A Night With My Coach

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Claire had just finished her jiu jitsu class and was packing up her bag of gear as she let down her shoulder length blonde hair. It had been a hard class, and her coach, Luke, had worked them hard on the mats. He was a strict coach, but fair with them. He had high expectations from them, especially during training sessions. 

Luke was around her age, late 20’s, with short dark brown hair. It always seemed like he had just gotten a haircut, as the length was always almost the same, short and tapered along the side, with the top left long enough to gel into a bed-head style. She had always found him to be attractive, especially with his muscular body. She knew how strong he was, because she had worked with him on techniques for pinning and throwing often. 

Returning to the present, Claire ran her fingers through her hair, trying to get out some of the knots, when her finger caught on something stuck in her hair. Gum. She thought that’s what it must’ve been. Probably from one of the kids classes before the adult one, silly kids.

Everyone had left except Luke who was still in the office putting away some paperwork. She popped her head into the office and asked, “Hey Luke, could you check if this is gum stuck in my hair at the back?” 

“Sure,” he offered, coming over to her, “whereabouts is it stuck?,” Claire turned her head so he could see the spot she was mentioning. 

“Oh yeah, that’s definitely a chunk of gum stuck in there. Let me try and get some of the hair out of it..” Claire could feel him pulling at her hairs, trying to pull away the pieces. 

“Hmm, I don’t think it’s going to come out easily, come into the office and take a seat on the stool there. I’ll find some scissors to cut it out.” Claire’s heart rate increased at the thought of Luke cutting her hair. She slowly made her way to the stool he had motioned to, trying to think of a reason for her to not have him cut the gum out of the hair, but coming up with nothing. 

She slowly settled into the stool as Luke came over with a pair of scissors he had found in one of the desk drawers. He came up behind her on the side of her head where the gum was stuck and lifted the hair away from her head, separating it from the hair he didn’t need to cut. 

He lifted the scissors, ready to cut the gum, when Claire pulled her head away. 

“Sorry.. just a flinch,” she said nervously, trying to hide the shake in her voice. 

“No worries,” responded Luke, “just don’t want to mess anything up with your hair here.” He smiled at her, a tilt to one side of his mouth that made Claire think he knew she was nervous. 

Luke went about lifting the piece of hair with the gum stuck to it again, readying the scissors just above where the gum had got caught. He was about to close the scissors, when again Claire ‘flinched’ away. This time she bit the inside of her cheek, trying to keep her increasing nervousness at bay. 

“Are you going to tell me that was a flinch again?,” Luke chuckled. “I think people don’t flinch and keep pulling away afterwards.” 

“Ha,” Claire tried to sound casual, “yeah, sorry. It’s weird not seeing what you’re doing, I guess.” 

“Hmm,” was all Luke responded with. He refocused back on the the piece of hair again. This time Claire thought she felt him holding it tighter, pulling it taut. He lifted the scissors and Claire felt herself start to lean away, trying to pull away from his grasp again. 


Claire froze at the commanding voice of her coach. She knew he could be strict in class, but before and after practices he was gentle and funny. Claire held her breath as she obeyed his order, not daring to move an inch. When he was sure she wouldn’t move, Luke opened the scissors and slid them above the stuck gum. He slowly sliced through the hair, making sure not to miss any small piece of hair. 

Claire let her breath out as she heard the scissors final *schinnk,* and she knew Luke had cut through the hair. He came around in front of her, pulling up the other stool and sat on it facing her. Their knees almost touching. 

“So,” he began. Claire looked down into her lap, avoiding his gaze. She felt silly for being nervous about such a small thing, but also strangely aroused by his taking control of the situation, and of her. 

The touch of a finger under her chin brought Claire back to her senses. Luke lifted her chin so her eyes were forced to meet his. “It seems haircuts make you a little nervous,” he said with the lift of an eyebrow, almost teasing. 

She struggled to keep her eyes on his, “Uh, I wouldn’t say that. I just couldn’t see what you were doing, and I flinched in response.” She was trying to convince herself as much as him. 

“Hmm,” he considered her response, his eyes narrowing on her. “So you wouldn’t mind if I give you a bit of a trim,” his gaze moving to the ends of her hair. “I noticed some split ends when I was cutting the gum out.”

Claire didn’t know how to respond. She couldn’t believe he was almost threatening to cut more hair if she didn’t admit to being nervous about haircuts. She could feel her heartbeat steadily increase, the silence in the room suddenly making it feel like she could even hear it. 

