A Head Shave Bet To Remember.

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This is my first story as you can guess, I hope everyone enjoys it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Isabella, Emma and Emmie first met each other in kindergarten and became good friends. They did everything together. They went over each others houses all the time. Isabella was a somewhat shy, skinny girl with Brown hair with freckles and had four siblings. Emma was also a somewhat shy, skinny girl with Blonde hair and had only one sibling. Emmie was also a somewhat shy, skinny girl with Brownish Blonde hair and was the youngest of four children. Isabella’s mom was a Teacher. Emma’s mom was a Nurse. Emmie’s mom was a Hairdresser. All three girls for all of elementary school wanted to be Hairdressers when they grew up. They had fun playing Dress up, But their favorite thing to do was to play Hair salon in Emmie’s Mother’s at home Hair salon. The three girls did very well in school and had lots of friends. Anytime the girls needed their hair cut or anything, their parents would bring them to Emmie’s mom to have it done. Six years later they started Middle school. By then they were more social. Isabella was less shy and talked a whole lot more. Emma also came out of her shell and was less shy and talked more. Emmie to was also less shy and talked more. The three girls also played sports. Isabella was a fantastic Softball player, Swimmer and Ballerina. Emma also was very good at Softball, Swimming and did Basketball and Horseback riding. Emmie was also very good at Softball, Swimming, Horseback riding and Basketball. Isabella now wanted to be either an Actress or a News Reporter. Emma now wanted to be a Chef or a Therapist. Emmie still wanted to be a Hairdresser like her Mom. They went to school functions and some Middle school dances, and had their hair done for such occasions. They also maintained good grades getting Straight A’s so when they got to High school, they would be in good classes. While in Middle school they met three boys they liked. Isabella liked a boy named Matt. Emma liked a boy named Charlie. Emmie liked a boy named Doug.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A few years later and they were in High school. They all ended up in the same High school which made them very happy. Not much changed from Middle school except. Isabella and Matt liked each other more than in Middle school. Emma and Charlie also liked each other more than they did in Middle school. Emmie and Doug also liked each other more than Middle school. By this time they were more sure what they wanted to do when they grew up. Isabella was more sure about wanting to be an Actress or News Reporter. Emma more sure about wanting to be either a Chef or a Therapist. Emmie was absolutely sure she wanted to be a Hairdresser like her Mother. Matt wanted to be an Electrician. Charlie wanted to be a Chef. Doug wanted to be the Manager of a store. While in high school they met a very nice pretty girl named Abby who had Gorgeous Brown hair and Blue eyes, Who was possible interested in being a Hair stylist like Emmie. One day at lunch Emmie asked Isabella, Emma and Abby a question: “Would you ever consider Shaving your heads for any reason?” she said. Isabella, Emma and Abby thought about it and replied: ” Can we get back to you?” Emmie replied: “Sure, How long do you need to think it over?” Isabella, Emma and Abby all replied: “A day or so” Emmie responded: “That’s fine no hurry.” So Emmie asked the guys the same question: ” Would you ever consider shaving your heads for any reason?” Matt was the first to respond: “I don’t know, I might”. He said. Matt then asked Emmie, if she would? She replied: “I don’t know, I’m not sure”. Next Charlie responded: “Unless I have cancer, no. Other than that probably not, I don’t think I’d look good”. He said. Doug was last with his response: “No Never Ever!” A couple of days passed and neither Isabella, Emma or Abby had give there responses yet. A week later the responses came. Isabella’s reply came first: “I don’t know I have given it a lot of thought, maybe someday if the right thing comes along”. She said. Emma went next with her reply: “I have given it a lot of thought and I might be willing to do it.” She said. They all thought was Emma seriously considering shaving her head right then. Emmie looking Puzzled and curious asked Emma a question to clarify: ” Are you saying Someday you might or Right now?” Emma pretending to look taken aback and surprised answered: “Oh Someday!” Emmie than replied: “Oh okay just checking?” None of the group could tell for sure, but they weren’t absolutely sure if Emma really meant what she initially said or if she actually really was thinking about shaving her head right then. The Last to reply was Abby ” I have thought about it and I’m just not sure. I suppose maybe someday if I were to do it for charity or something?” She said. The Head shaving thoughts would leave for a few years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               A few years later they were in college. With in 3 months the Head Shaving thoughts soon returned. After Graduating High school not to much changed in there lives accept for a few minor things. Emma and Emmie had broken up with Charlie and Doug for various reasons, and were now seeing guys named Joe and John. Isabella had very Gorgeous long Brown hair and was more sure about being an Actress or a News Reporter. Emma had very long Gorgeous Blonde hair and was more sure with her decision of being a Therapist and working as a Chef to pay for college. Emmie Graduated High school and got her Cosmetology License and had very Long Brownish Blonde hair and when her Mom retired 3 months after her Graduation. Emmie took over her Mother’s at home salon business. Emmie’s parents decided to move to a smaller home and give Emmie their house. Abby to very long Gorgeous Brown hair, and Graduated and