A Favor for Asia and Akeno Dreams of Rias

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Two for the price of one. Finger guns.
These are Fanfics from the same show, and they happen one after another, so they’re appropriate to combine.

A Favor for Asia
As I look out the window to the setting sun, I sigh. This would be a perfect, romantic evening if only Issei were here, or Rias, or both- but it’s only me, and the curtains. I hope they’re both alright- when they left, they were very vague about the details, but she didn’t seem very happy. Of course, I had to assure the others that everything was okay, as best as I could. I sent them out to have frozen yogurt- I stayed behind because I didn’t feel much like eating.

I sigh, and lean back into the couch, letting the sun’s last rays of the day warm my face. They quickly wane, and I miss them.

Suddenly, a light flashes in the hall- the others should not be back yet. I bristle and prepare my powers, before I hear a squeaky voice yell “Ow!” and a loud bang on the floor. I release my held breath- it’s just Asia. Almost immediately, I switch to a smile, and go to her. She’s just getting up off the ground in the hall.

“Asia,” I ask, gently, “Why aren’t you with the others? I said you should go out and have some fun.”

“I’m sorry if I interrupted anything…” she told me, “But I stayed around here to pray. It brings a special kind of comfort to me.”

I sigh, and she lets her head dip a little further into her chest. I smile at her, and put a hand on the top of her head- her hair is soft, and smooth. I run my hand down it, and pull a strand away from her eyes. When she looks up to me with those soft green eyes, something stirs in me- I put a hand on her shoulder, and lean down. Within a split second, I plant my lips on hers, and push my tongue inside her mouth, holding her head close with a second hand. Initially, she doesn’t respond, but after a few seconds, she wriggles, and I let her go, pulling my tongue back into my mouth slowly, with a drop of saliva leaking from it.

I wipe my mouth, and tell her, “Oh, goodness, I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened. I just lost control for a moment.”

She doesn’t say anything for a few seconds, and then for a few more. I begin to get nervous before she says, “Uh… it’s.. It’s okay… you helped my headache a little bit…”

I run a hand over her shoulder, and down her back, and feel her shiver before I ask, “Do you want some more help with that headache? Because I know something that always works for me.”

She hesitates for a moment, before looking at me, and nodding subtly. I smile at her warmly, and tug at her shirt. She lifts her arms without much resistance, and I pull her sleeves off of them gently. With a few more gentle tugs, her shirt falls off her and into my hands- I put a hand on the small of her back, leading her into my room. When she is inside, I close the door gently, and throw the shirt to the back of the room. Asia turns to stand in front of me, and I walk up to her, slowly. I can sense apprehension in her eyes, and in her body, as I take the button on her pants. I give her a warm smile before I push her up against the bed, unbuttoning her pants, and pulling them down her thighs. I pull them over her feet, and once they’re on the floor, she tries to cross her legs.

It’s cute to watch her sitting there, unsure, apprehensive, scared. She looks like a virgin.
I lick my lips, and just that makes her shiver. I chuckle, and tell her, “Get on your stomach, please. And unhook your bra.”

She turns redder than she already was as she turns her back to me, and fumbles with latches and clips. I open a drawer, and take out a towel and a bottle of massage oils. I hesitate for a moment looking at my clipper case- but close the drawer quickly. This is to help Asia, with her headaches, not to satisfy me and my weird fetishes.

I turn back to Asia on the bed, and see her covering her breasts with her arms. She’s holding her bra in her left hand. When she sees me, her face turns red, and she looks away.
“Don’t worry, sweetie,” I tell her, walking toward her, “I’ve seen plenty of chests before. You don’t need to be embarrassed.”