“I guess a trim it is.” Luke stood back up from the stool, scissors still in his hand and started to move to the right side of her head. 

“Wait!” Claire didn’t know what she was going to say, but she knew she had to say something to stop him. “I.. I was just unsure because I didn’t know how much hair was stuck in the gum,” she fidgeted with her fingers even as she said it, knowing it wasn’t true. 

“Even so,” Luke responded while starting to finger comb through her hair with one hand, scissors in the other. “Pulling away twice, and trying to pull away a third time seems to me like you were actively avoiding letting me cut the hair.” Claire looked back down at her fingers, trying to come up with an answer that would stop what he was intending to do.

“Well, until you’re ready to admit to being nervous about a little haircut, we’ll get started with the little trim.” Luke pulled his fingers along the hair framing her face, letting them stop 2 inches above her ends. “I think two inches is a good start. But once I start, I’ll need to finish the trim. Wouldn’t want it looking uneven,” Claire swore she could hear him grinning through the tone of his voice. 

She startled as he began to lift the scissors and started to pull her head in the other direction, while also turning her head to face him. “I’m not nervous about them,” she started. 

“You keep telling me that, but then you also keep pulling away when I try to start cutting,” he noted. 

“And I’ll tell you what,” he continued on, “if you try pulling away again, I’ll cut another inch off right away. Wherever I happen to be cutting at that time.” Claire could hear the authority in his voice, he had used the same voice when providing directions and drill feedback in class. He meant business. 

Claire started, “I just.. I’m just not nervous about haircuts..”

“Okay then,” Luke started, and he picked up the scissors and snipped above his fingers, then let them drop the 2 inches of hair he had just severed into her lap. 

Claire could barely move. She felt paralyzed by the fact that he had just cut her hair, and even had the boldness to drop the hair in her lap for her to see. Her head slightly inclined downwards to look at it. At that moment, Luke’s hands grasped her head as he lifted it back up straight as he said to her sternly, “Stay still.” 

Luke continued to cut the two inches around her head. Claire stayed in place, not daring to move an inch, until he got to her left side by her ear. The sound of the scissors closing with such finality brought her back to her senses and she flinched. Not even pulling away this time, an actual flinch. A reflex. Crap. 

“Another inch it is,” Luke remarked. 

“Please no,” Claire started, pleading in her voice, “I really didn’t mean to. It really was an accident.” 

“Accident or not. Rules are rules.” He lifted the scissors back up, measuring an inch above where he had just cut, and sliced the hair off. When he opened his fingers to let the hair drop he realized her hair would now sit above her shoulders, not even grazing them. Claire inhaled sharply as he pulled the scissors away taking in the new length. 

“Ready to tell me why you’re so nervous about haircuts?”

Claire wanted to retort with something witty and sharp, but knew there would be consequences if she did. Instead she continued looking down, not wanting to say the wrong thing. 

“Then the cut continues,” and Luke returned to cutting her now even shorter hair. Going back around the right side to match the shorter left side. He then sat back down in front of her, a smirk pasted on his face. “So. Ready to talk?” 

“No. But I am done with you ‘trimming’ my hair,” she said her voice sprinkled with sarcasm at the word ‘trimming.’ 

“Ah,” Luke continued to watch her, “but you still haven’t admitted to why you’re so nervous about haircuts. So the ‘trimming’ can’t end.” His voice mimicking the same sarcastic tone she had used just before. 

Claire’s eyes shot up meeting his when she realized he wasn’t going to stop cutting her hair without an admittance from her. She suddenly felt brazen, realizing he was going to push her like he did in class, “You can only cut so much of my hair off with scissors. I’ll be fine.” 

His eyes stayed on hers, the smirk from before returning to his face. “I can do a lot of damage with scissors. But even so, if we get to that point, I’ll just take you home and finish the job with my clippers.” 

Claire didn’t know what to say to that. How dumb had she been to bait him that way. Scissors could do a whole hell lot of damage to her hair. And she didn’t even want to go that far, let alone as far as Luke using clippers on her. She collected herself, steeling herself against his mocking face and threatening words. “You wouldn’t,” she let out harshly, trying to make herself sound more sure than she felt. 

