A Stylists Obsession

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It had been an incredibly long day for Ariana. Not only had she worked much later than she had originally planned, but she had also been up extra early to get work for that day done. The only thing Ariana wanted to do was start a long bath and rest her sore muscles with some relaxing music playing.

Ariana stood just over 5 feet. Her ash brown hair fell clearly past her waist, reaching towards her hips. For the longest time, she had taken care of it. But over the last few years, she had lost her interest and didn’t do much with it other than keeping it clean and brushed.

However, what Ariana wasn’t expecting was approaching her door with her keys and tired blue eyes, only to find that her door was open. She bit her tongue. She was frozen in place. She was trying to decide whether she should call the cops then or not. Because surely entering a house that she suspected broken into was surely a bad idea.

But Ariana didn’t consider herself a coward. She prepared her phone just in case she needed to make an emergency call and slowly opened the door to her house. She was expecting to see that her house was in shambles. But nothing looked to be touched. Her living room looked clean, and just the way she had left it. She tilted her head. Maybe, just maybe she had left the door open and no one had broke in.

Keeping her eyes on her living room, Ariana shut her door behind her. She had let her guard down too soon as she felt two strong arms around her. One firmly held her mouth closed so she could only produce muffled screams. She then felt a pinch in her arm and slowly her eyes began to close until she had passed out.


It was an hour later when Ariana’s eyes slowly started to open. She tried to speak but found that her mouth was taped shut. As her senses came back to her, Ariana tried to move her hands and legs, but instead, she found them tied together with rope. She tried to struggle free and produced wines and muffled moans through the tape on her mouth.

“Hey, there baby,” someone’s male voice said.

Her eyes slowly moved up from the ground where Ariana saw designer shoes and jeans. Her eyes traced up to see that the male in front of her was none other than her stylist, Jason that she had neglected over the last years. She looked at him with such confused eyes.

“Now, I don’t want you to struggle,” he said softly. “The more you struggle the more you’ll be hurt and I don’t want that, okay?” he said. Ariana was only able to give a muffled grunt. But her eyes could clearly show the question she wanted to ask.

“Oh yes, you want to know why I’m here, don’t you?” he chuckled. His body moved towards Ariana and reached past her as he shut off the water in her gigantic two person tub. Her eyes traced his movements as he moved over to the adjacent stand-alone shower to start it. “I have been doing nothing but waiting for you to make an appointment… Years Ari.YEARS!” he emphasized. “I’ve been watching you for a very long time. I’ve noticed your hair grow, and your lack of care for it. And it pains me so Ariana,” he said. He had crouched back down to put his hands in a prayer position, moving them up and down. “Ari, it displeased me so, I missed you,” he said. He was borderline obsessive.

“So, I’ve been watching you… Finally, I decided enough was enough. I need to do something, make a move!” Jason said. Ariana could do nothing but watch the male pace back and forth in her bathroom. What was he going to do to her? Jason crouched back down to Ariana, and pulled his own white t-shirt off, exposing his clear chiseled body to her. “But I’m here to help you and fix this, don’t worry, baby,” he said softly. “I’m here to take care of you.”

Ariana could only shake her head at the man. None of this was making sense to her. She looked at him with eyes of disbelief. Her eyes did widen however when Jason pulled a blade from his pocket. Was he going to release her? “Now, I’m sorry honey, I can’t remove these ties, so I’m going to have to cut your clothes off of you so I can get you and your hair clean. And I need you to obey me so I don’t cut you, or drug you again. I want you to feel everything,” he explained.


There were tears in Ariana’s eyes, and they were wiped away by Jason’s soft hand. “Don’t cry hun, it’ll be okay,” he explained. And Ariana first felt the blade on the collar of her shirt. Soon, her shirt had been ripped from her body and the same quick work was done with her pants. Jason didn’t waste any time doing the same thing to her bra and underwear.