She slowly lets the bra fall to the floor beside her, and keeps her hands over herself as she lies with her face in a pillow. I pull my shirt off, so it doesn’t bother me while I’m working, and reinforce my ponytail. When I come to the bed, I sit next to her, and put a hand on her shoulder- she shivers violently, and I ask, “Does that hurt? Or are you just startled? … Or excited?”
She moves her head up to speak, saying, “It’s just… I’m not really used to being touched without my clothes on. The church always frowned on that, you know…”

I smile, and coo to her, “Don’t worry. The church isn’t here to stop me from touching you, or you from enjoying it. I know that things can stick around in your mind even though they’re gone, but I will hopefully be able to let those bad memories flow away from you.”
She nods at me, and I smile. I move on top of her, straddling her butt with my legs. As she shivers, I dollop oil onto my palm, and whisper to her, “This is going to be cold…”

I hear her ask “What?” just before I put my palm down on the bottom of her back, and hear her exclaim, “Ahhh, that’s cold!” I keep her pinned to the bed when she tries to jump up, rubbing the oil up her soft skin, over her lumbar, her thoracic, and over her shoulders. Her muscles are tense and hard under her skin, and she shivers violently, but the warmth and motion of my hands should start to work soon enough. When the oil is thoroughly spread around, I let my fingers stroke the sides of her back in small circles, pulling at her skin and trying to tease the muscles’ stress out. They soften a bit under my hands, and Asia moans softly with pleasure. I smile as I change my technique, putting my thumbs deep into her lower back, and letting my fingers pull at her muscles and skin above them, running the entire arrangement up her back. She hugs her pillow tight, pushing one of her breasts to the side, and exposing her nipple. She doesn’t notice, but I do, and I smile without stopping. I repeat my exercise once more, and feel her muscles loosen, and her shivering slow. Changing technique again, I run my thumbs down the bottom of her neck and onto her back, and then down her spine back to me. I do it once more, further to each side this time, and once into her arms. I clean my hands with the towel, and lean down to whisper into her ear, “How do you feel?”

“I feel amazing…” she murmurs.

“I can continue, just like this, if you’d like.” I whisper to her. “Or, I could capitalize on the potential of sex to relieve stress.”

She sighs, and murmurs to me, “I trust you. Do what you’d like, please.”
I smile, and wipe the oil off her back. I move off her body so that she can sit up, and brush her hair to the side when she does. I lean into her and put my mouth on her neck, kissing her gently at first, then harshly, biting her, even though it starts her shivering again. I feel like an animal as I grab her breast with my hand, and use the other to pull her closer. When I pull my mouth off her, some of my saliva stays on her skin, and there are tiny red indents- I bit her harder than I intended. I rub the affected skin gently with my fingers while I lower my mouth to her breast, teasing her nipple with my tongue. I hear her cry out when I start gently suckling, but I keep her near me with arms around her back- she cries out again, and again, before finally stopping to enjoy the experience. After a little while, I switch the other nipple, and use my fingers to massage the one I had been sucking. When I pull my head away, I see her panting, and I feel the heat in my own face. I see Asia leaning into to kiss me, but I stop her- I feel I have to at least ask.
“Asia, I have a.. very strange request. If you don’t want to do it, it’s okay, but…”

“It’s okay.” She tells me, “What is it?”

“I want to cut your hair.”

She looks at me oddly, before falling back on her haunches. I watch her, awkwardly.
“Uh…why?” She asks, a bit confounded.

“I don’t know, it’s just… something I’ve fantasized a lot about. Rias wouldn’t do it, and I’ve been too scared to ask Koneko, but I’ve been meaning to bring this up to you anyway… just the thought of your blonde locks getting shorn makes me.. Really horny.”
She looks at me blankly for a moment, before getting a particular glint in her eye, smiling, and saying, “Well, you did help me out when I needed it, even without me asking. So I guess it’s only fair I return the favor, right?”

My eyes widen. I didn’t expect her to agree. “H-how much can I cut?” I ask, starting to stutter in surprise.

She leans into me, and asks slowly, “How much would you like to cut?”

My face flushes red, and I stumble, “My dreams always involved.. Giving you one of those haircuts that has the back clipped up really far, you know, and keeping your ponytail for myself…”
Her body touches mine, and I slowly move my hand up to stroke her hair. It’s so soft, and it smells like a field of flowers.

“Let’s do it.” she tells me.

It’s hard to pry myself away from her, but I get off the bed to get my clipper case. Once I can’t smell her anymore, and I’m not overwhelmed, I take back a modicum of control, asking her to go to the bathroom. I bring my case in, and set it on the counter. I give her my makeup stool to sit on, and when she tries to sit in front of the mirror, I turn her to face away from it. I smile as I hold her shoulders, and tell her gently, “Thank you. I really appreciate this.”

