A Supermodel’s Transformation

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A tall, slender woman walked through the salon doors, her blonde hair falling down past her waist. The hair was a defining feature of her beauty and was the part of her appearance for which she was most well known. She looked to her sides cautiously, almost like she was avoiding getting recognized, but as she looked around, she could relax. She had never been to this salon before and, as far as she knew, no one in here had any idea about who she was. This woman, was the supermodel, Jennifer Smith, well known throughout the world as the “Blonde Bombshell,” but apparently in this small town, no one watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, because no one had recognized her yet.

“Hello ma’am are you here for an appointment?” The receptionist asks.

The woman jumped slightly when she heard the receptionist’s voice, but quickly recovered her composure.

“No, I’m just a walk-in. Do you have any availability?”

She spoke in a soft voice that was almost musical and she made a point of keeping her face obscured in a manner that was almost like she was hiding from an admirer.

“Sure, what’s your name?” The receptionist asked.

“Okay, my name is Jennifer Smith.” She says, “but I prefer Jenny.”

Ok Jenny, Edward will be with you shorty.

She lets out a deep sigh of relief as she sits down on a chair in the waiting area. The next few minutes feel endless until Edward finally calls her to the chair.

“Jenny Smith!” A handsome bald man says.

She looks up at the handsome bald man, her heart beating slightly faster when she sees him and realizes that this is going to be her barber.

“Yes, that’s me,” she says, feeling nervous but trying to stay composed.

“I’m Edward I’ll be your barber.” The bald man says. Jenny couldn’t help but notice how smooth and perfect his bald head looked.

“Hello Edward, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Jennifer or just ‘Jenny’ for short,” she says, keeping any hint of nervousness out of her voice.

“I’m just here for a quick trim. Nothing fancy, just cutting off the ends,” she says as she gestures to her waist length hair.

“Sure a trim could be nice, but have you ever consider going shorter?” Edward asks, rubbing his hand over his bald head as if to accentuate its smoothness.

She is surprised by Edward’s suggestion. She never expected him to suggest going shorter than just a trim. She hesitates for a moment before deciding how to respond.

“It’s been a while since I’ve gone much shorter and honestly I’ve been thinking about it lately. Maybe something in the shoulder length range would be a nice change,” she replies with a nonchalant tone, although inside she is feeling a mix of excitement and trepidation.

Ok shoulder length? I can do that says Edward as he wraps a cape around Jenny.

She sighs in relief and feels the tension in her body start to ease slightly as the cape goes around her.

“That would be nice. So just take a few inches off,” she says with a nonchalant tone, trying to play down the importance of what is about to happen.

Edward capes Jenny up and carefully measures her hair to shoulder length. “So Jenny, what do you do for work?” He asks

She stiffens a little when she hears him refer to her by her first name so casually. She was hoping to be a bit more anonymous, but she realizes there’s nothing she can do about it now.

“I am a model. It’s been a while since my last photoshoot, but I’ve been booked for a few recently and I wanted to make sure I looked my best,” she replies, deciding to just go with the basic answer.

“Ah,” Edward says as he carefully uses scissors to snip Jenny’s long blonde hair to an even shoulder length, “a model. Do you ever model hair?” He asks.

“Yes, I’ve done hair modeling for brands like Pantene and Head & Shoulders. But usually, I’m modeling dresses, jewelry, or makeup. My hair has always been my crowning glory. It’s my trademark,” she says, trying to sound proud about her beautiful blonde hair, although she is feeling a little sad about having to part with it.

“I know what you mean,” Edward says running his hand over his smooth bald head. “My hair was my crowning glory once too, but this is so much better. Anyways, your hair is now perfectly shoulder length. We could stop here or take this blonde mess shorter?”

She can tell that he is trying to convince her to go shorter. She has always loved her hair and now she can feel it slipping away with each snip from the scissors, but her curiosity is getting the best of her.

“What if… we went shorter?” she says nervously as she watches him touch his smooth head.

“Oh we can always go shorter!” Edward says, “we can’t go longer unfortunately. How much more are you thinking?” He asks, once more running his hand over his smooth bald head.

She feels herself getting a little more excited with each question he is asking.

“Well… I’ve already gone shorter than I wanted to originally, which tells me I’m willing to push it further. So I think I’m up for it if you are,” she admits.

“How about we go to around chin length? That’s like a whole ten inches shorter, I think. What do you think?” she says, holding her breath in anticipation.

“If you’re in I’m in!” Edward says as he begins using the scissors to trim Jenny’s hair to chin length. “So Jenny are you single?”

