A Curly Haired Baby

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A Curly Haired Baby

Living in an age play relationship felt like bliss with David. Every day, he would take care of most of my needs. He would cook for me, play with me, bathe me. It was relaxing.

“Tip your head back Luna dear,” he said as I listened.

David’s capable hands circulated a generous amount of shampoo in to my long blond hair. I took pride in the fact that I had a hair stylist for a Daddy. It meant that every day my hair was shiny, and often curled.

“Have you thought any ore about what I said at dinner tonight?” He asked.

I bit my lip and turned to him. “About taking the next step in being your little baby girl?” I asked hesitantly.

David had brought up trying more of the ABDL side. It would mean wearing diapers for the first time. He also mentioned that he wanted to try a special hair style in me, though he didn’t mention what.

“That’s right baby girl, what are your thoughts?” He asked tenderly as he rinsed out my hair and traded the suds of the shampoo for the sleek conditioner that made my hair soft. “Do you think you’ll be willing to try?”

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t interested in stepping further into the the dynamic. I was hesitant for the diapers, but I also wanted to try.

“If it’s with you I’m willing to do anything,” I purred, as he finished my bath and wrapped me up in a fluffy pink towel and hugged me tightly.

“Then I think tomorrow is going to be a special night,” David praised.


The next day, David helped me to feel like the prettiest little girl there was. That morning, he had taken extra care to pick out a cute pink dress and curled my hair into ringlets. Every morning I got to sit in the special hair dressing chair he had set up in the basement. David took several photos of me that morning and I loved it.

“You’re going to be my perfect curly haired princess,” he mused, which made me confused considering the blonde hair that reached the middle of my back was already curled.

“What do you mean Daddy?”

David Chuckled and patted my head. “You’ll understand soon enough.”

I was rather disappointed when he had to leave for work. I tried hard to get him to stay, nearly making him late. He told me I would pay for it when his shift was over.

I knew that meant a spanking.

The next several hours while I waited for him to come home felt like days. Every time I looked at the clock, it felt like it was going slower.

When the clock finally struck five, I knew he would be home soon. I was bursting with both excitement and nervousness as he walked through the door.

“Daddy!” I screamed with a large teddy by my side. “I missed you soooooooo much!”

“Did you now?” David hummed.

We spent the next couple hours making dinner together and eating a light supper. “So, when we are done dinner, I would like you to get ready for an early bath,” he cooed. “Tonight’s going to be a very long night and I want you relaxed,” he smiled.

I nervously smiled back. I had almost thought that I had gotten away with not receiving a spanking until he had undressed me in the large bathroom, and told me I wasn’t allowed to get in the bathtub.

Shyly I tried to cover my naked body that exposed a full bush below. David told me to stand in a single place with my hands at my side, something I always hated doing. I hated feeling exposed, the cool air would touch my nipples and make them sting.

When the bath was prepared, David sat on the edge of the tub and becomes for me to come.

“How many spankings do you think you server today?” David asked and I nervously looked at the ground.

“M-maybe … five?” I asked, knowing that wouldn’t be enough.

“I don’t think five is enough,” he said sternly. “I think you deserve at least one spank for every minute I was late this morning. You’re lucky My client was also running late, otherwise this would be worse.” David scolded.

“Ho-hiw many minutes were you late?“ I asked nervously, hoping it wasn’t many. I didn’t take into account how late he could have been that morning.

“19,” he spoke clearly. “But I think I’ll make it an even 20 for the five times I told you I was going to be late. Do you agree?” He asked.

Buying my lip, looking down, I muttered. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl,” he praised. “Now come lay over my knee so we can make sure the bad girl is sparked out if you before we start our special night.”

Reluctantly I placed my body over his knees and raised my ass high in the air for him. His dominant hand grained my rear and rubbed the cheeks up and down, reminding me that I needed to count out each strike for it to count.

Without warning, a clap could be heard through the bathroom and I cried out in pain as his hand connected painfully with my exposed cheek.

“Ow! I let out, gasping as even though I knew it was coming, it still felt unexpected. “One!” I said, almost forgetting to say the number, knowing that when a second strike would come, if I hadn’t said it, the first one would never count.

Despite the fact that my bottom had turned from a light pink to red, spankings always turned me on. I knew I was getting wet between the knees and I could only hope that Daddy didn’t notice.

“Twenty!” I finally said as the last spank struck my red bottom.

“Good girl!” He praised and turned me around to cuddle in his arms. I was sniffling with a few tears in my eyes. He comforted me before helping me lower myself into the tub. The warm water stunk my bottom and it hurt to sit. But soon David was helping me wash myself, taking tender care around my breasts and nipples.

“You’ll enjoy it in a diaper,” he said. “Thick,” he added. “With it you will feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, you won’t even feel like you’ve been spanked,” he mentioned, as he finished washing my hair.