When I turn back around, and open my case, I look longingly at the stunning black clippers- I’ll
use them soon. I focus for long enough to take a black hair band, and pull Asia’s blonde strands through it. I tie the band several times, so that’s it’s tight around her hair, as much of it as I can gather, and I pick up my scissors. I take a deep breath before I put the scissors to her head, and pull them together, slowly, hearing the crunch of severed hair and seeing blonde strands fall from the back of her head to the front. I pull the scissors apart, and pull them together again, sending more hairs into my hand and strands of hair fall to their natural positions.

Only a few snips pass before the long ponytail is holding on by a few thin hairs. As I snap at them, the ponytail falls completely into my hand, and I admire it. It’s heavier than I would have expected, and the thickness is nice. I secure the second end with another hair band, before turning back to Asia herself- the back of her head is an absolute mess. She looks awful. I almost break out into a cold sweat, before I remember my clippers. I look down at them, and smile. They plug into the wall easily, and I run my hands over the different blades, running from larger to smaller… eight… seven… six… five… my hand settles on four, and I affix it to the clippers. I flip the switch to test them, and I jump when it starts vibrating in my hand. I turn to Asia’s back, and shiver as I approach her, and push her head down into her chest with my fee hand. I put the clippers up to her nape, and their tone changes as they push up through her hair. Blonde strands fall over her head when I push the clippers into the air above her nape. I’m so excited, that I put a hand firmly on her shoulder, and immediately push the clippers into her nape again, to the left. I push them up and flick another clump of hair away from her head, and another clump. Before long, I have the clippers unveiling her ear as I strip away everything behind it- and, I can’t help myself, in front of it as well. There is a large pile of hair on her left side. I realize, looking down on my work, that I clipped off more than I said I would. Hopefully she forgives me.

I push the clippers up the right side of her nape- at the very least, I can make her style even. It’s pure ecstasy when I flick the clippers up and let a pile of hair start to grow on this side. Two more passes shear her back down, and I feel slightly conflicted as one last pass exposes the back of her right ear- I decide to shear up the right side as well, evening her out. When I switch my clippers off, I stand in front of her, holding them. Her back and sides are an even buzzcut, but the top of her head is a chaotic mess because of my elegant flicks. I make a decision in a split second, and change my guard to a six.

I start it again when Asia asks if she can get up, telling her, “I still have some cleaning up to do.”

Before she can object, I put the clippers on her forehead, and shove them into her bangs, shearing her down to less than an inch of hair. I drag the clippers back, and a mass of blonde hair drops down her back. I grab her chin, and she looks at me, curious, a bit apprehensive, but not angry- thank goodness. I push the clippers into her bangs again, and shear her down further. Another clump of blonde hair falls, and then another, and another, and then.. There’s nothing left over an inch long. I drag the clippers across her head several more times to guarantee that she’s clean, over her forehead, behind her ear, over her nape- no more hair is falling. I power the clippers off, and look at the mess on the bathroom floor. Blonde hair is covering everything.

Asia asks permission to get up, and I give it to her. She turns to me, and asks what I think.
She looks stunning, and I tell her, quietly, “You look like the angel you want to be, Asia.”
She hugs me, and I take her in my arms. I feel her short hairs, and moan- it’s exactly what I dreamed.

Akeno Dreams of Rias
Rias wasn’t entirely thrilled with what I did to Asia’s hair when she found out- had Asia been upset, I probably would have gotten punished. Of course, Asia is happy with her fuzzy head, and everyone else seems to love it too, aside from Rias. Rias seems like she’s exhausted- I don’t know what she was doing with Issei, but the toll it took is obvious.

I put my arm around her, and she lets her head sit on my breast. I run my hand down the back of her head, and over her soft red locks. Blood rushes to my face as the scent of her shampoo wafts up to me, and I run my hand down her back.

“Akeno?” she asks- I stop petting her, and reply, “Yes?”

“I’m glad I get to spend this time here, with you. You help calm me down, keep me grounded, and let me rest. I love you.”

