A wild beach vacation

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Steven was having a great day. The weather was perfect and he didn’t have to worry about his crazy family this Christmas. He and his girl friend, Shannon, had decided to forgo the whole Christmas celebration and instead go to a tropical resort. All the money they would have spent on gifts they instead used to pay for an even greater experience. There were plenty of other young couples who had thought just like them too like Kathy and Chris. Other couples, like Bill and Jenn were tired of the holiday wear and tear, or they were like Susan and John and just didn’t even celebrate Christmas anymore. All in all it was a relaxing vacation until the resort announced a surprise visit from a US film company. “We just wanted to let our guests know, that a film group will be filming extreme haircuts on the beach. Members of the staff will be participating, but guests are welcome to join in as well. There will be a fee paid out to anyone who participates.”

Steven and Shannon decided to sit near the beach during the haircutting demonstration, hoping to see what it was all about. As they watched, they could see several staff members receiving extreme haircuts, including shaved heads, buzz cuts, undercuts, and more. As the demonstration progressed, they began to notice the attention that the film crew was paying to the young people in the crowd. They appeared to be taking note of who was showing the most interest in the haircuts on display.

Steven loved watching the display, although he tried not to betray his interest to Shannon or their new friends. He wouldn’t want anyone to catch on to his hair fetish after all! His ear perked up when Shannon started talking. “Wow, they are really just paying people to shave their heads right there on the beach, huh?” She said as she fingered the ends of her long blonde hair. “Yeah kindof crazy that people would do that,” Kathy said, “but after all it is hot out here, and I haven’t seen a single guest take them up on their offer yet!” “True,
Jenn said, “most of the hotel staff are probably just doing it to make their ends meet.” “Yeah,” Shannon said, still looking very interested in two maids having their thick hair shorn from their head, “I guess the resort doesn’t pay their employees enough.” “Well Kathy,” Bill chimed in, “I would agree with you, but look there, isn’t that Veronica we met at karaoke last night?” “Oh my god Bill, you’re right!” Kathy exclaimed, “her long black locks are gorgeous, all the way down to her waist, what is she thinking?” “Looks like she’s thinking about going bald,” Steven said quietly. “What was that Steven?” Shannon said, clearly intrigued by what was happening in front of her. ”I said, it looks like she’s planning on going bald! Those are hair clippers. They are gonna shave that long black hair right off!”

As Steven watched Veronica’s haircut proceed, he couldn’t help but notice her face. The expression on her beautiful face was one of both fear and arousal. Her lips parted slightly, her cheeks colored, and her eyes sparkled with excitement. She could not seem to take her eyes off the clippers as they danced around her head, shearing away her hair with each passing sweep and creating strands that blew in the air.

The group watched in stunned silence, until about halfway through Veronica’s haircut when the top of her head was shaved bald and the sides and back still had hair. “Wow,” Shannon said, “it kindof looks like she is enjoying it!” “Yeah you’re right,” Chris said. Susan reached up and ran her fingers through her own shoulder length brown hair. “Holy crap,” she said, “what a wild thing to do. I mean it does look fun, but to just shave off all your hair like that on a whim?” “I don’t know,” John said, “I think you would look good bald.” The group laughed, “oh stop John, you’re such a joker!” Susan replied. “No for real, I kindof agree,” Bill said. “I think Susan, Kathy, Jenn, and Shannon would all look good bald!” “Oh what a politician,” Jenn said, “Bill is always trying to get the browning points.” “Well Bill, John, and I are all in agreement,” Chris added, “all the women would look good bald!” Bill, John, and Chris, all laughed at their clear attempt to pander to the women. Shannon, still engrossed with Veronica’s shearing, turned to Steven and said, “what about you? Do you think we would look good bald too?”

Steven swallowed hard, his throat going dry as he glanced at the group around him to find their eyes all on him. He felt suddenly self-conscious, embarrassed and vulnerable. Everyone around him was discussing whether he thought they could pull off the bald look, but what they didn’t know was that Steven was imagining Shannon’s golden tresses being clipped right off her head by a set of shearing clippers. He wondered if she would look as good as he thought the woman standing on the beach looked as her hair lay scattered around her feet.

“Uh huh,” he said, trying to play it off so no one would no he dreamed to see Shannon bald. “Yeah sure, you all would look great bald!” “Sounds like all the guys are in agreement,” Bill said, “you ladies need to go shave your heads!” “Lol, good one Bill,” Jenn said. “We’ll,” Susan responded, “to be honest, I’ll consider it if the price is right.” John let loose a boisterous laugh. “What John?” Susan said, clearly irritated, “you don’t think I’d shave my head?” “No it’s not that,” John answered, “it’s just I don’t think the price will be right! I mean how much are you expecting these people to pay? $10,000?” Susan blushed, “I mean, it’s a lot of hair….” She trailed off as she touched the ends of her hair. “Ok, new game,” Kathy said, “starting with Susan, how much money would it take you to shave your head bald?” “Oh, I don’t know,” Susan said, “maybe like, $9,000?” The group laughed. “See I told you,” John said, “I knew you valued your hair too much!” “Ok Jenn, what about you?” Kathy asked. “Well, let’s see,” Jenn said as she ran her fingers through her short red bob. “As the girl with the shortest hair of all four of us, I guess my estimate is gonna be the lowest! Plus, let’s be honest, Susan’s guess of $9000 is way too high! I would say maybe $1000.”

