A Dom Becomes More Dominant

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Chapter 1: Bully

I’ve always been into the Dom and Sub stuff.

Even when I was younger and in middle school I was very much entertained by the idea of having an unsaid power over certain people.

My name is Alice. At the time this story takes place I was in high school at the age of 18 and I was close to graduating. I’ve always been attracted to the idea of dominance over someone. So since we were planning on graduating school I made the choice that I wanted to dominate someone. It would be difficult outside of school since this was the early 2000s and the internet wasn’t too useful for that at this moment.

There was this nerdy girl at school named Beth. Beth had a pigtail hairstyle that made her look very nerdy. She had some slight acne and big glasses. She had a cute smile with braces on her teeth. She had very small tits and she had a nice ass. It wasn’t as big as mine but it was still nice.

I on the other hand had jet black hair that fell to my waist but I usually had it tied in a ponytail. I don’t have massive tits but they are decent sized. But I do have a pretty big ass with wide hips. I have green eyes and I’m also tall at around 6’3

Beth had been getting a hard time by the bully at our school named Mike. Mike was a dick. No way around it. But him bullying Beth like that was pissing me off. She was mine to dominate! Not his!

So when the graduation day was coming by I thought “What the hell!? May as well right?” So when Mike was bullying Beth like he usually does when no one was looking I decided to protect my soon to be sub.

“Fucking geek.” He said as he knocked the books out of her hand. “Come on Mike not today…” She responded in such a pathetic tone. “She should be really easy to dominate” I thought to myself. “Whatever. Enjoy your stupid books” he said as he walked away. As he was walking however I put my leg in front of him to trip him so he would fall on his face.

“Oof!” He grunted as he collapsed. When he turned to see who tripped him he saw me smiling at him widely. “You have got to have a fucking death wish you bitch!” He said clearly pissed off. I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him up to my face. “If you fuck with Beth again I will cut your fucking cock off.” I said while using my other hand to squeeze package.

His face turned pale at my comment. “O-Ok… Fine you win! I’ll leave her alone!”

I dropped him back to the ground and he scurried away.

I turned back to Beth who was so surprised by what just happened that she never even picked up her books. I walked to her and in a smooth motion swept up her books in one hand and presented them to her. “He won’t be bothering you anymore.” I said with a smirk.

“O-Oh! Thank you! I really appreciate it.” She said as she blushed.

“This should be easy.” I thought to myself. “Hey if you want to show your appreciation to me you can buy something for us to eat after school.” I said “I don’t really have anything planned later and you seem pretty cool”

C”Oh uh sure! Yeah! I would love to!” She told me.

“Nice! It’s a date then.” I stated with a grin.

“A-Ahh a d-date you say…?” She stumbled as she blushed even more.

“Well duh. I thought it was obvious that I was asking you out.” I said sarcastically.

“I-I’m not g-gay…” She responded.

I chuckled “Please don’t lie darling. You’re just embarrassing yourself.” I said

The bell rang which ment we needed to get going. “See you soon…” I said as gave her a quick peck on the cheek which caused her to blush even harder.

We met at a local restaurant and talked for a bit. She was into a lot of nerdy stuff like comic books and what not. I don’t have anything against these things by the way. If anything, it just makes her even cuter.

Chapter 2: Shower

I decided to go slow in my seduction instead of quick. While graduation was creeping up I still had time to play a bit of a long game.

We continued talking with each other and eventually developed a friendship. We would stay at each others house and read and watch movies until the morning. But I wanted more than a friendship. I wanted ownership.

During one of our gym sessions at school. I decided to make my move since graduation was getting closer.

You see, I knew Beth was a lesbian. She had to be. She would constantly look at me in the women’s changing room. And just to test the water I would wear my more “revealing” outfits when I would spend the night which caused her to look even more. So after gym class when we were in the shower I decided to make a move. I lead us to the more isolated part of the showers and we started washing. I made sure to wash my legs very provocatively just to make sure she took more glances than usual. But I was surprised to see that instead of her regular glances she was full on staring at me. I giggled to myself as I realized she probably wasn’t even aware at how obvious she was being.