I resume brushing her hair out with my fingers, and purr, “I love you too Rias. I consider it a privilege every time I get to hear your beautiful voice, and every time I get to touch you, and every time I get to see your beautiful body.”

She puts her arms around me and snuggles further in. I place my finger at the top of her scalp, and run it down a few strands of soft red hair, along her face, down her neck and arms, until I can’t follow it anymore. I let it flutter down, and smile.

With my entire hand, I bunch some of her hair up, and run four fingers through the bundle- it feels so light and silky. I gently pull the bundle toward my face and let it rub against me- the pleasant smell of citrus washes over me, and the silky feel leaves me wanting so much more.
I rub the fiery locks up against my cheek and feel it getting hotter.

Her eyes are closed, and her breathing is steady- I think she’s asleep. I’m sure she won’t mind if I just play with her hair a little more…

I grab more of her hair, and rub it all against my cheek, holding it like a stuffed animal against me. I breathe it in deeply and sigh happily. I check to make sure she’s asleep, before letting myself put a little end piece in my mouth, smoothing it with my lips and tongue- it tastes as good as it smells. I giggle a little bit to myself- I’m probably being weird.

I let her hair float back down her back, and resume running my fingers over her scalp and into her hair, smoothing and straightening it with every pass, not that it even needs it. I tease her bangs and her ahoge, careful not to touch her eyes, curling her hairs around my finger, and releasing them quickly. Careful not to tickle her too much, I tuck hairs behind her ear, and stroke them gently to smooth them. I gently run my hands from behind her ears to her nape, collecting her hair in a big ponytail. I smile for a moment at how cute she looks that way, before releasing the hair. Thinking quickly, I run my hands up both sides of her nape, pulling her hair into two ponytails. She looks like an inverted version of Hatsune Miku, and it is adorable. I giggle softly before letting her hair go, and instead running my fingers up her nape a few more times- it’s so soft. It’s impossible to keep my mind from wandering to what it would feel like to run clippers up it, leaving her with the same fuzzy feel as Asia, or maybe even less…

Someone left scissors on the table in front of us. I have to shake the bad thoughts out of my head- I’m not going to break her trust by doing something like that to her. She already told me no. Still, it’s fun to think about…

>Akeno’s Dream: Cut

I wake up sitting in a faux-leather chair, wearing a stylist’s smock and my hair up in a bun. I look around- Rias is there, sitting in a chair not far away, thumbing through a magazine. Behind me, there is a big black styling chair, station, sink, and mirror. I’m not sure what’s going on, so I ask Rias, “What are we doing here?”

“I’m here to get my hair cut,” she tells me. “You said you needed some time to prepare.”
My eyes widen, but I don’t say anything, and I get control of myself quickly. “Okay,” I tell her,
‘I think I’m ready to take you. Please come on over.”

She puts down her magazine and stands up, brushing her hair out behind her with her hands. I stand in awe of her after I get out of my chair, but quickly scramble to get behind the styling chair. With grace, she plants a foot on the rest and swings herself into the chair. My heart pounds hard as I pull her hair out, and over the back of the chair. I grab a cape from the station, and start fastening it before I ask, unsteadily, “So.. what are we doing today?”

“I’m not totally sure,” she tells me, “I’ve been searching around different styles. I want to take some length off, but I’m not sure if I’d like something mild like a long bob, or something bigger, like an inverted bob.”

I use my foot to push her chair higher, so I can work with her hair more easily, and respond, “I think you’d look really cute with just about anything.”
“Let’s start with something like a chin-length bob for now, okay?”

I begin to comb out her hair and hold my scissors tight. “I’m going to take some length off before we do any styling, okay?”

