A Day of Unexpected Haircuts

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This story is about a real incident that happened to me when I was 14–15 years old. I will be trying to keep it as real as possible, but to make it interesting, I will be spicing it up a bit. So let’s start the story. I hope you like it.
So at that time, I used to live with my stepmother, who was very strict with me, so I used to work as a cleaning girl at her friend’s salon and training institute after returning from school.
So one day, as usual, I came to the salon and started my work, which I used to do daily. As I finished sweeping the floor, Madam came to me.
Madam: Sana, go and sit in the chair.
Sana: Madam, but why? I don’t want to get anything.
Madam: Don’t argue with me; just do as you are told; otherwise, I can tell your mother that you don’t listen to me. and you know what will happen to you if I even give her a call regarding your complaint.
Sana: Yes, madam. (As this was enough to make me listen, I knew that my stepmother would believe everyone except me.)
With this, Sana went and sat on the chair and waited for the madam. Not knowing what will happen.
Before we go any further, I should describe how I used to look back then. I was 4 feet tall, had a slim body, a fair skin complexion, and black wavy hair in braids till my waist, neatly wrapped under my hijab.
So as I waited for the madam in the chair, I looked straight in the mirror, and I noticed girls who were under training coming to the salon one by one. Finally, the six girls came and started chatting as they waited for the madam.
Finally, madam came, and all six girls went quiet and greeted her. I was still sitting in the chair, waiting for Madam, and listening to everything.
Madam: Ok girls, as you all know, your training is complete, but before you all receive your certificates, I want to be sure that you guys have learned. So today is your final test, and if you all pass it, then you can start your journey as a hairdresser.
While talking, madam started to walk towards me, and the girls followed her, listening to madam very carefully.
Madam: So here’s your test. You all will be performing several things, to be sure.
While saying this, Madam lifted a cape and handed it to one of the girls, signaling the girl to cape me. The girl started to remove my hijab and cape me.
Sana: Madam please no, I don’t want to get anything, my mother would be very angry, please no madam.
Madam: JUST SIT THERE QUIETLY, don’t worry about your mother I will talk to her.
Sana: Madam, pleEEEs..
In anger madam twisted my ear and scolded “Not another word, if you will say another word the ill make sure you leave here without any hair. UNDERSTOOD?”
Sana: aa aii , Yee Yess Madam. (On hearing this madam let of my ear as I sat there with a sad face and red ear while the girl caped me and made sure that the cape was secured.
Then madam told the 1st girl to start brushing my hair till she decides what will be done by whom.
After few minutes of brushing , madam came to check it was done properly.
Madam: So girls now I’m giving you two options either I should give you each a task and let you finish in the given time or I give on task at a time and you all can will get a chance with specific time.
The girls discussed and agreed that madam can give them each a task with specific time.
Madam nodded and told one girl to come forward and others to take a seat.
Madam and the girl both came near my chair and Madam started to explain the girl what needs to be done. I was not able to hear them as they got closer to me, Madam pushed my head down and maintained pressure so that I don’t raise my head then she took the comb and pointed it somewhere behind my back and said “This is the maximum length you can reduce not more then that , understood?” as the girl said Yes madam handed her the comb and said to me “ AND You, don’t make a fuss.” Pushing my head one last time before releasing.
As madam walked away the girl made me sit properly and combed my hair again. Once satisfied the girl picked up the water spray and started to spray my hair with water and combing to make sure that all my hair get wet properly. Finally my hair were wet as she wanted and started to section my hair , soon I was sitting my almost all my hair up my head with clips parting my hair.
Then the girl picked up the shinny sliver scissors from the counter in front of me and used them in the air near my ear, the crunching sound of the scissors raised my heart beat that I will be getting my 1st ever haircut in my life, the girl combed my hair one last time before cutting and there I could in the mirror right in front of me , as the 1st cut was made, then it all started to happen rapidly scissors crunching through my hair , comb swishing through my hair and all I could hear was
Wosh , wosh , scrunch crunch , cruch ,cruh.
Everywhere various length of hair being spreaded all-around me , some small strands laying on my white cape , some hanging from my shoulders and some even slides down from my caped to the floor, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as the merciless scissors kept cutting.
