A “Trim” from a Clipper Happy Barberette

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Hello everyone, apologies for the long hiatus. This will be part one of a two part story, hence its somewhat abbreviated length. As always, please feel free to leave feedback in the comments. I love hearing what everyone thinks of my work.
Jessica sat in her barber chair, lazily brushing a hand through her wavy, shoulder-length, blonde hair. Today she had chosen to wear a short, black skirt that clung tight to her hips, a cropped, black tank top that showed off her ample bust, and black high heels. Disappointingly, only a few men had entered her one chair barbershop today, so she hadn’t been able to show off her favorite outfit to very many customers.

Bored, Jessica reached to the counter in front of her chair and picked up her favorite pair of maroon Wahl Balding Clippers. Biting her lip, she flicked the clippers on with her thumb and they popped to life, buzzing loudly and filling the shop with their droning hum. Oh how she longed to use these to shear some poor, unsuspecting man down to the scalp.

Jessica turned off the clippers with her thumb after briefly fantasizing about shaving the head of a shaggy-haired young man, and she set them back on her counter. Only a moment later, she heard the telltale “DING” of her barbershop door being opened. Immediately, Jessica jumped to her heeled feet and turned the chair towards the door. She picked up the black cape that was draped over the back of the chair, and quickly used it to dust off the seat before looking to see who had entered.

To her delight and surprise, she saw a lanky, 20-something, surfer type strutting through the entrance. His hair was dirty blonde and hung down to his chin. He wore a tank top and shorts, no doubt as a result of the hot weather. Jessica licked her lips and grinned, ready to harvest this full head of hair with her clippers.

“Welcome to my barbershop!” Jessica said, with a grin. Her perfectly manicured hands held the chair in place, facing towards her newest victim.

“Hi there, I’m Billy,” he replied, walking cautiously to her chair. He seemed slightly nervous, but sat down without a fuss. In an instant, Jessica spun the chair quickly towards the mirror. She grinned at him through it’s reflection as she flung the cape over him.

“Well hello Billy, I’m Jessica,” she said as the cape settled over her shaggy customer and she snapped it tightly around his neck. She ran her fingers through his long, messy hair, occasionally letting her sharp, red nails drag over his scalp. After playing with his hair for a moment, Jessica rested her hands on his shoulders.

“So, Billy, what would you like to do with your hair today?” She inquired, smirking. She knew what the end result would be before he could even say a word.

“Well, I was really just looking for a trim today. Y’know, it’s hot outside but I like this style…” He explained in a slightly subdued tone. He shifted under the cape, apparently nervous, and started to grip the arms of the barber chair firmly.

Jessica smiled broadly again. This was going to be fun. She ran her nails through his hair and over his scalp once again, this time giving his shaggy mop a little tug in the back.

“Oh Billy, I don’t do ‘trims’ in my shop! I think we can do better than that…” Jessica teased as she reached for her clippers. Reaching over her caped, captive client offered him a nice glance in the mirror at her cleavage, which she thought might calm his nerves. Instead, he blushed heavily and gripped the armrests even tighter.

“Wait, what are you doing with those?” Billy asked, an obvious tone of fear entering his voice. Jessica held the clippers in her left hand, resting on Billy’s left shoulder while her other hand kept a firm grip on his right. Without saying a word, and without a guard on the clippers, Jessica flicked them on.


The buzzing sound of the clippers made Billy jump, and their vibrations penetrated his entire body. “Please, wait, I don’t want a short haircut,” Billy started to plead.

“Sorry hun, you’re getting a nice, tight buzzcut today!” Jessica said cheerfully, winking at him in the mirror.

At this point, Billy tried to stand up out of the chair, hoping to escape a drastic shearing. Jessica’s hands were still on his shoulders, though, and she was able to quickly pull him back down into the chair. He landed in the seat with a thud and his eyes widened, fearfully meeting his barberette’s gaze in the mirror. Jessica smirked at him knowingly before turning the chair away from the mirror, her heels tapping on the floor menacingly as she deprived him of the ability to see his haircut.

“You’re not going anywhere until this mop gets shaved off, dear,” Jessica said, sounding less playful and more serious now. “Now put your chin to your chest. Time to buzz you down,” she commanded. Before he had a chance to comply, Jessica switched the clippers to her right hand and shoved Billy’s head forward ruthlessly with her left. He grunted slightly as she forced his head down.

