A Twist of Fate

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Here’s my first haircut story/fiction I’ve ever written. Hope you guys enjoy it ! Don’t forget to rate and comment 😉 It’d help a lot.

 “Rachellll !” Rachel’s Mom yelled from the kitchen.

“Whaaat ?” Rachel yelled loudly as she got ready for her day.

By the time she finished screaming, “What “, her Mom was already in her doorway sporting that, ‘ I need you to do something for me’, mother look.

“Can you take Neil to Supercuts after you’re done getting ready? I have a bunch of errands to run today and he needs his haircut for his big 6thgrade picture tomorrow.” Rachel’s Mom asked.

“Uhh, yeah, I guess, I was just supposed to meet up with Jenny and her boyfriend for a matinee, but we can just catch a later show.” Rachel replied.

“Thank you, you’re a life saver. Here’s 20 bucks for the movie.” Rachel’s Mom said as she kissed her daughter on the forehead and left the room.

Rachel finished getting ready for the day as she put on her jean shorts, a pair of sandals, a bright pink tank top that definitely highlighted her assets. She stood there looking at herself in the mirror. Slim body, 5’6” with long legs, sun kissed skin, and gorgeous brown hair.

“How am I single?” Rachel asked herself rhetorically as she grabbed her hairbrush.

It was now time for her to mend her mane. Everyday it was a half hour to an hour of getting it prepped. As soon as it dries, she flat irons it to get the kinks out of it. Once it’s perfectly smooth, she check if the back is good, and she’s ready to start the day. Today, as she’s looking back though, she realizes just how long it had gotten.

“Wow, I never realized my hair grew till my belt loop.” she said as she smiled to herself.

Thinking nothing more of it, she threw it in a high ponytail, grabbed Neil, and headed off to Supercuts.

Rachel had never been in a Supercuts before; it was a place where her Mom or Dad took her little brother, not a place for a 20 year old girl who’s in love with her hair. Once inside, she sees the white tile floor, black leather chairs lined facing the walls, and massive mirrors for the customer to look into. Apprehensive, Rachel goes up to the receptionist and informs her that she’s here for her brother’s haircut.

“Just him today, miss?” The receptionist asked.

“Huh, yeah, just him.” Rachel said as if disgusted the receptionist would even think she would be dead caught getting her hair done there.

They wait for awhile until finally a cute blonde girl named Sarah calls for Neil. Rachel walks up with him just to make sure that Sarah knew how to cut Neil’s hair. She then goes and sits back down in the waiting area to continue reading the three month old Cosmopolitan Magazine that was lying on the coffee table. After flipping through the pages, she looks up to see Sarah giving Neil the faux-hawk he so desperately wanted. Rachel grabbed her ponytail and noticed the ends were splitting and saw what a great job Sarah was doing. She observed that Sarah was a girly girl, like her, with long blonde hair so she figured, “What the heck?” She went up to the receptionist and asked if she could get her hair trimmed after her brother.

“Yeah, no problem”, the receptionist said, “it should only be a few minutes.”

A little nervous now, Rachel waited. She never really got haircuts, she usually trimmed her hair herself, so this was all a little new to her. Just then, a group of three more boys walked in with their mother, all of them loud and obnoxious. Rachel hated kids. Now more than ever, she couldn’t wait for Sarah to call her name, just to escape the madness of the children. A few minutes later, her prayers would be answered … sort of.

“Rachel?” said a male voice.

“Yes?” Rachel replied inquisitively.

“Come on back, we’ll do a quick consult, get ya shampooed and cut.” said the male stylist.

“Ohh, haha, I’m waiting for Sarah.” Rachel said staring at him. Doc Martins, black cargo pants, a sweatshirt, plugs in his ears, and some weird hairdo with too much hair gel. She wasn’t about to let this man touch her hair.

“Well, you’re next on the list and since there’s a line, we can’t take special requests, so it’s either me or a 25$ rescheduling fee.” He said sternly.

“Uhh, ok … I guess.” Rachel said as she got up apprehensively to follow the scary man.

Finally getting to the chair, she tells Neil, who’s sitting a few chairs down, to just wait until she’s done with her trim.

“So what can I do you for?” the stylist asks as she sits down in the cold leather chair.

“Oh, just a trim today, maybe some layers … I don’t really know, I honestly never get my hair cut professionally, I always just trim the ends myself so I’m kind of a blank slate.” replied Rachel.

Smirking, the stylist replies, “Well ok, let’s just take your hair out of this ponytail and I’ll see what I’m working with.”

Rachel takes out her hair from her ponytail and just shakes it out in front of her.

“WOW!” exclaimed the stylist as he sees her thick chocolate brown hair cascade, falling straight, all the way down onto her lap. “That’s a lot of beautiful hair you’ve got there.”

