A Visit To The Festival II: The Return

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Much to my surprise, my Mistress allowed me to regrow my hair immediately after we returned from the festival. In fact, she insisted that I grow it longer, even giving me special vitamins and changing my diet. Within a year, it was to my shoulders. I was so proud of it. I made sure to do it special when we returned to the festival, wanting to not be degraded and humiliated that year. What a huge mistake. I was, afterall, a slave.

She didn’t have me plucked from the audience this time – No, she brought me backstage. When I realized what was happening, she silenced me with a stern look. My second “abduction” was going to happen, no matter what.

The “aliens” brought me on stage nude. They, of course, started by shaving me head to toe, delighting the reveal of my big red “HUMAN SUBJECT” tattoo on the back of my head. Then they put me through electrolysis. I would never grow hair again anywhere on my body.

I then spent the next hour strapped in a terrifying fuck machine. All my holes were jackhammered by fearsome rubber dildos. After that torture, they hosed me off and then tattooed a barcode on my right asscheek.

My Mistress was very pleased by my permanent hairlessness. She told me that I deserved the humbling that I just received and should thank everyone involved, which I did.

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