A Walk Along The Beach

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Why did I shave my head? Well, it wasn’t my decision. My boyfriend made it for me.

We went to Florida for Spring Break last month. We were walking along the beach when we came across one of those TV shows where they pay money for people to humiliate themselves. A white bikini-clad barberette was shaving the heads of random people that the host pulled from the crowd. It was mesmerizing to see her cape up her victims and run her clippers (sans guard) through their hair as her own shiny chestnut ponytail swayed in the wind. I made my boyfriend stop to watch. As I thought about her caping me up and running her clippers through my own thick blonde mass of curls, I held hands with my boyfriend and rubbed his thumb. That being said, I never expected him to raise my hand when the host asked for more volunteers from the crowd to be shaved.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

He smiled at me. “Get up there, honey.”

With that, he pushed me towards the stage. The host pulled me on stage. Before I could object, the barberette sat me down and caped me.

“Look at you,” she said, cupping my breasts through the cape, “I’m going to enjoy taking you down a peg or two, sorority girl.”

The show aired the episode last week. You can watch my head shave if you’d like. Millions of people have already. For most of the barberette’s victims, they just showed a few moments from their humiliation. No, they decided to air everything that they shot. You can see my legs shaking as she made the first plunge though my curls with her victims. She started right in the middle of my forehead. Tears started to form in the corner of my eyes when the first of my curls fell. People started cheering and making jokes about the sorority girl (me) being shaved and humiliated. I had the longest hair that they shaved that day. It was just above my breasts. My face got red from the embarrassment. Even though it only took ten minutes for her to buzz my hair down to stubble, it felt like a lifetime. As soon as it was over, the barberette took off my cape, gave me a little spank on the bottom, and pushed me off the stage to my waiting boyfriend.

A producer from the show came over. “You’re a brave lady,” he said, handing me a one hundred dollar bill.

When the producer walked away, my boyfriend took the one hundred dollar bill from me. Dazed by what just happened to me, I didn’t object.

Rubbing my blonde stubble, he said, “Well, it was my idea for you shave your head, so I should keep the money. Now let’s go back to our hotel room and finish shaving you. The buzz is a nice start, but I want to see you with a nice shiny dome.”

When we went back to our hotel room, he finished shaving me as promised. He undressed me before he lathered up my scalp. Then he made me suck him off. He shot his load on my crown of shaving cream. With that, he shaved me smooth. He took his time. During our shower afterwards, he took care of my dripping, aching pussy. Afterwards, as I looked in the mirror for the first time, at the girl with a shiny bald chromedome and a set of big flappy ears, I noticed how smooth he shaved me. I felt so ugly. I still feel so ugly when I look in the mirror. But, still, it was arousing. And my boyfriend loves me like this. He insists on shaving my head every morning.

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