“Grab your bags and let’s head to my truck. We’ll see what happens when we get to my house.” Luke got up, scissors still in hand and stood in front of Claire, waiting for her to get up and follow his orders. She didn’t know how to respond to his orders in any way other than obediently following them. So, she grabbed her bag, trying not to look at the blonde hair scattered on the floor below her. Trying even harder to not think about how the hair on her head now looked without it. 

Luke strode outside, opening the door for Claire as she stood up into the truck, silently as she had been since he ordered her outside. 

As the truck door shut, Claire exhaled, finally letting her hard exterior slip as she realized what she was going to do. She was going to go to Luke’s house, and who knows what would happen when they got there. To her hair, but even beyond that, with him. Her palms felt sweaty as she gripped the straps of her bag in her lap. 

Luke got in the driver seat beside her, and started the engine. They drove in silence, the tension thick in the air. 

Eventually, Luke pulled up in front of his house, a small, dark green house on the West side of the city. 

He started to get out of the car, when Claire quietly began, “I’m not just nervous about them.” 

Luke’s lip lifted, “Not just nervous,” emphasizing the ‘just.’ “Meaning you’re at least a little nervous about them. Them being haircuts, I assume.”

Claire nodded subtly, gaze still on the straps of her bag. 

“So then, what else do you feel about haircuts?,” he offered.

“It’s weird,” Claire responded quietly. 

Now it was his turn to nod in return. “Weird is okay.” 

“I guess, I’ve just always found haircuts kind of made me feel other ways,” Claire could feel red crawling up her neck. She was thankful it was dark outside to hide it. 

“What kind of other ways?,” Luke’s voice was gentle. He had also let down his harsh exterior. Letting her feel vulnerable, open. 

“Turned on.” Claire said it quickly, like she wanted it out before she realized she had said it. She could feel herself shrinking in, trying to make herself smaller. 

“Ah,” Luke said softly, considering. “I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Honestly, I think that’s kind of cute,” and he grinned teasingly. Claire’s eyes shot up, angry that he was teasing her after she had admitted such a thing. 

Her fist was headed to his chest before she had time to think through her actions, and when his hand caught it mid-air, gripping her wrist with firm hands, she froze. She was sure her face showed the shock she was feeling. 

“But don’t think that gets you out of the haircut I have planned for tonight. In fact, that might make me more inclined to cut even more of your hair,” his eyebrow lifting at the second half of his statement. Claire was sure he could see the red in her cheeks now, as she felt them burning from what he said. 

Luke let her hand go and turned to head into the house, knowing she would follow of her own accord. Which she did. Though she didn’t know why, when she knew what was going to happen if she followed him inside. But now, instead of that just scaring her, it excited her. 

Once inside, Claire found herself looking around at Luke’s organization. He was tidy, that was for sure. Everything was clean, no clutter around, everything in it’s home. He was disciplined, just as he was at jiu jitsu. It matched what she knew about him already. 

“We’ll do it in the bathroom,” Luke startled her with his sudden declaration. She had to stop herself from getting nervously excited thinking that he was talking about sex, a small disappointment growing in her, until she realized it was to cut her hair. At which point all the nervous excitement and fear returned. 

He dropped his bag on the bench in his front entrance, and then grabbed a stool from his kitchen counter and carried it with him into where Claire assumed was the master bedroom. She followed suit, dropping her bag beside his on the bench, slowly following him while still noticing the details of his home. 

Once in the bathroom, Luke looked her over before saying, “I think it’s best if you just wear your sports bra and underwear for this.” His face fully serious as he considered her and the situation with logic. 

“Uh, I, uh..”

“It’s easier to get small cuttings of hair off your skin than off your clothes,” he continued, as if she hadn’t tried to stammer a response. 

Claire bit her lip as she nodded in agreement, understanding. She started by pulling her top over her head, a tight fitting t-shirt she wore under her jiu jitsu gear, revealing her blue, striped sports bra. She covered her stomach with an arm, feeling suddenly self conscious at Luke seeing so much of her body, even though she sometimes trained before practice in her bra. This felt different. More intimate. And, she wasn’t even done undressing. 

Slowly, she undid the button and zipper of her jeans, the ones she had changed into after practice. Wiggling slightly to lower them over her hips, and then slowly lowering them to her ankles where she could pull her legs out one at a time. She felt exposed. Vulnerable. 