“Oh Ari!” He gasped. Jason’s eyes looked Ariana’s naked body up and down. He was noticing her lack of effort into shaving. “Oh don’t worry, I’ll help you with that,” Jason concluded and reached down to pick Ariana up and moved her towards the shower. “I’ll get you clean and I’ll fix your hair.”

Ariana felt the hot water from the shower beat against her naked body. She tried to talk again, but no sounds came up. “Let’s get those arms above your head. Attach them to this,” Jason cooed, extending her arms above her head and the rope that bound her hands was attached to a hook. Jason’s hands ran down Ariana’s body. He was behind her and his hands wrapped around her petite form. His hands grabbing her breasts and Ariana made more tears, feeling like she was going to be taken advantage of.

“Now, let me wash your hair,” he whispered into her ear. His voice was seductive. “And then I’m going to make sure it gets cleaned up, and get a fresh new cut to deal with these horrid split ends… oh Ari they’re so bad.” he pouted.

Helpless, Ariana felt the shower head rush across her hair and Jason’s hand began to massage a generous amount of shampoo into her hair. He lathered it up and began to massage her head. Ariana remembered this feeling. It was one of the things that she loved about Jason when she was getting her hair done. He would massage and find her pressure points to relax her body. So, despite the situation, Ariana’s eyes began to close and she let out a pleasing sigh. “See, you missed it,” Jason said. After five minutes of lathering her hair, Jason began to rinse it out. Tilting her head back to make sure the soap didn’t get into her eyes. As the soap was rinsed out, another generous amount of conditioner was put into her hair and was combed through with Jason’s long slender fingers. Quick work twisted her hair into a bun. “Let’s let that sit,” he said softly and Jason’s hand dropped to her shoulders and began to gently massage them. “You’re so tense Ari,” he said. “Just relax.”

Jason’s hands began tracing her body again. “I’m going to get you cleaned up now,” he said and Jason planted a kiss on the top of Ariana’s forehead. Ariana closed her eyes trying not to think about what he was going to do. Jason had stepped out of the shower, his jeans were soaking wet. He returned to the shower. He was holding another blade in his hand and a bowl of shaving cream in the other. Jason first rubbed Ariana’s exposed breast and then lathered one armpit with shaving cream and made quick work to wipe the hair away with the sharp blade. When he was finished with her arms. His hands reached up to the hook where the rope was attached to.

“I want you to stay here, I’m going to get a chair for you. But if you move, or try to escape, I’ll just attach you right back up to this,” he pointed. “Do you understand?” he asked seriously. Ariana reluctantly nodded her head. A smile formed on Jason’s place. “I’m so happy you chose the right answer” Jason left the steaming shower and returned with a chair and commanded Ariana to sit. She did as she was told. Jason kissed her cheek and bent down.

“Now Ari, are you going to kick me if I remove the ropes on your legs?” he asked. Ariana looked at him with longing eyes and she shook her head. She was submitting to the man that could easily kill her. Jason removed the bindings on her slender legs and he picked up her leg to kiss her foot. “Such tiny feet, I love it,” he said. “Now be still Ari, so I can get close to the skin without cutting you.

Scrape after scrape was made on Ariana’s legs as hair was wiped away. With the straight edge blade, she was left with soft hairless skin. “Now, what should I do with this….?” He giggled as his hands moved through the tangles of her bush. “I think, I’ll cut as much as I can, and then I’ll grab a hair removal cream. And at a later time, I can make it permanent,” he spoke softly. He stood up to help Ariana stand. “Wait here,” he said. He removed the chair from the shower and returned with a large thick towel, laying it on the ground of the shower as it started to soak up the water. “Lay down Ariana,” he said, helping her sit on the towel. Ariana was scared that he was going to take advantage of her.

As if Jason was reading her mind. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything yet,” he said. Jason spread Ariana’s legs and began to cut away large clumps of her pubic hair. Finally, spreading a cream on her mound in every place that hair covered. After washing his hands, Jason straddled Ariana. “We have to let that sit now,” he said. “I want to kiss your lips, Ariana. But are you going to scream? If you try to scream I’ll just put the tape back on your mouth again and make sure you’re punished for it later.” Ariana looked at him with sad and scared eyes. She bit the inside of her cheek and slowly nodded her head when Jason asked again. “Are you going to be quiet?”