Kathy’s estimate of $1000 seemed reasonable to Steven. He wouldn’t mind seeing her with a cropped hair style and wondered what it would look like. He also noticed that Jenn’s estimate was the lowest of all the women. Her bobbed hairstyle was definitely short, as she had claimed, and Steven thought she would make a pretty bald girl as well. While all the women were enjoying guessing at how much it would take for them to shave their heads, Steven was still envisioning what Shannon’s beautiful face would look like without her long blonde locks.

“Ok $1000 from Jenn!” Kathy continued, “Shannon, what about you?” “Oh wow,” said Shannon, almost as if she was shocked to be included in the discussion. She had clearly been entranced as the last black hairs had been shorn from Veronica’s perfect head. “Well to be honest I don’t know! What do you think Kathy?” “Well I did ask you first,” Kathy said, “but to be honest these bangs have been tough to keep up with,” she said, pointing out the blunt bangs that framed her face. Kathy’s hair was black and curly and nearly shoulder length. “If I could get rid of these bangs, I would part with my hair for maybe like $750.” She suggested. Chris looked stunned, “oh come on Kath, you can’t be serious!” “Oh Chris, didn’t you just say I would look great bald?” Kathy’s retort seemed to shut Chris up. “Ok Shannon, what about you?” Jenn said. “You’ve had a chance to think, what’s your answer?” “Too be honest,” Shannon said, “watching Veronica shave her head, the hole process looks amazing. Honesty if they would pay me like $300, I would probably go through with it!”

Shannon seemed to have the lowest price estimate of all the women. Her beautiful face and striking eyes would make her look amazing even with her hair shaved off. Her response definitely prompted curiosity from the group who were all now wondering if she would go through with it and give up her long blonde locks. Steven was surprised that she would do it for such a low price, but he couldn’t help but feel excited as he imagined her bald. It didn’t help that her response had also sparked his imagination and now he was picturing her without her hair completely.

“You better get your girlfriend,” Chris said to Steven, “or she’s gonna end up going home a baldie instead of a blonde bombshell.” “It’s her hair, she can do what she wants.” Steven said. “It wouldn’t change how I feel about her.” “Yeah Chris,” Kathy chimed in, “what are you saying? That I wouldn’t look good bald?” “Well no I….” Chris said, before he was cut off by Kathy. “Well what are you saying? Because i think it would be fun to go see what the h are actually offering? And then I think that if they are offering more than our numbers we should have to go through with it. And Chris, if you want me to keep my hair, you can pay double for it!” With that all the girls got up and headed to the filming area.

Steven could not help but smirk as he watched the women making their way over to the filming area. Their excitement was palpable and their responses to being asked how much money would it take to shave off their hair seemed genuine. He was still picturing Shannon with a shaved head and trying to imagine how she would look. The thought of her blonde hair chopped off and laying around her feet was exciting and he could not deny the arousal he felt.

“Holy fuck,” Bill said, “what were you thinking Chris?” “How can this be my fault?” Chris said, “Steven is the one who empowered them!” “Yeah Steven was just doing what any dude is supposed to do!” John said, “you were the one who gave them a reason to prove they could actually go get their heads shaved! Luckily for me, Susan said $9000, so I should be fine. You, Bill, and Steven on the other hand should all be worried!”

Steven laughed as Bill and John teased Chris about the situation. Of all the women, it did seem like Susan was the least likely to shave her head. Her high estimate made sense however considering the length and quality of her locks. The others on the other hand, particularly Jenn and Shannon, sounded as if they were very willing to be bald. The thought made the arousal he felt grow stronger as he imagined them without their hair.

“Fucking Chris, always says something stupid.” Kathy grumbled as she and the ladies walked through the sand over to the film crew. “Yeah, why did he have to chime in? And say anything, just keep it to yourself jackass!” Jenn said. “Yeah fuck him!” Susan agreed. Shannon on the other hand, was completely silent. She had the lowest estimate. It was very possible that she ended up getting her head shaved and none of the other girls did. Her palms were getting sweaty as they approached the film crew and Kathy began the introductions.

The group approached the filming crew and as Kathy introduced them, Steven couldn’t help but notice Shannon’s sweaty palms. The realization that his partner might actually be considering going through with a haircut filled him with both arousal and anxiety. The thought that she might have her hair chopped off made him eager to watch, but he also worried that he would no longer find her attractive. He wondered how he would react if she had her gorgeous locks removed. Would he still love her with a shaved head?