She nods, and I run my comb down the back of her head, and along her neck until I hit her shoulders. I take a deep breath and put the scissors under the comb. I snap them together quickly, and several strands fall onto the floor. I move the scissors along the line I’ve created and snap them several more times. I move the comb to the right, and continue snapping hair- red flames wisp down the back of her chair, and pool on the floor. I pull my comb down and out of her hair, and marvel at the massive hole in her hair between the shoulder blades. I try to shake myself out of the stupor, and I enjoy the next few snaps of my scissors together, and the sound of severed hair hitting the ground. Every snip produces a big falling lock. When I move to the other side, I have my head about me better, and I quickly shear her down to an even length. I look at the floor- there’s a significant pile of red lying there, and I can’t stop my cheeks from flushing. I grab a spray bottle and try to focus on what I’m supposed to be doing, spraying her hair thoroughly, and evenly, saturating it so that I can cut it evenly. When I’m convinced I’ve done a good job, I pick up my scissors- I’m shaking, but I try to stop myself. I figure it’s easiest to start at the chin since that’s where it’s supposed to be cut- I stroke her face below her hair, with the scissors still in my hand. She shivers, gently, and I smile as I take one of her front bauble strands, and place the scissors around it, letting her watch me. After a moment, I snap the scissors closed, and let a length of wet hair slide down her cape. I position the scissors below her ear and snap them closed again, letting more fall down her cape. My shaking has stopped as I move toward the back of her head, quickly bobbing her hair evenly as if I’d known how to do it my entire life. The fluffy pile of red on the floor behind her is quickly covered by bits of darker red. I brush the hair and the moisture off the back of her neck with my hand, and she shivers gently. I smile as I continue under her other ear, snipping off the rest of her length and letting it tumble down into her lap. When I cut the last bauble off the front, she’s almost done- looking at her from the front, I decide to trim her bangs down into a straight line just above her eyes. Satisfied, I put my scissors back in the station, and pick up a towel, rubbing it over her head to pull out the residual moisture- her hair is a cute mess afterward, but I brush it back into position without trouble. She looks so cute with this cut- I’m very happy with it. I pull the cape off her and let the red hair fall onto the ground in front of the chair. She gingerly steps down, and looks closer into the mirror, before smiling back at me. “This looks great! Thank you.”

I smile broadly, and ask gently, “Do you mind if I touch it for a moment?”
“Of course!” she tells me, as she walks up- I put my hand on her scalp, and run it down the back of her head- I’m almost surprised when the hair stops so quickly, but I let my hand reverse direction, running up the back of her head, letting short hair falls through my fingers gently. It feels amazing.

>Akeno’s Dream: Shave

I wake up sitting in a faux-leather chair, wearing a stylist’s smock and my hair up in a bun. I look around- Rias is there, sitting in a chair not far away, thumbing through a magazine. Behind me, there is a big black styling chair, station, sink, and mirror. I’m not sure what’s going on, so I ask Rias, “What are we doing here?”

“I came to get my head shaved,” she tells me. “You said you needed some time to prepare.”
My eyes widen, but I don’t say anything, and I get control of myself quickly. “Okay,” I tell her, ‘I think I’m ready to take you. Please come on over.”

She puts down her magazine and stands up, brushing her hair out behind her with her hands. I stand in awe of her after I get out of my chair, but quickly scramble to get behind the styling chair. With grace, she plants a foot on the rest and swings herself into the chair. My heart pounds hard as I pull her hair out, and over the back of the chair. I grab a cape from the station, and start fastening it before I ask, unsteadily, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Of course!” she says, “This hair has been nothing but trouble lately. I’m totally ready to get rid of all of it.”

I start gathering her hair into a ponytail- it’s so soft, and it smells so good. I grab a band from my station, and tie the ponytail up, tightly, trying not to hurt her, but not letting anything escape. I take my scissors and nervously put them along her nape- gently, purposefully, I bring the scissors together, and hear a big crunch as a cord of hair is severed. I pull the scissors apart, and close them again harder and faster- a piece of red hair falls down the back of the chair, and some hair falls around her neck. I start to enjoy myself as I snap the scissors faster, letting more and more hairs fall away from the ponytail until one final snip severs it into my hand. It’s so heavy and thick. I take a moment to stare at the giant ponytail, before shaking my head and remembering to finish the job. I take a strip of white paper, and gently tuck it around Rias’s neck, and into her cape. Shaggy red hair covers her ears and part of her neck. I lean down and whisper into her ear, “are you ready?”