got her Cosmetology License, but was finding it tough to find a salon that she could join. Until Emmie called her one day and said, ” You know my mom is retiring and I sure could use some help with her salon here at the house and at the moment I’m living by myself, If you’d be willing to join me in working at the salon and living here I’d appreciate it?” Abby told said, ” I would absolutely love to come and join you at the salon and living with you and splitting the cost of things. Thanks for offering.” Matt Graduated High school and got his Electricians License. Joe and John both went in to Computer Engineering. The next time the whole group was together Emmie once again asked the Head Shaving question: ” Would you ever consider Shaving your heads for any reason?” Just to see were they stood years later. They all took a few minutes to think it over and decided a change in hair styles might be a good change. Maybe not shaving their heads but who knew they might do that. Matt as he had before took a minute to think it over and was the first to respond: “I do still like my hair, But I’ll do it if everyone else will”. He said. Emma answered next: “I’ve given some thought and would hate to lose my hair, But might be willing to do it”. She said. Joe and John simultaneously replied: “Hey we’re Game if you all are”. They said. Isabella went next: “I really love my hair and would hate to lose it, But Count me in I’ll do if everyone else is going to”. She said nervously. Abby went next saying, ” Hair is my life and I’d hate to lose it, but a change might be good. I will if you all are going to.” She said. Then the group asked Emmie, would she? Emmie thought it over and replied: ” I too really love my hair and would hate to lose it, But I don’t want to hold you all back”. “I’ll do it”. She Very nervously replied. So came the next question, “How would they do it? Just straight up do it right then and there or Have a bet Losers have to get their Heads Shaved? So what would they decide to do? The group thought it over and decided we will have a bet, Boys vs. Girls. With the Super Bowl coming soon that seemed the most logical betting choice. So it was Super Bowl day the two the two teams were The New York Giants vs The New England Patriots. The group chose to go to Emmie’s house for the game, as it would be the best place for what would be happening later. The Guys chose The Giants to win and The Girls chose The Patriots to win. It was a very close game, but unfortunately the Girls lost. The Giants beat The Patriots 21-17. The Guys asked The Girls: “Do you still want to go through with the bet?” The Girls replied: “Yes, A bet is a bet and you had our word we would”. Luckily the Girls were good sports and were willing to go through with Shaving their heads. They then proceeded to go downstairs where the Hair salon was. They then had to decide who’d be the first one to go bald. So the Guys asked the Girls: ” Who wants to go first? Emmie was the first to volunteer saying: ” I will. I’m the one who first brought up Shaving our heads. So it makes sense it should be me, Plus it is my salon”. So Emmie sat in the Styling chair and while she brushed her hair out. She told Abby to fetch a cape from the closet near the door that went to the rest of the basement. She than instructed Isabella to drape the cape around her. So Isabella draped the cape around Emmie’s neck and snapped it closed. Emmie than proceeded to ask everyone who wanted to Shave her bald. Emma volunteered and picked up the clippers and turned the clippers on, and started by putting them at the front of Emmie’s head. But asked her first, “With a guard or Without?” Emmie replied “No Guard”, to everyone amazement, She then pushed them down the middle and straight back leaving a 2 in wide bald patch. With in minutes Emmie had no hair on her head. Emma than asked: ” Do you want me to shave you smooth?” Emmie replied: “Absolutely, we did say shave our heads bald.” So Emma proceeded to grab the Shaving Cream and lathered Emmie head with it, Then taking the razor proceeded to shave her smooth and when she was done everyone was amazed with how beautiful Emmie looked. Emma volunteered to have her Head Shaved next. Seeing that the salon had three Styling Chairs in it along with three wash sinks, and Salon Hair Dryers, the extra salon equipment were gifts to help Emmie get her business started right. Matt, Joe and John then interrupted by saying: “You know, why should you all be the only ones who have to lose your hair. Winners or Losers. We’ll do it to.” So before Emma could sit down in the chair, Matt and John and Joe sat in the three empty styling chairs. The three Guys were than Caped and had their heads Shaved. With Isabella Shaving Matt’s head, Emma Shaving John’s head and Abby Shaving Joe’s. So as soon as they were done being shaved, Emma, Isabella and Abby sat for their turns to have their Heads Shaved. After everyone was Shaved Bald, everyone agreed that they looked really good with no hair. When it came down to it the Guys found that the Girls looked twice as good without hair as they did with. So with all this being said, Emmie asked a final question: “If you could do this again would you?” One by one they answered. Matt answering first of course:” Absolutely, I would. Count me in”. He said. Isabella chimed in next: “Yes, I 100% would do it again. Count me in too.” She said. Joe and John answered next: “Yes, we’d do it again.” They said. Emma went next: “I probably would do it again given the chance again.” She said. Abby replied next, ” I can’t believe I’m saying this but sure I may get used to this look”, She said. They then asked Emmie and she said: “Are kidding me. Absolutely, I wouldn’t want to miss out at another chance like this. You can count me in”. So every time the opportunity arose to shave their heads they did.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  THE END

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