Luke turned away, opening a drawer and taking out a black cosmetic bag. Claire bit the inside of her cheek, her hands wrapped around her stomach and sat down on the stool, eyes cast downward. 

For the second time that night, she felt fingers under her chin, as Luke lifted her head so she was looking right at him. His eyes had softened, the tiniest smirk still set on his lips. “I promise to be kind. But I don’t promise to leave you with much hair. Or always be gentle,” the smirk growing slightly. 

“Mmhmmm,” was all Claire could let out. 

He pulled out a pair of scissors and a comb from the black cosmetic bag. “I was thinking we could pick up where we left off, start slow, before getting to the clippers.” He moved around the back of her and brushed a section of each side of her hair forward, leaving him with a back section of hair alone. 

Claire looked at herself in the mirror, not believing this was happening, when he gripped the sides of her head firmly and pushed it forward until her chin was touching her chest. “Remember,” he said quietly, “stay still.” 

Claire felt the cold of the scissors slide along her neck, and then heard them start to close on her hair, as close to her scalp as Luke could get. *Shinnck* He continued to snip along the nape of her neck, leaving her with hair that wouldn’t touch the collar of a button up shirt if she were to be wearing one. He then moved to her right side.

It looked like he was going to match the side length to the back length, when he suddenly moved and instead picked up the hair closest to her face, where he had first started his trim in the office. He slid the scissors up her hair, close to her forehead. He paused, looking in the mirror where he met her eyes. Her gaze was locked on the scissors, her lips slightly parted in shock at what he was about to do. 

“Don’t move,” he said as he closed the scissors on her hair. And inches of hair fell into her lap, directly onto her skin. Claire felt shocked, but also more alive than she had in a long time. She couldn’t believe he had just done that, or that she had stayed still and let him. 

From then on, Luke moved around her head with the scissors, slicing off hair at different lengths, all close to her head. Getting rid of the bulk of her hair as Claire sat frozen in the chair. Once satisfied that he had done enough with the scissors he set them down on the counter. 

“Now, I thought we could have a little fun with the clippers,” he said. At that, Claire lifted her eyebrow, curious. 

He left the bathroom, and went into the bedroom, returning with something small and purple in his hand. When she realized what it was, she felt her stomach flip. No. She couldn’t believe he was going to have her use that while he continued cutting her hair.. was he? 

“I thought you might want to enjoy the haircut in multiple ways,” he started. “So here are the rules. The vibrator stays on your clitoris or labia the whole time. But, if you move too much, pulling away from the clippers, I change the guard to a smaller one.” His face was serious, his gaze unflinching as he laid out the rules of the game. 

Claire considered his proposal. She was already turned on, already feeling warm and wet. Biting her lower lip, she realized she did want to do this. 

She nodded slightly, and then he continued, “You might want to take off your underwear. You know, for ease of use.” Claire nodded again, slowly standing, hair falling from her lap and shoulders. Pulling down her underwear was another level of intimacy she realized they had entered into. She took the vibrator from his open hand, his fingers brushing hers as she took it in her own. 

She turned the vibrator on, clicking the button until it reached her preferred setting. And pressed it to her clitoris, moaning slightly at the immediate sensation that it drew from her. 

“Alright,” Luke said as he pulled the clippers from the cosmetic bag, checking them over quickly before snapping a #4 guard on. “Remember the rules.” 

Claire couldn’t think of any rules, as she let herself slip into a state of pure pleasure, the vibrations against her clitoris building. Luke came around behind her, his hand firm on the crown of her head as he pushed it down, and placed the clippers at the edge of her neck, the cold metal hitting her abruptly. She startled without thinking. 

Luke clicked the clippers off, and wandered back to the counter, removing the #4 guard from the blade, and replacing it with the #3. Claire paused, realizing what he’d done and let the vibrator leave her skin for a moment. Luke took note.

“Already breaking two rules,” he smirked with a small chuckle, taking off the #3 guard as quickly as he had put it on. “You must be eager to go guardless with the clippers tonight.” 

Claire couldn’t believe she had let herself lose her self control and discipline already, and opened her mouth to protest, when Luke smirked, “I wouldn’t try and fight it. That will only move you to a #2 guard.” She closed her lips back up, and placed the vibrator back in its place, and pulled her lower lip between her teeth trying to control the moans coming from her mouth again. 