She is feeling extremely exhilarated and anxious as she feels the sharp scissors making deeper and deeper cuts through her hair. She has never gone this short before and is excited yet fearful of how she’ll look with a hairstyle like this.

“Oh, well… I mean… yes, I am single,” she replies, feeling a bit uncomfortable by his straightforwardness.

“Ah, me too,” Edward says as he scissors continue to snip Jenny’s hair to a uniform chin length.

She is trying to remain composed and casual during the process, but it’s been a long time since she had had such a drastic change to her appearance. She can already feel her scalp and the air on her head. She is getting dizzy with excitement.

“How long have you been single? Do you think it has anything to do with your bald head?” she asks jokingly to cover her nerves.

“Great question!” Edward says as he finishes up the details on Jenny’s chin length bob. “You know I never asked if my bald head had anything to do with it! I don’t think so. My ex girlfriend was bald too, so I really don’t think me being bald played into our breakup.”

As she takes in the sight of her new hair length (shorter than she had ever expected), she can’t help but like the way it makes her look. She feels more confident and attractive with each glance in the mirror.

“I see,” she replies, feeling herself getting a bit more comfortable. “If I may ask, how long were you two together before breaking up?”

“About two years. We broke up a year ago. Anyways, you are all cleaned up!” Edward said. “How do you like this length? We can always go shorter,” he said while running a hand over his slick bald scalp.

She feels her heart beating a bit faster with each mention of going shorter, but she is determined to keep going.

“Let’s try something a bit shorter… maybe ear length?” she suggests, still slightly unsure but feeling adventurous.

“Ear length? Can do,” said Edward. “Would you like a bowlcut or a pixie? A bowlcut would look better on you in my professional opinion,” he added.

“If you think a bowlcut would work, then I trust your professional opinion,” she replies, hoping for something that would still be flattering and stylish, even with her hair being so short. She had never had a bowlcut before and is curious how it would look.

Edward uses the scissors to give Jenny a bowl cut that is perfectly layered and symmetrical. The style is short and edgy just like Edward suggested, but it still frames her face in a flattering way. Her ears are exposed and her neck looks elongated by the style. She stares at herself in the mirror and feels like a completely different person with her short new hair.

“Look at you, a brand new Jenny smith. We’ve cut off a lot of hair today,” Edward says, “but we can always go shorter. What would you think about cutting some more of this hair off?” Edward says. As Jenny sits in silence contemplating what her answer would be, she noticed Edward again run his hand over his smooth bald scalp.

Jenny looks at herself in the mirror again and feels a surge of excitement and confidence wash over her. This cut made her feel like a completely different person. She couldn’t help but feel excited about the possibilities of being even more transformed.

“How much shorter would you suggest?” she asks Edward curiously. She is feeling a bit of a thrill with each mention of the possibility of going shorter.

“Well the shortest hair is no hair,” Edward said. “And as you can see, I’m a fan of the shortest hair. But we can cut less if you don’t like this look,” he said as he grabbed Jenny’s hand and ran it over his smooth bald scalp.

Hearing his words fills her with a bit of nervous excitement. Her hand gently glides over his perfectly smooth shave and she feels another wave of exhilaration. She almost can’t believe the idea of going completely bald, but it is also a very exciting thought to her.

“Is it possible to go completely bald without it looking weird?” she asks him nervously.

“Of course!” Edward says, “ unless you think this is weird?” He says as he guides Jenny’s hand over his perfectly smooth scalp again.

Her hand glides over the shiny clean scalp and she smiles softly, feeling a new level of excitement with each touch. She shakes her head and looks up at Edward.

“No, this doesn’t look at all weird. In fact, it looks amazing. Maybe even better than the bowl cut. So… completely bald is an option?” she says, feeling her heart beating at the prospect of going fully bald.

“Yes I could make you completely bald right now! I could even make you permanently bald if you wanted to be smooth like me?” Edward says, as he runs Jenny’s fans over his perfectly slick smooth bald head for a third time.

Hearing the words “completely bald” fills her with a rush of excitement and she feels she can no longer hold back.

“Are you being serious? You would actually make me completely bald?” she asks, hoping the answer to the question is “yes” but not entirely certain.

“Yes I would actually do that.” Edward says. “Do you want this sensation for your scalp?” He asks as he lets Jenny run her hand over his head once again, but this time without him guiding her.

She touches his perfectly smooth scalp again and feels the pure euphoria of what he is suggesting.

“Yes, I want to feel this for the rest of my life,” she says in an almost pleading tone.

“What if I… wanted you to shave my head and make me permanently bald? Would you do that too?” she asks with a mix of excitement and nerves.

