A wild compromise

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A wild compromise

Long distance relationships are hard on both people. Constantly separated from one another, the distance is hard. But I’m not sure it’s the hardest part. Sometimes being surrounded by beautiful single people while your significant other is far away is even harder. When you are horny, when your cock is hard, who are you thinking about, someone you haven’t seen for weeks or the person you just saw the other day? Needless to say I wasn’t surprised when I found out my girlfriend had been messaging and flirting with other dudes. Just because I wasn’t surprised, doesn’t mean I wasn’t upset. I had refrained from any sort of cheating, not for the lack of interested parties. Every semester a new girl or several would look at me with those eyes, pursue me at the bar, talk to me about how good of a boyfriend I was. And to those of you women who think that last one isn’t flirting, ask yourself why you even say that? I say its because you wish you were with we.

I was upset with my girlfriend for a few days. I believed her when she said she hadn’t done anything, “its just for fun.” I’m sure it was, but if I wasn’t messaging or flirting with other people, why should she? One night, while I was dwelling on the issue, she offered me a compromise. “Why don’t we both hook up with someone?” At first I was opposed, what about being together, what about us? She insisted it wouldn’t change anything. “It’s just one time. And we’ve been together for so long. Let’s see what it would be like.”

For several days, I weighed the idea in my head. This could give me the opportunity to hook up with someone while I was visiting my buddy in New York or Charlotte or even a girl at school!

The next day we talked. The compromise was this: We could each hook up with another person, but for every additional person we hooked up with, the other got to hook up with another as well. We would not tell each other who we had hooked up with, we would simply text each other a number.

During the summer, she had planned a trip to Europe. I was away in another town the week before she left, so we didn’t see each other leading up to the trip. However, the day before she left, a Thursday, I received a text. “1,” it read. Looks like I had a free pass.

Unbeknownst to her, I was planning a trip to New York. I had always admired one of her friends. A girl named Chel. I also knew that Chel had encouraged our little arrangement. She had been pushing my girlfriend to do this for a while. She thought it would be “healthy.” Chel was a slender athletic girl, about 5’6”. She had shoulder length light brown hair. Her breasts were nothing to write home about, but they weren’t completely nonexistent either. Her ass was her real asset. She clearly did a lot of squats. It looked firm. Now, I also knew something else about Chel. My girlfriend had told me that Chel was a bit of a freak. Always looking for new sexual experiences. All this led me to think about how I wanted to spend my free pass.

So, that weekend I flew up to New York. I had been planning this trip ever since I learned that the week my girlfriend left for Europe would be a designated week off from my job. One of my buddies from school lived up there. He had a sweet job, so his apartment was crazy nice and in the middle of the City. He promised to show me a good time. He even said, “don’t worry about bringing any cash after all those shots you bought in college.”

When I arrived, I dropped my stuff off at my buddies’ place and we immediately started drinking. Crushing beers and talking about college. One thing led to another and I told him about my arrangement. “That’s sick,” he said. “That’s like the dream.” I told him about Chel too. “She sounds like a good way to use your free pass. Invite her out!” So I texted her. Told her the bar we would be at, said it would be cool to get to know her better, since she was my girlfriends best friend and all.

For several hours, I got no response. Then, finally, around 10:30, just before we left to hit the bar, I got a text back. “Hey, Sounds like fun! I’ll see you out! We will be at the bar around 12.”

When my buddy and I got to the bar, we started drinking. Talking to girls, making up stupid lines, just like the old days. I didn’t notice Chel walk in, but I felt her hug me from behind. “Found you!” she said. My buddy bought her and her friends drinks. We all talked for a while. Eventually, she leaned in and said quietly, “So I heard she’s already used a free pass.” “Yep,” I replied, “She has. I know it was you who suggested the whole arrangement, so I guess I have you to thank.” She acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about. “You know,” I said, “I didn’t just text you for no reason.” She looked at me skeptically, “Just what did you text me for?” “Well,” I said, “You suggested the system, why don’t you benefit from it as well?” She laughed, “oh yeah right. I think that’s a little off limits.” “Maybe,” I said. I winked, “I know about what you like. You like to try new things.” She turned a little red and laughed, “Oh you heard that huh? I guess I should stop telling your girlfriend my secrets.” She looked both ways and pulled our bodies close together, “I know about you too. I know what you like. She’s told me all about your little fetish. Short Hair?” Now it was my turn to get red. I felt my cock stiffen in my pants. I can’t believe she told Chel about my fantasy. I bet she didn’t know the extent though.