David played with me with the toys in the tub before finally pulling the plug and helping me out once more into a fluffy towel.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said. “A room that I’ve been keeping secret, just for this moment,” he mentioned, guiding me out of the bathroom in the fluffy towel towards a room that I always thought was a furnace room.

The room that was shown to me however wasn’t filled with equipment, but rather an adult sized nursery. I was in awe in the fact that this room even existed.

Swiftly, David picked me up and moved me towards the adult sized changing table and gently laid me down on my back. He swiftly started a mobile above my head that had a soft familiar melody playing. It had drawn so much of my attention that I hadn’t noticed him buckle me in place in the table.

“What?” I asked nervously, tying to move a bit, only to feel completely helpless as he pressed a finger to my mouth and replaced it with a large pacifier in which he wiggled into my mouth. “That’s a good Baby Girl,” he soothed. “Just relax and suck on this. “I’m going to prepare you for your diaper now but I want to make sure you don’t get hurt. I need to clean you down there before I can put a diaper on.” He explained. “And that’s because baby girls don’t normally have hair down here,” he explained, running his hands through the damp bush of coarse curls. “So I’m going to get rid of them so you’ll be smooth as a baby.”

David spoke softly and reached for a stuffed elephant for me to hold. “You make sure to stay still baby girl, okay?”

My pale face had joined my bottom in the colour red, only this time it wasn’t from being spanked. It blushed red thinking about his hands removing the hair.

David started by using an electric razor. He spread my legs wide and safely reduced my mound to stubble in every crevice. I felt embarrassed that it made me feel turned on. Any time he spent time down there it would leave me feeling flustered, especially if I wasn’t allowed to cum.

When only stubble remained, he used his delicate fingers to spread shaving cream, once again instructing me to be very still. He was an expert as he used a straight razor to perfectly leave my once proud mound of curls to just smooth skin.

“What a pretty little kitty you have done there,” he cooed as he cleaned up any excess of shaving cream.

I moaned as I wanted him to touch me more down there. Who knew that having it shaved could leave me so flustered. Why hadn’t I asked him to do this more often?

“It seems like someone’s feeling naughty right now,”he pointed out, clearly seeing that he had made me wet. “It’s so easy to see things down here now. My fingers don’t have to search…” he started before inserting two fingers easily through my folds. “For your delicious opening.”

It didn’t take long for his fingers to bring me on the cusp of an orgasm. I lifted my but up, trying to meet it, only to be left breathless and unfulfilled as he pulled his fingers out.

“No orgasms yet, baby girl. We still have a lot of stuff to do tonight,” he purred.

“But Daddy,” I said breathless and pouty as I pulled the pacifier out. David promptly stuck it back in my mouth.

“No buts princess. Now, I think it’s time to put a diaper on you, what do you think?”he asked, reaching below to pull out a large pink and white diaper. He let me feel the outside of it. It had been years since I had even interacted with a children’s diaper let alone one for an adult.

“Now lift that cute little bum up,” he instructed as he spread out the diaper that crinkled and shifted it underneath my hips. I used the elephant to hide my blushing cheeks. David proceeded to use baby wipes to clean up the juices that had come out while he had played with me. When he was done I felt the cold dust of baby powder and the smell it gave. He spread it all over and gave one final light slap to my clit before folding the diaper over, taping the sides securely.

“All done!” David spoke excitedly and unbuckled me from the table. He helped me sit up and reached into a dresser and pulled out an assortment of onesies.

“Now, which one would you like to wear?” He asked.

I had never worn a baby onesie before. I wasn’t even sure it would fit over the big diaper that I was wearing. I finally settled on pointing at a white onesie with a pattern of rainbows and unicorns.

“Good choice,” David praised and helped me into it. He pulled it over my head and then wiggled the flaps to snap between my legs. I was surprised it even fit.

“Now. My Little Baby Girl. I want you to look like my perfect little curly haired baby girl. Do you think you would let me make your hair as curly as possible? So that every morning, it will be filled with curls? It will be a very cute perm!” He cooed.

I loved the thought of waking up with curls. I ran my fingers through my wet hair. I imagined having soft ringlets. No longer would I have the pin straight hair that I had been born with.

“I want curls!” I said delighted, letting the pacifier fall out of my mouth. David laughed and picked it up, putting it back in my mouth.

“Then let’s go get you set up on the chair then!”

David picked me up and moved me to the special hairdresser chair. It felt weird to sit with a diaper underneath me, but he was correct when he told me it wouldn’t hurt to sit so much with the extra padding.

David grabbed one of his pink capes and draped it around me, fastening it tightly around my neck. He hummed a sweet toon as he deranged my hair, taking special care of any knots that had formed. I closed my eyes and hummed with him. I was so lost in the moment that I hadn’t even heard him grab his scissors.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Was heard by my right ear.

