A Necklace Part 2

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“Take off your shirt” A green gem shone among a mass of red curls. Lizzy’s blue eyes bore down
with eagerness as she shifted her weight over Shannon’s abdomen.

Shannon’s grogginess transformed to fear. “What the hell are you doing?” Instinct mixed with adrenaline
thrust her left hip upwards, rocking her captor. Pale arms shoved forward.

*THUD* The dark wooden floor reached up to catch Lizzy. Her blue eyes blinked with surprise at
Shannon’s strength. “Well I guess that’s confirmed.” The necklace loosened around her neck. “You’re
definitely immune to it.”

Shannon stood, snatching the necklace back from Lizzy. “Just ask next time.”

Rubbing her butt Lizzy rose slowly. “Not a problem.” She blinked collecting her thoughts.
“Wait. Ask for what?”

Footsteps rushed up the stairs. “What was that sound? Are you girls OK?” Shannon’s mom went
quiet. Moment’s later she screamed. “WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE?”

Shannon and Lizzy gleefully watched the drama unfold from her doorway.

Key’s clacked on a gray laptop. “I really need to focus on my homework.” Mary continued to code
“I’m about to get my Bachelors, and I don’t want to mess up the 4.0.”

“But, you love your hair.” Shannon’s mom pleaded with the universe for her daughters wavy locks to
return. Her head turned away from what couldn’t be real. All denial faded when she saw the waste basket.

The smells of sausage drifted up the stairs to Lizzy’s nose. “Breakfast?”




“I’m allowed to be upset, Chris.” Orange juice tinted a full glass of champagne. “She’s nearly
bald.” Shannon’s mom downed her third Mimosa.

Water washed suds from a square white plate. “It’s what she wanted to do, Claire.” Shannon’s
dad placed his dish in the strainer. “And she’ll be moving out soon to get her Masters.” He
continued clearing the table.

“I helped her grow it since she was 10.” Clair stared into space. The glass became a bottle
in her hand.

*Knock* *Knock* Mary’s knuckles sounded against the kitchen arch. “After I get my buzzcut we’ll
meet you at the lake.”

“Mhmm” Clair continued to stare blankly.

Keys jingled from Shannon’s hands. “Come on, we need to pick a few things up on the way.” her
and Lizzy went over a list as they left the house.

“Have fun girls!” Chris put the last of the silverware in the strainer.

The bottle of champagne titled into Claire’s mouth. She gulped hard, twice, before taking a breath.
“Those two better make it to their graduation without going crazy.”



A buzz filled the air of Sam’s Barbershop. Tufts of once enviable blonde locks drifted downward
to the checkered vinyl. Mary kept her chin to her chest while the barber pushed the clippers
up her neck. To her left, on a brown leather couch, Shannon and Lizzy watched.

Raven hair swayed against her chin as Shannon shook her head at her phone. “It’s not working.” She
focused harder, still the value of her bank account refused to rise.

For once in her life Lizzy took notes. “Shouldn’t really need money again, anyway.” The spiral
bound notebook snapped closed with her pen inside. Her focus returned to Mary.

Silence replaced buzzing. The clippers rested once more on their hook. “Nearly done, miss.” The
barber started to brush Mary’s neck with talc.

Lizzy’s head rested lightly in her hands. “It does suck we don’t have a necklace to make hair
magically grow back.

Shannon momentarily nodded in agreement before abruptly stopping. “We do. It’s just going to take a

Mary paid, and tipped the barber. “Mom’s waiting at the park.” Her hand ran over her stubbly scalp.
“Let’s get going before she completely loses it.”

Shannon, and Lizzy picked up their supplies. By the time Mary made it out of the barbershop, they
were waiting in her car.




An empty bottle of wine half sunk into the sand next to Claire. Three tipsy young women with their hip length
hair in high-ponytails came towards her.

“Do you know where the snack bar is?” The one with brunette hair asked.