“Oh yeah, she told you about that?” She nodded. “Well,” I whispered back, “your hair isn’t short enough.” “Oh is that so?” She asked. “Well I know how short you like it,” She said, “You want me to have a bob, a nice short bob.” All this talk of short hair was making me horny. “Well, not exactly,” I said. “I haven’t even told my girlfriend about my real fantasy, but maybe you would like to find out, after all you do like to try new things.” She looked both ways. Her friends were busy talking to my buddy. She grabbed my arm. “Fine, lets see what this is all about. A little hair cut fantasy is nothing compared to what I’ve done!” She led me out of the bar.

As we walked down the street towards her apartment she asked me, “So, how short do you like hair anyways?” “You will just have to find out,” I said.  “Where’s the nearest drug store?” I asked, “We may need some supplies.” “Well I have scissors you know,” She said. “Are you kidding?” I stopped. I pulled her by the waist and kissed her deeply on the mouth. At first she resisted, but soon her tongue was flicking across mine. I then reached up and ran my fingers through her silky light brown hair. It was soft and light. “You really want me to use normal scissors on this?” She looked puzzled, “Aren’t all scissors the same?” “No, not really.” She sent me inside to get some scissors. Little did she know, our haircutting supplies would include A LOT more than just scissors.

I walked down the aisles. First, I picked out several pairs of haircutting scissors. This I walked down the aisle for “Buzzing and Shaving” items. I picked out a set of Oster clippers that plugged into the wall. They came in a small package, but were full size, full power, and came equipped with all the necessary guards. As I walked towards the checkout, I noticed a jar near the men’s shaving cream. “Shadow Blocker,” the jar read. “Guaranteed to block hair growth for 4 weeks or your money back!” “Why not?” I thought. I made my purchases and was out of the store five minutes later.

When I walked out, Chel was gone. I looked at my phone. I had one message. “Got Tired of waiting. Head to this address. The door is unlocked. I will be waiting.” It was accompanied by a location marker and a winky emoji as well as the girl with the scissors by her hair. I touched the location to put it into my gps. Within 5 minutes I was taking the elevator up to her apartment.

I opened up the door. It was completely dark in her apartment, but a flicker of candle light illuminated a hallway to the left of the kitchen. I set haircutting, buzzing, and shaving supplies down on the kitchen counter. I walked around the corner. Chel was in her room, on her knees, dressed in some sexy red lace lingerie. “Are you ready to cut this hair?” she asked, as she teased me by flipped her hair sensually with her hand. My cock stiffened to attention, poking out of my jeans. “Looks like that’s a yes. But first, we have to get you out of those clothes.” She put her hands on my waist and pulled me close, kissing me deeply. Her tongue flicked in and out of my mouth, and then she slowly began kissing me down my neck. I felt her hands undoing my belt buckle. Her fingers pulling on my zipper. My pants around my ankles. My cock poking out of my boxers. She lifted off my shirt. Her lips making their way down my chest. Towards my abs. Down past my waist. Then she took me in her mouth. Slowly moving her head back and forth. I felt her tongue playing with the head of my penis. My hands found their way onto her head. My fingers working their way into her hair, feeling the soft silky locks between my fingers. Letting myself play with her hair. It may not all be on her head by the end of the night.

I eased her mouth off my shaft, bringing her mouth to mine, and kissing her. Our kisses were playful, our tongues dancing across each other’s mouths. My right hand still playing with her hair, slowly made its way down her neck, briefly stopping to gently caress her perfect nipples, before continuing on its expedition. Pausing to caress her hairless pussy, I kissed her deeper and then began to ease my fingers in her wet womanhood. I worked my fingers in and out as our mouths sucked on each other. Deep inside then out on her clit, I felt her breath grow deeper and heavier as my fingers played with her pussy. My left hand still savored her hair. Gently moving my hand from her nape into her silky, soft hair; my right hand two knuckles deep inside of her; our mouths revealing our arousal to one another. Finally her mouth pulled away. As I kissed her neck, she whispered in my ear “I think it’s time. Do you want to cut my hair?”

As she led the way to the kitchen, she teased me by taking off her lingerie and throwing it down the hall at me. I quickly darted up behind her, grabbing her body and kissing her. As she tried to walk towards the chair, my hands, which had been fingering her silk locks, grabbed hold and held her in place, with a sensual firmness. “Are you ready for a haircut?” She giggled and nodded, sitting down in the chair.