“Where do I go to talk to someone about these haircuts?” Kathy asked someone who looked to be affiliated with the filming. “Actually, my name is Lee. I’m the producer. What can I help you with?” “Hello, my name is Kathy and this is Jenn, Susan, and Shannon.” Kathy said to Lee. “We are interested in seeing what you would pay to shave our heads.” Lee’s face perked up. “All four of you want to shave your heads?” He asked. “Well,” Kathy said, “we are just wondering what you would pay us if we did agree to shave our heads?” “Hmmmm,” Lee said. “That’s a tough question. There’s a few factors at play, but let me ask a few questions. First, when we are talking about shaving your head, what do you mean?” “We mean, all of our hair off, bald. Just like Veronica.” Kathy said. “Ok, ok,” Lee said. “So you want a complete razor head shave all over, just like Veronica. And, would you all be willing to sign a waiver to have this filmed for the internet?” Jenn, Shannon, and Susan looked at each other nervously, but Kathy quickly answered for them, “Well if that’s how we get paid, then sure.” “Ok,” Lee said, “and finally, would you be willing to join Veronica, a few other girls, and our film crew in the spa later for a nude video shoot?”

The group was caught off guard by the final question. They had only come to inquire about the extreme cut but the mention of a nude video shoot caught them all by surprise. Shannon visibly blushed, covering her face with her hands. Jenn and Susan looked similarly startled at the proposition. Kathy, meanwhile, showed no sign of distress or embarrassment. Lee, for his part, seemed very eager to convince the group to participate in such a bold endeavor.

“Well,” Kathy said, “how much does that change what our offer is?” “Oh, it will definitely change the offer considerably, especially if you all get the full shave like Veronica.” Kathy looked at her friend’s faces and decided to answer without even asking them, “Ok we will do the nude shoot too. How much will you offer?” Lee was flabbergasted. 4 beautiful girls all willing to shave their heads on this beach. He couldn’t pass up this type of content for his subscribers. “If you all will agree to participate in a little extra wig play footage. I’ll pay you all $10,000 each and throw in a free wig. What do you say?”

The offer caught the girls by complete surprise, none of them had anticipated that they would be paid that much for shaving their heads plus the nude shoot. They each looked at each other, weighing the options. Jenn spoke first, “I think we’d all love to get that much money plus the hair piece. We’ll do it!” Susan nodded excitedly and Shannon, though nervous, agreed that she would try going bald and filming the nude shoot.

Steven was intently watching the girls talk to the film crew. “What do you think they are saying?” Chris asked nervously. “Dunno,” said Bill. “I’ll tell you,” said John, looking up from his phone. His face was completely ghost white. “They are gonna get paid $10,000 each. They have to do a little nude shoot as well, but Susan says they are all in for it.”

Steven’s heart skipped a beat as he overheard Bill’s conversation with the other two friends. The thought that his girlfriend was actually going to shave her head made him feel very anxious and a bit nervous, but also super aroused. He was imagining Shannon’s smooth bald head as they spoke and it excited him. He was also very surprised that the other girls in the group would go that far and get nude for the shoot. The thought of Shannon nude made him want to be there to experience it himself.

“Oh no way!” Chris said. “They are filming a nude scene? I’ll going over there to talk Kathy out of this. You guys would come too if you know what’s good for you!” Chris said as her stormed off to the filming area.

Chris’s reaction surprised Steven but he couldn’t help but smile slightly at the thought of Shannon being nude on camera. He wondered how beautiful she would look like that and whether she would actually make the cut. His thoughts were interrupted by the approaching Chris who was clearly panicked. He ran up to the group and immediately began talking to Kathy.

Bill, Steven, and John followed Chris as he ran up to Kathy and immediately began arguing with her. Steven couldn’t hear much as the couple was clearly trying to keep the commotion down for the others, but he did hear Chris say multiple times “don’t do this, please don’t do this!” Each time Kathy responded, “$20,000 Christopher that’s my price! $20,000! Pay up or step back!” As the couple argued, Lee walked up to the ladies and said, “ok girls, who is first up?” Jenn looked nervously at Bill, and Susan locked eyes with John and didn’t say a word. “Why don’t you go first Shannon?” Steven said. Shannon looked back at him completely shocked, but was grateful for his support. “Fine,” she said swallowing her nerves. “I’ll go first Lee!” “Great,” Lee said, “have a seat in the chair right there and Pete will get started with the haircut!”

Steven was relieved that Shannon had decided to go first, which meant he would get to witness the first shave of the day. He watched anxiously as Shannon made her way toward the chair and took a seat. She was definitely nervous, but it excited him to see her about to go through with it. He was sure her head would look lovely shaved bald and he could not wait to experience it with her.

