A haircut is just a haircut

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This is a sexual fantasy story.

My junior year of college I decided to go home one wknd with my new girlfriend to meet her family and hang out.  Trishia was my first serious relationship and needless to say I was nervous and wanted to impress.  She was a drop dead gorgeous blonde with long legs and a confidence that radiated everywhere she went.  She actually chased me initially and made the first move.  But what drove me crazy was her pixie cut, it took a certain kind of girl to rock a hairstyle like that and look that sexy.
Recently she had talked me into letting her cut myhair shorter than usual and I really like how it turned out.  She told me that her mother owned a hair salon and she got her natural talent from her.  Upon hearing this I became arroused at the thought of a slightly older version of trish caping me up and shearing me down.  Almost to the point it made me nervous to meet her mom.

On the Friday we were set to head to her hometown I wanted her to trim me up a little for presentation purposes but we were pressed for time and didn’t get to it.  It had been about 3 weeks since she had cut it so it was looking more shaggy than usual.  This made me a little insecure but I tried not to let it show, the important thing obviously was that I had manners and showed respect for Trishia.
As we made the 2 hour drive she tod me about growing up in a small town and working in her moms shop growing up, how she swept floors and eventually started washing clients hair.  And eventually graduating to doing haircuts for the younger less picky clients.

As we pulled into town we drove by her moms shop and she pointed it out.  It was the typical beauty shop, big glass windows with pink curtains and a couple benches out front.  The sign hanging above the door read, Tammy’s Shop.  Tammy, Trishias mom had owned the shop for 15 years and spent even more time there now than ever since her recent divorce from Trishias dad.   As we passed I could see the lights were on and there was a stylist busy cutting away on a young girls hair, Trishia quickly pulled over and said ” oh she’s in there let’s stop and let her know we’re in town” . I suddenly became nervous at the though of walking in a traditional beauty salon and meeting the boss of the family.

The car was parked and we headed for the door, it was swung open and the smell of perfume and shampoo hit me like a tidal wave.

There was Tammy, she was an exact image of her daughter but more mature. She had shaggy blond curly hair that rested at her shoulders and wore a pencil thin leather skirt with black high heels.  Her black latex cutting apron fitted tight around her perfect thighs.

As we entered she turned to us and shouted ” hello sweetie, I’m so glad your here, I’m almost finished up, have a seat you two” .  We sat in the reception area as she finished the young girls cut, I had a peaking view of what was happening and could not take my eyes off it.  The chairs in the salon looked 20 years old, they were dark brown tacky leather salon chairs that looked as much like thrones than anything.  That were apparently made for comfort since most who sat in them endured perms and colorings that could last hours or more.

The young client was draped in a black shiny cape and sat completely still as Tammy cut her hair.  It looked like she was getting the finishing touches on a bob.

I was brought back to reality when I heard the blow dryer turn on, Tammy was blowing the loose hairs from her neck and raking her fingers though the young girls hair as she did it.

The chair was lowered and Tammy pulled the cape off of her.  She exited the chair and and payed before leaving.

Tammy called to us to come back and see her, we walked to the styling station and she was using the cape to dust the hairs off the chair.

Tammy looked at me and said” my he is handsome Trishia, nice work” , I couldn’t help but blush.  ” have a seat you two”

We took seats in the empty styling chairs, as I sat I noticed the salon chair was soft and cushiony, much like the barber chairs I grew up getting haircuts in.  Tammy sat back and crossed her legs as she lit a cigarette and proceeded to catch up with her daughter.  They were both so beautiful and in there element, I was becoming intimidated at the thought of being a client in this salon, they had all the power.

Then it happened, as we talked Trishias phone rang and she picked it up.  It was a hometown friend who noticed her car out front and wanted to catch up.  Trishia suggested we all meet at the bar down the street and hang out.  I was slighlty relieved to get out of this beauty shop before something unpredictable happened.

As we were standing to leave Trishia spun around and said” oh wait , he needs a trim mom, do you mind cleaning him up and then he can head down and meet us” ? ” I thought he did but I didn’t want to say anything, sure I don’t mind, and I can get to know the boy dating my sweetie too.”
They negotiated the haircut as if I wasn’t even standing there and that was that, I had an appointment, effective immediately.

Tammy rose from the styling chair and said ” have a seat honey, well get you trimmed up.”  Trishia leaned in to kiss me and headed out the door.

As I sat back slowly into the chair Tammy followed her to the door and locked it behind her, she cut the lights off in the front of the shop and turned to me and said” your my last, relax”

She approached me slowly and reached out to run her skinny fingers though my hair as she passed me and grabbed the cape off the chair next to us.  I was starting to become very anxious in her chair, I felt paralyzed by her prowess .  Trishia was the first female to ever cut my hair and it took a little getting used to, I just preferred a male barber do it for some reason.
” Don’t be nervous sweetie, I cut boys hair all the time.  Never had any complaints.”
She spun the chair with me in it to face the mirror and my heart was racing now. I knew as soon as she got that cape around me I was gonna be helpless.  Then the worst thing possible happened, I felt a bulge in my jeans slowly growing.  I was frightendly arroused at the thought of her giving me a haircut.

Tingles ran up my body to my neck and I tried not to shiver.

Tammy shook out the large shiny cape and swooshed it out in front of me.  It was placed over my trapped body and fastened around my neck.  ” there we go, we’re almost ready honey.”
The site of myself caped in her chair absolutely thrilled me to excitement, I felt guilty about how horny I was becoming and tried to bury the sensation.