“Take a picture it might last longer.” I said in a seductive tone. “Huh?” She looked up at me and immediately blushed as she realized how obvious she was being. “O-Oh sorry!”

“It’s ok… I actually kind of like the idea of you watching…” She looked stunned at my comment. I walked over to her and whispered “Or you could help me wash my long legs…”

“Uhhh I-I” she stuttered. I silently put my hand on her shoulder and lowered her slowly with it. She fell on her knees and looked at me with a hunger to serve in her eyes. I put my leg up on one of the walls so she could wash easier as I handed her the bottle of body wash. She washed my leg gently. Clearly enjoying the smoothness of it as she rubbed the body wash in. But when she got to my pussy she paused I knew that part of it was that she was turned on and didn’t know how to act because she was on the shy side. But I also knew that it must have been something else too. She looked at my bush in disappointment. I didn’t have a jungle down there like a lot of girls but I didn’t shave regularly either.

None the less she continued to clean me. My pussy too even though she didn’t like the hair.

She eventually made her way to my tits and massaged them with great enjoyment which I was happy to see. I turned around so she could wash my back. She started at my neck and and made her way down to my ass. “Oh my god…” I heard her say. “What is it?” I teased. “Distracted? ~” I said as I wiggled my ass around her face slowly. Her mouth was open and I could tell she was turned on. I turned around and looked at her on her knees with my hands on my hips. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes.

 “Lick me.” I said in a commanding way. She again looked at my bush with slight disappointment that I didn’t shave.

“U-Ummmm…” She stuttered. I put my finger under her chin and made her look at me. “Listen good. You are mine now. You will do what I say. If you are a good girl I will make you feel different forms of pleasure you didn’t even know existed.” I explained.

“Do you understand?” She nodded. “Good. Now lick.” I said in my commanding tone.

 She started licking and I have to say for someone who was clearly a virgin up until now she did a pretty good job.

When we were done with our “shower” I turned to her as we were drying and said “We will do this again soon. Come to my house after school.” She nodded shyly. It is clear she was uncomfortable but also turned on. When we were done we silently parted ways but I smiled knowing I would see her later today. Even though I was happy with our arrangement I was still thinking about one thing…

Chapter 3: No More Hairy Pussy

Her being turned off by my bush bothered me. While I do like being dominant I believe that subs also need to have enjoyment in the relationship. I know I said I was a Dom but But I still had a need to make sure a Sub enjoys themselves too. One sided Dom/Sub relationships definitely don’t fly with me.

When I got home I went to my bedroom and got naked. I looked at myself in the full body mirror and gripped my bush with my hand. “No more hairy pussy” I said as I walked to the bathroom. I took out shaving cream and a razor. I spread the shaving cream on my bush evenly and then I took the razor. I started shaving downwards to my pussy. I started getting wet as I shaved. It felt more like a massage on my pussy if anything.

Eventually I was done. I was smooth down there for my Sub. I went back to my room to look at my new “style”

I can kind of see why Beth was as disappointed as she was when she saw I had hair on my pussy. I looked a lot sexier with no hair hiding my pussy.

After admiring my new look I went to my closet. My parents were not exactly rich but they were well off. They gave me a monthly allowance to spend on anything. So I decided to use it to fund my “Dom” life. Obviously they didn’t know about it and I didn’t have too many toys unfortunately because I only just turned 18

I pulled the hidden box of whips, paddles, vibrators and more. “This will definitely come in handy…” I said as I placed my toys on my bed.

I put on a sexy Dom outfit I got at a bdsm store. The outfit is black with no sleeves. My toes are exposed but there is a part of the outfit that slides in between the big toe and second toe so it looks good. The leather that would cover my inner thighs have been removed in an oval shape to reveal some skin. The leather the outfit goes to the top of my neck creating a turtle neck look. I wear fingerless gloves that go slightly above my elbow and it is made in the same comfortable leather as the rest is. I also was wearing a fancy black lace mask that only covered the space around my eyes. I wore some black lipstick to fit the mask since I thought it would look good.