The tape was slowly removed from her face and the moment he had, his lips pressed against Ariana’s with a long linger and passion. This was Ariana’s first kiss. No one had kissed her before so she was a little confused at what to do. “I’ve waited so long to do this Ariana,” he said. “Do you know how much I’ve loved you?” he said with such a softness. “Just accept everything I’m doing for you and you will feel nothing but pleasure, I promise.”

Minutes passed as Jason kissed her and Ariana let him. Jason wanted nothing but to take her right then and there, but he wanted the first time to be special and in bed.

“Now, time to scrape all this hair away,” Jason said and the rest of her bush was wiped away, leaving plump pink skin and an exposed clit. Jason found himself kissing the newly cleaned skin and resisted the urge to eat her. Jason moved to help stand Ariana up. “Tiem to wash this conditioner out,” he said and combed out the conditioner and turned the shower off.

Finally, Ariana made her first moment to talk.

“Why are you doing this Jason?” she asked, looking at him as he leads her out of the shower and towards the filled bathtub. Unsuspectingly, Ariana was lifted into the tub and sat down.

“Oh Ari, Ari, Ari,” he said. Jason’s finger pressed against her lips. “No talking or I’m going to have to cover your mouth again,” he said. But Ariana couldn’t help herself.

“Why are you doing this?” Jason looked at her disappointingly.

“I’m doing this because I love you,” he answered. “Now, be quiet my little dove. And don’t cry,” he said, noticing Ariana’s tears again. “I want to make you comfortable, and I’m going to make you pretty, oh so pretty, do all the things I wanted to do to you for so long now,” he spoke. Ariana began to open her mouth again to speak but Jason stopped her.

“If you speak again, I’m going to tape your mouth again. Do you want that?” Jason asked. Ariana shook her head. “Good girl,” Jason said. “I’m going to wash your body now, okay?” Jason said, Ariana reluctantly nodded her head. Jason washed Ariana’s body and did it so sensually that it left Ariana in pleasure that she had never experienced before. A part of her didn’t want it to stop, but another part of her felt sick with the fact that she was allowing it to happen.

“I’m going to make you feel good tonight, don’t you worry about that,” Jason soothed as the plug from the tub was removed and the water began to drain. Are you ready to experience a transformation?” he asked. Ariana bit her lip. She shook her head. She shook it multiple times. Tears started to form.

“Oh Ari, it’s going to be okay!” Jason soothed and hugged Ariana tightly.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she let out.

“I’m not going to hurt you babe,” he said strongly. “I love you. Now no tears and no talking.”

Jason reached for her towel robe and wrapped her up in it. He patted her down and began to towel dry her hair. “Now, I have everything set up in the basement,” he said. “I even brought in a chair, all of my tools. I won’t be able to color your hair tonight, but I plan to in the future,” he spoke. Jason leads Ariana out of the bathroom. He had removed his jeans so he was just in his soaking boxers and a towel wrapped around his lower half.

Steps were taken and she was lead into her basement where the lights were turned on and she noticed a salon chair in the middle of her basement living room. But, there was something wrong with this chair. The arms had straps. In fact, there were straps everywhere. Ariana stopped moving and tried to step back and try to run away but Jason caught her with a tight grip.

“Don’t,” he said strongly, and much darker. “Sit,” he said, his voice falling much kinder. Her body was lead strongly towards the chair and she was forced to sit down.

“Please don’t do this….” Ariana spoke, fighting off her tears again.

“Shhh,” he cooed. Ariana tried to stand up but Jason straddled her in the chair. “No.”

