. “Will that look good? Even though all of this was done with guard less clippers? Do you think you can get it to fade?“ Hayden turned on the clippers.

“Well. We can always go shorter, let’s see what it will look like.”

Erika watched in horror as the hum of the clippers started and instead of starting from the back, Hayden started in the front, and straight down the little a strip of hair was left. The length wasn’t too much difference from the hair that was cut with scissors.

“Looks like I’m going to have to go down to the guard anyways. Awoke of these cuts were Maude so close to the scalp a number 2 will look wonky.

Erika closed her eyes as Hayden removed the guard from the clippers and proceeded to mow down the rest of her hair. She had resigned to the fact that this was her fate.

“She’ll be a wonderful little bald baby,” Luka cooed.

“She really is,” Hayden agreed, finishing the last touches on her head.

“I think we need one last blank slate,” Hayden murmured. “A fresh start with her hair. “I’ll shave her smooth.

A hot towel was placed around Erika’s head. When the scalp was softened, a hot lather was placed in its place. When her head was a sheet of white, Hayden was careful with the straight razor as he took every last little bit of hair from her. When he was finished, he put a pink headband with a bow, ones that babies often wore.

“She’s our beautiful, bald baby.”

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