“Yes I could do that Jenny, I could make you permanently bald. I would just need you to say the magic words: Mr. Edward take these blonde tresses away and make me a bald baddie forever, make me bald like you.” Edward says as Jenny run her hand over his perfectly slick smooth shiny bald scalp

She is speechless for an instant but her desire and curiosity is overwhelming and she can’t hold back any longer. She feels her heart pounding with each breath and every moment is building up to this one moment.

“Mr. Edward take these blonde tresses away and make me a bald baddie forever, make me bald like you,” she speaks softly but confidently.

As the words leave her mouth, she can feel the excitement coursing through her body.

“Ok, you asked for it,” Edward says as he fires up the clippers.

She feels her heart racing as she looks at Edward firing up the clippers and is filled with a mix of nervousness and excitement. A strange feeling is settling in her stomach as she watches him prepare to shave her head and make her bald.

“Can’t stop now,” Edward says as he pulls the clippers from the middle of Jenny’s forehead over the middle of her hairline and to the back of her head.

She can feel her heart pounding at the sensation of the clippers running over her once beautiful blonde hair and can’t resist closing her eyes and taking in the experience.
She keeps her eyes closed while she feels the clippers work their way to the back of her head and the back of her neck.
The sound of the clippers in her ears and the feeling of her bare scalp is an intoxicating mixture of emotions and she can’t help but savor every moment as she waits for the inevitable.

Blonde hair is pouring over her shoulders as Edward is clippering her bald. “You are gonna love having a slick shiny bald head aren’t you?” He asks Jenny.

Her body is flooding with excitement and arousal at the sound of the clippers against her scalp and as each passing second brings her new scalp more and more into focus. She opens her eyes just briefly to say one word.


As the clippers click off, nothing but stubble is left on Jenny’s head.”ok time to make you bald like me, do you still want to have a smooth scalp like me?” Edward asks. “Do you still want to fell a slick scalp like this for ever?” He asks as Jenny’s hand reaches out a rubs across his head taking I. His slick scalp while her other hand explores her stubbly bald head.

She can’t help but gasp as Edward turns off the clippers and she can finally appreciate the new bald look. She strokes her stubble scalp, feeling as much of her skin as possible. Her heart is pounding with every moment and the rush of excitement and arousal is almost overwhelming.

“Yes,” she says with a soft voice. “I still want and now need you to make me permanently bald. I need the feeling of a perfectly smooth bald scalp like yours.”

“Ok let’s do it,” Edward says, as he costs Jenny’s head in a permanent hair removal cream. “How does it feel knowing that soon you will have a perfect scalp like this all to yourself?” He asks as Jenny’s hand caresses his slick shiny smooth bald head.

“Incredible,” she replies, unable to contain the ecstasy she is feeling with each second.

As she caresses Edward’s perfectly smooth bald head, she can’t stop exploring the feel of his scalp with her hand. She is in a state of pure bliss and arousal as the permanent hair removal cream starts to react. She wants to feel every moment of this process and doesn’t want to miss even the smallest detail.

“This whole process will only take 5 minutes, and then you will be just as hairless as me. Your head will be smooth and slick and perfectly bald like me,” Edward said. “Do you think you will like that?”

“Yes,” she says softly, feeling the tingling sensation begin to spread across her scalp. “I think I’m going to love how I look bald. Please don’t let this feeling end,” she says as her hand caresses the smoothness of Edwards scalp.

“So many things are so much better when you are perfectly smooth and bald like this.” Edward said as Jenny continued to run her hand over his head. “Me personally, I loved when my girlfriend would kiss my bald head. Can you imagine that?”

“Yes, I can imagine it,” she says breathlessly. “In fact, I don’t just imagine it, I fantasize about being embraced by someone and them loving my baldness and playing with the smoothness of my scalp. Just thinking about all the possibilities is making my heart pound.”

“You know, sometimes when should kisses my bald head, she would lick it too. I always loved that. Would you like that too?” Edward asked.

“More than you will ever know,” she breathes. “I would love for someone to lick the smoothness of my freshly shaved head. I want someone to touch and caress the softness and kiss all over my scalp. I want to feel their lips and tongue exploring the new territory of my smooth bald scalp.”

“Only two more minutes before you are perfectly hairless. Only two more minutes before you are perfectly smooth and bald. Do you think you will miss your long luscious locks at all?” Edward asked. “Or do you think you will be happy now that they never grow again and your whole scalp is perfectly bald and smooth?”