I lay down on my bed and wait. My parents won’t be home anytime soon because of work so me and Beth will have more than enough time for our “playtime”

Eventually Beth arrives.

Chapter 4: Playtime 

I open up the door in my sexy outfit with a smirk on my face. “Well hello there hot stuff…” She immediately blushed at at my comment but blushed even harder when she saw my outfit. I offered her my hand and she silently took it I then led her up to my bedroom.

“Undress.” I commanded. “U-Uhhh… Do I have t-too…?” She asked clearly shy. “Woman, if you know what’s best for you you will get naked this instance.” I told her

She obeyed me and got naked. She stood still with her hands at her sides after I told her to not cover up. “Lay on the bed.” I said pushing her. She collapsed on her back and looked at me. “Have you ever put something up your ass before?” I asked bluntly. “U-Uhhhh n-no…?” She responded.

I pulled out a medium sized dildo and covered it in lube like It was a normal thing to do. I saw her gulp and and her eyes get wider. I climbed onto the bed and straddled her face. She couldn’t eat my pussy because my costume was covering it.

I lowered my self down so I could see her pussy and ass easily. I spit on her pussy as I slowly worked the dildo into her asshole. I heard her muffled groan under my ass. I’m not sure if it was from pain or pleasure since I did start rubbing her inner pussy lips slowly and deliberately.

I continued to work the dildo deeper and deeper into her ass as she moaned more. When all but the base got into her ass I slowly started pulling it out as I fingered her more ferociously. When I pulled the dildo out completely I immediately pushed back in with more force and speed and with less fragility.

Before I knew It I was full on plowing her with the dildo. Her moans turned into a howling of pleasure as I fit more fingers into her cunt.

She eventually broke out into an organism as she spasmed underneath my ass and howled with sexual fulfillment. Her legs flew everywhere and her hands started gripping onto her nipples. I pulled the dildo out her ass and my fingers out her cunt.

I got up off of her and looked at my broken girl. I smiled as I rubbed her forehead and let her recover. Beth was breathing heavily but slowly.

“Get on your hands and knees” I said after a while. She silently and slowly did so. I walked over to her and put the dildo directly in front of her face. “Suck on it.” I commanded.

“B-But Alice… It was just up m-my…”

“First of all you no longer will be calling me Alice when we are alone. You will be calling me Mistress.” I stated “And I do not care if it was up your ass. I wouldn’t care if it was covered in your own shit. You will do as I say.”

She looked up at me silently pleading with her eyes. But she quit when she realized I was not offering her pity. She slowly lowered her head around the dildo and started sucking on it. I went behind her and pulled out a small butt plug that can vibrate and a whip. I inserted the plug up her ass and turned it on. I got a moan from Beth as response.

“This is what you get for not listening instantly.” I said as the whip made contact with her pale ass. I heard her gargle on the dildo as a response to the shock of pain. I whipped her again and again and again…

You might think that doing this to her is wrong but if you ask me a Dom and Sub relationship is incomplete if you do not mix pain with pleasure a little bit. And she was clearly into it because her moans became mixed with a weird laughter that signaled to me that she was clearly still enjoying the ride.

Eventually she came again from the plug and I stopped hitting her ass with the whip.

I pulled the plug out of her ass and the dildo from her mouth. Beth rolled over onto her back with a deranged smile across her face as she giggled to herself in pleasure. I put my hand on her naked chest and smiled back at her but in a loving way.

“You could do a hell of a joker cosplay with that smile” I joked. She chuckled in response while still recovering. “You did good as a Sub.” I said looking at her. “I hope you like it too. Because from know on this is how it’s going to be.”

She smiled and said “I think I will be ok with that.”