He commanded her with a bit more authority and Ariana tried to kick her way free but Jason’s hand sent a sharp slap across her face. “I said, don’t move. I will not say this again!” he spoke with more authority. Jason had reached around Ariana for straps that buckled her into the chair. He tightened it so she could barely move. He did the same thing with strapping her chest in. And then her arms were unbound and one hand at a time was strapped in like a belt to the arms of the chair. The same thing happened with her legs.

Jason began to move around her and then a cape was drawn around her, tightening tightly around her neck. This cape was heavy. It was like the cape was made out of led. It pressed down on her shoulders. Jason moved in front of Ariana again and held her face, kissing her once more. “I’m so excited to be able to do what I’ve wanted to do for so long. All the times you told me no, all the times you said you didn’t want  a change, and all you wanted was a trim…” Jason kissed her once more. “You’re going to look so beautiful when I’m done,” he said gently before moving around Ariana and started brushing out her hair.

“What are you going to do to me?” Ariana asked, stifling back more tears. She had never cut her hair short. It hadn’t been short since she was in elementary school years and years ago. She knew Jason always wanted to give her a short haircut. But she had never let him have his way with her hair. But now he had the chance to do what he wanted.  He ran his slender fingers with the product into her hair.

“Well, I’m going to cut it,” he said.

Well, that seemed like a no-brainer. Ariana felt tears in her eyes and she closed them hoping that this was part of a nightmare. But she felt disappointed when the opening revealing the same site of her TV in front of her, and the feeling over every body part strapped to the chair. The cape felt suffocating.

Jason started the blow dryer and slowly starting to dry her hair. Running his hands through it and roughly drying it. “You’ve been needing a haircut for a long time now my sweet.”

Ariana bit her lip. She wanted to ask the question. “How short are you going to cut it?” She asked with an obvious fright in her voice.

“You’ll have to see when I’m done,” Jason said with a slight chuckle in his voice. He had a clear view on what he wanted to do. He had been thinking it up for years now. And he was finally going to do it. He was ready to cut it into a bob, and he desperately wanted to give an undercut art.

“Now why don’t I turn some TV on. You just need to relax and I’ll make sure to make you even more beautiful than you already are,” he cooed. Jason, after drying her hair turned on the TV with the remote. “I remember you telling me about a movie you liked years ago, so I thought I would play it seeing as it’s on Netflix.”

Jason had flipped through the channels and picked The Theory of Everything. He then came in front of her. “Are you ready…?” He asked with such a friendly smile.

Ariana shook her head. “Why are you doing this to me…” she cried. Jason reached up with his thumbs to wipe the tears away.

“Don’t cry, my love. I’m doing this because I do love you.”

“If you loved me then you wouldn’t do this,” she said with a pout. Jason looked at her with a sad face. He placed a hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes.

“Soon you will know my love,” he said softly. “But for now I need to make sure you don’t disrupt my work anymore.” Jason had moved around and Ariana heard the rip of another piece of duct tape. She shut her eyes tightly again, letting the tears fall down her cheeks. Her cries were now muffled.

Jason began to return to his work and began by sectioning her hair off and adding ponytails. “Time to get rid of this length,” he said. He reached for the scissors and started cutting through the eight ponytails he had made. One by one his scissors cut her hair so that the hair just fell below her shoulders. “One more,” he said with a hint of excitement before holding each long piece of hair in front of her. Ariana widened her eyes as she saw all the hair. Twenty inches of hair was held in his hand. She could feel the lightness on her head already. “This will make a little girl with cancer very happy. I’ll make sure it gets there,” he said.

Ariana craned her head and just continued to cry. Jason set her hair down and looked at her with concerned eyes. “Ariana, it will be okay. You need to stop crying my love, otherwise, my work of art might not turn out the way that I had planned for it to be.” Ariana couldn’t say anything to him. She could only show part of her hatred in her eyes. Jason began to return to his work. He started sectioning her hair off into parts. Jason was humming while Ariana tried to focus on the TV. It was the only way she could focus on not crying in this situation.

