A little saving can go a long way

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The start of a beginning

I was scrolling through pinterest when I came upon a picture of a blonde bowl cut with black shaved back and sides. Being an avid fan of short hair, I took a screenshot of the picture without a second thought. I went on scrolling through more photos of short hair and saving another one that I really liked. This was usual and an indulgent I made once in a while, with a forlorn promise of actually getting my haircut that way.

An unusual thing happened the next day. I was casually chatting with a close friend of mine when I just sent her that bowl cut photo and asked her if it would look good on me. I, to this day, do not know what prompted me to send it to her. We usually joke around and have fun so maybe something like that. So, I still took it as a joke when she bluntly told me not to do it because it would look horrible on me and “would come crying to her after the haircut” in her own words.

Somehow, it didn’t stop me from sending the photo to another friend and asking the same question. She again gave me another reply of how I shouldn’t do it and how I would look like a boy. At that point, I was curious as to how my friends would react and so, I sent the photo and the question to a lot of my close friends.

Their replies were basically the same, with different word choices. They were divided into two groups: yes and no. Of course, only a few friends said “yes”, knowing my face structure and the uncertainty of the final result.

The Start of an obsession

At that point, I became obsessed with the photos. I spent more time intensely looking at those photos than I had ever done before. I also started looking at the previous photos I had saved prior to this. Whenever I passed a mirror or when I remembered about the photos and the impending haircut, I put my shoulder length hair and overgrown bangs away to see how I would look without all that hair. After a week of this, I knew I had to do something about this and called my usual stylist whom I haven’t met for almost six months.

I was eerily early for my appointment. I had to wait for two very long haircuts before it finally came to my turn. She welcomed me to her chair with a wide smile. She instantly put a cape on me. My hair flowed around my shoulders so beautifully when she flipped my hair out of the cape. Her hands started their routine inspection of my hair. When I showed her the photos, I was surprised she wasn’t. Her hands scooped up my hair, the same way I did, to inspect how I would look with my hair cut that way.

Then, she told me it would look good but maybe, I might not like it, knowing my very selective moods. I just told her to go ahead with it. 

The Cut

She started off by pinning my top and sides away. I was very nervous and excited: what I had imagined for a long time was finally happening. I felt the comb slide through the hair in the back and lift it up. Loud snips of scissors were heard. When she combed the hair down again, it scraped my nape without the length of hair in between. She repeated the process over and over again until in the mirror, I could no longer see hair in the back, as if my hair had been put up but I knew better.

She dropped more sections off from the back and for a second, I was back to my original shoulder-length hair. The long hair falling down was an absolute sensational tease, indeed but it didn’t last long. The scissors continued their assault in the same fashion of combing down, lifting up, cutting and repeating again. 

I said there, with my eyes in the mirror, impatiently wanting to know what was happening in the back. Finally, it seemed like the back was finished as I felt the scissors make a curved line around my head. I felt somewhat relieved the scissors were not closely pressed towards my head, but a little bit further from my head. Nonetheless, a bowl cut is a bowl cut.

My hairdresser then came to my left side and let the hair fall down again. This time, the long strands felt out of place, maybe because the back was so empty and it was apparent in the mirror. She combed again and pinned a lot of hair back, only letting a shower of hair fall down. Her fingers squeezed the thin hair above my ears and cut off everything below her fingers. 

The beginning of a Change

This dramatically changed the image in the mirror. It was something new and exciting but I also felt a pint of disappointment, knowing it would take at least six months to get to that original length again. However, this did not last long as my hairdresser was quick in her work and let the hair down and cut again. The scissors felt so loud in my ears and the fallen debris tickled my ears. When every bit of hair on my left side was neatly cut above my ears, she moved on to the right side where she repeated the same process again.

She cut and cut with sheer determination and my excitement was shown on my face. My obsession was becoming a reality, after all. After the right side was reduced to the small sideburn the same as the left side, she let my grown-out bangs fall on my face. She stood there, thinking about the right length for the bangs. Then her fingers scooped in and cut off whatever was below them. The hair fell back to be only a little bit longer than my eyebrows. 

The Reveal

The final image was showing. She made quick work of my bangs. When she stepped back to inspect her handiwork, I saw it: my face without hair but a bowl cut. The hair fell only to my ears and nothing more than that. She went in with the thinning shears to remove the bulk of my thick hair. She did a lot of thinning, maybe because my thick hair got bulkier in this shortened state.

After the thinning came the small balding clippers with very high pitches. I got a little scared she would shave the back with the clippers. That would look super extreme. But she only used them to remove the stray hairs and to define the hairline. 

At long last, the hairdryer came. It didn’t take long to dry the hair, considering it was a dry cut. She only used it to shape the hair into that final bowl cut with the round comb. The loofah was used to brush away the stray hairs. And the haircut was complete.

I really liked the image I saw in the mirror. Maybe most people, mostly potential males, would disagree with me but I loved it. The contrast and the openness of my face and my jawbones really excited me down below. When she flipped off the cape, the haircut went extremely well with my black tank top, jean shorts and the choker.

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  1. Anne,

    This was a wonderful story! Drastic makeover stories are always fun, and I do love a well cut bowl. There is a special something about a woman going for a radical change. Please keep up the good work!


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