Chapter 5: After Graduating

After graduation I immediately went to college so I can get better education and hopefully a better job in the future. Me and Beth continued our little game but it was difficult since I had a roommate named Julia and it would be pretty awkward if she walked in on one of our “moments”

College life definitely wasn’t my cup of tea.

I’m not much of a party girl but I decided to go to some of them just to check them out. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the parties themselves I am glad I went to them because I was able to pick up a couple more chicks to add to my “collection” of girls.

One was Clair and the other was Stacy but even though they were both very attractive to me I have to admit I still liked to dominate Beth the most.

Maybe it was because I was turned on by the idea of corrupting a sweet nerdy girl and changing her into a sex hungry lunatic. Or perhaps it was because she was my first Sub. Either way I liked her the most. But even though I had my own room from my roommate we still had to be quiet and that kind of made our role-playing less fun and it also made me seem less in control which was not ok with me.

Chapter 6: Discussion At Breakfast

I sighed as I looked at websites on our computer trying to find ways to spice up my sex life with my girls. Me and Julia didn’t have our own computers but we did have one that we could share thankfully. I went on bdsm chat rooms and tried to get some ideas but most of them were boring or I couldn’t do for one reason or another. When I heard Julia entering the dorm I quickly shut off the computer and went to bed.

When I woke up I walked to the kitchen to make breakfast but I was surprised to see Julia already awake with breakfast made for both of us.

This was unusual because Julia usually wakes up after me. And she also had a look on her face like she knew something that I didn’t. I thanked her as I sat down and started eating the scrambled eggs she made.

“So you want to be more dominant huh?” She said with that same look on her face.

I dropped my fork in shock and looked at her.

“What do you mean?” I said trying to play dumb.

She chuckled and said “Sweetie you really need to learn how to cover your tracks.” She motioned at the computer.

I swore under my breath as I realized there is no way I’m lying my way out of this.

She giggled “I always wondered what happened behind that door with those girls you brought here and now I know.”

I decided to joke around to try and get rid of the possibility of awkwardness in the future. “Well know you know that I’m a high class dyke!” I responded

“Hey! I don’t think there is anything wrong with that dommie!” She responded.

Well at least she doesn’t have any thing against it thankfully.

“So tell me what’s going on.” She said while her smile grew wider.

I shook my head and said “It’s nothing.”

“Oh come on! You can’t leave me hanging like that! Who knows? I might be able to help you with your issue.” She responded.

I decided to tell her because she already knows what’s going on. And because I am really desperate for advice.

I gave her a rundown about me and Beth about how I met Stacy and Clare. And about how I needed to find a way to look more dominant.

She listened closely and after I was done explaining she perked up and told me she had an idea.

Chapter 7: Just A Haircut

Julia stood up and walked to her room and after a minute she came back with a smirk on her face.

“Hear me out.” Is all she said as she lead me to her room.

When we walked in all I saw was a chair and a small end table with a pair of Clippers on it.

“I think you would look better and more importantly more dominant with a nice shaved head!” Julia said playfully.

“A headshave?” I thought to myself. I mean I’m not crossing it off completely but would I look good? What would Stacy and Clair think? And most importantly what would Beth think? It’s a pretty big change. Especially considering I’ve had long hair my entire life.

Julia saw my confused expression and said “I understand this might seem random but think about it! When you think of someone who is always in control of a room or very dominant you are probably thinking of a guy with short hair right?”

I nodded in response slowly understanding the mindset.

“So a good way to appear more dominant is by shaving your head!” She said.

I looked at the chair and I looked in the mirror she had across the room framed so you could see it if you sat in the chair. “But I’m not a man” I said jokingly.

She chuckled back “I know. But maybe you should take a page from their book.” She said “I mean I think bald men are so hot to the point I have literally made a rule to only date them.” She continued.

“Wait I thought you said short. Not bald.” I said growing slightly concerned. “Well I think you would look a lot better with a shaved head instead of a Buzzcut but I guess we can experiment.” She told me.