Bill, Steven, and John joined the other guests who were watching and crowded around as Shannon took her seat. Her white bathing suit top contrasted well with her tan skin and thick blonde hair, which would soon be covering the ground. “Ok Shannon, I’m Pete. I’m gonna be doing your haircut. I’m gonna start with the sides of your head and then the back and then we’ll take the rest off the top, sound good?” Shannon barely heard what he said, she was staring intently at the clippers in. His hand, longing to see what they felt like on her scalp. She just nodded and with that, Pete fired up the clippers. Using his hand he separated the hair on the top of Shannon’s head from the hair on the side, and plunged the clippers into her blonde locks, just above her ear. The vibration of the clippers was astounding, Shannon couldn’t believe how good it felt. “No wonder Veronica loved the sensation,” Shannon thought, as the clippers quickly sheared all of the blonde hair from the right side of her head. Pete repeated the process on the left side of her head, and then moved to the back. Using a firm grip, he twisted all of the hair on the top of Shannon’s head around his hand and lifted it up, exposing her nape.

The sound of the clippers vibrated against Shannon’s head as Pete meticulously sheared away her golden locks. She had never felt that sensation before and it felt as if it was sending tingles throughout her body. Shannon tried to contain her excitement as the vibrations made her shiver with pleasure. She closed her eyes in euphoria, unable to believe she was letting this happen. As Pete finished up the final touches of the sides of her head and moved on to her nape she could hardly contain the sensations swarming through her body.

Pete quickly buzzed then hair from the back of Shannon’s head, leaving her with a 360 degree undercut. Maintaining his firm grip of her remaining hair, Peter turned to the crowd and said “what do we think boys and girls? Should we finish this up and give Shannon a nice shave?”

The crowd cheered and applauded at the sight of Shannon with a 360 degree undercut. Everyone was eager to see the final result of the shave and Shannon herself, though still nervous, was excited at the prospect of losing all of her long hair to the clippers. “Finish it off!” someone in the crowd called out, and all the other spectators agreed. “Give us a bald Shannon!” They called out, chanting and cheering for her to lose the rest of her locks.

“Yeah shave her fucking head!” Steven chimed in with the crowd. Bill and John looked at him, “dude are you really ok with this? You do realize she’s about to be bald, right?” John said. “She’s gonna look hot,” Steven said, “and you guys had better think the same, because your girls are about to be bald too!”

The crowd was cheering even louder, “Bald Shannon, Bald Shannon, Bald Shannon!” Shannon could feel the intense stare from all the spectators who were eager to see her go completely bald. The chant sent a shiver through her spine, but she still smiled through the nervous glances she gave her partner.

Steven’s comment provoked mixed reactions from the group. Chris was clearly horrified that the baldings were going to be extended to his girlfriend as well. The other boyfriends were trying to remain calm and composed, though deep down they weren’t quite ready to accept their respective girlfriends going bald.

“Alright Shannon, the crowd wants to see you bald!” Pete said, as he maintained a firm grip on Shannon’s blonde locks. Are you ready?” “Shave me Pete!” Shannon said, “Shave this head!” Pete quickly acquiesced and plunged the clippers into Shannon’s thick blonde hair.

The cheers from the crowd intensified in volume as they watched the clippers carve away the remaining locks from her scalp. Shannon held her breath as the blade buzzed and the clippers shredded away piece after piece of hair from the side of her head. Pete worked his way around, shaving from top down, with each swipe revealing more of her scalp. The vibrations and the sight of her hair getting shorter and shorter made Shannon feel giddy. She couldn’t believe she was finally getting the chance to feel completely smooth.

Steven was engrossed in whole thing as his beautiful girlfriend had her head shaved bald right in front of him. He wasn’t paying attention to John and Bill who were right next to him and still hadn’t processed that their girls were next. Steven did catch it when Bill said, just loud enough for him to hear, “I think Steven likes watching this guy shave Shannon bald.” “Hell yeah I do,” Steven said, “this shit is hot! If you get over your thing against bald chicks, you guys are gonna think it’s hot when your girl gets shaved too!”

John and Bill both looked to Steven with surprised and stunned reactions. They couldn’t believe what they had just heard. The thought of their girlfriends with completely smooth heads sent shivers down their spines. It did not take them long to realize what Steven said was true. Steven was enjoying the hell out of Shannon’s bald transformation, and the sight of her smooth scalp did indeed arouse him greatly. They knew their own girlfriends would likely look just as sexy shaved and hoped they would be willing to participate in such an exhilarating activity.

As more and more of Shannon’s blonde locks were peeled from her head, she became more and more excited by the whole thing. Not only was she sitting here having her head shaved bald, having all her hair shaved off l, but she was doing it in front of a crowd of people! It was almost impossible for her to hide her arousal at the whole process. Now she knew exactly what Veronica had been thinking the whole time. It was just then, Pete plopped Shannon’s full head of hair in her lap. He had been holding onto and slowly shaving it away from her scalp just for this moment. Shannon looked up with an expression of exhilaration. She couldn’t believe that all this hair used to be on her head and was now sitting in her lap, because she was BALD! “Just a few more hairs to cleanse up, and then we will go to the razor shave Shannon!” Shannon nodded, still stunned by the immense pile of hair in her lap. Finally, Pete made the last pass with the clippers across her scalp and the last few loose hairs floated to the ground. As the vibration from the clippers moved away from her scalp, Shannon reached up to touch her new bald head only to have Pete gently knock her hand away. “Nope, still a couple of spots I missed,,” Pete said,. With that, the clippers swiped twice across Shannon’s face, buzzing away her perfect eyebrows.