Then suddenly everything went silent, no scissors, no comb, before I could take a breath in this silence and think anything I felt a hand on my left side of my head, I looked in the mirror what had happened and saw the girl opening the clip in the left side of my head and freeing them from the clutches for the hair clip, it felt that everything was calm and it looked liked the time was moving very slowly, then as the metal clip fell on the counter created a loud bang, making everything move very fast again.
Wosh , wosh , scrunch crunch , cruch ,cruh
Wosh , wosh , scrunch crunch , cruch ,cruh
Scrunch scrunch, woosh , crunch
The hair stands again stated to fall all around. Every time I would look down to see my cut hair , I would feel both hands of the girl on each side of my head and making me look straight into the mirror, making me watch the horror of getting my hair cut,
As the girl started to cut the hair on the back I noticed that all my hair are still long and not much have been cut, but as i felt the girl cutting my hair on the back the tension rose. That how short would the final result would be.
Finally after about 20 minutes of cutting the girl called the madam and asked her to check. As the madam checked and said “ Good nice work and I see you have saved 10 minutes, so now you have one-hour and 10 minutes to complete you next step” on hearing this the girl smiled and said thank you Madam. Before I could say anything madam went away leaving me still caped and sitting in the chair, the girl uncapped me and started folding the cape.
As she was folding the girl walked away to the back of the salon and I got of the chair and started to check my hair , just as I was about to put my hijab back on the girl came and said get back in the chair more work is left but I didn’t comply and started to argue with the girl that I don’t want anything else and by the noises of our argument Madam came back and asked what had happened, the girl explained on hearing the girl, Madam got furious and grabbed my ear and started twisting and pulling , while making me get back in the chair as I got in the chair, a tight slap came across my face by madam still twisting my ear and said in anger “NOW LISTEN AND LISTEN GOOD. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LEAVE THIS CHAIR TILL I TELL YOU TO, NO MATTER WHAT THE REASON IS YOUR NOT GOING TO LEAVE THIS CHAIR. YOUR GOING TO SIT HERE QUIETLY AND LET THE GIRLS DO WHAT THEY ARE DOING. GOT THAT!!” I managed to nod my head in yes as I was in pain from the ear twisting and the slap. Before leaving my ear Madam gave me another slap and told the girl to inform her if I give even the slightest. The girl nodded yes and the madam went back to her work.
Now in there was an awkward silence and the girl started to place a different cape around me and went to the back , after few minutes she came back carrying a bowl with paste and a brush, she was still mixing the paste and without saying anything started applying the paste on my hair as she would apply the stinking paste on my hair she would wrap them in metal foil and fold it close to my head, soon my whole head was covered with metal foil and a hood dryer was turned on, after every few minutes she would come and open a piece of foil to check, finally after sitting under the dryer of 30 minutes she turned the dryer off and open the foil then she made me lay back in the sink and started washing. Finally the hair were washed and blow dryer but I was not able to see as she had spun my chair away from the mirror.
After blow drying and setting my hair madam came and patted on the girls back and said “Good job, you have learned properly now go and sit with the girls and send the next one”.
On hearing this I looked at Madam with pleading eyes.
Madam: What!
Sana: Please Madam no more.
Madam: Have you already forgotten what I told you, do you want me to remind you again.
Sana: no no please madam, I’m scared that my mother would get angry with me.
Madam: Listen I have talked with your mother and told her. So now you don’t worry about that and let the girls do their work.
Sana: Yes madam but how much more would be cut.
Madam Sshhed me as the next girl came with a smile and she started telling the girl the girl what needs to be done. As they were talking my chair was spun and I saw my self in the mirror, I was actually looking good. Only few inches were reduced of the full length, I had layers and my hair were in blonde color, it actually suited me and I was liking the transformation and thought, what’s the worst could happen, they would cut my hair till few more inches not like I would end up bald , My mother would never allow that, as I was lost in my thoughts I didn’t realized that when I was caped again the haircutting cape.
This time I was brought back from my thoughts as I felt the water on my face from the spraying, soon my hair were wet again and up in sections, and the 2nd stylist starts to cut my hair but this time more hair were being cut as long chunks of hair kept falling around me.
As I the cutting kept going I started to feel more nervous the process of combing and cutting kept going and the hair kept raining with every sharp sound of the scissors my heart kept beating louder and louder. All I could see in the mirror was my hair sliding and falling.