I thought about it some more. Julia started waving the Clippers around while standing behind the chair.

“Come on.. You know you want them…” She said in a seductive tone.

I looked at her and said “Let’s start with a Buzzcut and then see where we go from there.”

Julia giggled and said “yay! I knew you would come around!” She continued “You should probably undress to your underwear. Don’t want to cover your clothes with hair.”

I chucked and said “I don’t wear underwear.” as I pulled my shirt over my head and revealing my tits. Julia seemed shocked but didn’t seem uncomfortable.

I pulled off my pants to reveal my hairless pussy that I’ve kept shaved since my shower with Beth and then sat in the chair.

Julia put a guard on the Clippers and turned them on. I crossed my legs over my exposed pussy to hide that I was getting oddly wet by this. Julia silently put the Clippers to my forehead and looked at me in the mirror silently asking if I was sure.

I just nodded.

She pulled the Clippers from my hairline to my crown with a smile on her face. My facial expression didn’t change. I still had a look of focus on my face. She continued the process of putting the Clippers to my forehead and then pulling back all the way. When she got to the sides she started shaving upwards toward the top of my head.

When we were done I had a short Buzzcut. If I’m being honest I didn’t like it too much. The hair on my hair looked awkward on my head with my face shape. I figured since I was already committed I may as well go shorter to see if I look better.

“Can you go shorter?” I asked. “This is the only guard I have for these Alice…” She responded as she took off the guard. She clicked them on and again put them at my forehead.

“Are you sure? There will only be stubble…” She said with a grin.

I again only nodded.

She pulled the Clippers straight down the middle only leaving slight stubble in the way. I chuckled at how goofy I looked with a bald patch down the middle of my head. Julia did what she did last time but this time I could feel every cold breeze in the room on my head.

When she was done all there was on my head was stubble. It definitely was an improvement over the Buzzcut but I still wasn’t satisfied.

“Is there any way we can go shorter?” I asked still staring at the mirror.

Julia smiled and said “Now we are talking…” She went into the bathroom and came out with a can of shaving cream and a razor.

Chapter 8: Finishing Touches

Julia covered my scalp in cream and slowly started shaving with the razor. The razor left nothing in it’s path. Not even the stubble that was on my head earlier.

After all the hair on my head was gone Julia ran her hand over my head a few times to make sure she didn’t miss any parts. There was a slight difference in color when it came to my head and the rest of my body but it wasn’t too noticeable.

I got up out of the chair and examined myself. The only hair that was left on my naked body was my eyebrows.

“I don’t mean to brag but I look damn good bald if I may say so myself.” I said as I ran my hand over my bald head.

Julia walked up behind me and also started running her hands over my head. “See… I told you…” She said smiling.

“I bet I could pick up a shit load of chicks with my new look.” I said admiring how much more intimidating I looked now.

Julia chuckled “I know if i swung that way I would be all over you now.” She said as she started to clean up.

“I just hope the girls like it.” I said remembering they still don’t know about this.

“I’m sure they will be into it. And if not you can always get a new girl.” Julia said.

Chapter 9: My Head Is A Girl Magnet

Stacy and Clare loved my new look. But Beth loved it even more. None of them could get their eyes off of it. And they would always offer to give me a scalp massage.

Even though we still were confined to my dorm we all enjoyed the sex more. For some reason the girls were much more obedient now that I’m bald.

For the rest of the time I was at college I kept my head shaved. It was a little difficult learning how to do it myself. But after a while I got the hang of it.

For some reason a lot of the girls at college became much more into me now that I’m bald. Because of that I was able to get a few more subs before graduating college and they were a lot of fun to play with and be worshipped by them.

After graduation from college I got a high paying job and after saving up for a few years I opened up a bdsm resort that is making a lot of money.

With the money I decided to settle down and buy a mansion to live in with my new girls.

I guess I have to hand it to Julia. She was right about the bald look. Not only do I look more dominant but I am more dominant.

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