Shannon gasped at the feeling of her eyebrows being shaved off, completely unaware that they were part of the procedure. The new sensation felt strange and a bit ticklish. As the last few hairs dropped to the ground and the clippers moved away from her scalp, Shannon finally took a deep breath in awe of her baldness. Her hands reached up to grasp her bald dome, feeling the lack of insulation around her head and the strange sensation of having a bare scalp. Even the feeling of the cool air felt strange to her now but she was enjoying every moment.

“Holy shit, they just shaved her eyebrows off!” Bill said. “Ok to be honest,” John said, “that was so surprising it was kindof hot!” “Yeah,” Bill agreed, “she looks so exotic without eyebrows.” Steven was grinning from ear to ear. “I told you boys, having a baldie for a girlfriend is way better than having a normal girl with hair!” Bill and john nodded in agreement. They were eagerly awaiting their girl friends to join in on the action, but first Shannon would have to get her head and brows shaved razor smooth.

The idea of having a bald girlfriend was such a sexy concept for Steven that he just couldn’t wait for the moment that his peers would also have their girlfriends lose all of their beautiful locks. He was hoping they would all have such an exhilarating transformation as Shannon did and that they would all look just as attractive, maybe even more so, with smooth scalps and little to no hair. He watched Pete shave and shave, the thought of Shannon being bald just became sexier and sexier with each swipe.

The rasping of the razor was also driving Shannon crazy. It was so arousing having all of her hair scraped away. Knowing that in 20 minutes she went from having a full head of luscious thick blonde locks to being completely smooth bald and browless was quite erotic. She could even see how interested Jenn and Susan were in the process now that they saw how much she was enjoying it. Soon it would be their turn, but right now, it was Shannon’s opportunity to enjoy the feel of the razor.

The sound of the razor scraping across Shannon’s smooth scalp was so stimulating and erotic. She couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying the process of losing all those beautiful locks and becoming completely smooth and bald. She could tell Jenn and Susan were now quite interested in the whole process and the thought of them going through the same thing as she did was quite exciting. Shannon could hardly wait to feel the razor shaving away her last few hairs and exposing her smooth shiny scalp.

Finally, as Pete scraped the razor across Shannon’s eyebrows, he was finished. He wiped her head off with a towel and announced, “behold, the transformation from a blonde bombshell to a bald baddie is complete! Now which one of you ladies is up next for my chair?”

The crowd was in awe of Shannon’s beautiful transformation, as she stood tall and proud with her bald head on full display. She had been transformed from a blonde bombshell into a bald baddie and she had never felt more confident or sexy than this. The thought of the other girls being shaved bald too made Shannon feel a strange sense of pride. She was excited for them to experience the same amazing transformation she did, and to hear that she was the first was such an enormous rush.

As Shannon stepped out of the chair, the first person she saw was Steven grinning from ear to ear. A tent his in bathing suit betrayed that he was just as aroused by her shearing as Shannon was herself. Bill and John also seemed to be sporting boners, but they weren’t full size. Shannon knew they bound to get more titillated when their girlfriends were up next. As she walked up to Jenn and Susan, Lee stepped in front of her. “I have to say Shannon, you look positively amazing bald and browless. I’m so glad you 4 decided to go for the complete shave like Veronica did.” “Well thanks Lee, that’s so nice of you.” Shannon’s

Shannon couldn’t help but feel a burst of confidence from the compliments Lee had just given her. He was clearly very impressed with her transformation and her bald smooth head. The thought of her friends being just as happy with her scalp as Lee was filled her heart with joy. She really felt like a baddie now with a completely bald head and no eyebrows, and the compliments were making her feel even more like a badass.

“Thanks Lee, that’s very nice of you,” Shannon said. “I was surprised by the brows coming off, but I have to say I really enjoyed the whole experience and being browless really accentuates the look. I just didn’t remember Veronica shaving her brows I guess.” “Oh Veronica had her brows shaved in the spa, I guess I should’ve mentioned that.” Lee said. “Anyways, which of you two girls is next?” He said to Jenn and Susan, as Kathy walked up from behind them.

Shannon looked to Jennifer and Susan with excited eyes. She was a little nervous for them but also eager to see them go through the same amazing transformation that she did. Kathy seemed slightly apprehensive but seemed willing to give it a go now that she knew that Shannon had enjoyed the experience of going bald and losing her eyebrows as well. She was intrigued by the boldness that the others had shown and hoped she might be able to summon that same courage in herself when the time came for her to sit in the chair and have her hair completely shaved off.