Before I knew the girl had changed my cape and was again applying the paste of different color in my hair and folding metal foil on them and put my under the hood. Once my color was ready I was taken for a wash and blow dry. Madam was called once again.
After the approval of from the Madam 3rd girl was called and my chair was spun , this was the moment when I saw myself. Now I had mid back length hair and almost in yellow blonde hair much brighter then before.
Turn by turn the girl kept changing and my hair kept changing color and getting shorter and shorter, with each cut my heart kept sinking and my dear kept increasing that what my mother would say.
As the 5th girl finished my cut I had a just above collar bob in maroon color and I thought that now I would be free so I got up from the chair and wore my hijab again.
As I was about to start cleaning.
Madam shouted at me: What are you doing?
Sana with confusion and innocence: Cleaning.
Madam: Who told you to get of the chair. Sit back on the chair and take that thing off your head.
Sana: No, I’m not going to get my hair cut anymore. It’s already short enough.
On hearing this Madam stormed at me and a tight slap landed on my face, the slap was so hard that I fell on the floor and started crying but my crying didn’t helped, a good scolding followed by that and causing me to be back in the chair and caped, As the last girl approached me with a word she started cutting not even using water spray.
I could see my hair raining around all around me short thick chunks of hair kept raining and landing on my nape, the sound of the sharp scissors, cutting near my ears could be heard very loudly, they felt like that every thing was silent and the only sounds in the salon were of cutting hair.
The girl pushed my head down and started cutting my hair on the back of the head she kept cutting my hair with scissors over comb , the hard crunching sound causing my hair getting cut, shorter and shorter then I felt everything being stopped and I started to raise my head but I was stopped by a firm grip of the girl’s hand stopped me and was told “ Now stay very still and don’t move I don’t want to loose my certificate cause of your mistake”
As the hand let go of my head I felt a cold metal strip on my nape and a sharp pass was made downwards, a pass after pass was made and then moving the blade near the back of my ear and started shaving at the back of my ears. Finally the cut was complete but I knew that I would be last one to see my self , so I sat there with tears still in my eyes and getting a smelly paste applied to my hair then left under the hood for cooking.
After being cooked under the dryer for 45 minutes, I was taken for my hair wash and blow dry and my final look came in front of everyone except me. Madam came to me and checked my hair making sure that the cut and color was done properly turning my head in all directions.
Madam: Congratulations you all have proofed your self and showed me that all of you girls have learned everything that I can teach..
The congratulations speech kept going as I kept sitting in the chair with the cape still around my neck and unaware how I look. Finally all 6 girls got their certificates and left the salon leaving me in my chair.
Once the girls were gone madam came to me.
Madam: The way you have behaved today, I should shave your bald but, I’m not going to do that. After all you’re the daughter of my friend.
I sat there still scared , motion less and silent as I was already scared from the last slap and the fear of getting my headshaved.
Madam removed my cape and told me to clean the salon.
As I got of the chair 1st thing I did was looked into the mirror and a scream of shock escaped my mouth.
I saw a young girl with a fresh sharp looking boyish haircut in maroon brown color tears again started to roll down my as I kept trying to feel my long hair as I kept looking in the mirror in shock, not able to believe that I had waist length hair when I came to the salon today and in few hours they are gone, this can’t be happening. Suddenly I was brought back.
Madam: You still haven’t started cleaning, then your going to complain that I make you stay late and I have to drop you. Quickly get to work and stop admiring you self.
Sana: Madam, my mother is going to kill me what have you done. How will I explain this to my mother, I can’t go home like this please.
Madam: Enough of this , how many times do I have to tell you, I have already told your mother now stop wasting time, it’s almost time to close the salon. Come on Quickly.
Sana: But Madam.
Madam: No more buts, now get to work I want you out og here in next 10 minutes.
With tears still in my eyes I started cleaning the salon, I started crying even loudly as I sweep the floor with the pile of my hair. I still couldn’t believe that all of this had happened. I quickly cleaned the salon and prepared myself to go home. Even though no one could see my face and hair, I still felt as everyone was looking at me, every laughter made me feel they are laughing at me, I started walking faster and faster, I just wanted to reach home.
Finally after 15 minutes I reached home and as soon as I entered my home, mother called me.
Mother: I received a call from your Madam today. She told me that you have gotten done something to your hair show me.
Well I hope you guys liked

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