“Say goodbye to your hair!” Jessica mocked as she placed the unguarded clippers at the base of his neck. Slowly but firmly, she drove the clippers all the way up the back of Billy’s head, up to his crown, and then all the way to his forehead. A massive clump of hair tumbled down the cape and into Billy’s lap in front of his face.

“Oh my gosh…” He murmured, completely in shock that his long, surfer locks were being ruthlessly shaved off by this domineering barberette. Jessica giggled at this, and admired how close her Balding clippers shaved his hair. All that was left in their wake was a strip of pale skin, completely devoid of hair.

With that, Jessica wrapped the cord of her clippers around her forearm and started shearing her victim more quickly. She made several passes up the back of his head, making sure to go all the way to his forehead each time so that more and more of his shaggy, blonde mop would be dumped in his lap.

Before long, the back and top of his head had been shaved totally bald, and only the sides remained. Jessica didn’t miss a beat. Immediately, she shoved Billy’s head to the left and began running the clippers up the right side of his head. She first passed then in front of his ear so he could hear the captivating hum of the clippers loud and clear, and then she ran them tight around his ear, shearing off every trace of his once glorious locks. His long hair slid down his caped shoulder and into his lap, joining the rest of his shorn mane.

Jessica firmly grabbed her victim’s head and yanked it to the right now, switching the clippers to her left hand and repeating the same process as before on the left side of his head.

“Almost done now, handsome, you’ll look so much better with this messy mop totally buzzed off!” Jessica exclaimed, excitedly. After she finished the left side, Jessica took a few minutes to run the Balding clippers all over his scalp, making sure that not a single trace of stubble remained, and that her victim was completely shaved to the wood.

Jessica spent longer going over Billy’s bald scalp than she had spent shearing off his long hair. She knew the vibrations on his naked head would feel incredibly erotic. Her theory was confirmed as she noticed him blushing and gripping the arms of the chair even more firmly. She smirked again, loving the control she possessed over her freshly shorn customer.

Finally, Jessica shut the clippers off and placed them on the counter behind her. She leaned in close to Billy. “You behaved very well once we got started, dear. Would you like to see your new haircut?” She whispered in his ear, finishing off by gently nibbling his earlobe. She couldn’t help but notice the pile of hair shifting in his caped lap…

Silently, Billy nodded, blushing as hard as ever. Jessica turned the chair back towards the mirror, her black heels tapping on the floor once again. As Billy caught sight of himself in the mirror, his eyes went wide with shock. He was completely bald. His pale, shaved scalp contrasted heavily with his reddened face, still flushed from his barberette’s merciless teasing. The entirety of his once shaggy mop of hair sat in his caped lap.

Chuckling at her victim’s shocked expression, Jessica took her sharp nails and ran them over his shaven scalp, all the way from his forehead down to the back of his neck, causing Billy to shiver dramatically. The pile of hair in his lap continued to shift as he stirred down below.

“There we are, one fresh headshave! Much better than that mop you walked in with,” she said cheerfully. To tease him one final time, Jessica picked up a fluffy dusting brush from the counter and whisked it all over Billy’s bald scalp and neck, allowing him to feel the soft bristles against his freshly shaved head. “How’s that for a trim?” She asked sarcastically, winking at him in the mirror. Not waiting for an answer, she unsnapped the cape and whisked it off of him, sending the massive pile of his shorn locks all over the floor and revealing a visible bulge in his shorts.

Jessica ran her nails over his bald neck one last time before vigorously rubbing her hands over his bare scalp. “This one’s on the house today, sweetheart. You’re free to go now. Come back in two weeks and I’ll shave it all off again!” She explained, somewhere between mocking and threatening.

“Yes ma’am,” Billy muttered quietly, standing up from the chair and finally reaching up to feel his buzzed head. Without another word, Billy walked to the door rubbing his bald head, leaving just as suddenly as he had entered.

Jessica sat back down in the chair and crossed her legs, smiling to herself as she admired the copious amounts of shorn, blonde hair on her barbershop floor. She eyed her clippers, excited to see who would enter her shop next…

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