Jason had picked up the scissors again and with a fine tooth comb started snipping the hair at the base of her neck as short as it would go. Once he had gotten rid of the bulk of the hair, he reached for a set of clippers and turned them on, letting them whir. This caused panic in Ariana and she tried moving her head away. “Shh, shh,” he comforted. He placed a firm hand on her head, tilting it down and holding it there. “If you move your head I might shave off something I didn’t plan to,” he said into her ear.

Once again, Ariana was met with tears as she felt the Clippers press against the nape of her neck, He made a triangle undercut. He Then grabbed a finer set of clippers and made triangle shapes. “Perfect,” he said. Jason let the rest of her hair down and re-sectioned her hair and began taking off more length. He was working on making a long bob. He cut the hair at the base of her neck and then feathered it out.

Ariana felt the lightness of her head. She was catching a faint reflection in the TV of her hair. She felt very different about the situation. She was feeling very numb now. She was accepting everything he was doing to her. She had no other way to react. As Jason began to notice that she had calmed down, he moved in front of her with a smile on his face. He moved to take off the tape. Before he did. “Are you going to question me…or speak out?” he asked. Ariana looked at him long and hard and closed her eyes. She shook her head. Jason smiled and moved to remove the tape.

“Good girl,” he spoke. He moved behind her again. “I’m almost done. How was work today?” Jason was making small conversation with her now as he finished with his work. Her hair had been reduced by over thirty inches it seemed. From the back, her hair had been reduced to just the middle of her neck. From there, it grew longer to sit on the top of her breasts. “Don’t worry, you still have long…ish hair,” he said. “I really wanted to do something like a pixy cut,” he explained.

“I would hate you more than I already did,” she commented.
“Ouch, that hurt,” Jason said almost offended, and a part of him thought of continuing with his original plan. But he didn’t deny this long bob looked amazing on her.

Ariana found herself looking down at the ground to see what hair was there. Compared to what there could have been, it didn’t seem like too much. There would have been more if he hadn’t set the eight other ponytails aside. Jason moved to grab the flat iron and began curling her hair. “Almost done, just the finishing touches,” he said.

Ariana felt the presence of hairspray over her head as Jason locked every loose curl into place. “Done,” he said. He put his hands on his mouth. “Oh baby, it looks so good,” he said clapping his hands. Jason unclipped the cape from around her, shaking it off and setting it to the aside. “Are you going to run away?” he asked.

Ariana looked at him. At this point. There was nothing she could do. It wasn’t like he had truly hurt her. Maybe he was doing this for the best. Her mind was twisting into different ways. She shook her head. “I won’t run away,” she said. Jason smiled and began to unstrap her. She rubbed her wrists and Jason helped her stand up.

“Let’s go look,” he mentioned, pulling her to the bathroom, his towel dropping, revealing nothing but his boxers. Ariana stepped into her basement bathroom as Jason turned on the lights. Ariana began to look at herself in the mirror. Her eyes widened as she saw the reflection in the mirror. Her hands moved up to her hair.

“Oh my god….” she said. Ariana was expecting tears to fall when she saw the state of her hair. But instead, that wasn’t the case. She found herself genuinely happy. At that was not the reaction she thought she would see. She actually had a smile on her face. Jason grinned wildly.

“See, after all this time, I told you that you would look good!” he exclaimed. He pulled up another handheld mirror and began showing her what it looked like from behind. “And, then this,” he said. Jason clipped up the back of her hair so she could look at the artwork he had done. “You mentioned a while ago you never had the courage to do it even though you thought it was cool. So, that’s what I did.”

Ariana had no words. She was happy without how it turned out.  

Jason hugged her. He hugged her tightly. He pulled back and put his hands on her shoulders. “Look, I know… that this wasn’t exactly… maybe the best way of doing this…. But I had to. And I know you’ll probably hate me forever…” he started.

“Jason…” she started. She couldn’t believe she was saying this. “It’s… it’s okay… I won’t deny… what you did was…” she was trying to find the word. “Stupid… very stupid… and you shouldn’t have slapped me…but…the…outcome. It… looks good.”

“So… then will you… will you go out with me?”

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