“I think I will be very happy not having to worry about my luscious locks ever again,” she says softly. “I may have enjoyed my hair and the way it looked, but the sense of freedom I am getting with the feeling of a brand new hairless scalp is completely unparalleled. It’s like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders and I am ready for a brand new era of my life.”

“I think I have made the best decision of my life and you are the one to thank for all of this,” she adds.

“Oh no, you are the one who wanted this! I just helped you along by showing you all the benefits!” Edward said. “I think when you walked in here and saw my bald head, you wanted this from the beginning, isn’t that right?”

“There is some truth to that,” she says with a smile. “As soon as I saw your clean shaven head, I couldn’t help feeling curious and aroused by the thought of having a smooth and bald head as well. Now my curiosity has become a deep burning need to have the feeling all the time.”

“That’s exactly how it started with me.” Edward said. “When my head was shaved for the first time and I felt all the sensations, I just couldn’t ever go back to normal, I needed to be perfectly bald and smooth all the time! I needed to know I could just reach up and run my smooth bald head!”

“I completely understand now,” she nods. “I can’t help but feel this powerful urge to reach up and run my fingers over my brand new bald head. It feels so amazing and I’m sure it will only get better when there’s no longer any stubble. I just can’t imagine being able to feel this way all the time with a perpetually smooth and bald scalp. I love it.”

“Well you will be able to do that right now.” Edward said, as he wiped the permanent hair removal cream from Jenny’s scalp. “Now reach up and feel your new slick, shiny, smooth, perfectly bald head.

She reaches up and touches her completely smooth and bald head in an instant. She feels the texture of her hand gliding over her new bald skin and the sensation is intoxicating to her. She can’t help but smile as she strokes her bald head and runs her hand over the top of her shining bald scalp.

“How do you like the feel of your slick, shiny bald head? Is it perfect, just like mine?” Edward asked.

“Perfect,” she breathes. “Just like yours. It’s like I’m in heaven with how my newly bald head feels. It’s like I’m feeling every little sensation on a deeper level than I used to, like everything feels more magnified and intensified.”

As she talks, she moves her hand all the way around her now completely bald scalp and experiences what having a perfectly smooth and shiny bald head feels like. She is still getting used to the feeling but she loves it.

“Now that you are perfectly smooth and bald, is there any sensation you want to feel on your scalp?” Edward asked.

“Yes, there is actually,” she says breathlessly. “One sensation I really hope to experience is how someone’s lips feel on my bald scalp if they were to kiss it. I imagine that it would feel extra sensual and exciting with how sensitive my bald scalp is right now.”

“Well, if you want, I can help you with that,” Edward said.

“Would you?” she asks a bit nervously but also excited at the prospect. “I know it might seem odd at first, but I really don’t think I would mind being kissed on my new bald head so I would love it if you could do that for me.”

“Sure,” Edward said. He then sensually began to rub Jenny’s bald head, exploring every inch of her scalp. Jenny leans back in the barbers chair. Having this man rub her perfectly smooth scalp is quite arousing. Almost as if by instinct, she reaches up and begins to rub Edward’s perfectly smooth bald head.

As she feels him explore and massage her freshly shaven head, she can’t help but become more and more aroused. She loves feeling the smooth surface of his scalp and the way his caresses her now bald head.

As he rubs her scalp, she reaches up and begins to caress his bald head as well, feeling the softness of his smooth skin and the way it feels to have the touch of another person on her bald head.

“Oh, yes you like when I rub your head like that?” Edward asked softly. “You want to feel my lips on your bald head do you? You want me to lick your bald head too I bet?” Edward said as Jenny’s hands caressed every inch of his bald head and he masterfully rubbed and massaged her perfectly smooth bald scalp.

“Yes to both of your questions,” she answers breathlessly. “I want to feel your lips against my bald head and I want you to take your tongue and lick it too. I imagine that the feeling would be intoxicating and I can’t wait to experience it.”

“Your wish is my command,” Edward said as he leaned down to make Jenny’s wish come true.

She feels Edward lean down and as she does her heart is pounding in anticipation. She wants to feel his lips and tongue on her freshly shaven head and she is not going to be disappointed. She is so ready to experience this new sensation for her bald scalp that she can barely breathe.

It feels like an eternity, but really it’s only a few moments until Jenny finally feels Edward make her dreams come true.

She feels every single moment of Edward placing kisses on her totally bald head and she is in ecstasy. The feeling of his lips against her skin send shivers of intense arousal and excitement down her spine. When she feels him make that first lick of her bald head, she almost loses it. It’s just as she imagined and the sensation is pure bliss. She feels like she’s in heaven and she can’t bear to have this wonderful rush of sensations stop.