Claire smiled looking at their not cropped hair. “Down that way. You’ll cross over a small road then follow
the lake as it bends.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” The girls hurried off.

Mary walked up from behind in a blue bikini, still applying sunblock. She passed it to her mother.
“Can you get my back?”

Clair went to move her daughters braid. *Sigh* She squirted the sunblock into her hands. “Where’s your sister?”

The sun made Mary’s eye’s squint as she watched a family of ducks play in the lake. “They’re down by the snack




More that a dozen college aged girls waited patiently in front of the snack bar for their turn to be the center
of attention.

“Beat the heat! Take a seat” Lizzy yelled to her peers as the came within earshot. Emerald glinted on her neck in
the afternoon sun. Her eyes met Shannon’s “I get the next one.”

Cheers rang out as Shannon lifted a foot of dark brown curly hair into the air. “NO MORE BRUSHES FOR THIS GIRL!”
The ponytail sailed into a pile of 5 more on the picnic table. Shannon handed her client the clippers. “Here, go
for it.”

“Maybe a bob for the next one?” Lizzy consulted Shannon.

“You do need practicing cutting straight.” Shannon donned the necklace. “If you’re not yet in college, your hair
is too pretty to lose!” She yelled. “Grow it to the floor! Or longer if you can!”

Lizzy patiently waited for the current occupant of the seat to relinquish the clippers. “I can not fucking wait
for this plan to pay off.”

“We’re going to need to pace ourselves.” Auburn, brunette, and red hair bounced in high ponytails towards
Shannon. “Back of the line ladies.”

“THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” Alcohol fumes followed a muscle bound man, his face beat red. “YOU SHAVED MY DAUGHTERS
FUCKING HEAD?” Veins bulged in his neck.

Lizzy calmly separate her new clients mid-back length hair into sections. “Sir, I’m trying to focus here.”
Stainless steel scissors steadied just above the shoulders.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” The man charged with rage.

“Calm down!” Shannon snapped. “You daughter looks lovely.” Her Raven bob swayed in the wind. “Now go enjoy
Mother’s Day with your wife!”

The man’s blood pressure plummeted back to health levels. “Sorry, I over reacted.”

“Damn right you did.” Lizzy cut a noticeably crooked line across her clients neck. “Lip length it is.”




Mary turned over to even the tan on her front. Near the water two girls applied sunscreen to each others
bare heads. She yelled to her mother. “See mom, lots of girls are over their hair.”

Unwillingly sobering up Clair flipped a burger then turned around. A horribly cut bob passed through the
sight line to the two friends. “I just don’t understand. Has the world gone mad?”

“It’s summer, hun.” A fork full of macaroni salad entered Chris’s mouth. “Didn’t you ever cut your
hair in the summer?” the food muffled his words.

A family of 5 walked down the path from the Snack Shack. “Hey! They did an amazing job on your buzzcut!”
The eldest sister tried fruitlessly to put her poorly cut lip length bob behind her ear. “Thinking of going
back to get the same.” She said touching her hairless nape.

“I’m growing my hair forever.” The middle sister interrupted flaunting her still waist length hair.

“Finally someone sane.” Confusion contorted Claire’s face when yet another girl with extremely short hair
walked down the path from the path. “Going back where?”

Continuing to debate her hair with herself the oldest sister replied flatly “The snack bar.”

Flabbergasted Claire walked, then ran down the path. “Shannon, you better not be bald!”




“Another fur for my lady.” Nearly 30 inches of Brunette ponytail joined its Blonde, and Auburn friends around
Shannon’s neck. Lizzy placed an empty bowl from the snack shack on her client’s head. “This should help keep
it straight.” Clippers traced the rim causing thick brunette hair to join the massive rainbow of locks on the
cement pad.

“WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE?!” Claire screamed.

Unflustered, Lizzy continued to clip around the bowl. “You didn’t tell your mom to have a happy mother’s day?”

The clients eyes shifted to Claire. “Hi ma’am! Thanks for the directions!”

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