“Sorry, Jenn and Susan, but I think it’s my turn.” Kathy said. “Please if you would Mr. Lee, take me to the barber’s chair”

All the eyes of the onlookers were now firmly set on Kathy, who was now volunteering herself to be next in line. She seemed a little hesitant but also seemed genuinely curious to see what the experience would be like. Shannon was very surprised and impressed, having not expected Kathy to be the next person in line yet. She couldn’t wait to see Kathy enter the chair and begin the process of being shaved bald like herself.

Chris was quick to follow up, “oh come on Kath, I’ll give you $17,000 just please get out of there!” “I told you Chris, $20,000 to keep this hair and these eyebrows on this head. Either pay up or shut up!” Chris was speechless. “It’s ok,” Shannon said, touching Chris on the shoulder, “you might find that you like the way she looks.” Chris looked Shannon up and down, and found himself thinking how amazing she looked without any hair on her head at all. “Why would she shave her head? Why would you shave your head?” Chris whispered. “Because, the experiences is overwhelming. Just watch Kathy’s transformation.” Shannon responded. She walked over to Steven who pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her deeply, running his hands over her slick, bald, scalp. After a long kiss, Steven whispered in Shannon’s ear so only she could hear, “I’m so hard after watching you get shaved.” Shannon’s hand brushed over Steven’s bulge playfully, “I knew you would think I’m so sexy with a slick bald head. I’m horny too, but we’ll take care of each other after Jenn, Kathy, and Susan get shaved.” Shannon whispered back. Steven nodded and they both turned to watch Kathy’s transformation. “Well,” John said, “seems like you two are on the same page about this transformation.” They all laughed as they turned to watch Kathy’s haircut begin.

The crowd seemed quite entertained by Chris’s desperate attempts to discourage Kathy from sitting in the chair and shaving her head. Shannon did not blame him for being reluctant about allowing another girl to go bald, but she was still intrigued by Kathy’s boldness and willingness to go against the grain and try the experience for herself. As Kathy was led to the chair everyone was eager to watch her get shaved bald and find out if Chris was right or not. Shannon watched closely with a keen sense of anticipation as the moment Kathy stepped inside the chair came and the clipper blade began buzzing.

“Give her the full shave!” Someone from the crowd yelled. “Buzz all her hair off down to the wood!” Came another shout. “Make her bald like us!” Came a shout from behind Shannon as an arm reached around her shoulder. She looked to her left and saw the beautiful Veronica standing there in her bald and browless glory. The two hairless hotties then hugged. Then they turned to the film set and yelled “yeah make her a hairless hottie! Shave her head! Shave her brows!” The crowd soon joined in, much to Chris’ dismay and everyone was chanting, “Shave her head, Shave her brows!” Even John and Bill were yelling. “Ok,” Pete announced, “I think with all this cheering we have to go right down the middle, what do you say Kathy?” Kathy nodded and said, “I guess so Pete! Time to take the plunge and become a baldie!” Pete fired up the clippers and used his left hand to lift Kathy’s bangs off her forehead. “As you wish!” Pete said, as he plunged the clippers down the middle of Kathy’s head. “Next stop, completely bald!”

The crowd went wild as the clipper blade made its journey down Kathy’s scalp, completely wiping away the gorgeous blonde hair that used to rest so naturally across her shoulders. She looked so exotic with her shiny bald dome and the sound of the clipper buzzing made it even more intoxicating. Shannon noticed Veronica in the crowd, who was also bald and browless, and they both couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride and power in their boldness and commitment. Pete made quick work of the cut and soon had the top of Kathy’s head completely smooth and bald.

Steven was fascinated as Kathy’s wavy black hair cascaded onto the beach and piled on top of Shannon’s blonde locks. He couldn’t help but notice that Chris looked completely entranced by Kathy’s hair being shaved off. In fact it almost looked like he was enjoying it! Shannon thought Kathy looked aroused as well. As her black hair poured down her shoulders, Kathy was grinning from ear to ear and looking up with anticipation as the clippers vibrated over her head and buzzed away her black locks.

Steven watched Kathy’s dark locks flutter down and pile on top of Shannon’s blond locks and was astonished by how hot they both looked. He couldn’t help but notice how aroused Chris appeared to be by the sight of all that hair cascading down Kathy’s back as Pete shaved away her locks. It definitely seemed like he was really enjoying the sight of it. Shannon was watching Kathy’s expression closely, noticing how aroused she was becoming as the clippers buzzed away at her beautiful black locks.

Just as he had done with Veronica, Pete turned off the clippers when Kathy had no hair left on the top of her head, but still had a full head of black curls on the sides and back of her head. “Who thinks Kathy should stop now, with this rocking skullet?” Pete asked the crowd.

