A Lovely Coincidence: A Chelsea for Chelsea

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It was a lazy Saturday morning and the last weekend before summer ended. I was working as a teacher at a high school and my husband, Alex, was a lawyer. We had taken a few weeks during summer to relax and enjoy ourselves. “I don’t want to go to work on Monday, I wish we could stay here like this forever”, I said. “Me too”, said my husband drinking his daily dose of coffee.

“Do you want to do something memorable today Chelsea darling?”, asked my husband.

“What did you have in mind?”, I asked.

“I noticed that your bangs are getting a bit too long, we can go to the barbershop to get them trimmed”, smirked my husband. He had secretly discovered that I had a hair fetish and was happy to oblige. He often trimmed my ends, shaved my armpits, pussy and even my eyebrows. The only part he still hadn’t shaved was my head, he knew I was too shy and wouldn’t do it as I worked with students.
But he frequently started accompanying me to my regular hair appointments and even convinced me to go to the barbershop last month. It was quite embarrassing but turned me on too much.

“Of course darling, let me get ready soon”, I said and dashed to get changed for my trim as my husband looked at me with surprise and pride.

I quickly wore a modern yet short skirt and a frilly shirt. I looked professional. We walked to the barbershop which was right across the street. It was very crowded and I was surprised to find many of my students getting their back-to-school haircuts.
“Morning Mrs. Smith”, many of them greeted me as we entered the barbershop. I was quite nervous as I hadn’t gotten my haircut in front of an audience before.

“Take a number”, said Bob, the barber, to my husband. My husband took a number and we waited with the other customers. Many of them were giving me weird looks as I had blond, glossy, shoulder-length hair and girls wouldn’t normally go to a barbershop.
After almost an hour of patiently waiting, Bob called out my number and I shakily stood up and sat on the daunting big red chair. Bob quickly pumped the chair higher so that my feet were dangling and quickly took a tissue and wrapped it tightly around my neck. He then took out a cape and fastened it over me.

“What are we doing today Mrs. Smith? A back-to-school buzzcut or a regular trim?”, Bob joked.

Before I could open my mouth, my husband said, “Trim up the bangs and give her a nice Chelsea cut please, Bob. Chelsea wants a big change.”

I didn’t know what a Chelsea cut was but it was my name so perhaps something nice and girly?

“A Chelsea cut for Chelsea, coming right up”, exclaimed Bob.

He started spraying my bangs with water until it was drenched and water was dripping to my face. This was another thing I loved about Barbershop haircuts, unlike fancy salons, it is quick and easy. They don’t spend time washing and conditioning your hair, they just spray it and cut it. No fuss. Quick and easy.

He trimmed my bangs a bit too short for my liking, they were almost an inch above my eyebrows. But hey, it was a barbershop and I just loved the atmosphere and ambience so I was not going to complain. I then expected him to just trim my ends.
But what he did surprised me, he took out a clip and secured my bangs in it on top of my forehead. He then took out his clippers and removed the guard, I was afraid. Bob turned to my husband, “Do you want her head shaved smooth or do you want some stubble?”

“As smooth as a baby’s bottom please, Bob. I think it will look amazing on Chelsea”, Alex said.

“Sure thing. Been meaning to ask, what a nice coincidence, Chelsea getting the Chelsea cut?”, Bob asked while he fired his clippers and bent my head firmly so that my chin touched my bosom.

“Haha, I was wondering what cut she should get, Chelsea looks too adorable with her bangs but she has been wanting to shave her head. So I figured why not give her the Chelsea? Then it struck me, Chelsea with a Chelsea, what a lovely coincidence.”, Alex laughed.

I felt very shy as the men talked. I was getting my head shaved, it was scary but I felt aroused and flushed. Another favorite thing about barbershops is that Bob specifically was quite dominant and rough with haircuts. Rumor has it that he straps young naughty girls and shaves them smooth like a cue ball. I heard my students talk about it last year. A pretty student came to class one day without any hair on her head. When asked what happened, she just said that her parents took her to Bob and he strapped and shaved her bald because of her low grades.

Bob then plowed his clippers up my nape. Although it was unlikely, I hoped that he wouldn’t shave all my hair (except my bangs of course). A girl can hope. The clippers climbed up my head and ended right where my bangs started. My suspicions were true, I was going to be bald with only my bangs.

Bob ran the clippers over my head several times, it aroused me so much. The vibrations on my bare head were just pure bliss. Bob strictly moved my head so that he could shave my sideburns. I officially shaved most of my head. I was quite nervous, many of my students were watching my cut along with many men from the waiting area.

After Bob shaved my head, I expected this ‘lovely coincidence’ to be over. Bob again surprised me by spraying water on my freshly shaved hair. It felt sensitive on my bare head and I squealed.

“Feeling a bit sensitive are you?”, laughed Bob.

“Yeah, it took me by surprise”, I replied meekly.

“I am just going to wet your head and shave it with some shaving cream and a straight razor for a crisp and smooth finish.”, explained Bob.

“Sounds good”, I replied as I didn’t know what else to say.

Bob then went to the foam dispenser machine and applied some foam all over my head. It felt cool and relaxing. Then Bob strongly held my bangs and told me to stay very still.

I felt the cold sharp razor over my nape at first. It felt scary but also exciting; I would say that it was the most blissful thing I had ever experienced. He slowly shaved my head and then took a hot towel and wrapped it around my head. The heat really stung my bare untouched scalp and I squealed again.

Bob laughed and said, “You’ve got some thick hair, it would be good to shave it twice or maybe even thrice.”

I looked at Alex through the mirror, he looked full of pride as he smiled at me. I blushed furiously and smiled back. I felt good even though Alex didn’t tell me he was going to have my head shaved.

Bob removed the towel and applied foam again. He shaved me again and this time he was satisfied. He unclipped my bangs and blowdried them. He also blew some warm air on my freshly shaved head and laughed when I squealed again.

He then took a bottle of talc from a shelf and applied it to my bare head. It stung a bit but I had a nice soothing aftereffect. He then took a hand mirror and showed me the back of my head.

“Like your new Chelsea, Chelsea?”, Bob asked.

“Yes, it looks quite lovely. Although, my head looks quite pale while my neck is tanned.”, I laughed.

Bob laughed as he removed my cape and tissue, dusted my neck and lowered the chair. I got down as Alex paid and tipped Bob. My students still recognized me and complimented my new style as we exited the barbershop. On our way back, my head felt sensitive and I told Alex. “I am sorry darling, but we will get home soon”, Alex said and rubbed my shaved head. It felt comforting and more intimate than anything else.

We went home and enjoyed the rest of our day and went to work on Monday. My students were surprised but said I looked really cool. I liked it too and was glad that Alex took matters into his own hands to satisfy my fetish.


This is my first time writing a story, please let me know if you guys enjoyed it in the comments 🙂

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