My eyes fluttered open as I gazed into the mirror in front of me. My jaw dropped as several inches of hair had fallen to the floor. David had sliced my hair just above my ear.

“Daddy, what are you,” I tried saying only to have the pacifier shoved back into my mouth and David softly shushing me.

“It’s okay darling girl. You’re going to look beautiful. See, babies don’t normally have this much hair,” he explained. “And while I could shave your head, I thought that you could be one of the babies born with a full head of curls. But even then it won’t be that long. You trust me right?” David asked sweetly.

At first I didn’t know what to think. My entire perception of the situation had been changed. David put both of his hands on my shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Finally, I nodded my head.

“Good girl, Luna,” he praised before combing out another section to cut. I watched as he moved around in a uniform pattern, cutting my hair to one short length all the way around so it was just above my ears. I thought he was done until he started sectioning out my hair and proceed to take even more hair off by layering it.

“There, I think that’s the cutting done,” he said setting the scissors down. I was surprised I never shed any tears. In fact, I liked the fluffy spiked look my wet hair gave in the mirror. It reminded me of rapunzel from Tangled when the hair was cut at the end.

“Now, this will take a while, but the next step is to roll all of your hair into these little rods. Do you think you can help daddy by passing them to me as I put them in your hair?”

I nodded my head slowly and he got to work, sectioning my hair and swiftly rolling my hair up into what felt like 1000 minutes rods. My head felt heavy with how many were there.

“I look silly,” I mentioned, taking the pacifier out of my mouth. I had grown accustomed to holding it in my mouth.

“For now, dear,” he said as he wrapped a white cotton wool around my forehead.

“Now. I’m going to apply the perm solution. But it doesn’t smell great. But you’ll get used to it. I need you to tip your head back for me and I’m going to put this cloth over your eyes. I have to saturate each and every strand of your hair.”

I did as David told me and tipped my head back, closing my eyes and let out a chuckle as the cold solution touched my scalp. When the tickling sensation passed I wrinkled my nose. It really did smell bad. Once my hair was saturated, david played several rounds of go fish with me while we waited for the solution to have its affect. When it was done, David brought me over to the wash basin to rinse the solution out and then sat me underneath the dryer.

“Now, while you sit there under the dryer, how about I give you a nice manicure and pedicure?”

“Yes, please,” I said gleefully, happy with the pampering.

I had nearly fallen asleep under the dryer as David carefully painted my nails, attaching cute little sparkle decals. He knew my favourite colour was pink. When the dryer had finished, he then explained that he had to apply the neutralizer.

I was starting to get fussy as this entire process was starting to feel like a chore. It was taking so long.

“I know darling, it won’t be long now though.”

David applied the solution and waited once more. This time we played a game of snakes and ladders. Finally, my hair was rinsed out and it felt like a weight had been lifted off me as he removed the rods. He turned my chair away from the mirror when I had sat back down.

“I want the final product to be a surprise.” He said. Using minimal product, David ran his hands through my hair. It was weird for it not ti take forever. I could tell there was a springness. But it also felt extra short now that they were curled.

David used a diffuser on a hair dryer and slowly made his way around my head to dry my curls and then removed the cape from me.

“You’re all done darling,” he chimed. “Come with me to the mirror,” he lead. It felt weird to walk in a diaper. I could here the crinkle with each step. I felt like I was walking like a penguin.

David covered my eyes in front of the mirror.

“All right. 1….2…..3!” He exclaimed and removed his hands, putting his arms around my tiny waist.

Before me looked like someone completely different. I felt like I really was a baby with the diaper and the onesie. But what really made me feel small was the small head of tight blonde curls that extruded from

My scalp. I had an understanding of just how short my hair was.

But despite the shock of the short hair and the tight curls, I loved it.

“Do you like it?” David asked. I nodded my head and he squeezed me tightly.

“I’m going to love having a curly haired baby girl.” He cooed.


Authors Note!

man would this be a fantasy to have! Let me know your thoughts on my story! I always enjoy seeing comments!

I always feel like a perfect Daddy would be one that’s a hair stylist!

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  1. I LOVED this… my 2 favorite fetishes all in one! It just so happens that I’m a licensed hair stylist too… OMG! I would’ve never thought there were many of us out there with this combination. Please write more! I’d also love to talk more….

  2. Oh, baby! I’ve been there. This daddy isn’t a professional hairdresser be I do dress my littles’ hair and have all the tools and toys, even the chair. I have the same handle on Fetlife, FYI. A beautiful and accurate story, I love not only how sensual but also how consensual it was. This is the kind of play that can really happen between two people and a lovely example of how hair play and age play so naturally blend. And first-rate composition as well which is becoming rarer here daily.

    1. I can’t bring myself to not at the very least include some believable stories. (Amidst my more out there stories 😅) I also find it’s hard to find a decent person to role play these days.

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