“Thank you!” Rachel replied. “ So I’m thinking just a couple inches of the bottom, what do you think?” Rachel asked.

“I think you’ve got a lot of beautiful hair, but like you said, it’s a blank slate, so if you’re down, we could go for a change.” replied the stylist.

“Ahh, I don’t know, I’m scared to even get a trim, I don’t think I could handle change, I love my long hair.” replied Rachel as she stroked it.

“I’ll leave plenty of length, don’t fret, it’s going to look gorgeous. Don’t you trust me?” asked the stylist.

“Uhhmm, to be honest, not exactly, I was hoping for Sophie, because as you can tell, I hate haircuts.” replied Rachel.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll go ask Sophie, if she thinks it’ll look amazing, we’ll do it, if not, we won’t.”, the stylist said as a last ditch effort.

“Gaah, ok”, Rachel said, figuring Sophie wouldn’t want her hair to be short since she had long hair herself.

The stylist walks over to Sophie, just finishing up with Neil’s hair, as Rachel looks on biting her nails in angst. All she was trying to do was figure out if Sophie was saying she thinks whatever he wants to do would look good, or bad, and honestly, she was hoping it would be the latter. Despite the effort, she couldn’t make out what was happening but later she found out what was said from her little brother, it went something like this:

“Hey Sophie, I really wanna cut this girl’s hair off but she won’t let me unless you say it’ll look good … Can you just come with me over there with me and just say, “ It’s going to look great, don’t worry.”” the stylist asked.

“Of course, Paul, that would be fun, it’s not everyday you get to have fun with hair like that.” Sophie said to him.

Not hearing a word of that, Paul and Sophie made their way to Rachel as she caressed her beautiful brown locks.

“Alright Rachel, we have a verdict.” Paul said, with Sophie by his side.

“And?” Rachel asked with a blank stare.

Sophie chimes in with the response, “It’s going to look great darlin’. It’s gonna be a change, but you’ll love it, this guy is great … I even let him cut my hair,” she added.

With a long exhale, Rachel replied, “Ok, let’s do this.”

Paul gave Sophie a hug and whispered,” I owe you one” in her ear as she walked out.

“Alright Princess, you ready for an awesome new haircut?” Paul asked.

“Nope, but I don’t think I’ll ever be, but change is good, right?” Rachel asked, as if seeking approval.

“Yep, it’s going to look amazing, don’t worry.”, Paul replied.

“Alright, but like I said, I love my long hair, nothing too short, I don’t want to look like a boy.”, said Rachel.

“Don’t worry, you’re not going to look like a boy, it’s going to look fabulous. Now let’s get started.” Pau; said, grabbing a brush.

“Eek! I can’t believe I’m changing my hair. This is a – “

She was interrupted as the bristles of the brush ran through her scalp as she fell into a sort of trance. He started to brush through her thick, brown hair which fell all the way to the bottom of the chair. He then put in some essential oils and massaged her glorious mane until it shimmered. He then whisks it towards the front, where she sees it all smooth and shiny after the oil treatment.

“Wow! That looks amazing! So healthy and shiny! I don’t want to cut it anymore!” she said regretfully.

“Well hun, I have good news and bad news.” Paul replied. “The bad news is that it’s going to be cut, but the good news is, it’s going to look even better than it does right now.”

With another deep breath and a quick glance at her crowning glory, she nervously responds with, “ Ok, let’s do it!”

And just like that Paul swiftly grabbed her hair and pulled it back behind the chair where she couldn’t really tell what he was doing. She felt that Paul was now combing her hair with fine detail as the comb just slid through her shiny mane.

Paul knew it was now or never, as he stared at the mass of unlayered, perfect, brown hair. He was thinking about cutting it about mid back, which would have been a solid 8 inches, but knew that if he did that, she would not let him cut any more. So he went up another 8 inches to her shoulders, knowing an opportunity like this doesn’t come around often.

Paul picked up his sharpest pair of scissors. Rachel, not been able to bear watching, closes her eyes tight. Sophie, along with the rest of the people in the salon watch as the scissors meet the brown mane at her shoulders. With one snip, 3 years of growth fall to the floor, pooling into a pile of 16 inch strands of silk. Rachel heard the dreadful, ‘SHHHNK’ sound as the scissors cut through her hair, but she didn’t know that her glorious mane that she loved had begun to be chopped off. Holding the hair above her nad her eyes being closed made it difficult to estimate how much hair was being cut, all she could hear was the dreaded SHHHNK SHHHNK SHHHNK. So he just kept closing the blades of the scissor onto her once proud mane. From right to left, with every snip, you could see 16 inches of pure perfection fall helplessly to the floor. Rachel’s beautiful long hair, that she had known and loved, was now sitting in a massive pile on the floor of Supercuts.