Luke placed the clippers at the back of her head and moved them slowly up the nape of her neck towards the crown of her head, wanting her to feel every sensation of the clippers. He continued along the left and right back side of her head before moving to her right side, pulling her ear down to run the clippers along her hairline closely. He then moved them up towards the top of her head, leaving a short fuzz of hair behind, scalp visible beneath. 

As he moved to her left side, Claire climaxed, and not for the first time. 

The feeling took over her for a second and she arched her back in response, bumping Luke’s hand with the clippers. He found himself turned on, watching her back muscles flex in tension as she let herself give in to the surge of warmth and adrenaline spreading through her. 

He grinned and moved to the counter, switching the #3 guard for the #2, and going back to the nape of her neck to shorten it all up. Claire barely notice.

When he was done evening everything to a #2 length, he moved to face her. Clippers in hand he looked at her, noticing the defined collar bones under the straps of her sports bra, her lip between her teeth, the slight arch of her lower back in pleasure. He found himself grinning slightly, and moved to put the clippers at the edge of her forehead, when her gaze lifted to meet his, one eyebrow lifted. 

He paused, wondering why she had lifted her eyebrow, but continued to start pushing the clippers into her hairline. 

It was then that Claire pulled back from the clippers, and not gently or accidentally. She finally let herself give in to the process. And couldn’t imagine ending the haircut with anything less than a no guard clippered cut. 

A smirk settling on her own lips. 

Luke grinned, as he removed the final guard, eyes never leaving hers. 

He placed it on the counter behind him, all while staying facing her. He then returned the clippers, blades uncovered and vibrating to her forehead and plowed through the middle of her head. 

Claire groaned in response. Rocking her hips forward as she climaxed again at the feel of the clippers moving firmly across her head. 

Luke continued around her head, running the clippers along her hairline and through her hair multiple times. He wanted to be sure she was left with a clean cut. He then returned to his black cosmetic bag and pulled out another smaller pair of clippers. Ones that were meant for a really close shave. And turned to Claire, who tilted her head and lifted her eyebrow questioning. 

Not feeling the need to explain his plan to her, he moved behind her a final time. Pushing her head forward firmly, almost roughly. And ran the clippers over the nape of her neck, around the crown of her head. Moving to her sides, to ensure he had gotten every hair. 

“Okay,” he said finally. 

Claire pulled the vibrator from between her legs, pushing a button to turn it off, exhaling slowly as she did. Tension draining from her body. 

“Okay,” she responded. 

Luke stuck his hand out in offering, and Claire took it, standing to face him. The top of her head reaching below his shoulders. He looked down at her, smirking and eyebrow raised, all teasing and all offering. 

She bit her lip as she pressed up onto her tip toes to let her lips meet his. A soft brush at first. 

Then, Luke took her hips in his hands, grip firm and hands steady as he flipped her around and pressed her against the counter, kissing her hard on the mouth. Tongues slipping past into the other’s mouth, moans and bites between breaths. 

Luke then put his arms under her shoulders and lifted her, 

Claire automatically wrapping her legs around his waist as he carried her into his bedroom, and lowered her onto his bed. He then pulled his shirt up and over his head, his gaze never leaving her. She matched him, lifting her sports bra, the last piece of her covering, over her head and tossed it to the side. Luke undid his belt and jeans, lowering them and stepping out of them, his boxers following suit soon after. 

Claire slid back, head resting on the pillow, legs open and inviting. Luke crawled onto the bed, legs straddling her hips, hands on either side of her head, caging her in. He lowered his head until his lips met her neck, and he kissed along it, as he pushed his erect penis into her. 

He started gently, hips rocking forward and backward, but slowly increased in force. Soon, he was pushing hard into her, deeper than she had felt a guy go before. But in a good way, He took her hands in his, and spread them above her head, so she was locked in place, under his control. 

“Say stop and I will,” he muttered into his ear as he rocked forward again, his breath tickling her ear. 

“I don’t want you to,” she whispered back, her back lifting off the bed and legs opening more to let him push deeper and harder into her. He pushed over and over again, until his body shook with endorphins and adrenaline. Claire’s body reaching climax at the same time. A moan and an exhale coming out of his mouth as he kissed her neck again, slowly releasing the grip on her hands. 

They lay next to one another on the bed afterward, Claire’s head tucked under Luke’s chin. Like she was meant to fit there all along. The top of her head smooth and cool, with no hair covering it. Their breathing was slow, as they settled into one another.

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