A surprise haircut leads to self discovery

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Content Warning: This story contains adult content. Viewer discretion is advised.

This is a sequel to the Just a Trim story.

Life went on as usual for Priya and Shreya until the family business started to face some troubles.  Profits had diminished and the family had to take huge loans to turn the business around.  Unfortunately the business went into loss and the lenders had started to ask for their money back. The family had to file for bankruptcy and lost everything. They moved to a small 2 bedroom apartment which was all that was left. Shreya had a very hard time adjusting to the new lifestyle as she had grown up in luxury.

Shreya’s dad, Rajiv decided to start another venture and worked day and night to make ends meet. Priya took up the role of the housewife and made sure that family was well cared for. She was also working very hard but somehow made time to care for her hair.

Priya: Look I bought this oil. The shopkeeper told me was great for hair. Come on sit over here.

Shreya: Coming!

Priya gestured Shreya to sit in front of her. Removing the band holding her hair she slowly started to comb it from top to bottom. Shreya’s hair were now grown till the bottom of her butt. Taking some oil in her hand, she started to massage the roots with it. Shreya closed her eyes and enjoyed the whole process. Then it was Shreya’s turn to give the massage.

Shreya: Mom, it’s so hot and humid. My hair keeps sticking to my neck. I don’t like it.

Priya: I know beta. Let’s tie your hair in a ponytail so it wouldn’t be a problem for now.

The next day, while buying groceries, she complained about the heat to her neighbour Tina. Though being in her late 20s, Tina had quickly become her best friend. A bit shorter than Priya at 5 ft 4″, Tina had her hair cropped short in a pixie cut. She had an olive tanned skin, brown eyes and a sharp jawline that made her a sight to behold. She was a stylist and liked to experiment with different cuts and colors. Unknown to Priya, Tina had a hair fetish and loved chopping off long hair short.

Tina remembered watching the mother-daughter duo arriving into the her neighbourhood. Both of their ponytails swinging as they were were getting their things. Thick and shiny. She was mesmerised and couldn’t stop staring. For the past few months, she had been waiting for an opportunity to talk Priya into losing her long locks. She had imagined so many different way in which she would cut their hair and give them a short haircut. She was starting to dream about it when Priya interrupted her.

Priya: Hey, Tina! What are you thinking about? Did you even hear what I was trying to say?

Tina: Huh?

Priya: I was saying how hot it is the past few days and I don’t know what to do. It’s getting on my nerves lately and I am unable to focus on anything.

A smile spread across Tina’s face. This was her chance. Looking a bit concerned about Priya’s problem, she let her complain about it. Showing as if she had thought about it and had a eureka moment she said

Tina: Priya, I think I know what you need right now.

Priya: What is it?

Tina: You need a makeover for your hair.

Priya: I don’t know. Will it even help?

Tina: Do you trust me?

Priya: Yes but..

Tina: No buts. Come at my house later. Ok?

Priya: At least tell me what kind of makeover it’s going to be.

Tina: No, it’s going to be a surprise. Don’t worry, I will make sure you look good.

Priya was very hesitant about this makeover. She had tried a new style last time and a lot of hair had been cut. She felt reluctant about losing more hair. At the same time, she was very fed up of this heat. Putting her ponytail in a bun, she wiped off the sweat on her neck with a napkin. The heat was too much. If it was going to be helpful then why not give it a try, she thought.

Priya: Ok. I’ll be there.

Tina hurried home to get all her tools ready. She couldn’t wait to have Priya in her chair. Hopefully Shreya too. Priya returned home a bit excited about her makeover. She loved the last makeover she had and the compliments she had gotten from others. She was ready for a change.    

Priya: Shreya beta, I’m going to Tina auntie’s house to get my hair done. I think you should get you hair done too.

Shreya: Can I go later mom? My favourite movie is playing right now.

Priya: Fine. I have to go out for some work afterwards so I won’t be coming back soon. Make sure to take your keys with you.

Shreya: Yes mom. Bye.

Priya made her way to Tina’s house, her hair put in a ponytail. Tina had a makeshift salon in her home, complete with a red barber chair, a mirror and all the necessary tools. It also had a hair washing setup in the corner. All the neighbours used to visit the salon for their haircuts or styles. Tina welcomed Priya into the house and made her sit in the leather chair. The chair was much bigger than the ones she had seen in her salon but was also more comfortable. Tina could see the nervousness in Priya’s eyes but she was finally in her chair. Removing Priya’s hairband, she let her hair fall freely. Twisting the hair, she put it up in a clip. Taking a strip of tissue paper, she attached it around Priya’s neck. Then she pulled a white cape and secured it tightly around her neck.

Priya thought that Tina would first wash her hair but she found herself being caped instead. The cape was a little too tight as if it was a leash that bound her to the chair. Tina pumped up the chair twice and removed the clip on the hair and spun the chair away from the mirror.

Priya: What are you doing? I want to see my hair being cut.

Tina: This is a surprise haircut. Of course you won’t be able to see the cut until it’s finished. Now be a good girl and let me do my work.