Tammy ran her fingers nails up my neck into my hair and tossed it around, I pulled away a little from surprise and she placed her hands on my shoulders and pulled me back against the chair as if she knew I was scared and thinking about getting up.

” Sit still honey, it’s just a haircut, ” she said.

She placed her high heel on the lever and pumped the chair up with me swallowing nervously as it rose higher and higher.  Inch by inch the pumping sound sounding like pure sex itself.  I wondered how did I end up in this situation so quickly without any say.
But what could I do, I would never want to insult the mother of the girl I was dating and just figured it will be over soon, so just grin and bear it.
” So how do you like it cut ?” She said as she played with my shaggy hair.  ” you can just cut the ends mam”
” Thats no fun, how bout we fix it all up”
I had no idea what that meant but nodded in approval hesitantly.
Tammy walked up to the counter under the styling mirror with a sexy swagger and took the burning virginia slim from the ashtray that had been filling the air with smoke the whole time I was being prepped and took a long sensual drag.

As she exhaled it into the air she took a pair of black latex gloves from a box and put them on .
I began to wonder what in the hell would she need those for.  She snubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray and said” ok let’s get you looking and feeling good.”
Now I was truly unsure of where this was going.
Tammy walked up to side of the chair and lowered the back of it with me now laying flat on my back parallel to the ground.  I tried to sit up and question what she was doing but she placed her hand on my shoulder and pushed me down.  ” Just relax honey, a haircut is just a haircut” she said as she raised the foot bar up and now had my legs laying straight.
I can only imagine how I looked laying there helpless, caped, and wondering why a haircut involved this

I nervously asked” what are you doing?”
“I have to know that my sweet Trishia has a well groomed man and you seem a little tense so were gonna loosen you up too.”
I layed there looking straight up at the ceiling knowing this wasn’t right but couldn’t stop it, and now Tammy was pumping the chair higher so now I was level with her waist.  The cape still covered my whole body which allowed me to feel somewhat protected from the uncertainty of it all.
At this point the bludge in my jeans had become a full on erection and was about to explode.
Tammy stood beside me and caressed my hair with my head laying flat against the chairs back.  Her other hand slowly moved over the cape down my chest to my crotch and gripped my cock through the vinyl.  I moaned and she said ” now your behaving”
” This is happening so just give in baby, I am in charge and it’s easier if you just agree with it”
She slowly pulled the cape up above my waistline and folded it to sit in place.  My boner was sticking staight up in my jeans, Tammy undid my belt and unfastened my pants.
She pulled my jeans and boxers clean off my legs and left me there with my erection standing straight up.
“And you acted like you didn’t want this” she said laughing.
Then she placed her gloved hand on my boner and slowly stroked it, it throbbed and I moaned and moaned at the sensation of the latex on my cock.  She let go of it and turned to face the counter. I heard the shears open and close and peaked up to see her with the scissors and comb heading right for my pubic hair.
” Now lay still sugar, I’m gonna tidy this mess up a little”
I layed back and relaxed as she combed my pubic hair out and snipped it almost to nothing.
She worked around my erection like a pro snipping and snipping occasionally grazing my boner and keeping it well and hard.
She finished with the shears and placed them on the counter. I looked up at her and wondered what was next.
She picked up the clippers and without a guard ran them from the base of my cock up to belly button.
I almost blew everywhere and she said” not yet, don’t make a mess yet.”
She grabbed my cock and moved it around like a joy stick while she buzzed all around the base of it.
What was happening, was I really laying hear letting my girlfriends mother dominate me like this.
The thought completely left my mind when I felt the blow dryer against my bare skin blowing away all the trimmed pubes.
” There we are, nice and clean.” She said.
At this point she turned around to face the counter and produced a wet towel, she wiped my skin clean and threw the towel back on the counter.
Tammy started to jerk me off again and slowly put me into her mouth.
Her pouty firm lips encapsulated my member as she slowly moved up and down on it.
I was overtaken with pleasure and was on brink of explosion.
She placed one hand on my chest and the other held my balls as she sucked and sucked.
I groaned out loud and gripped the puffy armrest of the leather chair as I shot straight into her mouth.
It was over and I layed there in pure pleasure breathing hard.
Tammy stood up beside me and ran her fingers through my hair .
” Now there we go, I told you a haircut is just a haircut, aren’t you satisfied ?”
” Yes mam” I stammered.

With my erection slowly fading she whipped the cape back down over my half naked body and raised the back of the chair upright.

I faced the mirror with the cape still tightly fastened around my neck. Tammy pulled cig from her pack and lit it, she placed it at my lips and I took a drag.
The smell of smoke and on the black latex gloves almost stood my cock straight back up.
She continued to puff on it as she lowered the chair a little and said ” now we gotta snip some of this length off”

I was sitting there completely mesmerized by the experience, paralyzed and wondering if I was dreaming.

She sprayed me down with the water bottle and gave me a haircut as planned. Every open and close of the shears sent me into pleasure.

She spun the chair around and back, moving to and from working porosistion as if to remind me I was still in her control.

The clippers hummed as they cleaned my back and sides and I felt the cool air on my scalp as my hair fell onto the cape.

She filled her hands with product and worked into my hair.

Tammy took a soft brush and dusted the hairs off my neck and face and said ” now was that so bad”
She pumped the lever and the chair dropped slowly to the floor.

The cape was unfastened and pulled it off exposing my naked lower half to to empty salon.  I sat there and wished it wasn’t over.
” Stand up and get dressed sweetie, I approve by the way.”

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