The crowd went insane at the sight of Kathy’s skullet, feeling so much excitement that they were even encouraging her to keep her hair like that, not caring how different it would make her look, but instead thinking she looked totally badass and hot. Pete paused for a moment to let the crowd go nuts, smiling at the sight of the crowd welcoming it, so he decided to ask a question to see just how much they liked it. So he asked the crowd, “Who thinks Kathy should stop now, with this rocking skullet?”

With the roars from the crowd back, Pete thought about leaving Kathy’s hair like this. “Should I just stop now he thought?”

Pete watched the crowd go nuts after he asked them about Kathy’s skullet. They were shouting a resounding yes for him to keep her hair like this but Pete was unsure how he felt about it. He started thinking to himself if he should just stop now, but he wasn’t sure what would be more exciting, letting her keep her hair as is or completely removing all of it.

Lee watched from the producer’s area with a keen sense of interest, knowing that this moment was a huge decision for Pete. They could let Kathy keep the skullet, they could completely shave her bald, they could have done anything they wanted during the scene. The crowd was going back and forth with shouts of approval and disapproval, with both sides being loud and passionate. Pete was in the moment, and it was up to him to decide whether to keep Kathy’s head like this or completely shave her bald.

“Well,” Kathy said, with her eyes gleaming as she looked up at Pete. “Are you gonna leave me like this Mr. Barber? Or are you you gonna clean me up?”

Kathy was looking up at Pete with such a sense of excitement and anticipation. It was clearly not lost on her that she was in the hands of the barber and it looked like she was in no way reluctant for whatever happened next. It was clear that she was totally open to whatever decision Pete made which only made it more thrilling for the onlookers. “Are you gonna leave me like this,” she said, “or are you gonna clean me up?”

Pete decided that he should leave Kathy as she was for now. While the crowd might have wanted her completely shaved bald, he could tell that she was very amused with her skullet style and he wanted her to be able to enjoy it for a little bit while the crowd remained enthusiastic. He kept the clippers turned off for now, but with more and more crowd shouts, it was clear that they wanted him to finish the job completely and shave her bald.

Pete was about to take the cap off Kathy’s shoulders when she reached up and grabbed the clippers right out of his hand. “I’ll clean myself up if you won’t!” Kathy said as she turned on the roaring clippers and plunged them down the side of her head.

The crowd was in a state of shock as they watched Kathy reach out and take the clippers from Pete’s hands. She seemed determined to take matters into her own hands and finish the job herself as she flipped the switch on and brought the clipper blade roaring through what little hair remained on the back of her head. The sound of the clippers buzzing combined with the feeling of the hair falling to the floor was intoxicating and the crowd couldn’t help but feel a wave of excitement and arousal from the sight.

Chris is now fully engaged. Watching all of Kathy’s black hair tumble to the ground is just as exciting as Shannon said it would be.

Chris was completely enthralled by the sight of all of Kathy’s thick and shiny black locks tumbling to the ground. He couldn’t help but realize how much more exciting it was than he had anticipated. With every pass of the clippers, more and more of her lovely black hair fell to the ground. The sight of her thick locks cascading down her shoulders and piling on the ground was just as exhilarating as Shannon had described it.

Pete just stood to the side as Kathy guided the clippers across her head, removing all the hair on the sides of her head. The crowd was roaring with excitement. When Kathy was done, only the hair on the back of her head was left. Pete had to step in to help buzz her completely bald.

Pete was fascinated as he watched Kathy take the clippers into her own hands and remove all her hair on her own, proving that she had enough confidence and boldness to go ahead with it after all. The crowd was going crazy with the sight of her hair falling through the air and piling on the ground, as the feeling of excitement and arousal throughout the air could not possibly have been more intense. The few shouts of appreciation for keeping the back of her head were quickly drowned out by the much louder and more excited shouts to go ahead and clean her off completely.

Just before Pete grabbed the clippers from Kathy’s hand, she said, “wait a second! There are two more spots I can reach!” She buzzed away her two perfect eyebrows. As the tiny hairs floated to the ground, Pete chuckled and grabbed the clippers from Kathy’s hand. “I dare say you did a better job than me! Let me just clean up the back and give you a razor shave to get you smooth and bald,” Pete said. Chris was watching this as if he had a new lease on life. Seeing Kathy shave her own head and eyebrows made Chris completely turn against his previous notions. It WAS hot watching Kathy become bald! It WAS hot watching her shave her own head! It WAS hot watching her become a hairless hottie right in front of his eyes! Chris was dating a bald baddie and he couldn’t be happier! “That’s my girl!” Chris shouted as Kathy shaved her eyebrows off! “I’m dating a bald baddie! I’m dating a hairless hottie! My girl shaves her own head!” The crowd exploded as Chris cheered out for his girlfriend.

The crowd went wild as Chris shouted his admiration for his wonderful girlfriend who was now a bald baddie and completely hairless. The fact that she was the one shaving her own hair and getting rid of those eyebrows made it even hotter for the crowd and the onlookers. They loved the fact that she was taking matters into her own hands and was such a bold and daring bald lady. The thought of her bald and bad ass looked was thrilling and all the men could relate to the excitement of dating a bald baddie.

