A new look for Natalie

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It was four months ago that Natalie cut off her long hair, when she was bored. It was spring and nearly all her friends had short hair except Natalie. She still had long hair, what she loved, but it was her best friend Amanda, who took her to a hair salon.
“You will look lovely if you cut it short. Don’t cut it too short, sweetie.”
It was a shock for her, when her hairdresser chopped off half her hair. It was a dramatic change over, but in the end she looked great with her short hair.
“If you want to keep this look visit me every four weeks to give you a little trim.”
“I’ll keep it in mind.” She answered and left the hair salon satisfied. She was in the end glad with her new look. It felt softer and it made her much younger. Even her boyfriend loved her new look, although he loved her because of her golden blonde long locks she had for years.
“it’s the new me.” She announced herself to all her friends. “If you want to see me again with long hair, than you have to wait for a very long time. I don’t think I will let my hair grow again.”
“Will you cut it shorter now you have short hair?” Tim asked her.
“Maybe; maybe not.” She said. “If I do it, I will do it in the summer when it is very hot. Only then I will cut my hair really short. Summer started two months after her cut. The temperature was rising and it became hotter and hotter over the weeks. It was July when Natalie was on her way to the hair salon. It was bloody hot and she wanted a cool look. She passed the salon, when she noticed it was closed. It shouldn’t be. She had made an appointment, but the lights were off. Not a single soul to be found in or around the hair salon.
Nataly looked disappointed to the closed door, when she noticed the little note. Due of food poison the hair salon will be closed for the whole week. She wasn’t pleased with the news, but she knew why it was closed. Still, she wanted a haircut and looked around in the neighborhood. She saw a barbershop, but that was for the men. They would never cut women although she could try it.
“Hello, do you cut women?”
“Sure we do, but only if you want it short.” One of the barbers said.
“Fine, than I want a cut.”
There were four other customers, so she had to wait for a short while. There was a little girl, who went for an extreme short buzz cut. Her long hair was cut so short that she could see the skin of her skull. The girl loved her new look and was pleased with her cool summer cut. The barber removed the cape and let the girl step out of the old barber chair.
“Okay, lady. You’re next.”
Natalie sat down in the chair and looked to her short blonde hair. She went every four weeks to the salon for a little trim, but she couldn’t go this time because it was closed. She remembered her words to her friend Tim that she would buzz her hair, when it was summer. Only in the summertime she would have the guts to have her hair cut extremely short.
“Okay, lady. You want it cut short or you want to have it very short?”
He caped her and combed her short hair, before he would use his clippers.
“I like the look you have given to that girl. I think I want my hair cut short the same way.”
“So, you want it all off?”
Before she could answer she heard the sound of the clippers and within a few minutes the barber ran his clippers through her short hair. He gave her a very short clipper cut and let her enjoy her new buzzed look.
“Short enough or can I cut it shorter?”
Natalie had to laugh. She loved her new look, but wondered how short he wanted to cut her.
“I must say it feels good and it is very short. Still, I wonder how short do you want to cut me?”
The barber took a different pair of clippers and oiled it.
“With this clippers your hair will be extremely short, but the cut will suit you well.”
“Alright, buzz me.” Natalie said. “I leave it to you.”
The barber smiled and buzzed her head extremely short. After the second cut he used a third pair of clippers, what cut her hair closer to her skull. Her blonde hair was cut off and the only thing she had on her head were stubbles. Natalie had to laugh, when she saw he shaved her head. She was almost bald.
“Wow, this feels cool.” She said, when the barber removed the cape.
“When I saw you enter our business I thought you would look great with a shaved head.
If there was thing she would never do, was shaving her head. Now sitting in the barber chair there was no way back for her then to get shaved. She was bald.

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