First I pinned up the hair off on the top of her head, sectioning it away from the hair on the back and sides of her head. “Oooh, she said, what’s this all about?” “You’ll see,” I said, “Close your eyes.” I got the clippers out of the package and clicked the number 8 guard into place. Then I grabbed the scissors, and snipped them right by her ear. “So you want a haircut?” She nodded, and began getting into it, “Oh yeah barber,” she said breathily, “cut my hair.” “What kind of cut should the barber give you?” I whispered. “Cut this hair. Cut it how the barber wants.” “Ok,” I said, “Are you sure?” “Yes, I trust the barber.” Her voice sexual and thick.  “Alright, the barber will cut your hair how he wants,” I said. I pushed her head forward, so her chin was close to her neck, to expose her nape. I slowly and carefully placed the clippers at her neck, and fired them up. The buzzing filled the room. I thought she would pull away, but she leaned into the vibration. “Oh yeah, buzz me barber. Buzz the back of my head.” I slowly pushed the clippers up to her occipital bone. “Yeah, buzz my fucking head. Shave that hair,” she said. My clippers worked their way through the hair on the back of her head, buzzing her silk, soft, light brown hair into ¼ inch long stubble. Hair that was over a foot long cascaded to the ground. As I clippered away her hair, I realized that she was entertaining herself. She was starting to enjoy this. Maybe this was another type of kink that turned her on!

When I finished with the back of her head. I tilted her head to the left, pulling the clippers back across her temple to buzz the right side of her head. She nuzzled into the clippers, savoring the vibrations that stimulated her scalp. When I finished the right side of her head, I tilted her head in that direction and buzzed the left side of her head. All the while, she was busy, working her fingers into her pussy.

When I finished buzzing the sides and back of her head, I set the clippers on the table. “Oh no,” she said, “is this all the barber can handle?” “Oh you want me to buzz more?” “Do whatever you want…buzz my head, buzz all my silky soft hair!” “Are you sure?” I responded. “Maybe, you need me to make you feel more comfortable before you buzz me off…” she got down on her knees and took my rock hard cock in her mouth. As she sucked, I became more and more sure of what I was going to do next. My hands slowly felt her newly buzzed scalp. Massaging; helping her head suck back and forth; working my fingers through the remnants of the long hair on the top of her head. I gathered it all up into a pony tail in my left hand. Then I grabbed the clippers.  While she sucked, bobbing her head back and forth, I removed the guard. I flicked the clippers on, with her eyes closed she said, “oh yeah Mr. Barber, buzz me. Buzz my head,” before taking me in her mouth once more.  “Well, she asked for it!” I though. I placed the roaring clippers onto the back of her scalp and plunged them into her remaining hair. “Buzz my fucking head, give me a fucking buzzcut!” Her dirty talk was making me even hornier. I began thrusting as she sucked; clippering her head bald. With each second the ponytail in my left hand was feeling less and less resistance as I buzzed the top of her head bald. Finally, I was able to lift the tresses free. Chel was left with a pattern baldness style. White scalp showing on the top of her head, 1/4 inch long hair on the side and back. I clicked the clippers off.

Chel opened her eyes, “oh you are quite the freak now aren’t you? So this is the type of style you think is sexy? You like this bald scalp? Does my buzzed head turn you on?” Her dirty talk was too much. I picked her up off the ground and carried her to the bedroom. I pushed my cock into her pussy. I was thrusting, fingering, maneuvering, her pussy. My hands grabbed her breasts, felt her buzzed head, rubbed her bald scalp. My tongue tasted her mouth, aroused her nipples, explored her newly bald scalp. Her pussy soaked my cock. She screamed with pleasure, my pumping deep into her pussy. She was soaking, but I thrusted again. Ecstasy filled her body. My fingers moved back down to her clit. Together in unison, my cock and hand worked to plunge her into pleasure. I felt my cock pulse. She felt it too. She pulled me out of her and took my in her mouth as she got on her knees. Her eyes looked up and connected with mine. Her hand carefully pointed, “cum on my scalp.” My cock heaved and I pulled it out of her mouth, spilling my cum all over her scalp.

“Now that you played with me,” she said, “Its my turn to play with you.” She forced me on the bed, and climbed on top. “But I just came…” “Don’t worry,” she said, “I have something for that.” I felt something tickle my anus. It was wet, lubricated. It eased into my ass, slowly pushing farther inside me. I felt it. It aroused me, touching something deep inside me. Then it buzzed to life, filling me with ecstasy. My cock sprang to attention. She climbed up on me. Riding me. Bouncing up and down. I thrusted, pushing the vibration deeper into me, and pushing myself deeper into her. She bent over. Lowering her head. Breathing heavily she said, “Lick me. Lick it. Endulge yourself.” I saw my cum glistening on her scalp. In ecstasy, my tongue navigated her scalp. “Yeah, lick me baby. Lick my bald scalp. Lick me. You love tasting my shaved head.” She rode my cock back and forth, encouraging me to keep exploring my darkest fantasies. “You like that in you ass. You like my toy inside your butt. It makes you aroused.” She reached down and pushed it in farther. It was a sensation I had never felt before. She was no longer on top of me I realized, but my cock was being driven to explode. Her mouth was positioned for the cum. She swallowed, “This time I wanted to taste you.” We collapsed and fell asleep.

To be continued

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