A Visit To The Festival

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When the people on stage asked for volunteers, my Mistress put me forward. I did not object as they pulled me onstage, ripping off my clothing and letting the audience fight over it.

I was to play the role of an alien abductee. One of my “abductors” proclaimed the need to shave me head to toe for their experiments, and the others excitedly agreed. I wept as they stripped me of my fashionable blonde bob, carefully sculpted eyebrows, and manicured blonde bush with a pair of dog clippers. They weren’t happy with the results, so they covered me in shaving cream and shaved me smooth with a razor. Once they finished, they gave me a vigorous scrub down, dressed me in a white hospital gown, and stamped “HUMAN SUBJECT” on the back of my head with a red rubber stamp.

Finally ready to be “experimented” on, they strapped me to a cold metal table with my legs spread. My holes are examined and probed with cold dildos. My poor nipples and clit were teased with electricity. They even used the violet wands on my scalp. Once they had their fun, they put me in a small glass case to be gawked at by festival goers. I didn’t dare to do anything but stare off in space, miserable, bald, but so turned on.

When my Mistress fetched me, I begged her to fuck me. She, however, refused until we tattooed the humiliating stamp on the back of my back of my head on permanently. She called it a “cute souvenir” of my experience. I cried as they inked me, wondering if she would ever allow me hair again.

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