As Pete shaved the back of Kathy’s head and cleaned her up. She was practically panting from arousal. She could see from the barber’s chair that Chris had taken a liking to what was she was doing. It looked like by shaving her head she had actually done exactly what Chris thought wouldn’t happen: she had brought herself and Chris even closer together.

As the clippers buzzed against her scalp, Kathy felt like she was going to faint from the arousal and the pleasure of finally being shaved completely bald. She could feel Chris’s love and admiration for her new look rising with each pass of the clippers and she knew deep down that this meant they were stronger than ever now. It was such a special feeling having the support and adoration of the love of her life and Kathy couldn’t have been happier with her bald decision.

Finally, Pete lathered her scalp and began to scrape the straight razor over her head. Chris walked over to Shannon, Steven, and Veronica and said, “I owe you all an apology. I should have been more open minded. I’m so lucky that my girlfriend shaved her head today!”

Chris couldn’t believe how much he loved seeing Kathy’s smooth and hairless head as he approached his friends and admitted that he had been so close-minded about women shaving their heads but now he saw why it was so amazing. “I owe you all an apology,” he said. “I was definitely wrong about women shaving their heads looking unattractive because I’m so lucky that my girlfriend decided to shave hers today and it looks so good!”

“It’s ok Chris,” Shannon said. “I know it seems like a big change at first, but in the end she’s the same person you loved from the beginning!” “No, but see that’s where you’re wrong!” Chris said. “The Kathy I dated would never have done this. This girl in front of me is a bold, sexy, courageous, exotic Kathy that I would never have had the balls to ask out. I mean look how sexy and hot she is! She could be a supermodel!” Chris exclaimed. Shannon and Steven laughed. This man had done a complete one eighty since his tirade this morning and now it looked like Chris was nursing a bald girl fetish 100 times stronger than Steven’s.

Shannon and Steven could not believe the complete 180 that Chris had just taken. It was quite a dramatic change from the early morning rants to the complete adoration that he was giving now after Kathy’s bold decision to shave her head and look like a total supermodel. It was clear that the bold and bald look that Kathy was now sporting was like his new obsession and he was so excited that he had such a hot and exciting bald girlfriend.

As Pete scraped the rest of Kathy’s hair from her head, Bill and John couldn’t wait to get in on the action. Their excitement was put on hold, because as soon as Pete took the cape off Kathy and sent her out of the filming area, a thunderclap sounded and the resort manager came on over the loud speaker, “guests, please make your way off the beach. Lightning has been sighted in the area.”

As Pete finished Kathy’s shave and was just about to send her off without a moment to spare, an announcement was made over the speaker system, “guests, please make your way off the beach. Lightning has been sighted in the area.” The crowd was shocked at this unexpected news since they thought something else was about to happen next but the thunderclap had interrupted everything.

“Ok Jenn and Susan,” Lee said, as the film crew hastily packed up the cameras and microphones to move inside, “we will meet you all and your friends at the spa in 1 hour. We will have to do your head shaves there unless the weather clears up that quickly. You can bring your boyfriends if you want, but just make sure you are there at 2pm on the dot.” Jenn and Susan nodded and headed off to find their boyfriends, Bill and John, nervously awaiting their transformation to bald and browless baddies.

As the film crew hastily packed up to move inside, Lee told Jenn and Susan that they should meet them and the rest of the group at the spa later that day unless the weather cleared up quickly. The girls nodded and headed off in the direction of their boyfriends, Bill and John, who were anxiously awaiting their transformation into bald and browless baddies that was to take place that day.

Shannon and Kathy had already reunited with their boyfriends, Steven and Chris, and were eager to get to their resort bedrooms to enjoy the arousal that had accompanied their transformations.

Shannon and Kathy had already reunited with their boyfriends, Steven and Chris, and went back to their resort rooms with them to enjoy the arousal that had accompanied their transformations. Chris couldn’t contain his excitement at the sight of his gorgeous bald girlfriend who was now the sexiest bald babe he could have ever hoped for.

Steven was so happy he was spilling all his secrets to Shannon on their elevator ride. “Babe you are so sexy bald! I always wanted to see you like this, and then to get to watch everything first hand…it was incredible!” Shannon giggled. “I know it was amazing having all that hair buzzed right from my hair. I love this shit, I love being bald! I don’t think I’ll ever go back.” They embraced in a deep kiss, with Steven clearly nursing an enormous erection. When they arrived at their room, they couldn’t wait to spend the next hour making enjoying Shannon’s newly slick, shiny, smooth, bald head together.

As Steven and Shannon went back to their room with all that arousal from the head shaving, they couldn’t wait to spend the rest of the hour enjoying Shannon’s freshly shaved, newly slick, shiny, smooth, bald head. They were so excited about Shannon’s new bold and daring bald girl look that the moment they entered the room they couldn’t wait to start making out and enjoying all that baldness together.

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