Priya wanted to protest but there was something about Tina’s commanding voice that demanded her complete compliance. Seeing the defeat in Priya’s eyes, Tina started to smile. She started slowly brushing the hair which had now grown to waist length. Priya started to relax to the sound of the rhythmic brushing. Tina wanted to enjoy the length and the thickness of the hair, which was going to be the last time for a while.

After nearly twenty minutes of brushing, Tina started to section the hair. She separated all the hair above the occipital bone and secured it up with a clip. She let the rest of the hair down and gave it a final brush. Taking out her clippers, she put a number 2 guard on it. Perfect she thought. Priya jumped out of her seat when she heard the sound of the clippers turning on but Tina put a hand on her shoulder and made her sit down.

Priya: What are you using? Why does it sound like that?

Tina: You’ll know soon enough. No peeking. Now put your head down.

Tina put a hand on Priya’s head and pushed it down. Priya had butterflies in her stomach thinking about her haircut but feeling the strong grip on her head, she closed her eyes and submitted to Tina, her resistance slowly fading away. Holding the hair in the back in a ponytail, Tina plunged the clippers into Priya’s nape. Priya felt something vibrating on her neck making it’s way up her head. The humming of the clippers changed as it tried to cut through Priya’s thick locks. The clippers were powerful and cut through her hair easily. Tina moved the clippers from bottom to the top in slow deliberate motion to enjoy the cut as much as she could. As the last of the hair was cut, a two foot long ponytail remained in Tina’s hand. Wow, it’s so thick, Tina thought. This is going to make a great addition to my collection. She put the hair on the counter besides the mirror.

Priya enjoyed the vibrations on the back of her head. Now the machine was on her temple and it’s vibrations felt even more satisfying. Tina separated another thick bunch of hair from the left side of Priya’s hair leaving behind extremely short stubble. She repeated the same process on the right side of her head. The counter now had a thick pile of hair.

Tina wanted Priya to see the next part of her haircut so she spun the chair back. Priya gasped and opened her eyes as she felt a cool breeze of air up her neck.  Her eyes widened and she felt a knot in her stomach when she saw the huge pile of hair lying in front of her. The hair on the side was so short that she was able to see her skin. Instead of her luscious long locks, only stubble remained.

Priya: It’s so short!!

Priya put her hand up to feel the stubble. It was a very weird and new sensation for Priya. Even so, she couldn’t stop touching it. The sensation of vibrations on her head and the stubble had gotten her juices flowing. Surprised as she was embarrassed, she hoped that Tina would not find out. With a grin, she told Tina that she loved it. As she was trying to get up, Tina pushed her back in the seat.

Tina: Wait. The cut isn’t finished yet.

Priya: You are going to cut even more hair?

Tina: I’m about to begin the actual cut.

Priya felt a tinge of excitement and she got even more wet. Tina unclipped the top section and Priya saw a familiar face as if no hair had been cut. She felt a strange sensation as the long hair met the short stubble. She shook her head and let out a giggle. Seeing that Priya was enjoying this, Tina decided to tease her a little. She told Priya to stay still and took out a sharp looking scissor. She brushed Priya’s remaining hair, parting them into left, back and right sections.

Holding the left part in the scissors, she moved the scissors till her breasts and thought aloud, “Maybe this length would be suitable.” Priya was too stunned to speak. Then moving the scissors upto her chin she said, “Maybe this would look much better”. The thought of losing so much hair made Priya’s heart skip a beat.

Finally, moving the scissors a little bit down, she started to cut through her hair. Priya heard a loud schnick schnick schnick before long strands of hair started to slide down the cape into her lap. Tina kept cutting the hair in a straight line in the back. It took a while as Priya’s hair were still very thick. Tina kept throwing the cut hair into Priya’s lap. Moving to the remaining section, Priya saw the last of her waist length hair being cut into a bob. Tina started shaping the bob and small tufts of hair, around 1 inch long started to fall on the cape. The final length ended up being a mid-neck bob.

A large pile of hair now sat on her lap, nearly as large as the one on the counter. Tina started brushing off the small hair pieces from her neck. She then started massaging Priya’s head. Looking at the how her hair was shorn, Priya had started to drip down there. With Tina’s teasing, she let out a big moan. The orgasm that she had so desperately tried to contain came bursting through.   

Now the secret was out of the bag and Priya was embarrassed. She begged Tina to not let anyone know.  Tina told her it was ok and she could trust her friend to keep a secret. Priya thanked Tina for giving her such a wonderful haircut. She paid for it and wanted nothing more than to to hurry home to satisfy her throbbing clit. As she got out, she saw Shreya locking the door coming towards Tina’s house. She could not allow Shreya to see her in such a state so she hid herself and waited until Shreya went inside Tina’s house.

Priya went to her house and rushed to the bathroom and removed all her clothes. Looking in the mirror, she admired her new cut which suited her features very well. She started rubbing her stubble with one hand and her clit vigorously with the other. She climaxed and had another orgasm like never before. She could not believe until a few months ago, she couldn’t even imagine having short hair and now was enjoying this experience so much. Tina’s haircut had invoked something in her. Now Priya’s journey of self discovery was about to start.

To Be Continued……

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