She nods, and I look at my station- heavy-duty grey clippers are hanging by their wire. I grab them and take the #4 attachment off. I don’t want to jam the clippers, but I want to take off as much length as possible- these things look pretty heavy-duty, so I’m not too worried when I pull out the #1 attachment and put it on my clippers. I brush them off, and test start them- their loud roar makes me jump, and reassures me that these things will have no problem cutting anything.
I turn to Rias and smile at her- she smiles back at me. I think I have more fear than she does. I touch her head, and gently lean it to the side, before putting the clippers directly in front of her ear. I draw them up, slowly, steadily, and watch a massive clump of severed hair build up, which I flick off onto her cape at the top of her head. The clippers have left a pale strip of skin with barely a fuzz behind- it excites me to see, and I quickly reposition the clippers behind her ear, running them up quickly and flicking another clump of hair off. I push her ear down and ensure that no long hairs escape. I blow on her to ensure that no shorn hair clings, and she shivers in such a cute way. I push her head down so that her chin touches her chest, and place the clippers at the shorn side of her nape, and push them up quickly, dumping clipped hair over her head and into her lap- straight into her line of vision. I run my fingers over her shaggy nape, and follow them with the clippers quickly, dumping more hair into her lap. I’m starting to have fun as I run the clippers over the back of her head several more times to ensure that nothing is left longer. I might be having a little too much fun as I push her head to the side again, whipping the clippers up her head, unveiling her ear and blowing into it gently to elicit another shiver. I hope she’s having as much fun as I am. I push her ear down, and shear behind it several times, to ensure that the back of her head is even. I power off my clippers, and run my fingers over the fuzz- it feels amazing. I can’t help myself, and before thinking about it, I rub my hot cheek into it. Rias doesn’t seem to mind at all, and I spend a few seconds letting myself experience the velvety texture against my skin. Eventually, I sigh and stand up straight. I’m not done yet. I power the clippers back on and stand in front of Rias. I hold her chin down with a hand, and use the other to push the clippers into her bangs, and down to the fuzz on the back of her head. A clump of hair tumbles down her back, and it’s almost immediately followed by another, and another- I work quickly out of enjoyment until the top of her head is just as fuzzy and cute as the back. After powering down the clippers, I run a finger down the middle of her scalp, asking, “Are you sure you want this shaved? I kinda like where it is now.”

(>Keep it!)

Rias reaches a hand out from under her cape to feel her head and moans in pleasure when she does. “You’re right”, she says, “This is good… I’ve never felt this good. It’s so velvety…”

I smile and nod. I wet a towel with my spray bottle, and rub her head down. Her tongue lolls out with pleasure as the warm, soft cloth moves over her. I throw the towel to the side after rubbing her down thoroughly and unhook her cape, and the strip around her neck. A giant pile of red locks falls down in front of the chair, and she gingerly steps down into it. She rubs her head again, and nearly falls over- I catch her, and use a free hand to rub her head as well. The feel is absolutely addicting.

(>Shave her!)

“No thanks,” Rias says, “I think I’d prefer a completely smooth shave.”

I reach for the bowl of cream and apply some of it all over Rias’s head- I wonder what her bare scalp is going to feel like. Taking my razor, I think about where to start- eventually, I settle on her right side, shaving her sideburn very carefully, slowly, to avoid cutting her. The skin on her face is so soft, and the motion of the razor is rhythmic- I eventually settle into a pattern that keeps me calm as I move behind her ear, holding it down to ensure that nothing remains after the razor passes over it several times. I rub the shaved area with a towel, and move on to her nape- keeping up the pattern helps me skillfully shave away all that’s left, from her neck to her crown. The second ear is relatively easy as well, and I rub down the entire area with the towel after it’s done. With my free hand, I run a finger down her nape. It’s so smooth, and soft… I can barely hold in a shiver from myself. Before I end up breaking my pattern, I move to quickly shave the top of her head. It doesn’t take long before I’m able to towel down a completely smooth head, leaving it dry and soft. I run my fingers down her scalp and allows myself to shiver, now that the razor is out of my hand. Carefully, I unhook her cape and the strip around her neck. A giant pile of red locks falls down in front of the chair, and she gingerly steps down into it. She rubs her head and smiles broadly. “I love it!” she tells me, “You did a great job, thank you.”

When I wake up, I remember my dreams. I wish I could dream that way more often- it’s nice. Rias is still asleep in my arms, so I stroke her hair gently.

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