“Oh yes,” Jenny says softly, “oh yes. Just like that!”

She keeps letting out little moans and sighs of pleasure as he continues to kiss and lick her newly shaved head. It feels like his lips and tongue are exploring every inch of her scalp and finding exactly the right spots to kiss and lick. The sensation is pure ecstasy and the only wish she has right now is for this to never end.

“Oh my god, yes! Edward oh my god keep going,” Jenny says. “We will have to take this into the back room if you are gonna get loud like that,” Edward says suggestively. “How would you like that?”

“Can we go to your back room?” Jenny nods frantically. “I want to keep feeling this way forever. I want the sensation of this baldness to never disappear. I want to live like this forever.”

She is so desperate for any and all physical contact with her bald head to continue. Every spot he kisses and licks sends shivers of ecstasy down her spine. She is overwhelmed with arousal, ecstasy and happiness.

Edward scoops Jenny up out of the chair and she straddles him, wrapping her legs around his waist. As Edward carries Jenny into the back room, he continues to lick her bald scalp. With the sensation of arousal coursing through her entire body, Jenny does the one thing she knows Edward will love, she begins to kiss and lick his perfectly smooth bald scalp!

She can feel the arousal coursing through her entire body as she kisses and licks his perfectly shiny bald head. It feels amazing and she can’t get enough of it.

With each passing second the sensations increase and her desire grows into an intoxicating rush of ecstasy. She is overwhelmed by the physical contact and cannot stop kissing and licking his bald head as they make their way into the back room.

As the door shuts, Edward sets Jenny on the couch on her back. Her legs still around his waist. Jenny continues to lick Edward’s smooth bald scalp, and with each stroke of her tongue over her bald head, she can feel his manhood grow harder and harder. Edward is still running his tongue over Jenny’s head. He can feel her soaking wet pants pressing against his jeans. “What do you want us to do now Jenny? What do you want me to do to you?” Edward asks.

“I want you to love my newly shaven bald head,” she whispers. “I want you to kiss down every inch of my bald head and love and embrace every smooth and slick part of it. I want to feel like you are in awe of my complete baldness and that you love my smooth and shiny scalp.”

“I want your hands and lips to explore every inch of my bald head until you can’t take it anymore,” she whispers. “And then, I want you to let your hands roam all over me.”

“I can do that for you,” Edward said as he helped Jenny out of her shirt and pulled his pants off. Edward had a feeling that Jenny was about to become more than a client!

As he helped her out of her shirt and she helped him with his pants, she started to become even more aroused than she previously was. She could feel the sensations increasing and she felt like the baldness was making her completely aroused and sensitive.

“Now let’s see how much you can take, Jenny.” He says as he starts to kiss and lick her completely bald head again.

With every lick and caress of her bald scalp, Jenny was squirming more and more. Finally, she pulled her pants down and kissed Edward deeply on the mouth, flicking her tongue in and out of his mouth. “I need to feel another sensation.” Jenny said. “I need to feel you inside of me, and then I need to feel your cum dripping down my slick shiny smooth bald scalp.”

“I can do that,” said Edward. He slid his large cock deep inside of her soaking wet pussy and began pumping away. Jenny was holding on for the ride, caressing Edward’s slick bald head as he fucked her like she had never been fucked before. As Edward’s tongue ran over her scalp with his cock deep inside her, Jenny felt an orgasm coursing through her body. As her body trembled in ecstasy, she ran her tongue over Edward’s slick bald scalp and felt his cock pulse. “Are you ready for your dream to come true?” Edward asked as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and positioned it over her head. “I’m ready to feel your cum on my slick, shiny, smooth, bald scalp!” Jenny said, just as Edward exploded all over her perfectly hairless head.

When they were finally finished, and Edward had cum all over Jenny’s slick, shiny, bald, head, Jenny realized that her life was about to get a lot different. Now she wasn’t the Blonde Bombshell Supermodel, Jenny Smith, who had walked into this barbershop for a trim. Now she was the Bald Baddie, Jenny Smith, who had just fucked her barber, the same man who made her permanently bald, the same man who gave her this slick, shiny, sexy, smooth bald head, and she was ready to take on the world and become the most unique, exotic, sexy, and smoothest supermodel the world had seen. She only hopes that Edward would come with her.

Jenny’s entire life was about to get a lot different and she couldn’t have been more excited about it. She was ready for a brand new era filled with baldness and she was loving the feeling of her smooth and shiny bald head. She was about to become the Bald Baddie, and she couldn’t wait to take on the world with her bold new look. She hoped that Edward would come with her and they would be a permanent pair: bald and bald.

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