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This is my first story. It is evolved from my deep rooted fear of short hair.

Shika was a chubby girl with a heavy face and she was very cute. As she was the youngest in her family (in the 2nd standard) and everyone loved her very much. She had very smooth and soft black hair till just below her shoulders. She also had a big sister who was in 6th standard Her mother and father used to go to work and they all lived in a joint family so the girls used to be with their grandmother and aunt (who was a housewife) till everyone returned from the office in the evening.

They all lived in the same house and they loved each other very much.

Last Day Of School

Shikha and her sister returned home after the last day of school before the summer holidays. They both changed their uniform and relaxed as their aunt served them lemonade. They all had lunch together while watching their favorite shows on TV like always. Usually shikha used to cuddle up with her aunt and sleep after this. But today her aunt told her to change her pyjamas. Shika was confused. Her aunt put out clothes for her and politely asked her to change. So shikha did. She wore 3/4th black slacks in the bottom and a loose light green coloured T-shirt on top.

Her aunt came into the room and told her that they were going to visit preeti didi. Preeti didi was a girl in her mid 20s who used to run a ladies’ parlour in her garage.

Shikha was very excited and happy as preeti didi was her favorite way to go whenever she had her haircut. She would comb her hair very slowly and painlessly. She would always trim her hair just a little bit at a time so that her hair were never too short and never drastically changed.

Then shikha was told by her aunt that shikha’s mother wanted her to get her hair cut by preeti didi today as the summer holidays were about to begin. Shikha was happy. She was just a kid.

The Garage.

Shikha and her aunt entered the beauty parlour and they were greeted by preeti. They had already booked an appointment so there was nobody else there. Preeti asked shikha to sit in the haircutting chair while her aunt took a seat behind her on the waiting chair. Without any more conversation preeti pulled out a white cape, tucked shikha into it and started combing her hair and started spraying water on it as if she already knew what to do.

Shikha said very cheerfully ” Didi just trim my hair 1 inch so that they can grow longer and stay healthy”

Preeti smiled and nodded. Then her aunt said ” shikha, your mummy said it should be trimmed a bit more this time as you just have to stay home all summer.”

Then she ordered preeti to cut it 1.5 inch all over.

Shikha was okay with it. It was no big deal since none of her friends were gonna see her in the summer.

The deed was about to begin. Preeti sectioned her hair, tied it all up leaving just some at the back loose and took out her scissors.

She checked in with shikha’s aunt about the length with comb. She pulled the comb down to the point where only 1.5 inches of hair was left below it and snap snap snap she began cutting it.

She took about section after section of the hair at the back and kept cutting it the desired length.

Soon all the hair at the back were trimmed 1.5 inches just the way shikha and her mother wanted.

Shikha’s hair were long enough to cover her neck completely. As preeti was about to untie the front sections, her aunt got up and started checking the haircut. Then some unexpected words came out of her mouth…..” Preeti, can you cut a little bit more?”

Shikha jumped up and turned to her aunt. “Why? How much more? And also… Why?” She asked her aunt politely but firmly.

“Your hair is covering your neck and over the summer you’ll sweat a lot. It will be really hard for your mother to maintain the hair.” Said her aunt.

Shikha replied. “My face is really fat and my neck is really fat, I don’t want all of it to be exposed. I will not look good”

“Who do you wanna look good for anyway? Your school isn’t re opening for another 2 months! And it’s not like I am telling her to give you a bowl cut. She will give you a cute chin length bob and you will look very good”. Said her aunt.

Shikha froze for a moment. She felt like she needs to pee. She was very nervous. She didn’t say anything. She couldn’t.

Preeti took her scissors and kept it just behind shikha’s chin to ask if this length was okay. And snip snip snip! She cut her hair.

Shikha could feel the cool air tingling on her neck. Her head was ducked down so no one could see but she had begun crying. She loved her hair. She didn’t want it to be short and she didn’t want to look like a boy.

All of her back hair were now cut short enough for a chin length bob. Preeti pulled her head up discovering that she has been crying.

A little bit more.

Her aunt saw this and turned furious. “what is the big deal shikha ? You are making it look like I am punishing you or forcing you. I am so kind to you and always polite. Don’t make me look like some cruel aunt with bad intentions.”

Shikha couldn’t stop crying and said “but you ARE forcing me!”

Her aunt was now very angry. She said “you think this is forced? You think this is punishment? I’ll show you what punishment looks like”

She ordered preeti to take the scissors upper on her hair. Preeti placed the scissors in line with her lower earlobe.

“A little bit more” said her aunt.

The scissors went up to the mid of her ear.

“A little bit more” said her aunt again.

The scissors was now above the ear.

Her aunt nodded. And preeti cut all the hair mercilessly.

Preeti kept working on the haircut and she wasn’t really easy on shikha. She chopped off all her hair quite ruthlessly.

She was going for a bowl cut just above her ear and shikha couldn’t stop crying.

Shnuk shnuk shnuk. Snip snip snip.

Sound of the scissors was loud and clear in shikha’s ears. She could see all of her long hair being cut so short. The hair in the front and sides were so long below her shoulder length and she was seeing it getting cut so short in the mirror. Long silky black hair was sliding down the white cape into her lap. 

Preeti turned on the clippers and began buzzing the back of her head just like in a typical bowl cut.

Soon enough it was done. Shikha’s long hair were turned into a mushroom cut above her ears. She could feel the cool air a the back of her head and in her ears.

No matter what she did she couldn’t stop crying after seeing herself in the mirror.

Baby, A Little Bit More.


Her aunt was now sick of her. She became so angry with her. She practically yelled at preeti and said ” preeti will you please remove the attachment from the clippers and run them all over shikha’s head?”

Shikha started screaming and crying out loud.

Her aunt came up to her held her little head in her hands and said in a very low volume with a living voice ” baby, a little bit more” .

A grin spread on her aunt’s face and she said “you don’t seem to stop that crying my baby. We’re gonna have to deal with it. Stop now it won’t hurt. It is just a little bit more”

Preeti removed the attachment from the clippers and was going to start at the back of shikha’s head. As she was interrupted by the aunt.

“Start from the front will you? I want her to see it as she looses all of her lovely locks ”

Preeti obeyed and started shaving shikha’s head to the skin.

Shikha could see in the mirror as the clippers ate through her hair leaving trails of white skin behind. The crying had stopped. As if she had no more tears left. She felt numb but also ticklish as the air was feeling weird on her freshly shaven head.

Soon enough shikha was completely bald and all of her lovely long hair was lying dead.

Preeti removed the cape .

Shikha hung her head down as she was feeling ashamed of seeing herself in the mirror.

Her aunt paid preeti and they left the garage.


That summer shikha had her head shaven by preeti every week. The day her aunt saw even a little bit of hair on that head she wanted it cut off.

After the school started, shikha was allowed to grow her hair out but just enough to be kept like that of a boy. She wore a very short 2 inch boycut her whole school life.

And yet. She never got used to the short hair or liked short hair.

Shikha always looks like a fat boy.



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