A Haircut for Katie

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Katie, Katie, Come here please Mr Test said. Yes Daddy she said. Id like you to come into the dining room I have a surprise for you. Oh wow she said as she waddled into the dining room, her fat thighs slapping each other as she walked. Please have a seat he said. Katie did so, she could hardly fit in the chair. Her butt was so big it spilled over the sides and her belly was so big it acted like a table almost. First I am going to wash your hair Mr Test said so please lean your head back into the sink.

Katie did so and Mr Test gathered her hair into the sink, it was so long it went to her waist almost. He ran a warm water sprayer over it and then massagged shampoo and conditioner into it and rinshed it out. Does that feel nice he asked. Oh yes Daddy it does it really does. Good, good. Mr Test combed her hair out and brushed it as well then dried it with a towel. Mr Test then grabbed a white sheet and a pair of scizzors and a comb, and put a mirror in his back pocket. He then walked over to Katie and flanked the sheet out and draped it over her body then tied it around her neck. Wow this is a really big bib. Yes I think it will keep you from getting food on areas your bib doesn’t cover. Im going to trim your split ends is that okay? Yes thank you Daddy Katie said. Little did she know Mr Test was going to be cutting off way more than just her split ends. He started cutting but cut off way more length. He kept going until several inches of hair was on the floor. Katie soon realized this was odd. Hey is this taking longer than normal? Oh well there is more damage than I expected I’m sorry honey. Then Mr Test got a little carried away and chopped off a five inch clump of her hair and Katie shot up. Hey what’s going on? She demanded to know. Well the truth is I was going to give you a very short haircut. Mr Test admitted. Oh Hell no no fucking way Katie said as she got up and ran.

Mr Test gave her ten seconds before he gave chase. It was something of a hilarious sight. Because Katie was running in her black leggings her giant fat ass cheeks clapped and jiggled as she ran and her big belly jiggled and fat thighs slapped together. All while the barber bib was still tied around her neck. Katie ran upstairs but Mr Test had everything planned out. Katie ran up to the third floor Huffing and puffing and almost out of breath and saw the attic ladder was down. She ran up the ladder, and almost tripped on the barber bib, so she threw it off and entered the attic but stopped. Oh shit oh no no way. She thought as she realized half of her body was stuck on the ladder. Her big belly had cleared the opening but her enormous rear had not. She grunted and struggled. Fuck I’m fucking stuck she thought. Meanwhile Mr Test went through the house playfully snipping his scissors. Soon he made his way to the third floor and Katie could hear them. Wow that is funny he said. I don’t remember leaving this giant ass stuck in my attic. I should see who it belongs to he said poking it. He grabbed the barber bib and Katie wiggled again and her butt jiggled. Katie heard his footsteps as he walked up another staircase to his spare room which had a door leading to the attic. Her eyes glanced to this door as the knob turned and Mr Test entered the room.

Daddy please help me she said. Oh  Sure he said. But it looks like you dropped something he said holding the barber sheet. I will free you once we’ve handled this mop of yours he said. Oooooh Katie whined as Mr Test walked around her and swung the sheet around her flanking it on both sides of her head and tying it Around her neck in a much tighter knot than before. There now that shouldn’t come undone now right Katie? Katie shut her eyes as Mr Test excitedly snipped his scissors and then had a field day loping and chopping off her hair. Hair flew everywhere as Katie’s locks were seperated from her head. Shick shick shick shick shick shick shick shick shick snip snip clip clip clip clip snip snip shick shick shunk. Wow you had so much hair. Mr Test said. Well I’m almost finished. Katie had felt her hair reach her shoulders, then her neck, then her chin, then her ears so she knew whatever was left was shorter than a bob.

Aaaaaaannd, Done! Mr Test exclaimed as he took a barber brush and brushed off Katie’s head and neck. She squirmed as he did so, it tickled her nose. He untied her cape and showed her the mirror. Katie slowly opened her eyes and looked. She almost couldn’t believe it was actually her reflection with her long hair gone. Wow I actually like it she said. Good Im glad you do Mr Test said as he helped her out of her stuckage. Fat girls pull off short hair pretty well. And now it lets you show off your fat fine self. Yes yes it does Katie said shaking her rump. Well then lets get you your next meal Mr Test said. Yes lets eat I am so hungry. Thank you Daddy.

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