Felling lighter, and a lock of hair grace her shoulders, she opened her eyes in panic. “MY HAIR!! MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!! WHAT DID YOU DO!?!” Rachel screamed as she noticed her most noticeable feature had just been chopped off in a matter of seconds.

“Calm down Sugar, me and Sophie decided it would look great. We knew you would never do this on your own and that if I didn’t do it all at once, you would never even dream of cutting more.” Paul said, trying to console the now teary Rachel.

“Ok, ok … it’s just … AHHH! I can’t believe you cut so much hair.” she said as she noticed the pile of hair which could probably stuff a good sized pillow.

“Well, should I continue?’ Paul asked.

‘Wiping her tears from her eyes, Rachel said, “Yeah, I- I guess you have to … I would have never done this!”

“I know, but don’t worry, it’s going to look great, I promise! If you don’t like it, I will pay for your haircut.” Paul said, exuding confidence.

Taking deep breaths, Rachel replied,” Just make t look good! Not gonna lie, I’m terrified riht now of what it’s gonna look like.”

“Come with me.” Paul said walking toward the shampoo bowl. I’ll give you a nice shampoo and I’ll your hair a nice quick style, then you’re good to go.”

Rachel followed Paul over to the shampooing station. Paul grabbed Rachel’s hair, which nowgently graced her shoulders and put it into the black bowl. He turned the water on to lukewarm, aand started massaging her wet scalp. Her hair was very thick, especially now that it was short. He started putting shampoo in and massaging her scalp. She moaned as he gave her the best scalp massage she’d ever had. After a nice shampoo, he dries her hair off slightly, and walks her back over to the chair.

“Alright, the hard part is over.” Paul said.

All Rachel could muster out was, “ahh, my hair!”

To that, Paul gave a slight grin and combed out Rachel’s new short do’. This time, Rachel looked on like a hawk to avoid another massive chop, she just couldn’t afford it.

He started sectioning off Rachel’s new short, brown hair. Clipped half of it up, left the other half down for some scissor action. He started by just evening it up, but then decided to cut another couple of inches, since Rachel didn’t seem to flinch, he cut another inch, leaving her once belt-length hair, curling slightly under her chin. Paul then let down the top section and lopped off 3 inches as quickly as he could, without Rachel noticing. He then let down the other side of Rachel’s hair and slowly cut off the remaining 3 inches with surgical precision. Because her hair was so thick, he took out his thinning shears until the crazy thick hair was tamed into a gorgeous, sleek, chin length bob.

Finally, it was time to blow it dry; since it was so short now it only took a few minutes. Her hair was flying all over as he continued to make sure her hair was perfectly dry. He then decided to cut her a blunt bang, as he combed and sectioned her hair forward.

Rachel was puzzled as her vision was covered by a curtain of hair. She wondered, “What’s he up to now?” She let out a slight gasp and cringed, as Paul started snipping away the hair right in front of her eyes above her eyebrows.  She watched blankly as the remaining hair was being cut off right in front of her eyes.

“All done, my Warrior Princess,” Paul said, combing Rachel’s new bangs forward. “ What do you think?’ Paul asked rather hopefully.

“Well honestly, I hate you for cutting off all my hair…. but I have to admit, it lookssuper cute, it’s light and it’s going to save me so much time in the morning.” Rachel replied.

“Sound’s like you like it.” Paul said smiling.

Paul took off the cape and the remaining hair fell to the floor, She started playing with it, staring at herself as she sat in the chair. She couldn’t believe it, her hair was now bobbed with thick blunt bangs right above her eyebrows. She walked in to get her brother a haircut, and she ended up cutting 19 inches off her own hair. She stood up and gave Paul a hug. Once she turned around, she saw the bulk of 19 inches of hair lying helplessly on the floor. She then looked back in the mirror, and said, “CHANGE IS GOOD.”

Rachel then grabbed Neil, paid at the counter, and left. On the drive home, she couldn’t stop looking at herself in the rearview mirror. She dropped Neil off back at home, her Mom wasn’t there to see the new cut, so she figured she’d head over to Jenny’s to hang out before they caught their movie together.

Rachel arrived at Jenny’s a few minutes later, not telling her she got a haircut. She rang the doorbell and waited nervously for her best friend’s opinion. Just then, the door opened.

“OMG, RACH! You cut off all your hair!!” Jenny exclaimed, astonished.

“Do you like it?” Rachel asked.

“Absolutely! It really does bring out your eyes” as she fluffed her freshly cut bangs.

Rachel thought to herself,” No more long hair for me!”

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